Rough Romance Interlude II-Pleasure Is Business

Interlude II-Pleasure Is Business

Spencer knocked on the door to the most expensive suite offered by the Hotel Ignacio in St. Louis. It wasn’t often that he was paid to leave DC for a client, especially one that he had never fucked before. He had been told to pack for an upscale weekend in St. Louis but with room for his client to add to or reject if needed. Two bellhops were behind him with his suit bag and his two suitcases which should have everything that he would need for the weekend, including his newest blood work.

The door opened, and the man on the other side of the door took Spencer’s breath away, even dressed in a fluffy hotel robe, color purple. He was better looking than most of the other clients that Spencer serviced and looked very fit. The man was a recluse from the world, he worked, and that was it. His long-term escort that was paid to service him solely had retired. Had retired well if the rumors were correct.

Aaron Hotchner though had gone through seventeen escorts from several very reputable agencies before requesting Spencer. Spencer had already started to send out feelers on selling off his client list if Aaron Hotchner liked him. No matter how long Spencer was with him, he’d be set for life.

“Welcome to St. Louis, my love,” Aaron said. The man’s smile was blinding. He reached out and grabbed Spencer’s hands to pull him into the hotel suite. The bellhops followed behind as Aaron pressed Spencer into the wall, claiming his mouth in a kiss that set Spencer’s nerves aflame. Hands thrust his hips into the wall hard enough to feel the bite from the pressure as well as the dull ache of his bones pushing his skin into the wall, hard. Spencer didn’t raise a hand at all to stop the man. He felt the zing of arousal flood his system as the kiss lasted a lot longer than it should have for just a welcome kiss.

Aaron pulled back just when Spencer needed to take a deep breath. “Stay.”

The bellhops were standing right where they had entered the room. The two suitcases were set down on the floor, but the bellhop holding the clothing bag was still just standing there holding it. Aaron stepped up and took it from the bellhop with a smile. He handed over a hundred dollar bill to each one and dismissed them with a wave of his hand. The last bellhop to leave the room pulled the door shut, slipping the do not disturb sign out on the doorknob.

“You look a lot better than your headshot in Romance Sparks’ catalog.”

“Thank you.” Spencer smiled at Aaron and reached out to touch. Aaron’s hand grabbed it and slammed it into the wall, just above his head. Spencer inhaled but didn’t move. The profile of Aaron’s likes and dislikes was short. He was a hard businessman who wanted pleasure, and he liked to be obeyed. “Sorry.”

“I don’t know that I believe you. Your dossier just called you Doctor. May I have your name?”

“Spencer Reid, Doctor Spencer Reid.”

“A doctor? Is that some gimmick thought up to try and earn you more money?”

“No. Every escort has a hobby. Escorting is my hobby.”

“Really?” Aaron looked at Spencer. His eyes moved up and down Spencer’s body. Spencer didn’t move as those eyes took him in. Aaron moved back, cutting off all bodily contact. “Strip. I want to see what I have paid for.”

Spencer stared at Aaron for a few seconds before doing what his client wanted. He didn’t feel that little bit of guilt that usually came when a client made him feel like bought gods. Spencer worked his tie loose. He had chosen his suit well. Eyes had followed him everywhere he had gone in the airport in DC, the airport in St. Louis, and even in the hotel lobby when he had been waiting for the key to Aaron’s room and to be escorted up.

There wasn’t a single sexy aspect to what he was doing, but Aaron’s eyes followed his every move. Spencer laid the pieces of the suit over the chair that was next to him. When he was naked, he walked backward into the wall to set himself back into the spot that Aaron had wanted him before.

“You are fitter than other escorts that I have seen.”

“I’m smaller in stature than other men my size. I had to stay fit not only for my job but also to protect myself in my job. Some people take what is not given to them, and I don’t ever want to be a victim.”

“Your hard and soft limits were sent along with your dossier. I have you until you have to leave for your flight back to DC, yes?”

“Yes. My flight leaves at seven p.m. on Sunday, so I’ll need to be at the airport by no later than five to make sure that I am all cleared to fly.”

“I was told that you’d be leaving in the afternoon. Why so late?”

“I found a later flight since my flight from DC was delayed.”

“Why don’t you cancel that trip? My private jet back to DC leaves at six. We can fly back together.” Aaron stepped close, opening up his robe so that Spencer could see hints of his naked body underneath. Spencer wanted to touch, but he didn’t know what this man would do.

“Why don’t we see how tonight and tomorrow go before we decide if I’m going to stay at your mercy for a jet ride back.”

“I plan on making sure that you don’t want to leave by the end of tonight, Spencer.” Aaron reached out and ghosted his fingers down the side of Spencer’s face before grabbing his hair and pulling down until Spencer dropped to his knees. Spencer kept his eyes locked with Aaron’s as he leaned forward and licked at the head of the hard cock in front of him. “Jake said that you were one of the best he knew at sucking cock.”

“It’s my favorite sex act.”

Spencer took Aaron into his mouth, his saliva coating the cock and making the glide in and out of his mouth easy. He relaxed his throat and on the third pass the head of Aaron’s cock slide all the way into his throat and back out without needed to even swallow.

“Oh, fuck,” Aaron said. His hand gripped Spencer’s hair tighter, pulling Spencer onto Aaron’s cock just a little more. Spencer didn’t pull off of the cock at all. Instead, he stayed there, swallowing to tighten the feel around the cock. He waited until the need to breathe was at it’s fullest before he pulled back enough to inhale with his nose. Spencer traced the vein in the cock with his tongue again before diving back down. Spencer could hear Aaron panting above him and uttering words here and there of encouragement. He could feel Aaron fighting his orgasm, so Spencer doubled his efforts. He sucked and licked and made a mess of Aaron long before the man wanted to. When Aaron had nothing left to give, Spencer didn’t pull off his cock. Instead, he just kneeled there with the cock in his mouth. He didn’t swallow, lick, or suck, just sat there. Aaron was holding him there, more to do with recovering from his orgasm than anything else. Spencer could feel the throbbing of Aaron’s heart through his cock, the vein pulsing fast and hard pressed into his tongue.

Slowly, Aaron came back to himself, his hand relaxing on Spencer’s hair, gently pulling him back. Spencer licked at the slit on the head of the cock as it was pulled from his mouth. Spencer watched Aaron as he wrapped the robe around himself and tied it shut.

“If that is your favorite sex act, I’m not sure I want to actually put you through your paces at it, that might be deadly but don’t worry, Spencer I will sample that mouth again before the end of the week, more than once. For now, I want you to go and lay down on the bed, on your back. I’ll join you in a few minutes once I get what I want.”

Spencer fluidly stood up, no show of stiffness from being on his knees. He didn’t do anything but walk into the bedroom, no sashay of his hips, no taunt. Aaron would come in when he wanted. Spencer was a sure fuck, and they both knew it. There was no need to tempt, no need to play games. If Aaron picked up him as his steady escort, there might be nights of fun like that. Playing at Aaron doing his best to pick him up or even Spencer tempting him, playing at being a married man who had never done anything like pick up a male prostitute before. Spencer had played all of the games in his career as an escort, and he’d wrote up psychological profiles of all of his clients. He would have fun figuring out Aaron Hotchner because the man was a mystery.

The bedroom was bare of anything personal. The two dressers had to hold items like Aaron’s cufflinks and belts because unlike other clients, there were no scattered on top. Even the empty luggage cases were put away, probably at the base of the closet to the side. Or this room was Aaron’s and he had no luggage but instead kept clothes there. Looking around would come later. Spencer laid down on his back on the bed, looking up at the ceiling. Spencer didn’t even think about what Aaron was doing; instead, he tried to figure out what he wanted to be doing when Aaron came in. Spencer could just lay there and do nothing. He could be teasing his cock or fingering himself. Aaron hadn’t told Spencer to do or not do anything other than just lay there.

Mind made up, Spencer rolled to the side and found a bottle of lube on the second shelf of the nightstand. He coated two fingers and shifted to where he could slip them inside of himself. Knowing how Aaron was going to react to him doing something so blatant was a good way of figuring out the depth of exactly how much Aaron wanted him to be a perfect submissive or not.

Spencer closed his eyes at the stretch of his muscles and how it felt. He kept away from his prostate on purpose.

“I was told you like to play,” Aaron said. His voice was coming from close, and when Spencer opened his eyes, Aaron was standing right above him with a set of blue restraints in his hands. The restraints were dropped to the floor, and Aaron’s hand shot out, grabbing Spencer’s hand and pulled his fingers from his ass. “Don’t touch yourself in any way but go and clean up.”

Spencer got up off the bed and moved to the bathroom to wash his hands and even took a rag to his ass crack. Aaron entered the bathroom as Spencer was ringing out the rag before setting it down on the edge of the sink. He didn’t turn but stayed where he was, watching Aaron in the mirror as the man-centered himself behind Spencer.

“Hands on the counter, Spencer and spread your legs.” Aaron waited for Spencer to move before he spread Spencer’s cheeks and a slick finger pressed inside of him. Aaron didn’t even give him a chance to ready himself before he felt something else touch inside as soon as the finger left him. Spencer knew the feeling well. It was a plug. Spencer moaned as it was fully seated inside of him. Spencer’s cheeks were allowed to slip back to where they had been, and the hand that had been holding them open grabbed Spencer’s hair. There was a bite to the strength in which the hair was pulled back, and Spencer felt his cock harden more at it.

Rough play was something that Spencer didn’t normally get with his clients. Many wanted too hard of play, and that was something they wanted from someone who was submissive in all aspects of life. Spencer wasn’t built that way.

“Count,” Aaron said, his tone harsh.

The first smack was harsh, but Spencer inhaled before he uttered a one. Between the counter that stopped him from moving forward away from the cracks of the hand on his ass and the hand in his hair that held him right where Aaron wanted him, Spencer felt his heart rate start to pick up. He counted up to ten before Aaron stopped. Spencer settled on his feet better. He waited for Aaron to make his next move, to utter his next word. Aaron’s hand settled on his left ass cheek, feeling warm even on the heated skin. Fingers transferred to the plug next, pushing it inside of him just a little more. Spencer moaned at the sensation the plug brushing over his prostate gave him. He was still hard.

“You are a kinky fuck aren’t you?” Aaron whispered in Spencer’s ear before he pressed along Spencer’s back.

“Yes, Sir.”

“What’s your safe word?”

“Quantico, Sir.” Spencer knew that Aaron knew it, it was in the file given to Aaron.

“Good. Now let’s go to the bedroom, where I am going to make sure that you don’t ever touch my cock or my hole without my permission again,” Aaron said as he let go of Spencer and stepped back. Spencer moved to the bedroom and waited at the side of the bed. He forced his arms down on his side and waited for Aaron to come in. Aaron sat down on the edge of the bed and waved at his lap. Spencer inhaled and for a few seconds debated safewording out. He had never agreed to anything like this with a client before. He had never done anything like this before. Aaron waited, patiently for Spencer to make a decision.

Spencer moved to the side and laid himself over Aaron’s lap, Aaron spread his legs a little to give Spencer balance without having to brace his arms too much on the floor. It put Spencer’s cock hanging between Aaron’s spread legs. Aaron slipped the robe off of his arms, and it pooled on the bed before Aaron splayed a hand over Spencer’s middle of his back to hold him in place while Aaron’s other hand settled on the ass cheek closest to Aaron. The plug was eased from inside of Spencer and set down on the nightstand in front of Spencer’s face.

“Don’t move and don’t worry about counting. Just stay there and make beautiful noises for me.”

Spencer was mentally gone before the third crack of the new assault. He wasn’t sure what sounds he was making, but it wasn’t off-putting to Aaron because the man was rock hard and his cock was pressed into Spencer’s side. The hands stopped, and Spencer was pulled up to straddle Aaron’s legs after the man scooted back on the bed to where Spencer could prop himself up on his legs.

“Guide me into you,” Aaron said. Aaron spread Spencer’s cheeks while Spencer reached back to grabbed Aaron’s cock. Spencer didn’t feel a condom on Aaron’s cock. He hadn’t done sex without one, ever. Spencer had known that it was a condition of the contract with Aaron, hence why Aaron only ever hired a single escort at a time, but to actually feel it was another thing. Aaron wanted the monogamy of a safe relationship, at least health wise without actually having to woo someone into a relationship. Spencer pushed down, sliding down the hard cock in a single movement. Aaron gripped Spencer’s cheeks harder, making him moan at the ache it created in his body. The feeling of the warmth on his cheeks, as well as the stretch of his muscles, felt good.

Spencer didn’t say a thing as he started a fluid and sensual up and down on Aaron’s cock. Aaron’s hands on his body didn’t move him, instead just moved with him. Aaron was looking up and down his body before settling on his face. Spencer couldn’t take the stare, so he closed his eyes, dropping his mouth open to moan. The hands on his ass cheeks moved, wrapping around his waist before he was picked up. Spencer’s eyes shot open, but all Aaron did was move them to where Spencer was on his back, Aaron thrusting into him finally.

Aaron’s pace was as hard and as fast as it could be from the position they were in. Spencer met him on every single thrust, adding just a bit more roughness as his hands tried to find purchase on Aaron’s back but was unable to without scratching. Aaron didn’t say a damned thing about it, his breathing coming in gasps and pants as his cock drove in and out of Spencer’s body. Aaron came with a barely there groan. Spencer didn’t move at all, Aaron leaned down, taking Spencer’s mouth in a kiss that was so close to the one that Aaron had given him when he had got there. Aaron reached between them as he pulled out. Instead of going for Spencer’s cock though, Aaron reached lower, his fingers slipping inside of Spencer as his cock slipped out.

Spencer groaned as he felt those fingers pressing deep but never touching his prostate. He didn’t know what Aaron was doing until the fingers pulled out of him and that hand finally wrapped around his cock. Aaron had used his own semen as a lube to ease him jacking Spencer off. The visual that it created in Spencer’s mind tipped him over more than the actual sensation of a hand on his cock. Spencer gave it a minute before he tried to get up off the bed to move towards the bathroom to clean up. He rolled to his side but found Aaron’s arm blocking the way. Spencer turned his head to look at him.

“I’m just going to clean up,” Spencer said.

“I didn’t say you could get up, did I?” Aaron asked.

Spencer frowned mentally. Most of his clients wanted him to be clean, even if they were the ones to mess him up. Clean and ready for a second or even third round whenever the feeling hit them. He knew that Aaron wouldn’t be like the others, but this little aspect stopped Spencer for a second, making him reevaluate the man who had just bedded him.

“I’m sorry.”

“Don’t worry, I don’t get angry for the first time that mistakes are made, especially when we have not discussed anything.” Aaron pulled on Spencer’s hip, putting him in the center of the bed once again with Aaron over top of him. His thumb reached out, and Spencer recoiled slightly. His mind flashed to the hand that had been inside of Spencer. Aaron hesitated before he gave a wicked smile, starting to move again. The thumb brushed over Spencer’s lip and pulled it down. “Your dirty little mouth tempted me. I like to stay in bed for a few minutes after sex, no matter what sex act is completed then I will get up, and I will clean you up. You are here for my pleasure, and it’s my pleasure that I clean you up, even if you fuck me.”

“And if I want to shower?” Spencer asked.

“Showers are only shared, and I don’t feel like one right now. If you like, I can plug you back up, and the shower can come in a little bit.”

“I’ll be okay with you cleaning me up.”

“Good. Because I am looking forward to a shared shower before bed, and taking you against the wall in it.”

Spencer laid there as Aaron got up and spent a few minutes in the bathroom before coming out with not a rag in his hand but a bowl of something and a large towel. Spencer watched as Aaron set the bowl down on the floor before he laid the towel down on the bed, he waved Spencer over onto it and smiled when Spencer did move. The rag was already in the water, and Aaron leaned down to pick it up and wring it out. The scent of lavender wafted through the room.

Aaron cleaned him up with the rag that smelled of lavender, making him turn onto his front before the plop of the cloth sounded in the water, but it wasn’t pulled out again. Spencer didn’t move, knowing that Aaron would tell him what he wanted as far as getting dressed was.

“Roll over.”

Spencer rolled over, off of the towel, but didn’t go any farther. Aaron moved around behind him, and before Spencer could even think about looking, the bed was dipping. Aaron cuddled into his back, wrapping his arm around his waist.

“I love you,” Aaron said. The words were their signal for a scene ending.

“Love you, too.” Spencer snuggled down into the bed. It didn’t mean that they wouldn’t possibly pick the roleplay up again over the next two days in St. Louis, but for now, they could be Spencer and Aaron, two men in love.

“So, how was the first day of your vacation in a place that isn’t where you live or used to live?” Aaron asked.

“Just fine. Not sure how I liked being here alone but it was all right.”

“I got here as soon as I could. You played being a snooty brat well. You did well at making those bellboys think that you were someone they didn’t want to mess with.” Aaron’s voice was full of mirth. That had been the one thing that Aaron had been worried about, that Spencer wouldn’t be able to keep up the escort act in front of someone else. Spencer had arrived in St. Louis early that morning with Aaron flying out after, when a meeting was thrown on him at work before the team’s three-day weekend could start. Spencer had taken the car that Aaron had rented for them around the city. The driver had been more than happy to take him everywhere that he wanted.

Spencer gasped as the hand on his stomach trailed downward, but all Aaron did was lift his leg so that he could slip his in between. There was a TV in front of them, and it turned on. Aaron’s other arm worked under Spencer’s head, propping it up. Spencer settled in and waited. Just relaxing was something they did little at home. There was always something going on. A three day weekend with Aaron in St. Louis was going to be perfect for them. He was looking forward to the restraints that Aaron had brought with him.


Rough Romance Chapter 2-Like the Movies

Chapter 2-Like The Movies

The flight back from the case was a happy one. Spencer was curled in the corner with his legs tucked under him reading. Morgan and Prentiss were playing a card game, but Spencer wasn’t paying close enough attention to figure out what the game was. Aaron and Rossi had been ensconced on the couch together, heads tucked over a file for the entire flight. They never moved off the first page, and whenever anyone walked to the kitchenette or the bathroom, Aaron would tuck the paper close to himself so that no one could read it.

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The Mirror Crack’d Chapter 14

Mirror World

Spencer always enjoyed New York. There was so much to see and do, his favorites being the museums and art galleries, seeing a play or musical on opening night, a trip to the opera and the food. The variety of restaurants always made Spencer a little giddy. When finding a new place that impressed Spencer’s broad palate, he would seek out the chef and talk with him, sometimes for hours after the restaurant closed. Very few ever refused the lover of Aaron Hotchner, and if entertaining the man for a few hours about the food they loved to cook, then it wasn’t such a hardship. Spencer had even seduced recipes out of many a chef over the years. Both men and women were not immune to his charms, and Spencer could certainly pour it on.

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Rough Romance Interlude I-Back To School

Interlude I-Back To School

Spencer knocked on the door to the office. He wasn’t sure what to expect. He’d never been called to a teacher’s room, during high school Spencer never even talked to the principal. He had no depth of understanding why Professor Hotchner wanted to talk to him. Why there had been a note attached to his test when it had been handed back. He had barely heard the lecture in the two classes he had after Hotchner’s. Thankfully those teachers only ever covered what was in the books.

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Always For You

Title: Always For You
Fandom: James Bond, Sherlock
Year: Post Skyfall
Tags: Angst, Faked Death, Bondlock,
Ratings: Explicit
Pairings: James Bond/Q,
Characters: James Bond, Q, Sherlock Holmes, Mycroft Holmes, John Watson,
Spoilers: Skyfall
Summary: There was little to miss about a life that never happened. Q wasn’t sure what to think when his life came back to him without asking him if he wanted it.
Words: 7102
Notes: None
Warnings: None
Beta: None

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Rough Romance Chapter 1-Confessions

Chapter 1-Confessions

Spencer was lost in the world of Game of Thrones when the door opened. The alarm disengaged and Spencer didn’t even look up from his book. He was stretched out on the couch, on his side, his feet tucked, and Jack was laying in the sort of nest the crook of his legs made. Aaron was due home at that time, and there weren’t a lot of people that had the code. Even Jack didn’t react to his father coming home. Spencer smiled to himself.

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The Mirror Crack’d Chapter 13

Our World

Spencer could feel two bodies in bed with him. He didn’t move as his mind woke up, trying to process why there were two bodies in bed with him. The body behind him shifted, and he felt a small hand settle on his back. Spencer opened his eyes to see Jack’s face in front of him and surmised it was still Henry behind him. He settled down into the bed, enjoying the peaceful morning.

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