Harry’s First Christmas

Title: Harry’s First Christmas
Series: What Happened to Harry Potter
Year: 1987
Category: Holiday
Ratings: E
Pairings: None
Spoilers: None
Summary: Harry spends his first Christmas with his new father. How does it go?
Words: 1,128

Notes: I thought that I would give my loyal fans a little Christmas gift.
Warnings: None

Harry looked around the house it looked very different than it normally did. There was lights all over the living room and it did not smell of the normal potions ingredients. There was a giant tree in the corner and this had ornaments on it. There were many presents under the tree. Harry wondered if Severus had other children that lived with their mother and they were coming over.

Harry started to smell breakfast. Harry wasn’t used to not cooking breakfast. He had been doing that since he was five for his aunt and uncle. Harry had his chores around the house here but they were things that a child his age should be doing as Severus put it. Harry also earned money from Severus for the things he did around the house. Harry was still getting used to the money system that Severus had shown him. It was wizard money and there was no paper bills just coins.

Happy Christmas, Harry,” Severus said from the doorway where he was standing, watching Harry.

Happy Christmas, Severus.” Harry looked at the tree again after speaking.

Do you want to eat or open presents?”

Harry turned to look back at Severus. There were presents for him?

Presents? For me?”

Of course, who did you think they were for?”

I’ve never gotten a present before.”

Well these are all for you. How about we eat first. That way your stomach doesn’t bother you while you open your gifts.”

Harry nodded and followed Severus to the kitchen. There was a large amount of food sitting on the table. Harry sat down and waited for Severus to set up his plate. Harry had to eat all that was one his plate before he could get up. It was one of the house rules. Harry also got an extra sigil…sickle, that was the word, every time he got a second plate of food and ate at least half of it.

Harry quickly ate his plate of food and found that he still had room so he asked for more. Severus smile and waved his wand. A silver sickle fell out of the top jar on the counter and fell into the bottom. It was count of how much money Harry had earned during the week. It was over half full from this past week. Harry ate all the food on his second plate and carried it to the sink. He was full. Harry heard a clink and looked over at his jar. Sitting on the top was one of the gold pieces, a Galleon. Harry looked over at Severus who was just smiling.

You are getting better at eating. I am very proud of how you are doing. Harry you actually look like a seven year old boy should. You know that once you get up to where you should be, that this money incentive is going away.”

I know. I just really like being able to eat what I want when I want.”

Within reason. Remember when you pigged out on sweets.”

I don’t want a tummy ache like that again.”

Harry sat back down and waited calmly for Severus to finish eating his food. Severus always read the paper while eating so he took a little longer to eat. Harry didn’t mind, he liked living with Severus. Harry was roused from his musings by the sound of Severus setting down the paper.

Severus followed Harry into the living room, he guided Harry to sit on the floor in front of the tree. Severus handed Harry a gift. Harry had seen his cousin open his gifts every Christmas, he didn’t want to rip into the gifts like Dudley had done. He wanted to savor every gift he opened. He still wasn’t sure that he was going to be staying with Severus.

Harry turned the book over and looked at the title. Beginner’s Magic was the title and it looked new. Harry spent the next hour opening up presents and finding that Severus had gotten him all new things. There was nothing that was second-hand or handed down. There were also no clothes.

Thank you. You didn’t have to do this.”

I know that I did not, I wanted to. You are now under my care and should be treated as if you were my own child. I cannot condone the actions of those who had you before except that they were narrow-minded. I am sure that you thought that I would get you clothes and the like but those are things that you need. Christmas is not about giving things are needed. They are about things that are wanted.”

Severus moved closer to Harry and touched his shoulder. Harry jumped into his arms and hugged him tight. Severus smiled and wrapped Harry in his arms. He knew that there was a lot of mistrust in Harry’s life. It was going to take a lot of time to make Harry trust again but he was willing to try. Seeing fear in Lily’s eyes was not something that Severus liked to see. It was entirely too short a time when Harry pulled back.

Harry went over to the bookshelf and pulled out from behind a set of books a small wrapped present. Harry shyly handed it to Severus. Severus’s eyes got big and he immediately tore off the wrapped. Inside was a very old potions book. Severus looked at Harry with a question in his eyes.

It was in the things of my parents that you gave me. The things you saved from their house before…Dumbledore got to them. I know this book is a treasure because of the way that it was wrapped up.”

Yes, Harry it is a treasure for more reasons than one. There are only four copies of this book in existence. The man who wrote it over seven hundred years ago spelled the book so that there would only be four copies in existence. If one is destroyed only then can another copy be made. Second, it was a gift to your mother. I had learned what I could from the book and she loved Potions so much, I had to give it to her. It was the only real thing I ever gave anyone. It was not long after that, that we said our goodbyes. I did not even know that I had saved it. I grabbed all books of the shelves before I was found in the house. I wasn’t going to let you not have something of your mother. Even if I did hate your father.”

Happy Christmas, Severus.”

Happy Christmas, Harry, you’ve given me more than you know.”
The End


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