Lost in Flame: Inferno Part 2


Four Days Later-


“So you know the three planets that Arthur went to?” Jack asked as Daniel read some of his notes from the books. Daniel had been working since he and Jack had come home four hours earlier.

“Yes, now I need to find the glyphs the planets in Merlin’s notes. I brought home a few of the books I think I will need,” Daniel said. He looked at the clock on the wall and saw that it was almost nine o’clock. He closed up his notes and the book he was looking in. “Want to watch a movie?”

“Sure. You can’t see the TV well from over there though,” Jack said. Daniel smiled and moved to sit beside Jack on the couch. He tucked his feet beside him and leaned into Jack. Jack smiled and slipped an arm around Daniel’s waist. Jack used his free hand to grab the remote. After settling on a movie, Jack linked the hand with one of Daniel’s and rested them on his thigh. “Is this fine?”

“Yeah,” Daniel said.

“Teal’c told me about you almost falling after neutralizing the Prior,” Jack said. He felt Daniel stiffen a little before settling back.

“I’m fine, Jack, I promise. When I am in my ‘mist’ form, it’s easier to do that sort of thing. Next time I’ll know and be able to compensate.” Jack kissed the top of Daniel’s head, and they both turned their attention back to the TV.

At midnight, Jack and Daniel woke up after being beamed to the bridge of an Asgard ship.

“Doctor Jackson?” Thor asked. Making no mention of the position Jack and Daniel were in.

“Thor,” Daniel said as he stood up.

“I was informed by O’Neill that you were killed by the Ori,” Thor said.

“He was misinformed,” Daniel said as he helped Jack stand up.

“I traced a power surge unlike ever seen before in this galaxy. We have been seeing it on a planet for months. It was in the area of what used to be Abydos. By the time we arrived, it was gone. Moreover, no one was on the planet. Then it was on Earth. We were able to get here fast enough to trace it to O’Neill’s house,” Thor said. Jack looked at Daniel.

“It was me,” Daniel said.

“When have you used your powers since you came back from Camelot?” Jack asked. Daniel blushed.

“Your knees are what are stopping you from going through the ‘gate. I told I wanted you with me out there,” Daniel said. Jack looked down at his knees then at Daniel.

“They don’t feel any better,” Jack said.

“They will. I started a healing process. In a few days I’ll do it again,” Daniel said.

“Powers? What powers do you speak of, O’Neill?” Thor asked.

“The Black Plane,” Jack said.

“It exists?” Thor asked. His lips twitching a little.

“Yes,” Daniel said. Thor smiled. “Jack have you ever seen Thor smile?”

“No. It’s scary,” Jack said. Thor moved over to a different console and started entering in combinations. Daniel looked at Jack, and Jack shrugged.

“Doctor Jackson, would you be willing to answer a few questions?” Thor asked.

“Thor, we should be sleeping. We have to go to work tomorrow,” Daniel said.

“Is not O’Neill your boss?” Thor asked. Jack groaned. He’d forgotten how much Thor knew about the SGC.

“Thor, I have to work on finding the three planets from Merlin’s books. I really need to give all of my time to that,” Daniel said.

“One hour a day?” Thor asked.

“Fine. One hour. If I have time, at my discretion,” Daniel said. Thor nodded.

“I shall give you a device so you can contact me,” Thor said. He handed Daniel one of the stones.

“Can you drop us in my room?” Jack asked.

“Then you have finally professed your love, O’Neill?” Thor asked. Jack started choking, and Daniel started laughing. Jack grabbed Daniel by the waist and started tickling him. Daniel gasped and clung to Jack so he wouldn’t fall down. “I’ll take that as a yes.”

“Yes, Thor. He told me,” Daniel said. Thor nodded. He touched the console and in the blink of an eye, the couple was in Jack’s bedroom.

“Tired, Jack,” Daniel said leaning against Jack. Jack helped him lay down on the bed. Daniel started undressing. Jack helped him pull his pants off then went to the bathroom to get ready. Daniel was once again asleep when Jack entered but this time he wasn’t under the covers. He was spread out on top of the covers and in the middle. Jack shook him awake and helped him under the covers.

Jack woke up alone in the bed. He wasn’t used to that. The times he and Daniel had slept in the same bed, Jack always had to pry Daniel off the bed. He found Daniel in the living room, candles everywhere. He knew that Daniel was kel’no’reeming. Jack waited for him to get out of the trance and see what was around him.

“The Ancients control their plane of existence. They say who does what and what whom won’t do. When they mass ascended, they took over the plane. Before them the people on the plane did, what they knew was right but because of the Ori, when they got there they started to control everything. They had more ‘bodies’ than the rest, they had the power. They were scared of becoming the Ori, to the detriment of the human race. We are not Gods but we do have to do what we can to help those that cannot help themselves.” Daniel turned around to look around at Jack.

“And I need to know this why?” Jack asked. Daniel shrugged.

“We have to hurry, Jack. I fear the Ancients can’t stop them for long. The Ori followers have a new leader, Adria, a child born to a woman who didn’t couple to produce her. The Ori impregnated her,” Daniel said. Jack didn’t see fear in Daniel’s eyes. He just saw sadness. “I can see her. I can see the carnage she creates for the Or, unless I stop her.” Jack saw the sadness in Daniel’s eyes get deeper and then the fear. He had never seen that much fear in Daniel’s eyes before, not even when Daniel was telling him about the Ori for the first time.

“The Ancients can hold their own, Daniel,” Jack said as he sat behind him and pulled him back to rest against his chest.

“No, they can’t. Oma is dead, Jack. We have to go to the mountain. Now,” Daniel said as he stood up. He looked at Jack. “This child was born just a few days ago Jack. Already she is twelve. Evil always has more powers are their disposal because they use arts no one would. Jack, we are not ready for this one. We need the Daedalus, Korelev, and the Odyssey. They are coming. We are really not ready for this yet. We don’t have the man power or the ships.”

“Danny, calm down. You need to get dressed. I don’t think showing up at the mountain in my boxers will be good. Even though I have good taste in boxers,” Jack said. Daniel nodded. He ran upstairs and quickly dressed in clothes. Jack met him at the door with pop-tarts. “We have to eat something. Coffee’s in a thermos outside. Breakfast to go. We can always pick up something more at the commissary at the SGC.”

“Thanks, Jack.”


“Sir, are you serious?” Sam asked as SG-1 oversaw the loading of items into the ‘gate room for the three ships to beam up. Daniel was in the briefing room along with every linguist working on finding the location of the three planets.

“Shouldn’t it just be ‘gate addresses?” Mitchell asked looking up at the briefing room.

“Daniel said that the constellations are given names in the text. He has to find the names of the planets and the six words that follow. Then he has to compare those to Merlin’s list of constellations,” Sam said. Jack nodded.

“Daniel’s been going non-stop since yesterday morning. I don’t know how long he will last. Doctor Lam and Janet were talking about giving him stimulants whether they should or not. Seems they think with his form the pills might not work,” Jack said. He saw Daniel jump up and run to the white board. “But coffee works. It seems to work very well.”

“Really, Sir?” Sam asked.

“He lives with me, Carter. I hear him working in the study at ungodly hours. At least when he was not sleeping because of worry over Sha’re, he was sitting in his room reading or in the living room watching TV. He paces right now. Back and forth while taking to himself in god knows how many languages. It’s annoying, Carter,” Jack said.

“Yes, Sir,” Sam said while trying not to laugh. Jack looked at Teal’c who was also trying not to smirk. Mitchell was grinning in a way that reminded him of Jonas. SG-1 and Jack’s attention was drawn to the briefing room as a cheer went up. They took off running to see what is was about. Daniel turned to them the moment they entered the room.

“We have the glyphs for Sahal,” Daniel said. Daniel was smiling for the first time in over twenty- four hours. Jack smiled back at him. Then the ‘gate started spinning.

“Off-world activation,” Daniel said. He closed his eyes and then snapped them open. “Jack, the iris needs to open.”

Jack nodded as they started for the control room. Walter looked at them, waiting for orders. No IDC came.

“I’m sure, Jack. Just trust me,” Daniel said. Jack nodded.

“Leave the iris open,” Jack said. A minute after the event horizon formed a box of tissues came through. Daniel smiled.

“We need to send that back to P8X-412. Along with a radio,” Daniel said.

“P8X-412?” Jack asked.

“The planet that Vala was almost killed on. Where I came down with that virus?” Mitchell asked.

“Yes. We have a friend there,” Daniel said.

“Walter. Have one of the guards throw that back through. Daniel, a word,” Jack said pointing to the other side of the room.

“Jackson, isn’t that how the General let you know that it was him trying to contact you on Abydos?” Mitchell asked.

“Yes, it is,” Daniel said as he stepped to the side to talk to Jack. “What’s wrong?”

“How do you know who it is?” Jack asked.

“I have quite a few powers. I’m more reliable than a M.A.L.P. I know if there are any people on a planet. I recognize people from ‘signatures’ this is a friend, someone who knows how we use the iris to protect ourselves. If that hadn’t come back then the person would have found another way to come here. I knew where to send it because I could feel the people on the planet but it was written on the bottom,” Daniel said before Jack could ask the question.

“Can you read minds?” Jack asked.

“No. I just know you, Jack,” Daniel said. He turned back to return to the briefing room. Half an hour later the ‘gate opened, and Daniel was waiting. He didn’t give the person a chance to speak. He touched the control and started speaking. “It’s safe. Come on through.”

“Daniel, do you not want us to know who it is?” Sam asked.

“I’m afraid that Jack will shut the iris on her,” Daniel said.

“Her?” Jack asked. Then he saw who stepped through the ‘gate. “Daniel, do mine eyes deceive me or is that Vala?”

“It’s her,” Daniel said. He went to meet Vala. Vala walked down the ramp looking around for someone. When she saw Daniel she ran to him and hugged him.

“Daniel, the Ori told me you were dead. They took great pride in that,” Vala said before she hugged him again.

“I know. I’ll explain later. Listen, how old was Adria when you last saw her?” Daniel asked. Vala looked at Daniel in shock. She wondered how he knew about Adria’s aging.

“She was twelve,” Vala said. Daniel nodded.

“We have time. Vala, the Ori are killing the Ancients. We have a limited amount of time to find what we are looking for. What information do you have?” Daniel asked as the rest of SG-1 and Jack entered the ‘gate room.

“Adria is calling herself the ‘Orici’. She is to lead the invasion in our galaxy. She claims that it was the Ancients who tried to destroy the Ori for their beliefs and not the other way around and that they do ascend their followers, contrary to what the Ancients have told you,” Vala said. Daniel nodded. Vala watched his eyes roll up in his head. Jack rushed forward to catch him but before Daniel fell, he disappeared, the black mist forming and then deforming. Daniel was gone.

“What is going on?” Vala asked.

“Why don’t you come with us?” Jack said.

“Are you not worried?” Vala asked.

“Not right now. If he doesn’t come back in a few hours we will be,” Jack said. He led Vala to the briefing room. She saw the papers all over the room and whistled.

“This is definitely Daniel’s work,” Vala said.

“Daniel and seven other linguists are searching for the location of three, sorry two places. Castiana and Vagonbrei, Daniel found Sahal just before you came, and he left,” Jack said. Vala nodded. Seconds later Janet came running into the room.

“Where’s Daniel?” Janet asked.

“Who’s this?” Vala asked.

“Doctor Janet Fraiser. Vala Mal Doran, Janet Fraiser, Janet, Vala, Janet also came back from the dead. A few months before Daniel did. They both are ascended, higher than the Ancients and the Ori,” Jack said.

“You two are what the Ori are scared of? Why they stepped up their invasion?” Vala asked.

“Daniel much more than me, he has the power to strip the Priors of theirs,” Janet said.

“I think we have a lot to discuss,” Jack said.


Four hours later, both sides had told their tales of what had happened to them. Jack was starting to get worried. Until the papers on the table fluttered.

“Daniel?” Jack called out.

“The Ori are attacking Chulak. I have to do what I can. Find the address and send a team to Sahal. Send Janet with them,” Daniel said. Jack saw a small circle of mist above of the table.

“Okay but Daniel we need you to do the translations,” Jack said.

“Vala knows enough to help. She picked up some in the Ancients galaxy. I will try to help as much as I can.”


One Day Later


“Sir, Sahal turned up to a big negative. Nothing on the planet at all. We couldn’t connect with Castiana. Thor took a trip to the planet and found that it isn’t there anymore. That region of space is gone,” Sam said.

“What about Vagonbrei?”

“The symbols make no sense. They aren’t constellations that make any sense. It has seven symbols. I know I have seen the last one before, the place of origin, and the word ‘genas’ followed it. I’ve been told it means birth home. Sir, we need Daniel. I’m worried.”

“He has the scabbard, and his powers. He’ll be fine,” Jack said. ~He has to be fine.~ Jack thought.

~I’m fine, Jack. I’m resting. Chulak is gone. Destroyed. Find Teal’c. I’ll be back to the briefing room in half an hour. The Jaffa have fled to Dakara. I’ve told the leaders on Dakara to gather all Jaffa there. We will need them soon. Finding the Sangreal is more important than ever. Adria isn’t as she seems.~

~How is this possible? Me talking to you?~ Jack asked.

~Our bond we have. It’s as normal as breathing to me. You will learn in time. I heard you over my time away. Your thoughts kept me going.~ Daniel said to Jack.

~Hurry home, Danny.~ Jack said. Jack turned back to the group in front of him. No one noticed the few minutes that Jack spent in his mind. “Carter, get Teal’c here now. Chulak is gone. Destroyed by Adria and her followers. Daniel has all of the Jaffa leaders on Dakara. Teal’c is to go to them to lead them. I want to see Vala, now. I need to ask her a few questions about this daughter of hers.”

“Yes, Sir. So Daniel is fine?” Sam asked.

“A little bit tired but otherwise good, that’s all he told me,” Jack said. Sam nodded and sighed in relief.

“Sir, the Sangreal has to be on Vagonbrei, we just don’t know where that is. I have Mitchell running through images in our database to try to find the symbol. No one else has seen it before, just me,” Sam said.

“Don’t worry. I’ve seen it as well and Teal’c. Maybe Daniel will know what it is,” Jack said. Sam nodded and left Jack’s office. Jack sat back in his chair and tried to relax for a little bit before Daniel returned. He had just fallen asleep when a hand touched his head and lips brushed his own. Jack opened his eyes and saw Daniel standing above him. The room was dark, and he couldn’t see outside the office.

“I wanted a few minutes with you,” Daniel said from his spot on the edge of Jack’s desk. Jack reached up and cupped Daniel’s face. “I’m sorry I scared you. I felt the first death of the Jaffa. I had to act fast. Is Vala all settled?”

“Let’s not talk shop right now,” Jack said. He pulled Daniel closer to kiss him. He and Daniel had been taking it slow. Daniel was getting used to living back on Earth, Jack didn’t want to push him. They hadn’t really made out yet. Daniel always fell asleep before they could. This was great. Daniel’s hands on his shoulders and back. Daniel’s tongue in his mouth. Jack stood up so he could get better purchase on Daniel’s body. Daniel pulled back when Jack tried to open his legs to step between them.

“Jack,” Daniel said. Jack sighed and leaned his head on Daniel’s shoulder.

“I know. Not the right time or place,” Jack said. Jack saw the black around them lightening. Jack pulled back to a normal distance.

“You found the places?” Daniel asked as they walked out of Jack’s office into the briefing room.

“Yes, Sahal turned out to be nothing. Castiana was destroyed. Vagonbrei’s glyphs are ones we can’t make out but the point of origin is a glyph we have seen before but can’t figure out where. Now Carter, Teal’c, and I have seen it before but I don’t why where. We were hoping you did,” Jack said. Daniel nodded. He looked out at the white board and saw the glyphs. He stopped in his tracks.

“I know more than the origin glyph. I know the others as well. It’s a group of stars in our skies. On May 1st, those constellations circle around one spot on Earth. The Sphinx, Vagonbrei, vagor- to wander. brevi- briefly. Vagonbrei in Ancient roughly means to travel short. The first day of May is called Beltane. It is a Celtic festival in May it’s marked by the lighting of bonfires. The day of renewal, when winter is gone and summer is coming. Jack, we need to go to Egypt. Now! Have Thor beam us. I would use my powers but I think I’ll need them. I need to talk to someone,” Daniel said. He grabbed Jack’s phone and dialed an outside line.

“I’ll get Carter and the others,” Jack said, leaving the room. He watched Daniel talking on the phone. He found an Airman and had him try to find Sam, Mitchell, and Teal’c. Twenty minutes later Daniel entered the briefing room. SG-1 and Jack were talking, waiting for Daniel.

“Sorry. You’re right I did recognize it. It was the origin glyph that was on the DHD found in Antarctica. It was the ‘gate the Ancients used there for it would make since that Merlin would use it. Now I’ve gotten us full access to the Sphinx,” Daniel said.

“The Egyptian government is allowing this?” Sam asked.

“No, they won’t know of it. I have a friend. He is the Director of the Pyramids in Egypt. He has been on the look out for Goa’uld artifacts for me for a while. He’s found none,” Daniel said.

“You mean you told someone about the Goa’uld?” Jack asked.

“Yes, a few years ago. He found a hand device. I handed it over to Hammond. I thought he would have told you,” Daniel said. Jack shook his head. Daniel shrugged. “My friend said that we should get there as soon as possible. He thinks that we are near Giza.”

“So what are we waiting for?” Jack asked.

“Sir, shouldn’t we take weapons?” Sam asked.

“Sam, the Sphinx was built by the Ancients not the Goa’uld. We have nothing to fear from going there,” Daniel said. Sam nodded.

“Plus Daniel can protect us.”

“Thanks, Jack. You know I’m not fully recovered and from here on out I need to conserve energy to fight with Adria. It will take all I am to fight her. She has telekinetic and telepathic abilities. I have the telekinetic but the telepathic will give her an up on any battle,” Daniel said. Seconds later, SG-1 and Jack were standing on the bridge of Thor’s ship. Thor looked at them.

“Where do you wish to go?” Thor said.

“Daniel, did you get the co-ordinates from the database?” Jack asked.

“No, I didn’t. One thing most archeologists learn is the co-ordinates to any dig they are on. I learned the ones for Giza from when my parents were there before we came to America. It was the last dig I was on with my parents. I wouldn’t forget,” Daniel said. Jack nodded. He let Daniel talk to Thor while the ship was re-positioned.

“Thanks, Buddy,” Jack said.

“I will stay in orbit as long as you need me. Unless Adria attacks any Asgard planet. Then I will be leaving. I will tell you first,” Thor said. He nodded at them and then transported them down to the Giza Plateau. Jack looked around, he saw an older looking gentleman standing beside them.

“You have an interesting way of traveling, Little Pharaoh,” The man said. Daniel smiled and hugged the man.

“Uncle Zahi, it’s been a long time,” Daniel said. He turned to look at his companions. “Doctor Zahi Hawass, this is Major General Jack O’Neill, Lieutenant Colonel Samantha Carter, Lieutenant Colonel Cameron Mitchell, all are USAF and this is Teal’c. Guys this was one of my parent’s closest friends.”

“Welcome to Egypt. Danny says you want to be able to look at the Sphinx without anyone bothering you. Are you finally going to be finding the secret chamber in it?” Zahi said. Daniel nodded.

“Yes, Uncle. I think that I know how to access it,” Daniel said. He started towards the Sphinx. Teal’c followed closely asking questions. Jack hung back with Zahi.

“You are taking care of him?” Zahi asked Jack.

“As much as someone can take care of him?”

“He knows you love him?”

“How did you know that?” Jack asked looking at the man.

“The way you look at him. Plus, I know love,” Zahi said. Jack nodded. Everyone stood around while Daniel stared at one of the Sphinx’s paws. Finally, Daniel touched seven spots in order. A grumbling was heard from far below. A passage opened at the bottom of the paw.

“This is it. Teal’c should go first,” Daniel said.

“Why?” Jack asked as he stepped back from the paw of the Sphinx.

“It’s a twenty foot slide to the bottom. He will be able to help the person stand so that the next can go down as quick as possible. That groaning will cause alarm. Uncle, are you coming?” Daniel asked as Teal’c went down the passage. Mitchell followed second, and Sam after him.

“Of course I am. I have been lying to the public for a long time, Daniel,” Zahi said. He went next.

“Too bad we aren’t alone. I bet that would be fun to go down with you in my lap, just so my knees wouldn’t get hurt,” Jack said. He pulled Daniel to him for a quick kiss and then went down the passage. Daniel shook his head and followed a minute later. The chamber was finishing lighting its torches by the time he entered the chamber.

“Daniel, it’s like that chamber that had the head sucking device in it,” Jack said.

“Don’t worry, Jack. Just keep away from the walls,” Daniel said with a smile on his face.

“O’Neill, is this the place to be discussing this?” Teal’c asked looking at Zahi.

“I think that he knows more than he and Daniel are telling us,” Jack said.

“My grandfather was part of the Langford expedition, General O’Neill,” Zahi said. Jack smiled.

“Which means you have known about it since the start?” Jack said.

“Catherine told me. Then she told me about a wonderful young man who opened it. Doctor Daniel Jackson. I knew who he was so Catherine and I started exchanging letters. When Daniel came back a year later, she told me. I contacted him. General Hammond and I have been talking. The program needed someone high up in the Egyptian government. I make all decisions regarding artifacts,” Zahi said.

“I see. I really am not getting all of my memos,” Jack said. Everyone looked at Daniel. He was walking around the chamber, looking at the walls. Zahi hushed them all. Finally, Daniel pulled his glove out of his pocket and put it on. Then he touched the wall and it opened smoothly. Inside were three walls and a stone.

“What is that glove?” Zahi asked.

“It’s long and complicated. Daniel would be better at explaining,” Jack said. He waited. He didn’t know what to expect. What would Daniel have to do to get to the Sangreal. Jack watched his hand. When he saw Daniel squeeze it, he knew that Daniel was summoning Excalibur. “Zahi, do you know about Excalibur?”

“Yes, The sword of the Lady of the Lake,” Zahi said. He gasped when he saw the sword appear in Daniel’s hands.

“That’s Excalibur,” Jack said. Daniel pulled Excalibur from its scabbard and stuck it in the stone inside the room. Merlin appeared in the middle of the room.

“Welcome worthy one. What you seek is before you. All you have to do is find and grab it,” Merlin said. He started repeating the message.

“The last time we encountered a hologram of Merlin he talked about pendulum and what is before us,” Mitchell said.

“I know,” Daniel said he reached for the necklace around Merlin’s neck. It glowed and appeared in Daniel’s hand. “I have the Sangreal.”

“Sangreal?” Zahi asked.

“Holy Grail,” Jack said. Daniel dropped to his knees and started screaming. Jack rushed forward but something threw him back. He landed on his back ten feet away from Daniel. He quickly stood back up and went to the edge of the shield.

“It’s a shield, Sir,” Sam said. Merlin’s image changed.

“Release the Sangreal and those around you die. Hold onto it, and you die,” Merlin said. Daniel looked into Jack’s eyes and closed his own.

“Daniel!” Jack screamed as he watched Daniel start to disappear. This wasn’t like the other times that he had done it. He wasn’t turning to a black mist he was just disappearing from their sight. Jack leaned against the shield trying to get through to Daniel. Tears started streaming down his face.

“O’Neill, it must be a test. Only someone who doesn’t care for those around them, nor has none around them will drop it,” Teal’c said.

“The last test he went through killed him,” Jack yelled. Suddenly, Jack fell through. He fell onto Daniel and moved so that he could hold him. “Stay, Danny.”

“H’rts, J’k,” Daniel said.

“Hang on, Danny. Don’t let go,” Jack said. He turned to look at Carter. “I retire. I had already filed the papers to go in effect once we find the Ori.”

“Sir, this isn’t the time,” Sam said. She couldn’t believe that he would want to retire while Daniel was dying.

“Retirement accepted, Jack,” Mitchell said. Jack nodded and leaned over to kiss Daniel. As Jack kissed him, Daniel’s form began to solidify again. Jack closed his hand over Daniel’s hand. A sphere of white light started forming above them. It encompassed the whole room before it stopped. When the light was gone, Daniel was resting against Jack’s chest. His eyes closed in sleep.

“He’s fine. Just asleep. Zahi, come take the Sangreal,” Jack said. Zahi took the stone and stepped away. “Carter, see if the stone Thor gave you works. Make sure he knows we have an extra man with us.”

“Yes, Sir,” Sam said. She tried the stone Thor gave them but it wouldn’t work. “Sir, it doesn’t work.”

“Great, how do we get out?” Jack asked.

“Try touching the symbol for Earth, O-Neyr,” Ska’ara said appearing in the room. Everyone started looking for the symbol. Mitchell found it. They turned to look back at Ska’ara but he was gone. Mitchell pressed the symbol and next everyone was standing, Jack was sitting with Daniel in his lap, at the base of the foot of the Sphinx.

“Carter, try it again. Bring Zahi with us. He should meet Thor,” Jack said. Sam tried it again.

“Yes, Colonel Carter?” Thor asked.

“We are ready. We have the Sangreal and another man,” Sam said.

“Get ready,” Thor said. Seconds later, they were standing on the bridge of Thor’s ship.

“My gods,” Zahi said.

“Welcome aboard the Daniel Jackson, Zahi,” Jack said.

“Is Doctor Jackson all right?” Thor asked.

“Is this Thor?” Zahi asked.

“This is High Command Thor of the Asgard. Thor, this is Zahi Hawass. He’s a friend of Daniel’s.”

“How are you, Daniel?” Jack asked. Daniel was lying on a bed that Thor had created on the ship. He had been asleep for four hours. Sam, Teal’c, and Mitchell were back on Earth getting the troops and ships ready for war. Once the ships were ready, the fleet was meeting up with what was left of the Jaffa armies and all of the Asgard’s ships. Then they were going after Adria and the Ori fleet.

“I’m fine,” Daniel said.

“I talked to the president. Officially, I am retired but I am the liaison between you and the military. Therefore I still have all the respect of my former rank and have no fear of my relationship with you,” Jack said. Daniel nodded. He sat up and stretched. “Janet’s waiting on you.”

“She’ll need a Zat. I’m sending her to the Lucian Alliance. We need them. We need everybody that we can get. I was hoping that either Teal’c or Bra’tac would go with her,” Daniel said.

“You know most of the brass and the bureaucrats in Washington don’t like us following your orders, but the President and Thor have convinced them other wise. Danny, you know that the N.I.D. has been told about you,” Jack said. Daniel nodded.

“They can’t hurt me and very soon the Trust won’t be a problem. Nor will Ba’al. Once we find any copies, I can tell you which is the real and we can deal with him, permanently. Before we do, he will tell us all we need to know, like how many clones he does have. Don’t worry, Jack. I’ll be fine. The N.I.D. will learn. Probably the hard way but they will learn,” Daniel said. Jack smiled.

“Okay. Let’s get going. The sooner we get Janet to Earth the sooner we can leave,” Jack said.

“This will only take about ten minutes,” Daniel said. He stood up and lost his footing a little. He caught himself before he fell but Jack looked worried. “I’m fine. It’s from not walking for so long. Jack, we need Vala. She might be able to reach her daughter. If only long enough for me to kill her.”

“You said she was twelve,” Jack said. Daniel looked at Jack. He knew what Jack was talking about.

“She’s a twelve year old who is leading her people in a war they have no business starting. She’s half Ori. She’s lying and sending men to their death so the Ori can have more power. I wouldn’t have that much of a problem if the Ori were ascending their followers or if they weren’t killing those who don’t believe but they are and that is wrong,” Daniel said.

“I know,” Jack said. He leaned forward and kissed Daniel. Daniel moaned and leaned into Jack’s body. A knock came at the door, Jack told them to come in. “Carter, how can I help you?”

“Thor wants to know how long before we leave?” Sam asked.

“Fifteen, Carter. If the ships are ready,” Jack said. Sam nodded. She exited but left the door open.

“I’ll be in here for the trip. I need to kel’no’reem to find Adria. Once I find her, I will tell Thor. The ‘Daniel Jackson’ will lead the fight. I hope we meet near a planet. Once the ships are destroyed, we can transport down to the planet. Their ships have better weapons, but I can disable their shields. We will win. We will push back this fleet and then I will go to the Ori galaxy with the Sangreal. There I will wage war on them,” Daniel said. Jack looked at him in shock. Daniel had never told him about that part of the plan.

“Alone?” Jack asked.

“Yes. Alone. I’m sorry. It’s a part I have to do by myself,” Daniel said. Jack nodded. He kissed Daniel and left the room to give Daniel some peace. He would find Janet and send her to Daniel. When he got to Command, he found it a bustle of activity. Humans were running everywhere but Thor was the only Asgard.

“Thor, why is there no other Asgard?” Jack asked.

“The council decided that Doctor Jackson and Doctor Fraiser should be protected. This is their flagship to ensure that they have all the protection they need,” Thor said. Jack smiled at him.

“Sir, the Ashen are dead,” Sam said. Jack looked at Sam.

“How do you know that?”

“One of the Jaffa ships was patrolling that area. The Ashen home planet was destroyed. It wasn’t there anymore. That whole area was gone. That’s where the Supergate was found,” Sam said.

“Why aren’t we going there?” Jack asked.

“Because the Ori have no need to hold that area. Their ships can come through at any time but they won’t until they hear back from this group. That is the only smart way to do anything,” Sam said.

“We will take care of the Supergate after we have dealt with this fleet,” Thor said.

“There’s no need,” Janet said. Jack thought she looked taller. Daniel came in behind her. “I know how to disable it. We may need it to get to the Ori galaxy.”

“It’s done. We are good to go. I know where Adria is,” Daniel said.

“Where?” Jack asked.

“Vis Uban,” Daniel said. Jack nodded. Thor started entering things on his console. “They think that since it was supposed to be the crown jewel of the Ancient cities it would be the best place to destroy.”

“Carter, transmit co-ordinates to the fleet. We jump in ten minutes,” Jack said.

“O’Neill, who put you in charge?” Thor asked. Jack looked at Thor and grinned when he saw Thor starting to smile. “The Asgard would follow no one else in this fight. Doctor Jackson the pod is ready for Doctor Fraiser.”

“Thanks, Thor. I need to talk to Bra’tac and Teal’c,” Daniel said. He looked at the communication screen and waited. Bra’tac’s face appeared on the screen. “Master Bra’tac, is Teal’c there?”

“I am here, Daniel Jackson,” Teal’c said stepping up beside Bra’tac.

“I need one of you to go with Janet to the Lucian Alliance. We need their help,” Daniel said.

“I will go. Bra’tac is needed to lead the fleet,” Teal’c said.

“Thanks, Teal’c. Thor is ready to transport you aboard,” Daniel said. Teal’c nodded and the screen went blank.

“He is in the pod waiting for Doctor Fraiser,” Thor said. Janet kissed Daniel cheek and hugged him. Jack saw something pass between them and felt jealous. Until Daniel looked at him, Daniel looked at him with such love in his eyes.

~Calm down, Jack.~ Daniel said to him. Jack just smiled at Daniel and went to checking on the fleet. Minutes later, each ship of the fleet opened their hyperspace windows and jumped. When they appeared on the far side of Vis Uban at first they didn’t see the fleet. Until the ships turned around. There were seventeen ships waiting for them. Vala finally entered the room just in time for a transmission to be picked up.

“O’Neill, the ships have sent a transmission. Text only,” Thor said. Thor put it up on the screen in Ancient. Daniel read it.

“And those who are prideful and refuse to bow down shall be laid low and made onto dust.”

“That’s it? What’s that from?” Jack asked.

“The Book of Origin,” Daniel said. He stepped up to Thor. “Open a channel.”

“Channel is open,” Thor said.

“Then DiTialus said to the people of the low planes…seek not wickedness amongst your neighbors lest it find purchase in your own house,” Daniel said. A female voice came back across the open channel.

“Who am I speaking to?” The female asked.

“Adria, lay down your weapons,” Vala said.

“Mother, so you did go back to the Earthens,” Adria said.

“Yes, I did. To stop you,” Vala said.

“I’m sorry about Doctor Jackson. The Doci told me that you and he were close. I heard his death was very painful. You know how painful it is. To be burned alive. To feel the flesh melt off your skin. The flames as they licked at your muscles.”

“I’m sorry, Orici, but I am very much alive,” Daniel said. He heard the gasp over channel and voices talking.

“The power of the Ori killed you. The flames kissed your body, and you were no more,” Adria said. The sound behind her voice was getting louder as the seconds ticked by until they all of a sudden stopped.

“I saved myself with knowledge that the Ori could never have. If you want to see my powers meet me on the planet,” Daniel said. Daniel slashed his hand at his throat, and Thor cut the feed.

“Be safe, Danny,” Jack said. Daniel waved as he, and Vala disappeared. Jack looked out onto the fleets. Twenty against seventeen. The ships stayed like that for over an hour.

A stalemate. That’s what was happening right then. The Ori ships hadn’t opened fire and neither had the others. The Ori had seventeen ships on their side. Jack remembered Daniel telling him that they had better weapons. Jack and the fleet had twenty ships. Jack didn’t think that they were a match.

“O’Neill, we have seven ships exiting hyperspace behind us,” Thor said.

“Turn us around,” Jack said.

“There is no need to do that. They are ‘friendly.'” Thor said. He pointed at the screen. A woman appeared on the screen. Jack knew her.

“Lya?” Jack asked. He smiled at the Nox on the screen.

“Our elders thought that while we have a stand of neutrality, it is not prudent to stay neutral when the whole of the galaxy will be killed. This is all we have,” Lya said.

“Do you have transporters?” Nafrayu asked as he stepped up to the screen. He only looked a couple of years older.

“Yes, we do,” Jack said.

“We have healers we wish for you to take to your ships,” Lya said.

“That won’t be necessary. Send them down to the planet. That’s where Daniel is. Groups of Ori Warriors are down there. They will need the help more than we will,” Jack said. Lya nodded and the screen went blank. “Thor, contact Daniel. Let me talk to him.” Thor nodded and Daniel popped up on the screen.

“Jack?” Daniel asked. Jack looked at him. Excalibur was at his side. The glove was on his hand and a shield in his other hand. The shield was an exact copy of Excalibur. The whole set: the glove, Excalibur, the Star of Avalon, scabbard and shield fit together and looked like they were made for one another.

“Daniel, we just gained seven ships,” Jack said.

“Seven? How?” Daniel asked.

“The Nox,” Jack said. Daniel’s jaw dropped. Seconds later, a group of about thirty Nox appeared behind Daniel on the screen. Nafrayu was at the head of them. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw a group of people entered the field from the woods. He saw the woman at the head of them. The moment had come. Daniel looked around for Vala. He found her talking to one of the Nox.

“Vala, Adria is here. Along with a group of warriors, make sure everyone is ready,” Daniel said.

“Yes, of course,” Vala said. Five minutes later, the two armies were facing each other.

Both the armies and the fleets started their battles at the same time. The followers of the Ori were surprised when their ships shields were not stopping all of the fire from the other ships. The shots that got through hit areas that did the most damage.

Down on Vis Uban, Daniel was fighting the lower warriors waiting for the chance to go against Adria. Adria had an honor guard around her while she used her powers to kill. Finally, Daniel had his opening. He ran at her. Tackling her to the ground and using the Sangreal against her. Stripped of her powers, Adria roared in anger. She threw Daniel off her.

“What magic is this?” Adria asked.

“No magic. Just a weapon I’ve picked up,” Daniel said.

“Doctor Jackson, I presume,” Adria said. She unsheathed her sword and held it in a ready stance. Adria’s warriors formed at half circle at her back. Daniel motioned for his troops to do the same. He could see what was happening in the battle above the planet. The Korelev, the Odyssey, and the Daedalus were doing well, minimal damage for all three ships. The Daniel Jackson had even less damage. All of the Lucian Alliance was gone. They had trouble accepting the help of everyone else. Luckily, Janet and Teal’c were back aboard the Daniel Jackson where they were safe. The rest of the Asgard fleet had only lost two ships and the Nox none. The Jaffa had lost almost half of their fleet. That was eight ships. They were down to nineteen ships. The Ori had only lost four ships they were down to thirteen.

Adria was the first to attack. That set Daniel where he wanted to be. Blows were parried and given, but neither seemed to tire. Until finally Adria started making mistakes, she didn’t know how to fight for a long period without using her powers. Finally, Daniel struck her with the flat of his sword on the head. She fell to her knees. Daniel looked into her eyes and saw what he had seen in the Doci’s eyes. The utter belief she had in the Ori and the will to die for them. Daniel lifted his sword and plunged it into her stomach.

Daniel stared at the body in front of him, a woman/child who had grown up for a war. She had to die so that the Ori would. She protected them. This image would haunt him for a while. Adria was lying on the ground with Excalibur through her gut, blood soaking the ground around her. Vala was standing on the edge of the field; all the warriors were standing in shock. Daniel’s allies because they had never seen Daniel do something like that, the Ori warriors because their Orici was dead. This wasn’t the only body. Daniel turned at the scream that went through the air. A warrior took aim with his staff and fired at Daniel.

The weapon’s discharge stopped short of Daniel. It dissipated into the air. Daniel pulled Excalibur out of Adria and held it ready.

“Drop your weapons. I have no want to kill any of you,” Daniel said. The Warriors didn’t do it. Three of them rushed Daniel. The warrior who had fired was in the lead. Vala was dealing with warriors of her own. The Warriors used their weapons as staffs. Excalibur didn’t break them, but it did stop them. Without Adria directing them, it was easy to wound them to where they couldn’t fight anymore. Without Adria, the Ori weren’t there to help their warriors. It didn’t take long for Daniel and his allies to win. The Ori Warriors were quickly bound and treated for their wounds by the Nox healers.

“Daniel,” Vala said as they both watched two SGC members carry Adria’s body away.

“I’m sorry. I know that you loved her,” Daniel said.

“She was starting a war that would have been worse than any that the Goa’uld had. She needed to be stopped. You tried. That’s all I asked for,” Vala said. She looked up into the sky.

“The Ori ships are gone. All destroyed with no survivors. They self-destructed their ships rather than be boarded. Did your husband live?” Daniel asked as he made Excalibur and its scabbard, disappear. The Star of Avalon hung in the air until Daniel grabbed it and put it on.

“Yes, he was the warrior who fired at you first. I’ve seen him already,” Vala said. Seconds later, Jack appeared beside Daniel. A small cut on his cheek and he was limping as he walked towards Daniel.


“Got a little dicey up there but in the end it’s good. We lost the Korelev. The Asgard lost four ships total. The Nox lots two, the Jaffa lost five and we lost all of the Lucian Alliance,” Jack said.

“Did we lose many of the people from the Korelev?” Daniel asked as he sunk to the ground. He was tired. Weakening the shields of the Ori and using the Sangreal, tired him a great deal and add to that the fighting that he did.

“Three died when one of the beams caught the ship. Every one else was sent to other ships. A few injured. The Nox are taking care of everyone who is in need. We won this battle,” Jack said. Daniel smiled, and he closed his eyes for a second. He opened them to look at Jack for a few seconds before they rolled up in his head, and he fell onto his back. Vala and Jack rushed forward and picked him up. Jack touched a device on his shirt and was teleported to the Daniel Jackson. Jack and Vala set Daniel down on the deck of Command.

“Janet!” Jack screamed. Janet came running. When she saw Daniel on the floor, she dropped down beside him. She touched his head and closed her eyes.

“He’s asleep and in a very deep one. He’s regaining energy, Sir. Like that time, that Teal’c did that on the ice planet. He put himself in a very deep state of kel’no’reem. He’s fine. I’d put him in a bed,” Janet said. Jack sighed in relief. “I’d also have coffee and food ready for him. He will be very hungry.”

“Thanks,” Jack said. He bent down to pick Daniel up only to have Teal’c do it.

“You are tired, O’Neill. May I suggest that both you and Daniel Jackson rest? Colonel Carter, Colonel Mitchell, and I can take care of the rest of it,” Teal’c said. Jack nodded. Teal’c carried Daniel to the room that they had been using before and laid him on the bed. He nodded before he left the room shutting the door after him. Jack divested Daniel of his boots before he pulled the glove off Daniel. He set it aside and the glasses followed. Next was the Star. When Jack was unclasping it, Daniel shifted around on the bed. Jack smiled at the way Daniel moved closer to him.

“Ah, Danny,” Jack said. He kissed Daniel’s head and then divested himself of his boots. He lay down and pulled the blanket up over them both. Daniel rolled so his head was on Jack’s shoulder, a leg thrown over Jack’s and their hands were clasped over Jack’s stomach. Jack smiled. Daniel was used to being alive again. Maybe once they got home they would be able to move a little farther in their relationship. Jack fell asleep with that smile on his face.

“Jack,” Daniel said trying to shake Jack awake. Jack was wrapped around Daniel, and he couldn’t get up to use the bathroom. Jack just tightened his grip on Daniel, and he didn’t like it. Daniel frowned and closed his eyes. Seconds later, Jack’s hands and arms went right through Daniel, and he was able to sit up. Jack jerked awake when his arms hit his body. He saw Daniel standing above him.

“Daniel?” Jack asked, trying to think while trying to wake up.

“Don’t hold on so tight,” Daniel said before he left to go to the bathroom. Jack frowned but gave Daniel time to do what he needed to do. Jack went to the bathroom to talk to Daniel and found him gone. Jack clicked the comm. unit inside the bedroom.

“Thor, where’s Daniel?” Jack asked

“Doctor Jackson is helping Colonel Carter with the debriefing of the Ori Warriors,” Thor said.

“For how long?” Jack asked.

“A few moments, O’Neill, is something wrong?”

“I don’t know, Thor,” Jack said. He cut the comm and started thinking. Daniel liked being held by Jack but not tightly. Snuggling in bed on their sides was fine. However, when Jack stopped Daniel from moving he always loosened it. Jack wondered why. Daniel liked being touched just not held down. Jack wondered if it was from his childhood. A lot of Daniel’s childhood was not in his file. Hammond said that the Foster Care system lost most of his file when it was stolen. The Air Force hadn’t thought much about it. A few others had been stolen and the culprit was never found. The Foster Care people thought that someone had taken others to shift blame. Now Jack was wondering if maybe Daniel had been the one to steal the files. Something from his past he wanted to hide. He decided to wait for Daniel to open up.

Jack changed into a new set of cloths, and he went to find something to do. Once in command Jack looked on the screen that had the ships left. There was only seven left. This meant that five ships had left. The only group that had five ships that survived, that could have left, was the Nox.

“Where did the Nox go?” Jack asked.

“Back home. While they could help with this attack, they wouldn’t in any attack after. Since the Daniel Jackson fared the best in the battle it will take me to the Supergate. From there I will go to the Ori Galaxy and destroy them,” Daniel said. Jack stepped forward.

“You’re too weak,” Jack said.

“No, Jack, I’m not,” Daniel said. He looked at Jack, and Jack saw nothing in Daniel’s eyes. They were pure black. “I used that time that I was asleep to charge up. I’m as ready as I ever will be. I have to do this now.”

“Doctor Jackson, the pod is ready. I have the co-ordinates locked in the computer.” Jack grabbed Daniel’s arm and pulled him close.

“You were going without telling me?” Jack demanded.

“No, I was going to tell you. I’m not leaving for half an hour. I need to talk to Tomin first,” Daniel said. Jack’s grip tightened, and Daniel grimaced. Jack saw the slight fear in Daniel’s eyes and let go. “Thank you.”

“Danny…” Jack started

“Save it. Do you really want to do this here? No? Didn’t think so, now, I need to talk to Tomin and Vala will be going with me. She knows the information I need to get around,” Daniel said.

“So she can go but I can’t.”

“Do you know the lay of the land? Do you know who is who? Have you ever even been there? I told you the first time. I am going alone. Vala knows how to take care of herself there. I would rather not have to worry about you.”

“I see. You don’t think that I can take care of myself,” Jack said. Daniel looked around at everyone who was acting as if they weren’t listening.

~I know that I can take care of yourself against normal enemies but the Ori have powers that you can’t imagine. I have the power to fight that but you don’t.~ Daniel said.

“But you are willing to take Vala with you?” Jack demanded. His voice rose higher. Daniel shook his head and walked away. Jack tried to follow him but he couldn’t move. Something was stopping him. Jack turned his head to watch Daniel leave. His heart felt cold. He shouldn’t have done that to Daniel. Finally, Jack was released he ran to the pod and found it gone. Thor’s image appeared beside him.

“Doctor Jackson took Vala with him. His plans didn’t changed, O’Neill.”

“How long until we are back to Earth?” Jack asked.

“An hour, stopping to drop off Doctor Jackson is giving us a chance to make repairs. We will resume hyperspace in twenty minutes,” Thor said. Jack nodded. He left to help with the interrogations of the Ori Warriors. He needed to do something to take his mind off the fact that Daniel was going to the Ori Galaxy mad at him and for what? Not wanting to lose Daniel and yet he was pushing him away. That scared him.
Continued in Part Three

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