Welcome to My Lair!

Hello! I have  been writing fan fiction for many years and reading Fan Fiction for many years before that. This website houses all my fics from all my many fandoms I write for. I have written under the name DarkJediQueen for years.

Please click the links above to go to my fandoms. Hover over the links and you will find my series for the fandoms.

I am actively looking for a beta and alpha to go over my fics. Just comment below if you want to help me. I am very easy to get along with.

Many of these fics have been wrote over many years. I have been writing fan fiction for over fifteen years. My writing has grown. One day I may take  the fics and rewrite them to make them more of the type of writing that I am using now but now, I want to keep them to match what they are truly like.

Disclaimer: I own none of the fandoms for which I am making fics of. They belong to those who created and published them. I am just playing with them.

One thought on “Welcome to My Lair!

  1. I just read a few of your stories. Still more to go. :). Just wanted to let you know if you need a 2nd beta or your other one can’t check a chapter I would be willing. It looks like in the latest chapters it might be a typo problem with an occasional their/there type problem. I’m enjoying the story and won’t offer story advice just advice when it is not clear what is happening.

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