Fear the Unknown

Title: Fear the Unknown
Series: Daniel and Atlantis Series
Year: Future Time
Category: Drama, Crossover (Stargate: Atlantis), Hurt/Comfort, Angst, Alternate Universe, Sad,
Ratings: PG-13
Pairings: None, talk of Daniel/Sha’re,
Spoilers: None
Summary: The N.I.D. send an agent to kidnap Daniel from Atlantis…it’s going to be a race to figure out who it is.
Words: 3,916
Notes: None
Warnings: None

Includara-Shut up

Daniel woke up in a cold sweat. He rolled over in his bed and stood up. For a month, he had rarely slept through the night. He moved to the door to the balcony and opened up it up. He was staying in Atlantis for the month. Seeing if he could stay there after two years on the mainland. Jack had been to see him once since he had come to Atlantis for the visit.

Where are you?”

I am here.

What’s wrong with me?”

Nothing. You are changing is all.

Why can’t I sleep? It’s been a month since my birthday. I’m thirteen and my mind is going crazy.”

Just relax.

Relax? Relax? You want me to relax? Tell me what is wrong and I will.”

Daniel, please. Calm down.

You are all that I have. Ronon tries but he can’t replace Jack. Jack is getting worse and there is no cure as of yet. The Asgard won’t answer us. Earth is lost: they can’t figure it out. They can’t track down the part of the NID that gave it to Jack.”

Daniel, it must happen when it happens. I cannot tell you what to expect. The journey is all that happens on the way, not what happens when you get there.

Don’t give me that! Tell me now.”

Daniel, do not test me. You know that I can withstand all that you do.

No, I don’t. The old me did. I don’t know you.”

Daniel, please.

I’m sorry. I’m just upset. Please, don’t go.”

You know I’ll always be here for you. You tried to push me away before. I am a stubborn woman. I do not leave that easy.

I’m beginning to understand that.”

Go to bed again. Try to sleep. You need it.”

I can’t.”

I’ll sing to you. Like I used to.”

It worked?”

Every time.”




Daniel, a message came through the ‘gate. It’s from the NID. They will give General O’Neill the antidote if he gives you to them,” Elizabeth said as she entered Daniel’s lab. Daniel wasn’t in there.

Doctor Weir, he left for the mainland. He went home a few days early.” Radek smiled at her sadly.


Nightmares. Every night he is woken up by them. He hopes he can sleep better at home. He took a few items with him. Rodney is going to visit him in three days to talk to him about them.”

I see. Who gave him permission?”

General O’Neill did.”

He saw him?”

Yes, they sat in the commissary and talked for a while.”


Yes, very much so.”


Elizabeth found Jack in his office. He was sitting in his chair and was staring at nothing.


Jack sat up quickly. He turned.


Why did you…?”

Because he was a wreck. The only time I have seen him like that was after Sha’re’s death. He needed to get away. He wanted to sneak out without any fanfare.”

You allowed him to leave. That was not your jurisdiction.”

Yes, it is. I have full say in what happens to him. Unless it will harm him. Harming him would have been keeping him here. I’m sorry I didn’t talk to you about it but he started falling asleep in the mess and I just told him he could go.” Elizabeth nodded and Jack turned back around in his chair.

Elizabeth left the office and put in a call to the mainland. Kalian told her that Daniel was asleep and had been since moments after arriving. Elizabeth wanted to talk to Daniel but she didn’t want Kalian to wake him up. So she told him to tell Daniel when he woke up to contact Atlantis. Moments later, there was a flurry of activity as one of the puddle jumpers descended from the hatch and flew into the ‘gate.

An hour later, they found a message in the system. Two simple sentences, “I’m sorry. I’ll be back.”


Jack barged into the control room. Elizabeth, John, and Rodney were standing around talking.

What happened?”

Daniel took his jumper and left.”


Yes, he went through to the Earth galaxy.”

Why didn’t you say Earth?”

He changed the co-ordinates. His final destination isn’t Earth. I don’t know the planet.”

He has gone to get the antidote.

Sheree?” Elizabeth asked.

Jack looked up puzzled. “No, that’s not Sheree,” Jack said. He smiled. “How long have you been protecting him?”

Since he became small and arrived here. I was ascended years ago just for this. Just after my death.

General, who is it?”

Doctor Weir meet Mrs. Sha’re Jackson.”

Daniel’s wife?” Rodney asked.

Yes. I’ve been trying to help him.

You should know of a cure.”

I cannot help that way. You know the rules, Jack.

Curing me will help him. He needs me. He just doesn’t want to admit it.”


NO! I’ll not stand by and watch him die inside. The Ancients and Ascended wanted him here. They should protect him!”

Jack, find the Asgard.

What?” Jack asked. He looked around. “Sha’re!”

I think she’s gone.”

The Ascended have their own way,” Elizabeth said and Jack nodded. Moments later, the ‘gate started spinning. She looked down. “It’s Daniel’s code.”

Jack ran to the console as Daniel brought the ship him.

Daniel, what’s wrong?”

Nothing. I just went to our galaxy to contact Thor.”


You know Jack, the leader of the Asgard.”

Daniel, how did you know to contact him?”

I just had a thought.”

Daniel, Sha’re revealed herself to us. Is that who you’ve been talking to at night?”

Yes, it is. I hope you are not mad.”

No, she’s been helping you. Just don’t leave like that again.”

I’ll try not to.”

No, you won’t leave like that again.”

I can’t make the promise, Jack. I have things I have to do.”

Daniel…” Jack’s voice took on a hard edge.

General, why don’t you go get some food.”

Jack looked at Elizabeth. He nodded at her, knowing why she said what she did.


You back for good?”

No. I’ll be going back and forth for chats. Rodney really misses my help. I think he’ll be visiting me here some too. I’ve told him that he is welcome anytime.”

You should just cut ties with them. You are happier here on the mainland. You looked horrible when you came back after the last time.”

This is what I am supposed to be doing. This is why I was turned into a child those years ago.”

The Ancestors couldn’t have meant for you to go through this.”

You can’t know what they meant. Even I don’t. I just have to do the best I can.”

I just worry.”

I know. I thank you for that, but I am accepting that this is what I need to do.”

Kalian just glared at Daniel before he stood up and left. Daniel shrugged and picked up Seshat. He didn’t know what was wrong with Kalian.

Daniel let Seshat into the tent and then stood up to take a walk when someone screamed. Daniel ran towards to screams. When he arrived at the main camp for the area, a man was lying on the ground with wounds on his chest. An animal was sitting beside him ready to pounce again. Daniel stepped towards it and caught its eye. When it was looking him in the eye, he started talking to it.

You don’t want to do that. He won’t taste good. Prey is out there in the trees.”


Yes, I know. Food is out there. Good food.”

The creature turned and bound back into the forest around the camp. Once it was from site people rushed to the downed man.

Daniel smiled. That was the first time since he had found out about his telepathy that he had talked to an animal. It had never occurred to him. He hadn’t told anyone about his new power. He didn’t want to be put under any tests. The knowledge in his head gave him the ability to cope with anything new that developed. He didn’t want anyone treating him special. He had finally gained all the knowledge that had been bombarding his brain. He was all good as far as his head went. The Ancient knowledge has formed with his Daniel knowledge. His only problem was the dreams he was having. Daniel crouched down beside the man and touched his face.

Daniel, step away let the healer to him.”

Daniel didn’t listen to the voice. He just closed his eyes. He didn’t know what he was doing but he let his memories guide him. A voice spoke to him.

Slowly. Heal slowly at first. Until you can control yourself,” Sha’re said to him.

Daniel slowed down. What felt like hours later to him was only minutes between when he closed and opened his eyes. He looked down at the man and saw that he was fully healed. Those around him were looking at him strangely. Kalian had large, bright eyes before he dropped to his knees beside Daniel. With the cuts gone from his face, Daniel recognized him as Kalian’s older brother.

Thank you, Daniel,” the two said at the same time.

Daniel nodded. He knew what he had to do. With everyone seeing what he had done, he had to go back to Atlantis. He had to submit to the tests that Carson would put him through. He didn’t want to. He knew what to do. He had help. Sha’re and Sheree protected him; both helped him along the way.

Daniel, Doctor Beckett would like to see you,” Teyla said from the back of the crowd. Rodney was standing beside her with a frown on his face.

I’m sorry that we were here to see this. You could have come to the city on your own when you were ready,” Rodney said.

Daniel about opened his mouth to speak back but shut it. Rodney hadn’t moved his mouth.


It was just a guess. I knew that you should have developed more powers as the knowledge in your head unfurled. I’ve been toying with ways to find out. This was the first opportunity I had. I’ll keep this secret. No one else needs to know.”

Thank you, I just wish that this could have been kept a secret. That Kalian’s older brother had not been hurt.”

Rodney nodded and turned to talk to Teyla. Daniel jogged to his tent and retrieved some things that he would need. Carson might keep him there for a few days.


Daniel arrived in his Navas. Since it couldn’t be used by anyone else, Daniel used it now to go back and forth between the city and the mainland. He also went exploring sometimes in it but that was rare. The Navas bay had a small crowd in it. Carson was at the front waving. Behind him was John, Aiden, Teyla, Ronon, and Rodney. Behind them were three people, two females and a male. He knew Teal’c instantly and only recognized Sam when she moved into the light. The other female he also recognized but he didn’t know how. Behind them was Jack, staying in the background.

Sam, Teal’c, Vala, what brings you to Atlantis.”

This is Daniel?” Vala asked.

Yes, did we not say that he was turned into a child,” Teal’c stated.

I thought you were…pulling my leg,’ Vala said.

Daniel, how did you know her name?” Sam asked as she gave him a hug.

I don’t know.”

Carson moved closer to Daniel. “You can come to my lab when you want today. With your friends here from Earth, I’ll let you have some time with them.”

I’d rather get this over with.”

Daniel we leave tomorrow.”

Then you can come with me to the lab. Carson won’t mind. It will keep me from yelling at him.”

Daniel, we have a prototype cure ready for Jack.” Rodney said. Daniel looked at Rodney in shock. He didn’t think that they were close. “Thor had us try something. Once we knew what to look for we found the organisms in Jack’s blood even when he was not around you. A mixture of your DNA and a normal antibiotic from Earth disabled the organisms. They left the blood sample.”

What are you waiting on?”

Jack’s okay. He wanted to clear a few things with you first.” Daniel nodded.

Daniel, there is trouble. Get to the control room now.” Sha’re said. Daniel took off running for the control room.

Before anyone could try to follow or ask where he was going, Elizabeth’s voice sounded over the comms. “I need Doctor McKay in the control room now.” Everyone looked at each other before they ran for the control room as well. They caught up with Daniel at the entrance.

Daniel gripped his head for a second before he took a deep breath. “It’s a ship of Atlanteans. My god, they have been in space for 10,000 years. Going at sub light speed. They stopped above a planet and found Wraith dead and one of the puddle jumpers nearly destroyed. Now they head back here. They want their city back.”

It is theirs, but I have a feeling that everyone here will have to go home. They won’t want to share,” Sheree said. Daniel nodded.

Those in control of Atlantis, we wish to speak to you,” a female voice said over the comm unit. Daniel stepped up to the mic before turning to Elizabeth. She nodded.

This is Daniel Jackson. I speak for those in control of Atlantis.”

We ask that you leave our city.”

Daniel did a cutting motion at his throat. “Elizabeth, do you trust me. I know what I can do to either get them to stay with us, or have them leave.”

We need to stay here,” Elizabeth said.

Daniel nodded. Sound was restored. Non. I am sorry, but we cannot do that. We came from Earth. I was brought here specifically by the orders of your ascended friends. I was once one of you. I was kicked out. I was killed and was brought back in this form.”

Still this is our city, and we are claiming it now. Do not make us turn the city against you.”

I would love to see you try.”

You sound like a child.”

I am thirteen years old. But I have in my mind all of your knowledge.”

We think that you are bluffing. No child can have our knowledge and those who ascend can not come back.”

How little you know.”

Why is the shield not lowering?”

I told you. Now listen to me. I am a descendent of Atrius Valna. I can claim this city more than you. Atrius’s family left to go to Earth. You and yours did not want to go to Earth and mix your blood. We have plenty here who are also descendents of the higher families. Meckem’s heir is here so you know that we will get all of the technology working again. You may live with us if you want or you may go find a new home. It is our city.”

We will get back to you.”

Daniel turned around.

Daniel?” Sam asked.

I have known who all of you are descended from the moment I turned 13. Meckem was the one who created many of the devices to fight the Wraith. His whole family was very smart. That is Rodney’s family. My family was the highest in the hierarchy. Jack’s was the leader of the military division. I could talk for days on this but I would like to get the tests done.”

Daniel, the information…” Elizabeth asked.

It is all formed and fitted in my head. No more fighting between the halves.”

Why haven’t you told us?” Elizabeth asked. Daniel shrugged. “We agreed. Anything that affected your health would be brought to Carson’s attention.”

It wasn’t affecting my health. I stopped fighting the knowledge and every time something new popped in my head instructions would also go with it. I can deal with this. Like I said, I have all the memories that I need.”

Daniel, how can you know that? You are a…” Elizabeth stopped when all the lights in the room shorted out.

Includara.” Daniel said.

Elizabeth, you do not understand. In the perfect world, Daniel would have come here without Jack. As an adult. Something happened when the Replicator killed him. When the device at Dakara went off, it changed him. He could only come back as a child. He needs no help now. He knows what to do,” Sha’re said. She appeared beside Daniel.

Jack smiled at her. She looked much as she had. She still wore her robes from Abydos.

You. I’ve seen you here since the beginning,” Rodney said. Sha’re nodded. Everyone turned to look at Rodney. “I know. I never told anyone about it. She asked me not to.”

I knew what my duty was. There was a chance that while Daniel would come here, he might not remember anything. We never know what will happen to the mind when we mess with it.”

Why are you appearing to us now?”

Because there has been an exception made. With the arrival of the ancestors of those who lived here, a problem has occurred. I speak with the will of those who ascended. Daniel and I will go to the ship and talk to them. They have a place they can live; they just have to deal with those they created. The Atlanteans will not bother you.”

Sha’re and Daniel disappeared from view. Jack turned to Carson.

Aye, we can give you the cure now.”

Elizabeth quietly moved to her office and sat down in her chair. Rodney followed.

He was more adult than any of us when he came here.”

I know but we are supposed to protect him.”

He needs time alone. He is a teenager. That is something that we have to remember. As strong as his mind is, he is still in the body of a teenager.” Elizabeth nodded.

Daniel appeared in Elizabeth’s office. He looked around for a second before he stopped.

The Atlanteans gave me this to give to you. They agreed to go to a place much like Atlantis here. I guess a race called the Asurans created it. A mistake of the Ancients. Think Cylons. Even with the human looking ones.”

How do you know of Cylons?” Rodney asked.

I grew up watching it, Rodney. Oh, that’s right. The nightmares I have been having. My memories have been trying to come back. When Sha’re took me up to the ship, she unlocked them. She is going to tell them that it was a side affect of taking up there the way she did, the merging of our spirits. The joining of our incorporeal bodies for the trip up to the ship. They have no way to prove if she was right. Of course, they will suspect but they are giving her a freedom they have given no one before. We have little need of Sheree anymore; she wants to be wiped from the system. When that happens her soul will be free, she says. She wants to join her family in what she calls the afterlife.”

So, you are you?”

Yes, I am me. All my memories just in a smaller body.”

How can your brain handle it?”

Easy, I am highly advanced,” Daniel said and Rodney started laughing. “My brain was always close to the Atlanteans when they ascended. I won’t ascend as long as I don’t want to. One cannot ascend if they don’t want to. Right now, I don’t want to. The battle with the Ori in the Milky Way has given the Ancients something to think about. All those who died before they finally helped are weighing heavy on their minds. They agree that they went way too far in the other direction. Many think that they were worse than the Ori because they would not help in something that they created. Much like Anubis.”

Daniel, I am sorry.”

I know you are. I’ll start back in the projects full time tomorrow. I was hoping that Ronon or Teyla could go to the mainland and get my things. Especially Seshat.”

What about that friend you made?”

I’ll write him a letter and give it to him. He does not think that I should be here at all. He thinks I should stay on the mainland.”

Daniel that is not right to my nephew,” Teyla said.

My letter will include that if he wants to speak to me, he can. I will not force my presence on him if he does not want it. Kalian is very outspoken and willful. I do not want to be on the receiving end of a rant of his. Nor do I want to hear it. He thinks that those here are brainwashing me and making me do things. He does not understand, even though I have tried many times to make him see.”

Teyla nodded. “My sister’s husband is very much like my nephew. I understand now.”

Is my room by Ronon still open?” Daniel asked. Elizabeth nodded and Daniel looked around.

Jack is with Carson. With the threat of the Ancients he thought the cure might be a good thing to try right now.”

Daniel nodded. He looked over at Rodney.

Will you come with me?” Daniel asked of the scientist. Rodney nodded. Daniel always wanted someone around him when he was around Jack.


Home to Daniel never felt better. He was alone and could stop people from bothering him if he wanted. This time around, everything will be different. He won’t have to hide from Jack. The cure worked on him. A message had been sent to Earth about how Jack was cured so the hunt was on again to find those who wanted to kidnap him.

Kalian had wanted to talk. He was going with his father to another planet. The inhabitants there were willing to give some of their crop to Atlantis if some of Athosians were willing to come and live there during the crop season and tend to what they can. The crop they tend to being the one that they can take back with them. Atlantis for the time being was settled and good.

The End


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