Short Stories

Title: After Waking
Series: None
Year: Season Three
Category: Drama, Angst,
Ratings: PG-13
Pairings: Jack/Daniel
Spoilers: Legacy
Summary: After a drunken night they finally figure out what they’ve been missing.
Words: 732
Notes: None
Warnings: None

Daniel woke up feeling over heated. He looked around the room and knew it was his bedroom. But he didn’t remember arriving at his apartment. Then his headache hit. He groaned softly and tried to move. That’s when he noticed the weight pinning him to the bed. He didn’t move again not wanting to wake the person up. He remembered a phrase one of his college buddies once said.

“I never went to bed with an ugly man. But I sure as hell have woke up with a few.” Daniel tried to remember what he had been doing the night before, or in this case who he had been doing. He closed his eyes and tried to think despite the major headache he had.

He remembered writing up the report on their latest mission. Seeing Mackenzie in the hall and getting pissed. Driving home then going to the gay bar near his house to try and not remember the deal with Mackenzie and Ma’chello. That had happened a few weeks ago.

He remembered getting a glass of whiskey from an admirer. He looked around but no one was even paying attention to him. He had thought ‘hell with it’ and downed it. The bartender here knows not to serve him any beer. Daniel hates American beer and that’s all this bar carries so it’s whiskey or bourbon for him.

He remembered someone sitting beside him. But since he wasn’t in the mood to talk he just ignored the man. Until the man asked if he would like another. Daniel had nodded and said sure. He wanted to get drunk and someone else was willing to pay. The bartender knew that Daniel would be able to take car of himself. Daniel had dropped more than a few guys wouldn’t take no for an answer.

Shortly after that Daniel remembered nothing. The person above him moved slightly. He scooted over a little and draped an arm around Daniel’s waist. Holding him possessively. Daniel was able to turn his head to look at the arm draped over him. Seeing the scar on the back of the hand brought back a few memories from last night. Including who the man in bed with him was.

He was on his fourth shot when the man paid and stood up. Daniel still hadn’t looked at him. The man leaned over and started talking.

“It’s good we have tomorrow off, Daniel. You are probably not going to feel functional until at least three.” The man said. Daniel turned and looked at Jack. Jack shook his head no and pulled Daniel with him as he left the bar. They walked slowly to Daniel’s apartment. The night doorman recognizing both men opened the door.

“Dr. Jackson, Colonel O’Neill. Have a good night.” Both men said their good-nights and rode the elevator up to Daniel’s floor. Once inside Jack started making a pot of coffee.

“What were you doing in a gay bar, Jack?” Daniel asked when he could finally get his voice back.

“Waiting for you. I knew you saw the quack in the halls. And I have heard base gossip tell me you frequent that place. I did a little light reading and found that your bi. I never really thought that about you, Daniel.” Jack said handing Daniel a cup of coffee. Both men sat down on the couch.

“I never hid it.” Daniel said.

“And neither did I. It’s in my file as well. But I was so good at what I did that as long as I was discreet about it. I could stay. Hammond liked it. With what we were dealing with out there. And with all those cultures out there it could come in handy.” Jack said.

Daniel was jolted back to reality when Jack placed a kiss on Daniel’s neck. He rolled over to look in Jack’s eyes.

“Morning.” Daniel said.

“Sleeping beauty. Told you you’d sleep till noon or longer. It’s one in the afternoon.” Jack said smiling that he had been right.

“Well we hadn’t done gymnastics at four this morning I would have been up a lot sooner.” Daniel said.

“Speaking of up.” Jack said. Daniel trailed a hand down Jack’s stomach to feel Jack’s swelling erection.

“Yes, you are up. And I’m getting there.” Daniel said laughing lightly.

“Sweet.” Jack said before kissing Daniel and jumping atop him.
The End

Title: Baby?
Year: Any
Category: Angst
Ratings: T
Pairings: Jack/Daniel
Spoilers: None
Summary: Slip of the mouth by Jack may lead to a night on the couch for Jack.
Words: 776
Notes: None
Warnings: None

“You called me baby in the middle of a briefing.” Daniel said as soon as Jack entered his house. Daniel had left the mountain after the briefing and Jack knew Daniel was embarrassed and pissed. “So yes, I have a right to be mad.”

“Everyone knows anyway. Why does it matter?” Jack asked marching after Daniel into the kitchen. Daniel just turned and glared at him. *I think I’m in the doghouse. I hope I washed the bed clothing for the spare room. Damn! No bed in there. I guess I am on the couch.*

“You know that’s not the point.” Daniel said before going to the fridge to grab a bottle of water then moved to the basement and the work out equipment. Jack let him go down there while he thought about his foot in mouth disease he seemed to develop of late.


SG-1 was sitting in the briefing room after the boring mission to P5F-654. The mission had been a bust. There had been nothing on the planet. Just trees. A whole hell of a lot of trees. Hammond had just given them two days down time and Jack was thinking about what he wanted for dinner.

“Baby, what do you want for dinner?” Jack asked as he looked over the schedule for next week. Daniel dropped the papers he had been tidying up. Hammond stopped in the doorway of his office and Sam spit out the coffee she was drinking. Teal’c cocked his eyebrow. Jack was oblivious to it all.

“Sir?” Sam asked. Jack looked up innocence on his face. Daniel blushed red and quickly left the room. Teal’s smiled and left as well. Hammond started chuckling and left Sam to tell him what he did. Sam looked at Jack with pity.

“What? Why did everyone run like the room was on fire?” Jack asked closing his folder and standing. Sam laughed.

“Sir, I remember the first time you called Daniel a pet name. And I’m not talking about Spacemonkey. I’m talking a relationship one. It was on P5S- 381. You called him love. He moved faster than Teal’c and had you against a tree. I never heard what he said just that you looked scared shitless.”

“So?” Jack asked looking at Sam like she had grown a second head. “And? Therefore? But?”

“And you just called him baby.” Sam said. Jack looked at the door that Daniel had walked through and gulped. Daniel didn’t nicknames like that. The only time Jack got away with it was during or after sex. For reasons.


Jack stared at the basement door for while before deciding to take the bull by the horns and go down there to talk to Daniel. Daniel was taking his frustrations out on the punching bag and Jack could see the blood on Daniel’s knuckles even though Daniel had taped them. Jack had put the bag in there after he found out Daniel used to box when he was in his school. Jack calmly took Daniel by the shoulders. Jack knew that Daniel wasn’t pissed or embarrassed any more just sad.

“I’m sorry, Danny. Foot in mouth disease. I know I embarrassed you today. I won’t promise I won’t do it again but I will tell you that I will try not to.” Jack said. He felt Daniel nod. “Good. Now let’s take care of these knuckles. You call yourself a boxer? Don’t they hurt?”

“They didn’t. They started to when I stopped hitting the bag.” Daniel said as they walked up the stairs.

“You know something, Danny, I wish I could hit that foster-father of yours. He didn’t have the right to do to you what he did.” Jack said as he took the tape off of Daniel’s hands and washed the blood off.

“He didn’t have the right to do it to anyone. I’m sorry I react the way I do. Every time I hear those endearments I’m back in that bedroom. And you really did embarrass me today. At least the marines weren’t there.” Daniel said with a smile.

“At least.” Jack said finishing up taking care of Daniel’s hands.

“Next time. You get punched. I choose where.” Daniel threatened as Jack wrapped his hands.

“Couch?” Jack asked. Daniel shook his head no. But Jack knew what to expect. Daniel would probably have a nightmare. “Good. I don’t feel like running up the steps to calm you down.”

“I love you, Jack.” Daniel said. Jack pulled him into a hug. Then kissed his forehead.

“I know. I love you, too.” Jack said. Wishing once again death to a man who died way too easy.
The End

Title: Caesar & Brutus
Series: None
Year: Any
Category: Romance, Sap,
Ratings: PG
Pairings: Jack/Daniel
Spoilers: None
Summary: Jack’s doing the watch and Daniel’s getting cuddly with some things in his sleeping bag…
Words: 736
Notes: None
Warnings: None

“Jack, quit. I need sleep. I’ve already done my watch.” Daniel said as he rolled over in his sleeping bag. He felt Jack move with him. He shoved Jack away. Or at least his head. And since what he shoved was furry it had to be his head. But when the furry thing nipped his fingers he knew it wasn’t Jack. Daniel quickly rolled out of his bag and looked at the ball of black fluff that was sitting in the bag with him. Jack must have seen him jump up because he entered the tent followed by Sam and Teal’c sticking their heads in.

“Daniel?” Jack said.

“I…I think it’s friendly.” Daniel said pointing at the creature. Sam laughed.

“You mean you think they’re friendly.” Sam said. On Daniel’s sleeping bag sat two balls of fluff. Daniel reached down and started petting one. It started purring.

“I think they are cats.” Daniel said. He picked one up. Jack picked up the other. They all moved outside. Sam started searching for food she thought they would eat. Teal’c moved to check around for more. He came back twenty minutes later with a sad look on his face. The ‘cats’ had fallen asleep in Jack and Daniel’s laps.

“I found their mother. Along with two other babies. It seems they were killed.” Teal’c said. Daniel nodded. He looked at Jack.

“No way. Hammond wouldn’t allow it.” Jack said as he picked up the one in his lap and handed it to Daniel. The two cuddled together so they could stay warm.

“So what we leave them here to die. At least ask. And if he won’t allow that. Say we would take them to another planet. One of our allies. They would take them in.” Daniel said.

“They do not grow very large. The mother animal was three times their size.” Sam said after she returned from looking at the rest. “And they look like Earth cats. The only difference is the red eyes. And that can be explained. We should at least ask. And Janet can check them out.”

“Fine. But I am not doing the asking. You want them. You ask for them.” Jack said as he started packing up the camp. It was nearing dawn and they needed to leave. “Now start packing.”

“Thanks, Jack.” Daniel said as he took off his coat he had put on and laid the ‘cats’ down in it so they could stay warm. Half and hour later the camp was packed and they were on their way to the ‘gate.


“Daniel, I am telling you. Get them away from me.” Jack said as he tried to watch a game on the couch of his home. The two cats were crawling all over him. One was currently perched on his shoulder licking his ear. The other was playing with his toes.

“They just want to play. And if you want dinner I can’t play with them. They are kittens, Jack. They love to be played with.” Daniel said.

“Yeah, I’d rather be playing with you.” Jack said as he started petting the one on his shoulder. He also started wiggling his toes. The cat down there started playing harder. They had been lucky the cats didn’t have any claws and they were perfectly healthy with no off world contagions. “We need to name them.”

“I know. Janet said that they are both males.” Daniel said from the kitchen. Jack sat there thinking. He wanted good names for the two cats. He was going to be the one seeing them everyday. Daniel’s place wasn’t animal friendly and since Daniel spent most of his time here anyway. They decided to keep the cats there.

“Brutus and Caesar.” Jack said. He heard Daniel stop what he was doing and walk towards the living room. Daniel appeared and just stared at him. “What?”

“You want to name them after old dead people?” Daniel asked. Jack laughed.

“Come on. I’d get a kick out of screaming their names.” Jack said. Daniel smiled.

“Fine. But I’d rather you be screaming my name.” Daniel said before entering the kitchen again. Jack picked up the cat on his shoulder.

“You look like a Brutus.” He said to it. Brutus tried to lick his face. Caesar tried to crawl up Jack’s pant leg. “Caesar! Get out of there.”

Jack heard Daniel laughing from the kitchen.
The End

Title: Death and Life
Series: None
Year: Past Time/Season Four
Category: Drama, Hurt, ER
Ratings: R
Pairings: Jack/Daniel
Spoilers: None
Summary: Daniel only wanted peace.
Words: 966
Notes: Challenge from a friend, that’s why the repetition.
Warnings: Suicide Attempt, Child Abuse, 

Daniel only wanted peace. He wanted away from the beatings and the pain. He wanted away from the people who didn’t love him. He wanted away from the people who didn’t listen to him.

Daniel only wanted peace. He wanted to go somewhere where he was loved. He wanted to be believed. He didn’t want to expect a beating every time he spoke.

Daniel only wanted peace. He didn’t want to have to do his homework in private, locked in his closet so that the older boy in the house wouldn’t take the books from him.

Daniel only wanted peace. He didn’t want to wear long clothes during summer because his foster father was too drunk to hit him on his back or stomach.

Daniel only wanted peace. He wanted to know what it was like to move without feeling pain. He remembered when he used to, when his real Mom and Dad were alive.

Daniel only wanted peace. He just stared at the blood seeping out of the two near perfect wounds. He didn’t feel the new pain in his arms. The pain from his broken ribs hurt worse.

Daniel only wanted peace. He didn’t see the people flood the bathroom at first. When he did, he wondered how they got there. He had locked the door.

Daniel only wanted peace. He woke up in the hospital with a guard posted inside the door. The guard talked to him and made his laugh. For a while, he didn’t think about pain.

Daniel only wanted peace. The kind guard handed him a chocolate bar and when he noticed that Daniel couldn’t eat it, he broke it into pieces.

Daniel only wanted peace. When he was released from the hospital and the Social Worker took him to his new home, he was sad. He didn’t want to leave the hospital. He felt safe there.

Daniel only wanted peace. When the car stopped, Daniel looked up and saw the guard standing with a woman, on the steps of a home.

Daniel only wanted peace. With a few words and a huge hug from the woman, Daniel finally had the peace he’s wanted for five years.


Daniel only wanted love. He missed Sha’re and the rest of the people on Abydos. He wanted to sleep under the stars of his adopted home planet again.

Daniel only wanted love. He missed being held while he slept. He missed holding someone while he slept. Most of all he missed the closeness.

Daniel only wanted love. He wanted his love of another returned, but he knew that the one could never love him.

Daniel only wanted love. Daniel watched his love flirt with another, and the other flirt back. He always watched so that maybe he would stop loving.

Daniel only wanted love. Daniel wanted to feel loved, to have that security. He knew that his love loved with all his heart and didn’t let go easy.

Daniel only wanted love. Daniel finally left the restaurant, not wanting to see the eyes made by all at his love. He wanted to be alone.

Daniel only wanted love. Daniel opened the front door to his apartment only to see his love standing there, dripping wet.

Daniel only wanted love. From the bathroom his love kept up a commentary on what happened after he left the table at the restaurant.

Daniel only wanted love. His love talked about why he had left. He couldn’t deal with the crush on him any more, and he didn’t know how to tell Sam he wasn’t interested.

Daniel only wanted love. Daniel’s heart beat faster that that proclamation. That meant that his love wasn’t in love with anyone else, and he might have a chance.

Daniel only wanted love. Daniel turned around at the hand on his shoulder. He saw the love in Jack’s eyes and it was only for him.

Daniel only wanted love. With a few words and a huge kiss from Jack, Daniel finally had the love he had wanted for three years.


Daniel only wanted sleep. Jack was behind him on the bed, talking about everything and nothing. He was trying to calm Daniel down.

Daniel only wanted sleep. Jack touched him slowly and when Daniel jumped, he backed off. Jack started talking again.

Daniel only wanted sleep. Sleep eluded him that night. He tried and even with the sound of Jack’s voice trying to lull him, he stayed awake.

Daniel only wanted sleep. Daniel’s mind played back the attack. He’d been alone in the dark locker room when it happened.

Daniel only wanted sleep. He could still feel the foot connecting with his stomach, and the hands jerking him up to hit his face.

Daniel only wanted sleep. He could still see the flashbacks to the time so long ago when he had been hurt like that.

Daniel only wanted sleep. He had never told Jack about that. He didn’t even know if the suicide attempt was in his SGC file.

Daniel only wanted sleep. As Jack talked, Daniel could feel him inching closer on the bed until finally, Jack’s chest and stomach were touching his.

Daniel only wanted sleep. The hand creeping around his stomach didn’t bother him, and the kiss on the neck soothed him.

Daniel only wanted sleep. He talked for the first time in years about this childhood. Jack said nothing, just held him close, and let him know he was loved.

Daniel only wanted sleep. When Daniel was done he felt better, and he was also tired.. He felt like he could sleep for a few days.

Daniel only wanted sleep. With a huge yawn and a quick grappling match with his lover over the covers, Daniel finally had the sleep that he wanted.

The End

Title: Effects of a Mission
Series: None
Year: Middle of Season 8
Category: Drama, ER
Ratings: PG-13
Pairings: Jack/Daniel
Spoilers: None
Summary: It started out as a joke. Now Daniel’s pissed. But is there a reason Daniel reacted the way he did?
Words: 629
Notes: None
Warnings: None 

“Come on, Danny. It was a joke.” Jack said to the bathroom door that was between him and his lover.

“I’m soaking wet, Jack.” Daniel said as he striped off his clothes so he could shower then dry off.

“I’m sorry.” Jack said. Daniel said nothing just turned on the radio in the bathroom and stepped into the shower. Jack gave after a few minutes and went to the living room of Daniel’s house. They had been working in Daniel’s garden and Jack decided to turn the hose on Daniel after he had finished watering the trees. Jack had done it a million times before and thought nothing of it. Then Daniel had blown up. Daniel had actually said nothing but had just stormed off to the bathroom to shower.

They had been having fun up until that point. Jack wondered why Daniel had reacted that way. Jack heard a knock at the door and moved to open it. Everyone knew that Jack and Daniel were friends so Jack being here wouldn’t raise an eyebrow. Sam stood outside the door looking miserable.

“I’m glad you’re here, Sir. Where’s Daniel?” Sam said as Jack moved back to let her in.

“He’s in the shower and I think I’m in the doghouse.” Jack said. Sam smiled weakly. She was one of the ones who had set up Jack and Daniel to cop, finally, to their feelings about each other.

“What did you do now, Jack?” Sam asked as they sat down on the couch. Jack saw her fidgeting and knew this wasn’t going to go good. But she was loath to bring it up.

“Why don’t you tell me what you don’t want to tell me?” Jack said. Sam nodded and swallowed.

“First off. I am Sam. You are Jack. You are not the commander of the SGC.” Jack nodded knowing this had something to do with something that was left out of the reports from the last mission. Daniel had been kidnapped and tortured for information about Earth. Sam and Teal’c had found him later. The official report said that they didn’t know what kind of torture he went through just that none of it left and marks. And that he couldn’t remember as well. “Well, we lied. Teal’c, Daniel, and I. When we found him, he was going through a pretty bad torture. He was in a sensory depth tank. One with water.”

“Shit!” Jack said. Now he knew why Daniel freaked as he did.

“Yeah, he didn’t want it talked about. He said he could handle it.” Sam said.

“And he can. If he doesn’t get spayed with water.” Jack said standing up and pacing.

“Jack?” Sam asked.

“We were working in the garden. I sprayed him with the hose. He freaked and ran to take a shower.” Jack said. Sam swallowed again.

“It’s just going to take time. He talked to the doc. There is no real treatment for that kind of torture. Just time. And consideration.” Sam said.

“He should have told me!”

“That’s why I am here. He was supposed to tonight. But I just wanted to give you a heads up. The shower stopped. I’ll go.” Sam said.

“Thanks, Sam.” Jack said. Sam nodded and left. Jack went back to the bathroom door. He didn’t hear any movement. He tried the door. It opened. Daniel sat on the toilet with the towel wrapped around him. He didn’t look up.

“She gone?” Daniel asked.

“Yeah.” Jack said.

“I was going to tell you. Tonight after dinner. You’re grouchier on an empty stomach.”

“Let’s get you dried off. Then how about some lunch. I was thinking we would go out.”

“Sounds good, Jack.” Daniel said letting Jack take care of him for a while.

The End

Title: Everything that Can
Year: Any
Category: Humor
Ratings: G
Pairings: Gen
Spoilers: None
Summary: Just a fic to tickle your funny bone
Words: 202
Notes: None
Warnings: None

“General Hammond, I really think it’s a good idea.” Jack said.

“Colonel O’Neill, how am I to talk to the President, Pentagon, and the Air Force about this?”

“You could say that it’s a moral booster.” Daniel volunteered to help his friend.

“I find it most enjoyable.” Teal’c said. His mouth canted a smirk.

“See, T-Man, likes it. That has approval all over it.”

“Sir, you could tell them that we all, the SGC, want it. We deserve it.” Sam said while trying to contain her laughter.

“And, General, you know it’s true. And if not for the whole SGC then for SG- 1.” Jack said.

“I’ll ask.” General Hammond said giving into his flagship team. These four, yes four, could get him to do almost anything. He might even turn them on the President some day.


“Well, Jack, how does it look?” Hammond asked.

“Wonderful, Sir. Now the SGC logo looks complete.” Jack said smiling.

“Is it up?” Daniel asked running in the briefing room, Sam on his heels, and Teal’c just walking.

“Yea, look at it. The motto of the SGC.” Jack said walking over to it.

“SGC: Where Everything That Can Go Wrong, Will Go Wrong.”
The  End

Title: Fishing
Series: None
Year: Any
Category: ER, Humor,
Ratings:  NC-17
Pairings: Jack/Daniel
Spoilers: None
Summary: Jack goes fishing…
Words: 325
Notes: None
Warnings: None

“Jack! Where are my jeans?” Daniel asked as they lay side by side on the dock. Daniel had been laying down reading a book when Jack had pounced on him. Daniel could see all of their clothes expect his jeans. And since it was early morning at the start of spring it was very cold. And Daniel was getting cold so he wanted to get dressed. But he couldn’t find his pants.

“I made sure they landed on the dock.” Jack said not moving. When Daniel leaned over him to look for his jeans Jack pulled him down and kissed him. After a minute Daniel pulled out of Jack’s arms.

“Stop it. I’m clod. And no you can’t warm me up. I want to finish reading. And you will leave me alone this time.” Daniel said. Then he saw him pants. Half way out on the lake, floating. He groaned and lay down.

“What’s wrong?” Jack asked. He pulled himself up so he was leaning on one arm so he could see Daniel’s face. He didn’t like the smile that was forming on his lover’s mouth. “Danny?”

“Nothing. But you didn’t bring any extra clothes did you?” Daniel asked as he stood up to put his boxer’s on. Jack shook his head ‘no’. Jack watched Daniel slowly dressing and only noticed that Daniel had put on his jeans when he saw that they were too long for him.

“Hey, those are mine!” Jack said sitting up and finding his boxers to put on.

“Yes, they are. And you’re the one who ripped my jeans off and threw them in the lake. So why don’t you take your boat and go fishing for them.” Daniel said pointing to where his jeans were. Jack looked out on to the lake.

“Fuck! We must have kicked then off when we were moving around.” Jack said.

“Well don’t swim to get them. I like my men unfrosted.” Daniel said.

The End

Title: From Ending to Beginning
Series: None
Year: Future
Category: Angst, Romance, FT
Ratings: PG
Pairings: Jack/Daniel
Spoilers: None
Summary: The party has ended, now their life can begin.
Words: 487
Notes: None
Warnings: None

We can’t do anything about this.” Daniel told Jack.

Not until we both retire.” Jack said back.

The project is too important. If Senator Kinsey wasn’t breathing down our backs…” Daniel left the rest unsaid.

Can you do this? Hide it, I mean?” Jack asked.

I have been for five years, Jack. Since Abydos.” Daniel answered.

We go on like before. As best friends.” Jack said. Daniel nodded.


I sit in my car and stare at his house. I see him getting ready to leave. I also see the ‘For Sale’ sign in front of his

house. His house always looked inviting. Now it looks dark and lonely. I’m not ready to hold to my promise I made

five years ago. I have a few more things to do. Then I’ll join him in isolation.


Up until I drive away from my house for the last time last time, I hold hope that he’s going to come. Maybe after he left last year he found someone. He was able to leave. I wasn’t. I wouldn’t blame him if he found another.

Washington made him quit. Said he’d lost all objectivity. That they had lost faith in the fact that he could do his job. He sold everything. Stored the rest at my place. Then he went traveling all over Earth.


I knew about his retirement right after he gave his two-week notice. I used that time to get everything ready for my return trip to America. I sit outside Sam’s house as they wrap his party up. He’s leaving right after. I’ll follow him.

I don’t know the way to where we are going.

I need this. To disappear. To blend in. To live a happy life with the one I love. I drive away before anyone notices. I smile when I catch a look at him.


I’m standing in my new house. Just big enough for two to live comfortably in. It’s in the middle of nowhere. We wanted it that way. When a mission went badly we talked about what he had to look forward to when we retired.

We decided to live in Canada. Where we can legally marry. This house is located on the bank of Lake of Woods. Just inside the Canadian border. We are still in driving distance of the cabin in Minnesota.

I hear a knock on my door. I wonder who it is. No one knows about this place. Not even him. I move to answer it. He’s standing there smiling. I look behind him. He’s got a few bags in his car.

“You came, Danny.” I say.


He looks surprised to see me when he opens the door. Did he really think I wouldn’t come?

“Of course I would. Five years of waiting and planning.” I say. He pulls me into his arms and kisses me. The wait was worth this.

The End

Title: I Can’t Stop Thinking!
Series: None
Year: Season Eight
Category: Humor, Romance,
Ratings:  PG-13
Pairings: Jack/Daniel,
Spoilers: None
Summary: After a tiring mission Daniel returns home but he can’t shut off his brain. WARNING: SLASH and some cuss words from Danny’s tired mind.
Words: 956
Notes: None
Warnings: None

I’m dead tired. P2F-843 was a nightmare. SG-1 was sent to mediate a treaty between two of the tribes on the planet. Trying to get them to agree on anything is like trying to get SG-1 and Kinsey to agree on something. It isn’t going to happen. We never would. Hell I think we would fight over what color bunting to put up for when the President visits.

So I enter my house. I haven’t seen it in weeks. My fish are at Jack’s, so I never have to worry about feeding them. I know that if I had want to Jack’s I wouldn’t get the three days of sleep I want. I get woken up every three hours for sex. I have gotten over a weeklong headache. I do not want sex. Yeah, I may have missed Jack but…I want sleep.

I see my bed. Yes, I am going to lie down. Fully clothed. It pisses Jack off when I do this. He says it takes too long to undress me. Happy Jack I took off my shoes. But the socks are staying.

Jack won’t be getting off work for a few more hours anyway. It’s four in the afternoon. He won’t be home till at least seven or eight. I’m safe.

Maybe I should lock my door. He’s got a key to my house. Just not the new dead bolt I put in. Haven’t had the time to give it to him. It’s sitting on the dining room table.

Damn that won’t work. He would come in though the back door. And even if I had locked him out he would just pound on my door till I got pissed and let him in.

I need to stop thinking. I really do. If I don’t I won’t ever get to sleep. Then I’ll end up under drugs in the infirmary. I really don’t want that.

Damn those inhabitants. Do they really have to be so pigheaded? We finally brokered the treaty. Of course they didn’t want to come to Earth. Then I could have slept in my own bed every night. What they call beds on their world I would call a sheet. Hard as rock with a thin covering.

I like my bed. Jack hates it because it’s small. I like it. I feel safe in it. Jack rarely ever sleeps over here. We mostly do at his house.

Now why did I have to start thinking about beds? Jack and me in a bed. Damn. I really guess should take a shower. And take of my problem here.

Shower was good. Now my muscles are relaxed. I feel tired. I dressed in sweats and a t-shirt. I don’t like sleeping nude by myself. I get cold.

I’m cold almost all the time. When I’m alone. I think it’s because I grew up in the desert. I’m used to warmth. I don’t like being cold.

Damn. Why can’t I quit thinking? I need sleep. I think I have only got around eight hours of sleep over the past week.

I week without seeing Jack. Then when I do see him it’s at the briefing to discuss the treaty. Then he had meetings the rest of the day. I had to get checked out by the doc then was sent home for rest.

Home. I am home. But I’m not. Home is where Jack is. That used to include a tent off world. But now that he’s General. Well…it’s only restricted to places on Earth.

I need to stop thinking. These thoughts going through my head. I can’t sleep. God, I am so tired. I need sleep. I need to sleep.

Maybe that will work. Chanting the word sleep.

Sleep. Sleep. Sleep. Sleep. Sleep. Sleep. Sleep. Sleep. Sleep. Sleep. Sleep. Sleep. Sleep. Sleep. Sleep. Sleep. Sleep. Sleep. Sleep. Sleep. Sleep. Sleep. Sleep. Sleep. Sleep. Sleep. Creep. Sheep. Deep. Bleep. Leap. Heap. Meep. Fleep. Is that a word? What the hell is wrong with me?

Nope not working. Now all I’m doing is thinking of words that rhyme with sleep.

I never could count sheep. Mummies, yes. Sheep, no. Once I counted Unas. It helped. I was drunk that time though.

I get drunk easy. Though my years of being a friend/lover to Jack has made my threshold higher. I am not a one beer drunk anymore. It takes at least six. Or four shots of whiskey. I hold my whiskey better than my beer.

I hate American beer. The beer on Abydos was good. Irish beer is better. I need to go back to Ireland someday. I have a few friends there. They would love to see me again. I call them and write them. But I haven’t seen them in years.

Damn. This isn’t working. I hear noises. But my body is too tired to get up. My bedroom door opens. I’m facing away from it. Someone sits on the bed. I try to roll over.

“Shush. Sleep. I’m going to change and I’ll be back.” Jack says. Then a minute later he’s lying beside me in the bed. I roll over and put my head on his shoulder. He pulls me into a hug. This is nice.

“How’d you know?” I ask in a low voice.

“I saw it in your eyes. You were tired but your mind was racing. Now, sleep.” Jack orders. I think that I don’t do orders seconds before I lose consciousness.

Title: It Started Off Simple
Series: None
Year: Future
Category: First Time, Double Drabble
Ratings:  PG
Pairings: Jack/Daniel
Spoilers: None
Summary: It started off simple, they were friends, on their way to much more.
Words: 200
Notes: None
Warnings: None

It started off simple. They barely tolerated each other. Then after that first mission to Abydos they were near friends. Then Daniel returned home to Earth from Abydos. Slowly they became best friends.

Then Daniel died. Or sort of died. He ascended. He lived on a higher plane for a year. And Jack fell into despair. And when Daniel came back from the land of glowing lights, he and Jack were not as close as they used to be.

And it stayed that way till Jack retired. Jack didn’t go to the cabin like he had always threatened. He stayed in Colorado Springs. And he spent every minute, which Daniel was on the planet, with Daniel. Daniel didn’t think anything of it. It was just Jack being Jack.

Then Daniel went with Jack to his cabin for a week. He woke up one morning to find Jack watching him sleep. He didn’t say anything. Just held up the side of the blanket in invitation. Nothing was said, nothing needed said, as Jack lay down with Daniel on the bed.

Tomorrow. Tomorrow they would talk. Tomorrow they would say the words to each other. But tonight they just wanted to be with each other.

The End

Title: Love
Series: None
Year: Season Four
Category: Drama, Pre-Slash, Hurt/Comfort,
Ratings: R
Pairings: Jack/Daniel, Daniel/Other
Spoilers: The First Ones
Summary: Jack reveals to Daniel what he knows of his past.
Words: 758
Notes: None
Warnings: remembered Non-Con,

Jack watched Daniel sleep. The man had just come back from P3X-888. Janet wanted him to be watched over the next few days. Since Daniel had said no to the visit to McKenzie, she wanted Jack to stay with him. Since Daniel’s apartment had no spare room, Jack had convinced Daniel to stay with him. Everyone was worried at how Daniel would react to the fact that he had become a captive. Jack thought back over the account Daniel had given General Hammond. First, he had been knocked unconscious; next, he woke up to find himself the new pet of a Unas, made to travel over a long distance with a slight headache.


Daniel knew that he would have nightmares. He knew they would come. That was why he had shut the bedroom door. Jack didn’t need to hear them. Jack didn’t need to hear his friend beg the unknown man to stop, begging for the pain to be over and the rape to stop.


And the nightmare did come. But Daniel didn’t know that Jack was waiting for it. He didn’t know that Jack had heard it before. Right after his wife had been taken by Apophis. Jack sat down beside Daniel on the bed and started caressing his head. He knew that was the one spot on his body he could touch without getting a reaction other than calm. He continued until Daniel was calm and had stopped moving. He’d been doing it for years. Daniel never remembered the next morning and Jack never brought it up. He would give his friend as much peace as he could. And one bit of peace was almost ready to be delivered. A peace he hadn’t known since the rape had happened, knowing that the man who had done it was dead. Killed while in prison, killed for what he hadn’t been put in there for.


Daniel woke up the next morning and smelled the coffee and food Jack had made. He slowly got dressed for the day. He found Jack sitting at the kitchen table reading the mornings newspaper. On the table was a stack of mail. He recognized a letter from one of his friends. Jack explained that he had Sam get the mail for Daniel. Daniel looked through the mail. He wasn’t interested in most of it. However, a letter from the New York District Attorney caught his eye. He opened the letter and started to read it. Once done he quickly left the room.

Dear Mr. Jackson,

I am writing to let you know that Gabriel Johnson was killed four weeks ago. I reread your case file and thought you would like to know that the man who killed him gave a reason. He said that he had been raped as a child and when he found out what this man had done he killed him.

I hope this gives you some peace. And please thank Colonel O’Neill for giving me this address. It gives me great pleasure that I can tell you that this man is gone.


Robert Hanson.


When Jack entered the room, Daniel wanted to know how long he had known about what had happened. Jack explained that he had known for quite a few years. All the while Daniel was sitting with his knees against his chest. Looking like a little lost boy. Jack tried to hurry in his explanation. Finally, Jack was done. Daniel nodded. He didn’t seem mad, just sad. Jack quickly told him that he had brought home some work for Daniel, the Ancient’s language that Daniel had been working on for a few years. Jack let him have his office. Daniel stayed in there most of the day.

Jack brought Daniel food through out the day knowing Daniel wouldn’t leave the room until dinner. The smell of spaghetti dragged Daniel out of the office and into the kitchen. Jack saw the tired smile on Daniel’s face. But he was happy. Jack smiled back at him. After dinner, they watched a movie. Halfway through Daniel fell asleep. He leaned against the side of the couch and curled into himself. Jack moved out of his recliner so that he could stretch Daniel out on the couch. He didn’t want him friend hurting his neck.

When Jack stood to leave the couch Daniel’s hand gripped his thigh and wouldn’t let go. Jack grabbed a pillow and laid Daniel’s head in his lap. He would stay for as long as Daniel wanted him to.

The End

Title: Mister Samantha Carter
Series: None
Year: Nine
Category: Humor
Ratings: G
Pairings: None
Spoilers: None
Summary: To assume makes an ass out of you and me.
Words: 211
Notes: None
Warnings: None

“I’m Lieutenant Colonel Samantha Carter of the United States Air Force”

“Cameron Mitchell. Ditto on the other stuff,” Mitchell said. Their host nodded at them. Daniel and Teal’c were talking with another of their hosts and weren’t paying attention.

“So you are married?” The Host asked. Cameron and Sam looked at the man in shock.

“WHAT?” They both asked in shock.

“You are Lieutenant Colonel Samantha Carter and you are Cameron Mitchell Samantha Carter. Obviously, you are of different ranks but have the same end names. You are maybe siblings?” The Host asked. Before they could answer, he went on. “My wife and I thought that Daniel and Mister Carter are siblings. Their face types are so alike.”

“No, Alibe, none of us are related or married,” Daniel said as he joined the conversation. “When Colonel Mitchell introduced himself he meant that he is Lieutenant Colonel Cameron Mitchell of the United States Air Force. Her name is Samantha Carter. Lieutenant Colonel is her rank.”

“Oh, I am sorry. Here our rank is said after our name. I am truly sorry,” Alibe said. Daniel smiled.

“The mistake was his Alibe,” Daniel said. He looked at Mitchell who just shrugged. “Intergalactic redneck,” Daniel said under his breath as he walked away.

The End

Title: Mom
Series: None
Year: Season Eight
Category: ER, Humor
Ratings: PG-13
Pairings: Jack/Daniel
Spoilers: small ones Full Alert and Citizen Joe,
Summary: Jack’s mother comes for a surprise visit.
Words: 788
Notes: None
Warnings: None

J’ck?” Daniel asked as he rolled over in bed. He thought that Jack was the one making the noise. Jack was known to be an early riser no matter what they had done the night before. He found Jack asleep face down with his head stuck under his pillow. Daniel laughed until he heard the noise again. It sounded like some one was in the kitchen. Daniel set up in the bed and looked around for the baseball bat that Jack kept for emergencies.

Daniel got up out of the bed and grabbed a pair of pants to wear. He grabbed the bat and exited the room. He wasn’t even going to try to wake Jack. If the man was still asleep then that meant he would be hard to wake up and not with out alerting the intruder. He crept out of the room and down the hall.

When he got the kitchen, he didn’t find someone stealing from them. He found an older woman cooking breakfast. Daniel set down the bat and watched her for a few minutes. He was about to call the local hospital to say that someone was lost and needed help finding home when she turned around.

Oh my, I’m sorry. I thought that Jack was alone. I’m sorry if I scared you. Who are you?” The woman asked. Daniel heard noise from the bedroom and knew that Jack was awake. He came down the hall in his robe and entered the kitchen.

Why didn’t you wake me, Danny?” Jack asked. He looked at Daniel and then followed Daniel’s gaze to the woman. “Mom?”

Jack, dear. Who is this? I think I gave him a scare,” Jack’s mom said.

This is Daniel. I work with him,” Jack said. He shook his head and smiled. “Daniel, this is my mom, Grace.”

Ah, so this is Daniel. Jack talks about you a lot. Had another of your game nights?” Grace asked. Daniel looked at Jack.

I’m going to get dressed.” Daniel exited the room quickly and ran to the safety of his and Jack’s bedroom. He and Jack had never really talked about Jack’s parents. It was a sore subject because Daniel’s weren’t alive. Moments later, Jack entered the room. Daniel could hear things banging from the kitchen.

Mom’s cooking breakfast for all three of us,” Jack said. Daniel nodded.

After I’ll just leave, I don’t want to cause you any problems,” Daniel said as he pulled on his pants. He reached into Jack’s closet to pull out one of the T-Shirts in it. Jack sighed and pulled Daniel into his arms.

You don’t have to. Mom knows that we hang out,” Jack said.

No, it will be better.”


No. I have things to do anyway. Just let me go.”


Where did Daniel go? I hope I didn’t scare him off. I just wanted to surprise you,” Grace said.

He’s just not that big on parents,” Jack said.


His were killed along time ago.”

He seemed uncomfortable with me.”

He was just surprised.”

Have you ever talked about me to him?”

Why would I?”

Jack, I am your mother. I have eyes. The pants he was wearing were pajama bottoms I bought for you two years ago.”


Jack, he’s your lover. I know he is.” Jack choked on the air that he suddenly sucked in.

Mom, how did you?” Jack asked.

The way you look at him. The way you followed him out. Jack, you can’t hide the love you have for him. Now, have you ever talked to him about me?”

No, I didn’t want to bring up my mom when he didn’t have one,” Jack said. Grace smiled at him.

He thinks that you don’t want him to know me,” Grace said.

NO! I just didn’t want to hurt him.” Jack grabbed his phone and called Daniel’s cell. “Danny, he listen can you come back when you get time. I just have something for you is all. Yeah? Okay. Love you, too.”

See?” Grace asked. Jack blushed at the confession he said in front of his mother.


Jack?” Daniel asked when he saw Daniel standing outside the front door of his home.

I’ve got someone for you to meet,” Jack said. Daniel cocked his eyebrow.

Yeah?” Daniel asked. Jack slipped an arm around Daniel’s waist and pushed him into the house. Grace stood there with a smile on her face.

Danny, meet Mom. Mom, meet Danny, your son-in-law.”

The End

Title: Pain
Series: None
Year: Any
Category: Tragedy, Angst
Ratings: PG-13
Pairings: Jack/Daniel
Spoilers: None
Summary: It’s a poem. And it’s very sad but saying much more would ruin it.
Words: 230
Notes: None
Warnings: Character Death,

He couldn’t be alone anymore
His love had left him
His desk drawer looked better and better
After all was in order
He did it
He couldn’t stand it anymore
He took a gun and ended it

A smiling man entered his house
He had everything in order
Tonight he would get his love back
Tonight he would set everything right
His heart soared
His soul sang
Then a knock came at his door

A woman he knows well stands there
Her eyes full of tears
The man thinks her boyfriend left her
Then he sees the man standing behind her
This man never cries yet he is
Then he feels it in his heart
His heart crashes, his soul cries

“I’m sorry everyone
I couldn’t live without him
This was my only answer
I’m sorry Sam, I’m sorry Teal’c
I’m sorry, Jack. I couldn’t stand it
Forever love, Daniel”
That’s all his suicide note said

Jack went to Daniel’s loft
And he found where Daniel died
On the balcony
The one he had almost jumped off
“Another two hours, Danny
And instead of seeing your corpse
We could be seeing your smiling face.”

Jack didn’t last long
His grief took him over
He had caused it all
His note was shorter
“I’m sorry to all”
Poor Sam. Because she was the one…
The one to find both men’s bodies

Title: Peace
Series: None
Year: Future Time
Category: First Time, Drama, Hurt/Comfort,
Ratings: PG-13
Pairings: Jack/Daniel, Daniel/Other, Sam/Pete, Cassie/Dominic,
Spoilers: None
Summary: The end for our boys, or is it?
Words: 964
Notes: None
Warnings: None

Mister Johnson, I just wanted to let know that you have a new neighbor,” Molly called into the room. The man who was sitting and reading didn’t even look up. He just turned the page in his book and continued to read. Molly looked at the man standing beside her. She motioned for him to follow her. They ended up in his room. “I told you, he’s a rather lonely man.”

He doesn’t care?” The other man asked.

No, he came here five years ago. He’s only had one visitor. She came a few times and then stopped. He would talk but for some reason she never came back after one memorable visit. They got into a screaming match. He withdrew after that. He talks sometimes but not to a lot of people.”

His name is Johnson?” The man asked.

Yes, Daniel Johnson. He paid for his care for quite a few years. I guess his wife died a few years before he came here. He can get around on his own rather well. He just didn’t want to live in a place on his own. He said that a rest home was the closest he could get to where he used to work many years ago.”

Thanks. I guess I’ll just wait and see if he talks to me,” The man said. Molly nodded.

Well, welcome to Open Arms, Mister O’Neill.”

Please it’s Jack. Mister O’Neill was my father. I was never called Mister. General or Colonel but never Mister,” Jack said. Molly laughed. Then she choked down one of the laughs.

General O’Neill? Of the Stargate Program?” She asked. Jack smiled at her then shushed her. She nodded and smiled. Jack waited until she had left before he went back to the room of Mister Johnson. He was still reading the book in his hands. Jack smiled and watched him for a while. He was drawn to the man and he didn’t know why.

Two Weeks Later:

Jack woke up the screams of someone down the hall. His instincts kicked in and he moved towards the sound. He didn’t understand what the man was saying and he tried to wake the man up but he couldn’t. Finally, a night nurse came and gave him a small shot. A minute later, Mr. Johnson was calm and sleeping.

Is he all right?” Jack asked the nurse.

Yes, he just has nightmares. Go back to bed, Mr. O’Neill,” The nurse said. Jack nodded. The nurse left the room first. Then he saw it: the small brown bowl on a shelf. Jack knew that bowl. It was a wedding bowl from Abydos. There was only one person on Earth that had a bowl like that. That man was Daniel Jackson. That man who had disappeared off the face of the Earth twenty years prior.

Next Day:

Mr. Johnson?” Jack asked as he entered the room. Daniel didn’t turn around at all. He didn’t move. His eyes moved over the page he was reading. Jack got closer and he knew the language. It was the language of the Ancients. Jack laughed silently; when Daniel had disappeared, the N.I.D. had looked for him trying to see what sensitive materials he had taken with him. Jack wondered what other things Daniel had with him.

Leave,” Daniel said. Again, he didn’t look up at all.

I’ve got something for you,” Jack said. Daniel waved at the small table beside him but Jack threw the small item right on top of the book that Daniel was reading. Daniel picked it up and then glanced at Jack.

What’s this?” Daniel asked.

You know what it is, Daniel,” Jack said. Daniel cocked his head. Jack smiled lopsidedly at Daniel and Daniel smiled. He set the SG-1 patch aside.

Jack,” Daniel said.

You left. You left me,” Jack said. Daniel nodded.

I had to, Jack. Neither of us was the same man. I couldn’t be with you because I couldn’t be with myself.”

I heard you got married.”

Yes, to a lovely girl who wanted nothing from me other than to help her get through the years. No kids, no money, just company.”

That’s good.”

How did you track me down?”

I didn’t. I live next door. Last night, the person trying to help you, that was me.” Daniel nodded, closed up his book, and stood. Jack pulled him, gently, into a hug that didn’t stop for a long time.

Are you ready to live?” A voice asked from nowhere.

Yes, I am,” Both Jack and Daniel said. A bright light flashed and the two men and their things were gone.


Jack still held Daniel in his arms as they visited their friends and family. One last little thing before they were dropped on a backwater little planet with all of their things and a reproduction of Jack’s house.

Why did you hide?” Jack asked.

I had to heal. Tamara helped with that by then I couldn’t find anyone else again. I gave up.”

Now?” Jack asked.

I’m fine. I’m great. Let’s go home,” Daniel said leaning in to kiss Jack. They both glowed and seconds later they were on their little planet with all they needed. Until everyone else showed up to keep them company.


When the nurses came into the room after the bright flash of light no one was there. The room was empty of everything. They moved to Jack’s room next and it was the same way. A small sheet of paper fluttered down from the ceiling.

We’ve gone fishing,” Was all it said.

The End

Title: Rippled Effect
Series: None
Year: Season Nine
Category: Missing Scene, Episode Related, Established Relationship,
Ratings: PG-13
Pairings: Daniel/Cameron, AU Jack/AU Daniel, AU Jack/AU Kerry Johnson, AU Jack/AU Sam, AU Daniel/AU Cameron,
Spoilers: 9.13 Ripple Effect
Summary: Not all Daniel’s are the same. So is ours the odd one out?
Words: 970
Notes: None
Warnings: AU Partner Betrayal

Daniel had just come from visiting with Janet when a hand connected with his shoulder and spun him around. He was looking in the face of another Daniel. He looked at the patch on the shoulder. It read SG-1 but he couldn’t place which team this Daniel had come with.

You, me, talking now!” The other Daniel said. He grabbed Daniel’s arm and towed him along the hall. Daniel shoved him in a door that upon turning around Daniel found out it was his quarters. He spun around and was about to demand an explanation when he saw that the other Daniel was closing the door and locking it. The other Daniel turned to him.

Why are you with him?” the other Daniel asked.

With who?”

The fucking jackass, that’s who, you know General O’Neill?”

I’m not with him, never have been. Why would you think that?” Daniel was still trying to figure out which team this guy was on.

I know you are. There aren’t any Daniel Jackson’s alive out there that haven’t done their Jack O’Neill’s, so don’t lie to me,” the other Daniel said stepping forward. Daniel didn’t step back he wasn’t going to be intimated by the version of him.

I am not lying to you. I may have once entertained ideas of Jack and me but that’s gone. He wouldn’t or couldn’t give up his mistress for me. He didn’t for Sam either.”

His mistress?”

The Air Force and the SGC.”

Oh,” the other Daniel said as he stepped away from Daniel. “I just heard rumors and a few were wondering why no Jack had come through with another team. One made a comment that since O’Neill was away in Washington, you could have some fun with a double of his and not call it cheating.”

I see well those rumors have been going around the base for a while since Abydos.”

Yes, well I was with him, and he turned out to be a Grade A jackass.”

What did he do?”

While Oma was trying to convince me to ascend and Anubis was trying to end all life in the galaxy he decided that sleeping alone wasn’t a good idea.”

Kerry Johnson, yeah she slept with her here, too.”

Only he was with me at the time. So come back naked in his office. All’s good until I ask to go home with him that night. He said that I wasn’t welcome around the house on a whim anymore. His girlfriend wouldn’t like it. He went on to tell me that I was just filling his bed until Carter was ready to be with him, and after Jacob’s death, she wasn’t running anymore. He had already cleaned out the house of my things and they were in my place along with the keys I had given him.”

Aboard the Prometheus

Daniel was the one who was set to guard the door of the makeshift cell the evil SG-1 had created for them. A banging was heard on the door so Daniel moved close to it. He hit the comm. and waited.

Look, can Teal’c and I have a different cell, Mitchell’s being an ass,” the other Sam said into the comm.. Daniel didn’t answer he just radioed Cameron and had him come down. Cameron carried a laptop with him and when he got close to Daniel, he flipped it around. They had concealed a small camera in the room when they made sure it was fit for their evil counterparts. The screen showed the other Daniel and Cameron asleep on the floor with Daniel curled around Cameron.

I’m guessing they don’t want to be around for the show,” Cameron said with a smile. Daniel nodded.

Yo, Sam! We need another place for our wonderful evil selves, seems that Teal’c and Sam don’t want to be around for the floor show between Mitchell and Jackson.”

I can have another cell ready in an hour,” Sam said.

Good, have Teal’c fly while you are working on the cell. I do not want those two escaping,” Mitchell said. Daniel looked at his watch. It was time for Mitchell’s guard duty so Daniel turned to leave the hall to get some food. Cameron grabbed his arm and pulled him close. “No, stay.”

Hungry,” Daniel whined. Cameron held out a power bar. Daniel smiled and took it. Cameron went back over to the wall and hit the comm. unit.

Sam’s working on a new cell. Mitchell and Jackson can have some peace in about an hour,” Cameron said. Daniel laughed at his choice of words. He turned around to look at Daniel. “Sleepy?”

Very, not so hungry anymore, just want to stretch out and sleep for a good twelve hours.”

Go ahead back to the bunk room. I’m going to have Sam watch the two rooms that way if something is wrong she can fix it, and then I’ll join you.”


Just one question for you?” Janet said as she was packing up to leave. Daniel looked at her. “What’s up with you and Cam?”

What do you mean?”

We’ve had contact with a few realities most have Jack with Sam, Sam with Pete, Jack with you, you with Sha’re, even one with you and Ska’ara, ours is the only one that has you and Cam together.”

Add two…our evil versions had them. Cameron and I have been together since he almost died on P8X-412.”

That’s good. It’s a cliché but you look good. A lot better than some of the Daniel’s I’ve seen here since I arrived.”

Take care, Janet.”

The End

Title: The First Annual SGC Burping Contest
Series: None
Year: Season Eight
Category: Humor
Ratings: PG
Pairings: None
Spoilers: None
Summary: Jack’s thought of a morale booster for the SGC.
Words: 357
Notes: None
Warnings: None

“Come on, Daniel. It’ll be fun.” Sam said. Daniel continued like he hadn’t heard her. Sam decided to bring out the big guns and tell Jack that Daniel wouldn’t participate. She returned twenty minutes later with both Jack and Teal’c.

“You cannot convince me that doing this will help my morale in anyway.” Daniel said.

“No, it won’t but it may for others.” Jack said. Daniel turned and gave Jack a filthy look. On the grounds it wouldn’t help Daniel, Daniel could refuse. But since Jack brought others into it, Daniel couldn’t say no. Daniel sighed and dropped his book.

“Fine. Fine but only if you three do it as well.” Daniel said. Jack, Sam, and Teal’c all smiled.

“Yeasureyoubetcha.” Jack said.

“Come on. I could trounce any man.” Sam said.

“I will endeavor to do my best.” Teal’c said. Daniel smiled weakly as they left then smiled broader once they were gone.


“It’s down to Dr. Jackson from SG-1 and Major Ferretti from SG-2. Which ever wins will be crowned the Burping King of the SGC.” Dr. Lee said. He was the acting commentator. He was the only one from the science team who would actually participate in this. They had balked when they found out Daniel was going to do it.

“Now, Ferretti has been a strong leader in this contest so far and Jackson was a surprising newcomer. Ferretti’s burp was striking norm for him. Can Jackson win it for his team? What the hell was that? Did that come from Dr. Jackson? Good gods it did. And we have out winner. Dr. Jackson of SG-1.”


“Daniel?” Jack said entering Daniel’s office an hour later.

“I don’t think it did much for morale, Jack. Since they lost to a civilian.” Daniel said smirking.

“I was talking to Reynolds just a minute ago. Seems he knew who was going to win.” Jack said.

“You never asked whether I had done it before. I held the cup at college every year I was there.” Daniel said. Jack started doing a wonderful impression of a fish. “Close your mouth Jack. You’ll catch flies.”

The End

Title: The SGC Costume Party
Series: None
Year: Season Eight
Category: Humor,
Ratings: G
Pairings: Jack/Daniel, Teal’c/Sam
Spoilers: None
Summary: The SGC has a costume party. And two guests are making everyone else mad because no one knows whom they are. Will they be found out, or will they go home without anyone finding out?
Words: 580
Notes: None
Warnings: None

The commissary had been made over to look like a haunted house. Any member of the SGC could come to the party but since most had kids there was only about twenty people there. One catch: you had to dress up. And wear a mask. No one was supposed to know it’s you when they see you. This had been Jack’s idea. He didn’t even know if Daniel was coming. Daniel doesn’t like parties much. He had said he’s think about it. Sam had given the same excuse. The party was going well. A few people had been found out. And when you were found out off your mask went. Jack was one of the first. His Lone Ranger costume was easy. He’d forgotten about his scar in his eyebrow. Teal’c was revealed right after him. His size and speech pattern were a dead giveaway.

There was only an hour left in the party and two people were still masked. And they seemed to know who each other were. Both were rather tall, as are most of the people in the SGC. One had on just a purple cape from head to toe. Then person never talked just nodded. The other was dressed as Death, black cape with a hood that covered the face. If you tried to look in all you could see was black. You know it’s a man and seems to do the talking for the other. Jack had never said you couldn’t come in pairs. But these two were. If you got close the purple one would stop talking and Death would stare at you. You don’t know how you know he is, you just know he is. And Death had an accent. You couldn’t place it. It hid his voice very well.

Best Costume Award went to Ferretti- who borrowed Teal’c Jaffa armor.

Stupidest went to Teal’c who dressed like a fairy.

Creative went to the purple cape person.

Scariest went to Death. In this line of business it is.

Colorfulest went to Hammond- who was a clown.

Oddest went to Walter who dressed like a forties pilot.

And that was it for the awards. The party was over but Jack wanted to know who those two were. So Jack approached them.

“Ok, give it up. Who are you?” Jack said. He heard the caped person stifle a giggle. But it was so quick that he couldn’t place it. Death answered.

“Who in this place has earned the right to mock Death?” Death asked.

“Daniel?” Jack said. Then Death laughed. Yes, that was Daniel’s laugh.

“Took you long enough, O’Neill.” Daniel said taking the mask off. He laughed some more.

“Then this is Carter.” Jack said pointing to the caped person.

“Yes, Sir. It’s me.” Sam said taking off the mask. “I knew I wouldn’t be able to hide my voice so I enlisted the help of Daniel. Since he was going as Death no one would really want to approach us. But we really thought you would put it together sooner.” Teal’c walked up beside them.

“Teal’c had it the moment we walked in the door.” Daniel said.

“Teal’c, why didn’t you tell?” Jack asked.

“It would not be right. Seeing as how I am much better suited to see things like that. I knew Daniel Jackson from his costume and Colonel Carter from her walk. Plus I wanted to see if anybody would guess them. And they did not.” Teal’c said.

The End

Title: Thoughts and Actions
Series: None
Year: Season Eight
Category: Drama
Ratings: PG-13
Pairings: Jack/Daniel
Spoilers: Endgame
Summary: After ‘Endgame’ Jack’s thinking about Daniel. Only to have the possibility of being with Daniel handed to him. How will he act?
Words: 804
Notes: None
Warnings: None

So many thoughts, too many thoughts. That’s what Jack O’Neill was thinking as he sat on his balcony of his house. Daniel had gone and done something stupid again. He literally went off on a half-cocked mission without Jack’s approval. And this was different from when he does it offworld. Yes, because this time Jack was a General and Daniel did it right in front of everyone in the Control Room. But then he knew he should have expected it. Daniel did what he thought was right. He always had.

And that was one of the reasons Jack loved Daniel. Now Daniel doesn’t know this. Jack’s kept it a secret for four years now. Daniel wasn’t interest. Daniel was bi. He knew this. Jack had known this since that night he had taken Daniel home, after he had been brought back from Abydos. Daniel had gotten a little to drunk and he had spilled it. Jack said that was cool. Daniel was surprised. Jack had never told Daniel he was also bi. He didn’t want Daniel thinking his CO was hitting on him. Then Daniel would transfer off the team. He knew that Daniel wouldn’t turn him in, but it would make it uncomfortable.

So he resigns himself to being a good friend to Daniel. And Jack knows that Daniel sees him as a good friend. Daniel’s very adamant on his refusal to let people touch him. But he lets Jack. Jack always wondered why, but he just figured since he knew Jack so well. He let’s others hug him every once and a while. But on the whole a lot of touching isn’t. Jack knows it’s from Daniel’s past. The past that Daniel doesn’t talk about. Jack heard the car pull in and didn’t recognize it. Nor did he recognize the man who got out of it. Jack watched the man walk up to the front door and knock.

“What ya want?” Jack said. The man walked backwards until he saw Jack.

“To talk. In private. It’s kind of personal.” The man said. Jack eyed him.

“I don’t know you so how can it be private?” Jack asked.

“It has to do with one Dr. Daniel Jackson.” The man said. Jack gave in and made his way off the balcony. He took out his key and unlocked his door. He ushered the man in. But the man didn’t go any farther in than the hallway. “This won’t take long.”

“Is something wrong with Dr. Jackson?” Jack asked.

“No. Well yes. But nothing life threatening. I know you are an Air Force General. But I also know you are bisexual. Don’t. I have my reasons. Why haven’t you told Daniel?”

“Who are you? Tell me that and I will answer your questions.”

“My name is Alan. I am the current boyfriend of Paul Davis. Paul got drunk and accidentally let it slip about you. In my time as Paul’s boyfriend I have come to know Daniel. Paul and Daniel are good friends. This was shared with me in confidence and I am breaking it. Paul knows about how you feel about Daniel, he told be after he let it slip. Daniel showed up at my house two days ago and wanted to talk. Daniel told me that he has kept it from Paul, about his sexuality. Just so that the least amount of people know. But he shared it with me. It’s taken me two days to find the right way to do this. Both of you are kind of stupid. Both in love with the other and unwilling to let the other know.”

Alan said nothing more he just let himself out. Jack stood rooted to the spot. He looked at his watch. It was ten. He found his keys and got into his car. He was so intent on getting to Daniel’s he didn’t see the car follow him nor the two men in the car. Jack got out of the car and went to Daniel’s front door. Jack knocked and got no answer. He tried the door and found it lock. So he knocked again. This time he heard movement.

“Hold on!” He heard Daniel say then a few Abydonian cuss words. Daniel opened the door and stared at Jack. “Hi, Jack. Uhh, I was working on a translation.”

“So I assumed.” Jack said.

“What can I do for you?”

“First you can tell me how long you have been keeping the secret from me and why you could tell Alan and not me.”

“Whhh…” Daniel said. Jack decided words would get him no where so he shoved Daniel backwards and kissed him as he shut the door.


“Well, it worked.” Alan said.

“Finally. Maybe now the General won’t be so pissy.” Paul said as Alan drove away.

The End

Title: Time’s Twisting
Series: None
Year: Season Eight
Category: Humor,
Ratings: PG
Pairings: Jack/Daniel, AR Jack/AR Sam,
Spoilers: Mobieus
Summary: Itjust, you know, first impression, kinda thought he was…’
Words: 825
Notes: None
Warnings: None

Daniel heard the person enter the empty pit. His room was separated and no one knew of it. He didn’t even think anyone had seen him come down there this time.

Ever since they had rebelled against Ra, the pit had been empty of weapons. No one had any reason to go down there. So Daniel used it as a place to go when he needed to be alone.

“Daniel?” Jack called. Daniel stayed hidden in the room and didn’t move. He knew that Jack might hear him. “Dr. Jackson, I know you’re down here. Please I just want to talk. It’s up to you. I’ll stay here for two minutes them I’m gone.”

Daniel tried to think of any reason why Jack would want to talk to him. After the rebellion he and Sam had moved in together with a different tribe. Teal’c had stayed mostly because he wanted Daniel to tell him about the Jaffa Rebellion from his time. But Daniel hadn’t kept in touch with Jack and Sam.

“Dan…. Dr. Jackson, please.” Jack said. Daniel heard him sigh. “Sam left me. We drove each other nuts. There was nothing between us. A kid of the tribe told me that you and your Jack were best friends.”

“No, we weren’t.” Daniel said stepping out of the room. “And I won’t discuss it with you, Colonel.”

“How?” Jack asked pointing at the wall Daniel just stepped out of.

“Hologram. It was Ra’s. I took it a few years back.” Daniel said.

“My first impression of the you from my reality was he was gay. But nothing from you. I can’t get anything from you.” Jack said.

“Eight years working for the military.” Daniel said.

“Daniel didn’t give into the torture. That’s why Apophis put the Goa’uld in him.” Jack said stepping up in front of Daniel.

“General O’Neill wasn’t gay or bi. He was retiring so he could be with Sam.” Daniel said.

“Then he was an idiot.” Jack said before grabbing Daniel and kissing him. Daniel struggled and almost shoved Jack off him. But Jack took his legs out from under him and they fell back into the hidden room. Jack grabbed both of Daniel’s hands to hold him still. “He didn’t see what was in front of him.”

“What?” Daniel asked while panting.

“Do you want to talk or have fun?” Jack asked. Daniel stared at him for a few second before pulling his face close for a kiss.

Jack exited the cabin and found Daniel staring up at the stars while lying at the end of the dock. Jack walked down to stand above Daniel.

“Thanks for staying, Daniel.” Jack said. Daniel’s eyes moved from the stars to Jack’s face.

“How could I not? You left a cryptic note in my journal. Sam and Teal’c make it back to town alright?” Daniel asked.

“They are on the plane.” Jack said. He sat down beside Daniel. “I’m taking George’s job.”

“I thought you were retiring?” Daniel asked, His voice going up in surprise.

“Before we left a request came across my desk. The president wants you in Washington. He wants you to be the voice for the SGC there. And to help me with Homeworld Security. I want you to accept.” Jack said.

“Why?” Daniel asked.

“You’d be able to go on digs. Funded by the government. You’d have a plane that can take you back to D.C. if something happens.” Jack said.

“Why do you want me to take it?” Daniel asked. Jack ignored him and kept on going.

“They have a house for me. It’s an hour drive from the work site. It’s a big house. Twice the size of my current one.” Jack said.

“Why on Earth would I want to do this?” Daniel asked sitting up so he could look Jack in the eyes. Jack laid a hand over Daniel’s.

“A tablet was found. It said ‘For General O’Neill” at the top. I had Teal’c translate it. The mission we went on messed everything up. Me, Carter, and Teal’c were killed. The ‘gate was never found at Giza. You left a tablet telling where to find the second ‘gate. A different version of SG-1 went back, but it was us. The other you was killed. I got together with that version of Sam. Who wasn’t military. Then she left me. But by then I didn’t care much. By then I had fallen for you.” Jack said. Daniel’s eyes went wide.

“That version of you and I wrote the tablet to make sure that I didn’t make the same mistake.”

“Dr. Jackson, it’s after seven.” Major Davis said sticking his head him Daniel’s office. “I was told to lock you out of your office.”

“I’m shutting down my computer now.” Daniel said while laughing. Davis was the only one who knew about them.

“Six months, huh? You don’t want to kill him?” Davis asked.

“No.” Daniel said.

The End

Title: Will You Be All Right?
Series: None
Year: Any
Category: Drama, Angst
Ratings: PG
Pairings: Jack/Daniel
Spoilers: None
Summary: He watched Daniel get on that plane that was taking him away.
Words: 710
Notes: None
Warnings: None

He was the only on there. Daniel was slipping away without anyone knowing. He understood why. But this was better than the alternative.

Daniel had tried to ascend. Then he wouldn’t be able to see him and talk to him.

Daniel was going to a house he owns in Cairo. Where he can reassess most of his life over the past five years. The turns it had taken. He had gotten an open-ended leave from the SGC following his brush with radiation poisoning.

Most of his life because there was one part that Daniel had made sure that he understood he would never question.

Daniel’s love for him.

He watched Daniel board the plane. Just as he hit the door to the plane Daniel turned. And as always locked eyes with him. In that glaze was a love so deep it sometimes scared both the men. Then he was gone. On the plane.

As far as anyone knew, Daniel slipped away without him knowing. No one would be able to trace him. He was heading to Alexandria then disappearing. The house wasn’t even under his name. It’s under a friend’s name. He and his friend will share it.

Everyone will be pissed for letting him get away. But he would do it. For his love of Daniel.

No one knows of their love. Except Teal’c. No one can hide anything from him. Only Teal’c will ask that question. The question everyone had been asking Daniel.

Will you be all right, O’Neill?


A year later, he slipped back into the country. He knew the Air Force would be having his passport checked at every plane and boat station so he used a fake he bought in England. He had money with him. Enough to get him to Colorado Springs.

No contact was had between him and anyone else. He spent a few months in Cairo. Then decided to travel to England. He saw a few friends. Most he hadn’t seen in years. He went back to look around Oxford. In total, he spent two months there.

Next, he went to Ireland. He knew of an old family friend there that would love to see him. And he was right. She had missed him. He spent a month with her visiting.

Then he spent another two months in Cairo again. He needed to see some people there. People he knew when he was a kid. People who hadn’t seen him since he left with his parents before that accident.

With the last four months, he wandered all over Canada and Alaska. He had never been to Alaska and he had always wanted to go. Again, he used the fake name.

Then he showed up outside the security gate at the mountain. Only one of the guards recognized him. Sergeant Lee. It was a guy he had been close friends with. He helped him get in without anyone knowing who he was.

General Hammond and SG-1 were called to the security levels to find out about the person who got pass security.

“How did he do it?” Jack asked as he looked at the man’s back. He was looking around the room as if it was something special.

“No one knows, Sir.” Lee lied. He looked into the room before opening the door to let SG-1 and Hammond in. “He was found inside on the medical ward. I think he may be crazy.”

“Sir, do you know how much trouble you are in?” Hammond asked. The man just laughed and shook his head.

“Really? How much? Tell me and go slow…” The man said.

“It’s nice to turn around and look at people when you talk to them.” Jack said.

“I do not think we will need to fear this man.” Teal’c said.

“Thank you, Teal’c.” The man said.

“Why?” He said to Teal’c. Then to the man” How did you know his name?” Jack asked as he stepped up behind the man to spin his around.

“Daniel?” Sam said. Daniel nodded.

“Thanks, Sergeant. Lee. Your help was much appreciated.” Daniel said. Lee left.

“Only you, Daniel.” Jack said. He looked at Daniel and he saw the light in Daniel’s eyes again. He knew that Daniel was back to stay.
The End

Title: You Think What?
Series: None
Year: Any
Category: Humor,
Ratings: PG
Pairings: Jack/Daniel
Spoilers: None
Summary: Allegations are made and laughter is had by SG-1.
Words: 649
Notes: None
Warnings: None

“I’m sorry, Sir. You think that Jack and I are what?” Daniel asked as he sat down. Hammond looked at Daniel for a few seconds then Daniel started laughing. Hammond had never heard Daniel laugh like that.

“I fail to see what is so amusing, Dr. Jackson. This is serious.” Hammond said. Daniel nodded and got himself under control.

“I think that if Jack and I were having sexual relations we would know about it, Sir.” Daniel said. Hammond looked at Daniel for a few seconds.

“Allegations were made that you and Colonel O’Neill are in a relationship.” Hammond said.

“Really? I want to know where they got that from.” Daniel said.

“I have documented days of you staying at his house.” Hammond said.

“If it’s Fridays then yes. Years ago we did team night. Everyone came over and watched a game or a movie. Usually I drank too much. And since Sam would have to take Teal’c back to the base I just stayed there. After a few years Sam and Teal’c did their own thing and Jack and I kept on watching games.” Daniel said.

“Would you be willing to take a lie detector test?” Hammond asked.

“Yes.” Daniel said.

“Good. You may go.” Hammond said.

Jack entered Daniel’s office an hour later to find the rest of his team trying to split a gut. Teal’c was laughing which was odd. But Sam was laughing so hard that she was crying. And Daniel was bent double with Sam leaning on his back.

“What did I miss?” Jack asked. Everyone looked at him and started laughing harder. After a few minutes Daniel composed himself.

“I’m taking a lie detector test in three hours.” Daniel said.

“And this is a laughing matter how?”

“Because it’s about yours and Daniel’s relationship.” Sam said. Jack looked at them.

“General Hammond talked to about the fact that someone made allegations. Saying you and I are in a relationship.” Daniel said. Jack started laughing. Hammond walked into the room to find everyone still laughing. Except Jack was now leaning over Daniel’s desk trying not to fall down. He immediately turned and left the room.

“So you passed?” Jack asked Daniel. SG-1 was doing a team night. Pizza, beer, but this time no movie. They just wanted to talk.

“You knew I would.” Daniel said. As he sat back down on the couch beside Jack. Teal’c was sitting in a chair and Sam was sitting on the floor between his legs.

“I just don’t understand why they would think it now?” Sam asked.

“Indeed. You are spending less time at each others house’s now.” Teal’c said.

“I know. That first year we spent at least four nights a week together. And now that it’s only one.” Daniel said.

“I think we should do team nights again. Nice restaurants and the such.” Jack said.

“You mean double dates, Sir?” Sam asked. Jack laughed.

“Yes. I guess that what I mean.”

“Guest room hasn’t been used in years. We all crash. Put the music loud enough and you won’t hear Jack.” Daniel said which earn him a slap on the thigh.

“I think we could do that.” Sam said looking at Teal’c.

“As long as you wash the sheets yourself.” Jack said.

“So do you think that they would think anything when Teal’c moves in?” Jack asked.

“I don’t know.. threesomes?” Daniel said. Which got Sam to snort into her drink.

“So Daniel how did you fool it?” Sam asked when she was calm.

“Semantics. They asked if Jack and I have sex. No we make love. If Jack and I are in a relationship. No we are in a partnership.” Daniel said.

“Never try to questions a linguist.” Jack said pulling Daniel close.

“I could have made that things think I was telling the truth if they asked if I was a woman.” Daniel said.

The End



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