Trouble, Thy Name is Daniel

Title: Trouble, Thy Name is Daniel
Series: Daniel and Atlantis Series
Year: Season Nine/Two
Category: Alternate Universe, Drama, Humor, General, Hurt/Comfort, Crossover,
Ratings: PG
Pairings: None
Spoilers: 1.16 The Brotherhood, 2.14 Grace Under Pressure, 2.11 The Hive,
Summary: Jack and a seven-year-old Daniel go to Atlantis to escape from the N.I.D. who wants the Ancient knowledge in his mind.
Words: 5,650
Notes: Thanks to Edna for the Beta.
Warnings: None

Jack, I don’t like this game any more,” Daniel said as walked around the small room he had been in for over two weeks. Every time anyone came to the door, he had to hide. No one knew he was on the ship. Jack was supposed to be making a trip to Atlantis to help boost morale, but what no one knew was that he had made plans to stay in Atlantis.

I know you don’t, Danny. It won’t be much longer I promise. I know this isn’t much fun for you,” Jack said. Jack watched the seven-year-old Daniel move around the room. Jack had brought books with him, but Daniel had gone through them in the first week. Then the second and the last weeks had been spent with a bored Daniel.

The comm. unit buzzed, and Jack pressed the button so that he could talk.

O’Neill,” he said.

We are docking in Atlantis now, General. I will let you know when Weir is on her way to your room,” the communications officer said.

Thank you,” Jack said as he clicked off the comm. unit. Daniel was now sitting on the bed. Jack wondered what the boy was up to. Daniel was smiling and sitting still, something he had found wasn’t a good combination in the young child. “Danny?”

Can we play horsy?” Daniel asked. Jack laughed. Daniel loved to play horsy. His father used to play with him. Daniel remembered everything about his parents. For some reason when Daniel had been made a child, he was basically returned to the age he had been when his parents died. Daniel had been so wary of Jack in the beginning. It had been explained that Jack was his new foster parent, but Daniel didn’t trust him. Jack remembered the conversation they had.


Daddy says that old men like you only want little boys for one thing,” Daniel said to Jack. Jack just stared at Daniel. What had Melburn told this kid? Jack asked himself.

Daniel, I’m your foster parent for right now. I don’t want anything from you. I just want to take care of you,” Jack said to the young child.

You’re too old. You just want me for something,” Daniel said. Jack sighed. Daniel had seemed fine at the SGC for the two days he had been there. He’d been put through test after test to make sure that he was fine. Everyone had remembered the fiasco with his mini and wanted to make sure that Daniel was fine.

Once the two had gotten to Jack’s it had started, Daniel asking why Jack wanted him. Why was he staying with someone so old? Jack had never really talked to Daniel about how he was as a kid. He never really wanted to know. Now he wished he had.

You know you look older than my grandpa, Nick. Did you meet him? Does he know that someone your age is taking care of me?” Daniel asked. Jack covered his mouth before he could say anything else.

Now listen here young man. I am taking you in. I will be a friend to you if that’s what you want, and over time, if you think you will have me, I will adopt you. I do not want to do anything bad to you. Just love you,” Jack said. When he removed his hand from Daniel’s mouth, he found a huge smile on Daniel’s face.

Can I get a cat?” Daniel asked. Jack groaned. He knew he was in for it.


General, Doctor Weir is on her way,” the communication officer said.

Thank you,” Jack said back. He looked at Daniel who was sitting on the bed still begging to play horsy. “Daniel, I’ll play horsy when we get settled in our new home.”

Who’s Doctor Weir?” Daniel asked. Then he cocked his head. “New home? What was wrong with our old one?”

Those men, you remember them.” Jack watched Daniel’s eyes grow in size before he ran to Jack’s arms and buried himself against him. “You’ll be safe here. I promise.”

I trust you, Jack,” Daniel said seconds before a knock came at the door to their room. “Do I have to hide?”

Who is it?” Jack asked as he stood up with Daniel in his arms.

It’s Weir and Sheppard,” Elizabeth said. Jack opened the door and let the two enter the room. “Hello, Daniel. My name is Elizabeth and this is John.”

Hello, Daniel,” John said. Daniel looked at the two new people.

He’s a little shy. Danny, they are friends. I promise,” Jack said.

Can I show them Seshat?” Daniel asked. Jack laughed. Daniel loved his kitten.

Yes, you can but only after they shut the door. We don’t want her getting out.” Jack put Daniel down. Daniel ran over to the cage that held his kitten. He carefully pulled out the kitten who stretched and curled up in his arms.

And how did this get approved?” Elizabeth asked.

I asked Mister Hank. He stopped by the house, and I showed him my new kitten. I couldn’t leave her behind. She’s just a baby. Babies don’t get left behind,” Daniel said. John smiled and knelt so that he could pet the kitten.

Seshat’s a strange name. Where’s it from?” John asked. Jack groaned while Elizabeth laughed.

Jack hates myths,” Daniel whispered to John. John laughed and ruffled Daniel’s hair. “Seshat is the Egyptian Goddess of reading, writing, architecture, and arithmetic. She is also associated with libraries, letters, archives, and historical records. She keeps track of the royal annals, with the ruling periods of every king and the speeches that were spoken during the crowning rituals. She also assisted the pharaoh mark out the boundaries of a temple in a ritual known as ‘stretching the cord’.”

Wow, that’s a good name for her,” Elizabeth said.

Is everything ready for us?” Jack asked.

Yes, Hermiod is ready for you whenever. The leader of the International Committee has everything ready,” Elizabeth said.

Thor also said that he would make sure that no one bothered us. He considers Daniel and me part of his race, and he will do everything to protect us,” Jack said.

Thor, he was a good alien. I liked him,” Daniel said. Elizabeth smiled at Daniel. Daniel moved to put away his kitten, and then he went over to John, and held his hands up. John picked up Daniel. “Can you play horsy?”

Daniel!” Jack said while trying not to laugh.

What? You said you were getting too old. John looks young. I bet he could play for hours,” Daniel said. Jack laughed.

Actually there is a guy here who would love to play horsy with you. His name’s Ronon. He’s big and can play for hours and hours,” John said. Daniel turned to Jack.

Can I go play with him?” Daniel asked. Jack had noticed the change in Daniel over the few months he had the kid. He wasn’t scared of being thrown away.

Maybe later. We have to get set up here. After you play, you’ll be tired. Do you want to have to get everything ready when you are already tired?” Jack asked.

But after we do that, I’ll be too tired to play,” Daniel said. Elizabeth smirked at him.

Danny, we have to set everything up,” Jack said.

But those men are here, the ones that do whatever you say. They can do it,” Daniel said.

General O’Neill, I can transport your things to your room. I know that young Daniel is probably getting cabin fever,” Hermiod said over the comm. unit.

Thanks. That will save some time, and you’re right. Danny could do with a little bit of playing,” Jack said. Daniel looked at Jack wide eyed. He ran to Seshat’s cage and took her out of it.

Ronon would love to meet him, and I know that Rodney would love to meet Seshat,” John said.

Just your team right?” Jack asked. John nodded. “Good. He can go with you.”

Yeah, thanks, Jack,” Daniel said as he hugged Jack. He ran to a box and pulled out a harness, putting it on Seshat before he moved to stand beside John. Elizabeth smiled at the little boy, as he and John were teleported out of the room.

As long as they are on Atlantis, John’s team will be Danny’s guard. Between the four of them, they can cover him, and he won’t know. It seems that Ronon loves kids. He likes going to the mainland to visit the Athosian kids. Rodney left his cat behind on Earth and he’s missed her since then,” Elizabeth said.

That’s good. He needs that. He runs off a lot, and I am scared for him. He doesn’t have any knowledge of his past life.”

I thought there were a few problems with him?” Elizabeth asked.

It took a while, but he finally started to trust me, once I convinced him that I didn’t want to molest him,” Jack said.

Molest…” Elizabeth didn’t say the rest.

Melburn, his birth dad, made sure he was wary of what some older men want of little boys. I think that because of where he lived and what happened there. He wanted to make sure that his son was protected,” Jack said.


You’re as big as Teal’c,” Daniel said to the giant in front of him. John set him down, and he in turn set down Seshat.

Colonel, is that a kitten?” Rodney asked. He crouched down and started to pet her.

This is my kitten. Her name is Seshat,” Daniel said. He looked at the woman in the room. “You’re pretty.”

Thank you. My name is Teyla Emmagan,” Teyla said.

I know who you are,” Daniel said.

Really?” John asked.

Yes, she told me,” Daniel said. He started looking around the room.

She?” John asked. Daniel just shrugged. John looked at them and mouthed ‘Elizabeth.’ The rest of the team nodded. Daniel looked at Ronon.

Can we play horsy?” Daniel asked. Ronon looked at the rest of his team.

It’s a child’s game where the adult or larger person gets on the floor on his hands and knees. The child climbs onto his back, and holds onto the adults shirt or hair. The adult walks around on his hands and knees like a horse,” Rodney said.

Oh, that. Yes, we can play, but first I need to eat. Are you hungry?” Ronon asked. Daniel nodded. Rodney moved over to the door and told the SF outside to get the two some food.

I know until the Daedalus leaves I can’t be seen by anyone, and it can’t be known that Jack is coming to live here. The N.I.D. wants me. They want the information that they think is in my head. Because of who I used to be. I may be small, but that doesn’t mean I can’t hear,” Daniel said as he handed Seshat to Rodney. John looked at Teyla and Ronon.

Find Jack. I think that Daniel hasn’t been telling everything,” John said. Teyla nodded. She left the room to find Elizabeth and Jack. John watched Daniel move around the room. It was the room that Teyla used as a training room. It was where she trained John to stick fight. It was a place that was seen as Teyla’s. No one entered unless asked so it made for a perfect place to hide Daniel until the Daedalus left three days later.

Daniel was still moving around the room when Jack and Elizabeth entered the room. He saw Jack and ran to him. Jack picked him up.

Hey Buddy, what’s up?” Jack asked.

I spoke too much. I’m sorry, Jack. I’m really sorry,” Daniel said.

What do you mean? We don’t have secrets from these guys.”

She does,” Daniel said.

The ’she’ he mentioned before. We thought that he was talking about Elizabeth. He said he knew who Teyla was and that ‘she’ told him,” John said.

Danny?” Jack asked.

She started talking to me days ago on the Daedalus. I was scared at first. You couldn’t hear her, but then she started talking about the place we were going,” Daniel said.

Who is she?” Elizabeth asked.

I don’t know. She’s here in the city. She’s everywhere in the city. I think she might be the consciousness of the city,” Daniel said. Jack looked shocked. Daniel started wiggling around in Jack’s arms to be let down. Jack set him down without thinking. “Ronon, can we eat?”

Sure, why don’t we intercept the person that got our food, and we eat it in my room. I think they need to talk,” Ronon said. Daniel nodded and held out his hands to be picked up. Ronon picked him up and they left the room.

General?” Elizabeth asked.

I don’t know. He’s acting normal for him.”

For him. General, I know that Doctor Jackson was a really smart man, a genius. Is he acting normal for a seven year old?” John asked.

No, but I was assured that he was fine,” Jack said.


Daniel, are you ready to go to dinner?” Jack asked as he entered the small area where they lived. He entered the room, but Daniel wasn’t there. He looked the whole place over and didn’t find Daniel or Seshat. Jack cursed and clicked his radio. “Daniel Gabriel Jackson, get your ass back to the room right now!”

I’m with Sheree, Jack. She’s showing me things,” Daniel said.

Who?” Jack asked.

Sheree, the matron of the city. We are learning from each other. I’ve told you about her,” Daniel said.

Danny, you need to come back now.”

No, I’m having fun.” Daniel’s radio clicked off, and Jack cursed. He clicked the radio again.

Sheppard, he’s escaped again and his imaginary friend is taking him for a ride.

Sheree again, Jack?” John asked.

Yes, keep an eye out would you?”

Sure, I’ll tell Teyla and Ronon, and they will go looking for him. He’ll come back when he wants to.”

I know. I just wish he didn’t leave in the first place, O’Neill out.” Jack clicked the radio. He grabbed his life signs detector and went about looking for his young charge. Two hours later, he came across a room that had two signs in it. The door wouldn’t open. That in and of itself was strange because almost every door on Atlantis opened for him. Then he saw the two signs disappear from the screen in front of him.

McKay, can you track my signal?” Jack asked into the radio.

Yes, why are you there?” Rodney asked.

I was trying to find Daniel. I came across this room, and there were two life signs inside it. Then seconds later, they were gone. Find all you can on this part of the city.”

There is a transporter in that room. I can’t track where it goes. Its destination is not marked in the system. In fact, there are many places in that part of the city that are mysterious. We were never able to get that part of the city to work.”

How does Seshat register on the LSD’s?”

As a person. You think that could have been Daniel?”

Oh, I know it was Daniel. I couldn’t open the door. This city loves Sheppard and me. After trying the door, the two left. Daniel needs a good lesson with my hand when he gets back. This city is too dangerous to be wandering around alone.”

Jack, the ‘gate just activated. Alina is asking to see Daniel,” Elizabeth said over the radio.

Alina? From Dagan?” Rodney asked.

Yes, the same. She says she has a gift from the Ancients.”

I’ll be there in a minute,” Jack said then he clicked the radio off and took off for the ‘gate room. When he entered, he found a woman standing and talking to McKay.

Welcome Alina,” a voice said. The voice carried throughout the whole room but without the aid of speakers. The voice was melodic and soft. “You have gift?”

Yes, I have a gift. It is the ‘ZMP’?” Alina said. McKay came forward.

ZedPM. You brought it with you. Why?” McKay asked.

Yes, I received a message in my dreams that the Ancestors had come back to Atlantis, and it was needed. I must get back home. Is Daniel really here?” Alina asked.

Yes,” the voice said. Alina looked around. “I am his speaker.”

Good, Dagan would love to see a real Ancestor,” Alina said.

We’ll see,” Jack said going along with everything. He wondered about whether the voice was Daniel playing around or the one that everyone called Daniel’s imaginary friend. “Are you Sheree?”

Yes, I was given that name by Daniel.” Sheree answered.

Why can’t we see you?” Jack asked.

You cannot see me because I do not truly exist. I am the consciousness of the city. Daniel, when he was turned into what he is, retained all of his subconscious memories. They became the focus of his new being. He is an Ancient, a living breathing Ancient with all of the powers to go with it. He is the future of his city. He will bring along with him everything. Allies you need and the power with it.”

We have lost a few allies because we are not the Ancients. If Daniel can prove that he…”

Hold on,” Jack interrupted. “Daniel is seven. We came here to get away from people wanting things of him.”

Jack, he knows what he is supposed to do. His body is that of a seven year old but his mentality is that of an Ancient. He is what he was when he was ascended as far as his mind goes.”

How come we never heard of you before?” Rodney asked.

I was dormant until I felt him come closer to me. I ‘woke’ up,” Sheree said.

You are alive?” Rodney asked.

As much as I can be,” Sheree said.

I think we have a few complications,” John said. The adults nodded. They all waited for Sheree to talk again but she didn’t. Jack heard giggling, and watched as Daniel entered the room. He stopped when he saw the looks he was getting from all the adults.


Get over here now, Daniel Jackson,” Jack said. Daniel looked at Jack with wide fearful eyes, but he didn’t move. “I said get over HERE NOW!” Daniel took a step forward then turned around and ran away. Jack took off after him only to be stopped by Ronon.

He is scared of you,” Ronon said. Jack turned to the larger man. “The last time that someone yelled at him like that, the man was a drunkard and he hit Daniel. I will find him and talk to him.”

Tell him I’m sorry.”

Ronon nodded.


Ronon, Teyla, John, and Rodney searched for Daniel but didn’t find him. They reported to Weir, and she stared down Jack. Jack moved to the control room and used the P.A. system to talk to Daniel.

Come on, Danny. You must be hungry. You need to eat. I’ll stay away from the mess and you can eat. Please, Danny, everyone is worried about you,” Jack said. He repeated his pleas every few minutes, and then finally two blips just appeared on the LSD beside Ronon.

Elizabeth you might want to come down here,” John said. Elizabeth looked at Jack, and they both took off. They found the team in the middle of a large room.

It’s as big as the jumper bay,” Jack said.

It’s a submersible bay,” John said. He pointed where Rodney was looking at one of the subs. “Rodney’s already called Radek down here to help him.”

This is great. If we had known about this a while back I wouldn’t have almost drowned. We can finally see if the Ancients left any installations on the bottom of the ocean. I know that John has wanted to do that for a while,” Rodney said as he rejoined the group.

And we can see who your large friend was,” John said. Rodney scowled at him. Moment later, Radek joined them in the room. He saw the subs and immediately went to look at them.

Elizabeth, we are missing one,” Radek said.

And how do you know this?” Rodney asked.

Because there are marks here in the dust of small feet. I’d say that they are Daniel’s.” Radek pointed down, and Jack moved to look at them. Jack clicked his radio.

Daniel, get your ass back in the city,” Jack said.

Why? I won’t let you hit me,” Daniel said. Jack sighed.

I would never hit you.”

Yes, you would. You said so. ‘Daniel needs a good lesson with my hand when he gets back.’ I heard you when you said that outside the room that transports me into the bay. I will not let you hit me.”

I’m sorry, Danny. I was mad and worried. I didn’t think before I said that, Danny. I would never hurt you. I promise.”

You swear on Charlie?” Daniel asked. Jack swallowed and bowed his head for a second.

I swear on Charlie. Now, please come back. Do we need to leave?” Jack asked.

No, it’s a force field holding back the water. Once the ship starts through, the air engines kick in.”

Good, I think we have a few people here who would love to look at the sub in action,” Jack said. He heard Daniel giggle.

It’s not a sub. It’s a Navas. The Latin word for ship is navis. The full name is Aqua Navas: water ship, but they just call them Navas’s.”

That’s nice, Daniel. Something else that Sheppard can’t name.” Jack heard Daniel giggle again and then they heard a noise. They turned to see one of the Navas’s enter the room through a hole in the bottom of the city. After the ship set down, Daniel came down the ramp of the ship with Seshat following him. He stopped in front of Jack and looked down. Jack dropped down so that he was looking the kid in the eye. Then he wrapped his arms around Daniel and started crying. “Don’t do that! You scared me, Daniel.”

I’m sorry, Jack. I’m just doing what I’m supposed to do,” Daniel said as he hugged Jack right back.

I know.”

I can explain.”

Sheree already did but you need to make me a promise. Promise me that you won’t wander off anymore. When you go to do something, come get me. If I am not available, then get Rodney, John, Teyla, or Ronon.”

Or Radek. Radek is fun. He’s helping me with my accent,” Daniel said as he looked at Radek.

Accent?” Jack asked.

My Czech accent.”

Danny, can you speak Czech?” Jack asked. Daniel nodded. “What other languages?”

Well at first I didn’t know, and then I went onto the database and found that I spoke about forty three different languages: Ancient, Furling, Nox, Asgard, Wraith, Goa’uld, and a bunch of other languages.” Daniel looked up at the adults who were looking at him. He blushed. “I’m sorry I lied. I knew that if I let them know the N.I.D. would want me more and I might not be allowed to come here.”

It’s fine, but what else have you lied about?” Jack asked.

Nothing, that’s it. I’m hungry, Jack. Can we go eat?” Daniel asked. Jack nodded. He looked at Elizabeth and pointed to his watch. Elizabeth nodded and understood that in a little bit Jack would be there to see her. Everyone waited for the pair to leave, and then they started talking.

Wraith, he knows Wraith,” Rodney said.

We don’t have the translations on the database do we?” Elizabeth asked.

No, we haven’t had the chance to transfer a viable dictionary to it, yet,” Radek said.

He is an Ancestor; would he not have that knowledge?” Teyla asked.

He’s seven and an Ancient, staying with a man that he doesn’t seem to trust all that well,” Rodney said.

I think that Daniel would trust him if he showed he wanted to be more than a simple foster father to him,” Elizabeth said.

He has many who would take him in. My team included,” John said.


Jack, where’s Seshat?” Daniel asked over the radio. Daniel had been working with Zelenka on getting a Wraith dictionary into the database for most of the day. All the other scientists were working on the new Navas’s and making sure that all of them were working. Only one wasn’t working and when they had asked Daniel whether he could fix it, he had said no.

Last time I saw her she was on her way to the Navas’s bay.”

No one’s seen her, Jack. I’m worried. She could be lost.” Jack could hear the fear in Daniel’s voice. Jack sighed and set down the reports that he was reading through about all the mission that the Atlantis teams had went through. Jack looked up at Weir and motioned to his ear. Elizabeth nodded and smiled at him. Jack got up and made his way to the lab where Daniel was. He found Daniel sitting on a desk while Radek tried to calm him down. Daniel saw Jack and launched himself at the older man.

Calm down, Danny.”

Don’t want to lose her, Jack.”

I know. Just calm down. You and I will find her. Let’s get a LSD, and we will go. Do you want Ronon to come too?” Daniel shook his head. He squeezed Jack tightly and buried his head in Jack’s neck. Radek saw the smile in the young child’s eyes and laughed silently. He wondered what Daniel was up to.

Can we check the room first?” Daniel asked.

Sure, buddy. We can go there before we get one of the LSDs from Sheppard,” Jack said. Daniel waved at Radek as the pair left the room. The little boy that had been on the verge of tears was gone. He was smiling and laughing to himself.

Jack held onto to Daniel who he thought was now crying. Jack started rubbing his back more to try to calm the boy down, but it didn’t seem to be working. All Daniel did was start crying more. Jack was happy when they got back to their quarters. When he stood Daniel on the end of the bed, he saw that Daniel was laughing.

Danny?” Jack asked.

I can’t get you alone anymore. There is always someone around so I had Rodney take Seshat with him when he went out in one of the Navas.”

Okay, why did you want to get me alone?”

When we came here Grandpa George send some papers with me. He said it was for when ‘Jack gets his head out of his ass,’ his words. I was hoping you would sign them.” Daniel jumped off the bed and ran to the small desk that Halling had made him so he could work on things. He pulled out a stack of papers that read “Petition for Adoption” and handed them to Jack.

Jack read the words on the paper and saw that everything was filled out on the papers. All Jack had to do was sign. He even saw that Weir had filled out the part of the papers that was normally reserved for a Judge.

Grandpa said that since we were going to live here, the only person who could make the decision was Elizabeth. So I took that papers to her, and she signed them. You don’t have to sign them now. I just wanted to give them to you. I can go back to Radek now. We were a little busy.” Daniel moved to the door and tried to leave, but Jack grabbed his arm. Daniel turned around.

Where’s a pen?” Jack asked. Daniel smiled and dug through the papers on his desk to find a pen.

Six Months Later:

Elizabeth watched as Jack and Daniel swam off one of the piers in the city. Daniel had only been swimming for a few weeks. He confessed to Jack that he had never leaned to swim since he had grown up in Egypt.

Jack! Watch me!” Daniel screamed as he dived under the water and came back up just a few inches from where Jack was. Jack smiled at him and dunked him under the water. Daniel came up sputtering and splashed Jack.

You’re doing well, Danny. Soon you’ll swim better than me,” Jack said as he splashed Daniel back. Elizabeth knew that there wasn’t just one that reason Daniel came to Atlantis. He wasn’t just there because he was an Ancient incarnate. She watched as Jack became open and loving. She watched as Daniel became a kid, a true loving kid who worked during the afternoon but spent his mornings and evenings just having fun. She remembered when she talked to Jack once.


He never had a childhood. The moment the stone fell on his parents, he wasn’t a kid again. He went from home to home and never stayed long. His longest stay was just two years, and that was during his college years. Even when he started working, he was going from Chicago to places around the world. That’s why he only ever had an apartment when he worked at the SGC. Always scared the job wouldn’t last all that long.”

So maybe this was a good thing?” Elizabeth asked. Jack nodded.

He doesn’t have any of those memories from his past. We can create new ones for him.”


Elizabeth watched Aiden Ford join Daniel and Jack in the water. That had been another gift that Daniel had bestowed upon them. Daniel had talked them into letting him off world to look at a site. The planet had started crawling with darts, and Daniel was nowhere to be found. Three days later, they received a transmission from the same planet that Daniel had disappeared on. They had known it could be a trap, but Jack couldn’t not go.


When the team arrived, they found Daniel standing in the middle of a field with a stunned man at his feet and a dart beside him. Jack rushed forward only to stop when he saw the man. Daniel smiled at him and reached up for a hug. Jack just stood there, staring at the man on the ground. Daniel ducked his head, and wrapped his arms around himself.

I’m sorry, Jack. I know I said I wouldn’t run off, but I had to. When the darts started flying, I could feel him. I could feel his attachment to Atlantis. I let a dart take me. When I woke up I was in a cell near Aiden. He’s safe for now, but I would get him in the jumper. He could wake up at any point, and he won’t like it.”

Ronon, get Ford in the jumper!” Jack screamed. John came running forward and looked at the young man who was lying on the ground, out like a light from the Wraith beam. Teyla and Rodney were next. When they came back through the ‘gate, everyone had huge smiles. Carson met them at the steps and was shocked when he saw who the man being carried by Ronon was.

He’s got a while of detoxifying then he’ll be back and ready to go again,” Carson said. The city was abuzz with news that Ford was back. Carson had to throw people out of the infirmary because they were trying to see the young man.

It didn’t take long for Aiden to wake up. He woke up and immediately tried to break out of the bonds. Daniel moved closer to the bed, and started talking to Aiden. Aiden stopped screaming. He listened to Daniel as he talked about the city. Aiden calmed down considerably.

That’s the way it went until he was released. No one but Daniel could calm him down.


Aiden went through a long withdrawal and only survived with the helps of his friends and Daniel. Daniel sat beside him every morning when he woke up, and stayed with him at night when he was falling asleep. No matter what Aiden said to him.

Aiden came to Daniel’s side and helped the little boy fight against Jack. John’s team was more watchful of Daniel and protected him because he brought Aiden back to them. All of Atlantis loved the little boy and cared for him.

The End


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