Lost in Flame: Inferno Part 3


One Day Later

Ori Galaxy


Daniel arrived in Celestis with Vala at his side. No one looked at him until a Prior saw them. He didn’t recognize them but stopped them to find out what they were doing.

“I am trying to find the Doci. The Ori sent me a vision. I am to go to the Doci immediately,” Daniel said. He was shielding himself from the Ori, along with Vala. Daniel had the Sangreal tucked into his pocket, held in the hand that had the glove on it. The Star of Avalon was already on the scabbard but Excalibur wasn’t in it. No, Vala had Excalibur. The Prior nodded and took Daniel and Vala to the Doci’s chamber. Once in there the Prior left. The Doci turned to them.

“How may I help you?” The Doci asked

“I was sent by the Ori,” Daniel said. He and Vala knelt. The Doci stepped close to Daniel as if he was going to touch them. At the last second, he pulled back.

“Those who reject the path to enlightenment must be destroyed,” The Doci said. Daniel smiled and pulled the stone out of his pocket. The Doci ran for the wall of fire on the side of the room but Daniel stopped him. He fell to the ground, flat on his face, his powers stripped. The flames grew brighter and formed into a being. Vala handed Daniel Excalibur and stepped away. She was there to make sure that no one would enter. The fire being stepped forward and the gate that barred off the wall of fire flew open. Daniel stepped up to meet him.

“We took care of you,” The distorted voice of the Ori being said, as he stepped closer to Daniel, Daniel didn’t fear him. He knew that he could defeat him, no matter what.

“No, you didn’t. I let you think that you had. I know what the Ori are searching for,” Daniel said. He held up the Sangreal. “I know that taking power from humans will never give it to you.”

“How do you know what gods are searching for?” The Ori being asked as he moved around Daniel, Daniel kept his eyes forward and didn’t turn.

“Because I found it first,” Daniel said. He opened himself up and let his power flow through him. Seconds later, the wall of fire left the wall and came towards him. He was surrounded in seconds and protecting himself. The Sangreal lit up red and pulsed around him.

Vala lost sight of Daniel. She trusted that he knew what he was doing but she feared for him. She couldn’t see him any more. She heard the doors start to open, and she found a bar to stick across it. That would hold off the Priors while Daniel used the Sangreal.

Daniel could feel the pain from using the Sangreal. He could feel the Ori dying, one by one. Certain ones were trying to escape, but Daniel caught them in his web. As more Ori were neutralized the more powerful the Sangreal became. All Daniel had to do was neutralize enough and it would become a power that couldn’t be stopped until all the Ori were gone. When that line was crossed, Daniel could leave it alone. The Ori wouldn’t be able to stop it, and Daniel could leave. He could step away so he wouldn’t be hurt when the Ori were all finally neutralized. That point didn’t take long to reach. Daniel staggered out of the flames and fell to the ground. Vala picked him up and dragged him to a safe distance. Half an hour later, the stone stopped glowing and it fell to the ground. Daniel gasped and the noise outside stopped. Vala held Daniel as he passed out. She sat with him for an hour. He slept and re-charged. His eyes opened and sat up. He looked around and saw the Sangreal.

“Are they all gone?” Vala asked. Daniel nodded. “Can you walk?”

“Yes, I can make it to the ship,” Daniel said.

“How are we getting home?” Vala asked.

“Friends,” Daniel said. Vala supported Daniel as they walked to the ship. Half an hour later, they were at the Supergate. As Vala neared it, the wormhole opened. A woman appeared on the ship Daniel was already asleep.

“Who are you?” Vala asked.

“I am a friend,” The woman said. Vala looked her up and down. She was like the being that Daniel had described. Daniel called them ‘Ancients.’ She had a slight glow about her. Her hair was long and brown, but she wasn’t youthful. “We Ancients that are left are few. I knew him while he was with us. Of all the people to make it to the higher place of existence, we never thought that it would be him. For all the bumbling he did. Tell Daniel that Elisa said ‘hi.’ I hear that with his ascension he gained all the memories during his time with us. He’ll know who I am.”

“Yes, of course,” Vala said.

“Trust in the ship. It will go where it needs. We will keep an eye on the people here. Get them back to religion without sacrifices,” Elisa said. Vala nodded and the woman disappeared. Vala stared at Daniel. Maybe she had been very wrong in her assessment of him over a year ago. She remembered what she had heard about what had happened in command before they had left, Jack and Daniel fighting about something. Daniel rolled over in his sleep and frowned.

“Stay away,” Daniel said. Vala frowned. She wasn’t anywhere near him. Daniel calmed down and went back to sleep. Vala made a note to talk to Jack when she got back to Earth.


One Week Later

Orbit Around Supergate

It had been a week. Daniel and Vala hadn’t been heard from in a week. No one had come through the Supergate for over five days. Everyone aboard the Daniel Jackson was worried, including Thor. Jack had taken to pacing in any empty room he could find.

“This is the Earth ship Daedalus to the Asgard ship Daniel Jackson. We have Vala Mal Doran aboard. She wishes to come aboard and talk to General O’Neill,” Colonel Caldwell said.

“Vala? Where’s Daniel?” Jack asked.

“Doctor Jackson is at the SGC resting. Doctors Fraiser and Lam won’t let him go,” Caldwell said. Jack let his shoulders drop. Daniel was fine. Daniel was safe and at home, on Earth.

“I am setting a course for Earth. Once we have Vala Mal Doran aboard we will leave,” Thor said. Jack nodded.

“O’Neill may I suggest you go rest for a while,” Teal’c said.

“Yeah, after I wake up I’ll talk to Vala,” Jack said. He went to his room and lay down. When he woke up two hours later, he didn’t know where he was. The room was black. He couldn’t see anything. Jack rolled off the bed and went for the door only to keep going. He remembered that it was seven steps from the bed to the door. If one went straight. Jack decided to try to find the bed again. Ten steps back, and he hit nothing. Jack was worried now. He started moving around trying to find anything. Finally, he hit something. A stone in the middle of the floor, Jack fell over it when he hit it. Jack stayed on the floor and tried to wake himself up.

“One chance,” A voice said, the voice of a Goa’uld. Jack spun trying to see where the voice was coming from but all he saw was black until someone stepped forward. Jack recognized him instantly. Ra was walking towards him. “One chance is all you get to change your future.”

“What the hell are you talking about?” Jack asked keeping himself as far away from Ra as he could and still seem him.

“Your future, it will depend on one event. Which would you choose?” Ra asked.

“Which what would I choose?” Jack asked.

“Which path? There will be only two. One leads to happiness and the other to loneliness.”

“I’m dreaming,” Jack said. He stepped up to Ra and tried to stick his hand through him but he connected with flesh instead. Jack jumped in surprise.

“Do you want to see your choices?” Ra asked. Jack just stared at Ra. Ra waved his hand and two circles started growing in the blackness. One was black and one was white.

“So what are my choices?” Jack asked.

“These: black and white,” Ra said as he disappeared.

“What kind of choices are those?” Jack screamed into the blackness. He received no answer. Jack looked at the circles. Choosing one of them was one choice. Choosing another was another. Ra was how he, and Daniel met. He would be the perfect way of having Jack think about that. “I choose Daniel,” Jack screamed. The blackness receded, and Jack was back in the room on the Daniel Jackson. Vala was standing beside him.

“You chose right,” Vala said.

“Where is Daniel?” Jack asked.

“He is on Earth. Doctor Lam didn’t want him to go, so he had me guide you through that. He wants to know if you have learned why you couldn’t go,” Vala asked.

“Because I would be a problem for him, I would split his concentration.”

“That’s part of it. The second was that it is easier to hide two than three. I was needed because I know my way around. After he used the Sangreal, he became disoriented. I know how to get around. I know the back alleys and could get us away from there. Daniel didn’t want to take the chance to lose you but you wouldn’t get that,” Vala said.

“I want to see him,” Jack said.

“Thor?” Vala called out. Seconds later, Jack was standing beside a sleeping Daniel in his normal infirmary bed. The curtains were pulled back for privacy so Jack could do what he wanted. Jack lied down with Daniel on the bed.

“So sorry,” Jack whispered. He wasn’t tired but he wanted to reassure himself that Daniel was really there. “I’m a jealous possessive bastard. I didn’t want you to be alone with her.”

“General, is everything fine in there?” Janet asked as she stood outside the curtain.

“It’s fine. You can come in,” Jack said. Janet stepped in. She smiled.

“Welcome back, General. Is everything okay now?” Janet asked as she checked Daniel’s vitals.

“I think. We haven’t really talked,” Jack said as he pulled Daniel closer to him. Daniel smiled, and Janet saw it. She laughed. “What?”

“He’s awake,” Janet said. Jack sat up as Daniel started laughing. He could feel the shaking of Daniel’s body.

“You little shit,” Jack said. Daniel laughed harder. Jack leaned over and started tickling him. Janet stepped out and let the two men be alone. Jack finally stopped tickling Daniel when Daniel starting having trouble breathing. Jack leaned over and kissed Daniel. Daniel didn’t fight him. He pulled Jack farther on top of him. After a few minutes of making out, Jack remembered where they were and pulled back. “Sorry.”

“Janet said I could go home once you get here. She knows you’ll make me rest,” Daniel said. Jack smiled. He opened his mouth, and Daniel covered it with his hand. “I meant it. I want to get on with my life. While on the Daniel Jackson Thor got everything he needs for a long time. I want to leave this behind. That means the fight we had, what caused it, and parts of my past that came to front. Yes, you are a jealous bastard and you had better control it because you won’t get by with doing that again. I will leave you, and leave you for good. I don’t want to talk about what happened. I probably never will but you will be the first to know.”

“Sorry. I won’t let it happen again,” Jack said. Daniel saw the truth in his eyes. He nodded and smiled.


Two Days Later


“Are you sure?” Landry asked as he looked at Daniel across the briefing room table.

“The N.I.D. won’t be a problem for the SGC anymore,” Daniel said.

“You can’t promise that,” Landry said. Daniel smiled.

“Yes, I can. They have to know by now about what I can do. I will always have one eye on the project. Others like me will as well. You would do well not to piss them off. The fate of this galaxy depends on this project living up to its potential. I’m giving you three months of my time. In that time, I will deal with the Trust and Ba’al. After that, I am leaving. No if and or buts about it,” Daniel said. He looked at the two people sitting beside him. Sam and Teal’c were watching him.

“You’ve changed,” Landry said.

“I’ve become harder. That’s all. It’s what was needed to do what I’ve done. When I killed Adria, I saw everything that she would have missed out, if she had been allowed to have a normal life. The Ori robbed her of that life. Robbed Vala of having that life,” Daniel said. Sam laid a hand on Daniel’s shoulder and squeezed. “But that is now in the past. I’ll be leaving in a few hours, going to visit the President. Do you want to go with me or do you want me to give you a run down on what I say to him?”

“Take Colonel Carter with you,” Landry said. He looked at Daniel for a few seconds before he left to go to his office.

“He’s scared of me,” Daniel said, a slight smile on his face. “At least it’s some respect I’m getting.”

“He’s right you have changed,” Sam said.

“I’ve lost a lot in my life. Doing this made sure I wouldn’t lose anyone else.”

“The General,” Sam said. Daniel shook his head.

“You, Teal’c, Jack and everyone else here. The Goa’uld, Replicators and the Ori have robbed many people of a bright future. This time it robbed one of a certain one,” Daniel said. Teal’c frowned, not understanding.

“What do you mean, Daniel Jackson?” Teal’c asked.

“I can’t just live here anymore. To be near here I see things: paths and futures. If I let myself get caught up in them, I’m lost. I lose what I want. Jack and I will be leaving, going to Minnesota to live. The quiet will help me. I can be happy,” Daniel said.

“What about Janet?” Sam asked.

“I don’t know. It’s up to her. She can stay here and do what she wants. She will be able to help. She can just decide to disappear again.”

“I’ll be staying,” Janet said entering the room with Jack behind her.

“Perfect health,” Jack said smiling. He sat down beside Daniel and leaned close to him.

“He’s fine?” Daniel asked.

“Yes, just fine,” Janet said. She smiled at the people at the table. “But I am giving up my form, returning to the human plane. I’ve seen enough. I don’t think I am strong enough to stay this way.”

“Strong enough?” Jack asked.

“He hasn’t told you everything,” Janet said.

“He knows enough for now,” Daniel said.

“Three months?” Sam asked.

“You’re welcome to visit anytime,” Jack said. He smiled at Daniel. Daniel nodded back at her.

“Missy, can you let me know when Senator Bryans gets here. I want to get his meeting over with,” President Hayes said into his intercom. When she didn’t answer, Hayes pressed the button again.

“It doesn’t work,” Daniel said stepping from the shadows in the office. He used the shadows to hide his face. Hayes pressed his panic button but nothing happened. He heard Daniel chuckle before a darkness settled over the windows and the room was dark except for the small lamp on the desk.

“Who are you?” Hayes asked.

“I friend of the SGC’s, now I know that they have to find things to justify keeping the project going but I’ve always wondered. What if one of those races has the cure for cancer?” Daniel asked.

“It’s a military run operation,” Hayes said.

“So? A pure military operation would have destroyed the Earth long ago. I’ve seen in a few alternate realities,” Daniel said stepping out of the shadows so that Hayes could see him.

“Doctor Jackson?” Hayes asked.

“Yes,” Daniel said. Hayes stared at him. He didn’t get up from his seat. “I’m here to warn you but first. I can’t maintain this state indefinitely. So I want you to cancel your meetings for tonight. Then invite Colonel Carter in here.”

Hayes pressed the button on his desk, and Missy entered the room. She looked shocked at the man standing in the room.

“A Lieutenant Colonel Carter is here to see you and Senator Bryans called. He is stuck in a meeting on the hill,” Missy said. Hayes nodded.

“Show Colonel Carter in and cancel everything. I have something very important that just came up,” Hayes said. Missy nodded and left to show Sam in.

“Daniel,” Sam said. She saluted Hayes and then stood waiting.

“Please Colonel, relax,” Hayes said. Sam relaxed. “Doctor Jackson was just telling e why I should give command of the SGC over to a civilian.”

“No, I wasn’t. I was telling you to make sure that the leader of the SGC, not Landry, knows about what else should be looked at on a mission. General Landry is doing fine but he won’t be there forever. I give him a year or two. He wants to spend time with his daughter.”

“Daniel, there has been a few developments in the past few hours,” Sam said. Daniel looked at her. “Mr. President, Daniel has given the SGC three months of his time before he retires. Now, Teal’c, Mitchell, and myself will resign on the same day. Doctor Fraiser is also leaving at that time. Doctor Lam will be staying but only as long as her father is staying.”

“I see,” Hayes said.

“Why?” Daniel asked.

“Mitchell because he has something that he wants to live for. He knows that he is a hot head. He can’t trust himself. Teal’c wants to give up everything. He’s tired, mentally. I agree with him. Janet’s following with that as well.”

“Where will Mr. Teal’c live?” Hayes asked.

“With his wife,” Sam said.

“Wife?” Hayes and Daniel asked at the same time.

“He proposed to Janet,” Sam said. Daniel smiled.

“Why is Doctor Lam leaving with her father?” Hayes asked.

“Because she will be alone there at that point,” Sam said.

“I see some changes in the SGC,” Hayes said.

“Yes, which is why we are telling this to you,” Daniel said.

“Do you think that General O’Neill would come back?” Hayes asked.

“No. I don’t think so. It would be a problem,” Sam said while laughing.

“Why?” Hayes asked.

“He’s been caught making out with another man. In a closet,” Daniel said.

“I see. Why did he retire in Egypt so suddenly?” Hayes asked.

“Because I was dying, and he wanted to try to save me. He had an idea that if someone who loved me helped me the Sangreal wouldn’t kill me,” Daniel said. Hayes just looked at him. “Yes, Sir, it was me that he was caught with. This was after he retired.”

“I need time,” Hayes said. Seconds later both Sam and Daniel were gone. Hayes sat there looking at the space where the two had just been.


Eleven Months Later

Jack’s Cabin- Minnesota

“Daniel!” Jack yelled as he saw the cloud of dust stir up on the road. It meant that their visitors were there. Jack watched the two SUVs pull up into the drive.

Jack and Daniel had been away from the project for about eight months. The three months following the defeat of the Ori, Daniel routed out all of the members of the Trust still on Earth, and he helped with the capture and subsequent destroying of all of Ba’al’s clones. Daniel was also the one to capture the real Ba’al himself.

~Coming back now.~ Daniel said to him. Jack smiled. He liked their mental thing. He could talk to Daniel but only once Daniel had started the connection, or if Daniel was waiting for him to talk.

~Love you.~ Jack said back. He heard Daniel laugh. He looked up to see the six adults getting out of the SUVs. Mitchell was helping Carolyn out of the back seat of the lead vehicle. She was seven months pregnant. Janet was holding her newborn in her arms as well as she got out of the back of the second.

“Jack,” Janet called out. Jack moved forward to meet them. Last out was Sam and her new husband, Pete.

“Carter, Shanahan,” Jack said as he hugged Sam. Next, he hugged both Janet and Teal’c. He shook Mitchell’s hand and kissed Carolyn cheek. He had missed his friends a little but was glad to be with Daniel on a daily basis.

“Where’s Daniel?” Sam asked. She looked around for him.

“Out for a walk, he’ll be back soon,” Jack answered.

“We have a slight problem,” Sam said. Jack looked at the group in front of him. He wasn’t going back and knew that Daniel wasn’t either. They had given too much to the project. Too much had been taken away from both of them.

“I thought you were all retired?” Jack asked. He was talking to everyone but Carolyn. She was still at the SGC.

“They are but we need your help on this one. Dad gave you guys’ clearance for this one,” Carolyn said. Jack nodded. He hoped it was just needing Daniel’s help on a translation.

“He still runs the project?” Jack asked. Carolyn nodded. Jack smiled. Landry was good at his job in command of the SGC.

~Jack, why do I feel four children?~ Daniel asked. Jack knew he had to be close.

“Danny says there are four kids here,” Jack said. No one seemed surprised by that, especially Janet. Teal’c opened the SUV door, and Jack saw three kids in car seat. Two girls and a boy, one could tell easily that they were siblings.

“They were on their home planet when what looked like an earthquake hit. Ferretti brought them back. They are the only survivors. They had followed SG-2 to the ‘gate,” Sam said. Jack nodded.

“So which of you took them in?” Jack asked. That’s when everyone became a little uncomfortable. Jack looked at each of their faces.

“None of us, with their history, they saw their family die. We thought that they might be better with someone who’s been thought that sort of thing,” Sam said.

~They want us to take them.~ Daniel said as he stepped out of the woods behind the SUVs.

“Us?” Jack asked Daniel. So surprised he didn’t think it, he said it aloud.

“Jack, Teal’c and Janet have just had a baby. Mitchell and Carolyn are expecting. Pete and I just bought that house. They need more than what we can give them,” Sam said. One of the girls woke up. She looked around frightened. Jack moved past everyone to calm her down. As Jack picked her up, she locked her arms around Jack’s neck.

“What are their names?” Daniel asked as he opened the other side door and lifted out the other girl who was waking up as well. The boy was sound asleep.

“Alexei is the boy. Sari is the girl that Jack has, and she is little Ambry,” Sam said. Jack smiled. Sam moved to hug Daniel and everyone else followed. Ten minutes later, everyone was moved inside. Alexei was snuggled in Daniel’s lap while the girls were playing with the toys that had been brought with them. Introductions had been made and the kids were calm.

“So why us? I’m sure there are people at the SGC who would gladly take them in,” Jack said.

“While SG-2 was on the planet they saw some things. Seems that these people on the planet have mind abilities, SG-2 saw telekinesis, pyrokinesis and telepathy. These three…” Carolyn stopped when she saw a stuffed animal fly into the hands of Alexei. Jack choked on the coffee he was drinking. “We knew that Daniel would be able to help them. Until they are old enough to control it, Daniel can home school them. We’ve got the papers with us so we can start the ball rolling on getting him certified to be a teacher.”

“We need a little time,” Daniel said. Alexei leaned up so that he could tuck the bear under his arm and still hold onto Daniel. Jack smiled. Daniel started running his hand up and down Alexei’s back. “You should have called.”

“I’m sorry,” Carolyn said. Daniel just nodded and looked at the two girls. They weren’t doing anything out of the ordinary with their toys.

~Well?~ Daniel asked Jack.

~I don’t know, Danny, I mean are you ready? You still aren’t fully used to being back and it’s been a year. Sometimes you still fade out when you want to go somewhere and when we get into a disagreement.~ Jack said.

~They need us. Janet and I are the only ones who would be able to control them, and Janet doesn’t have her powers anymore. She already has a child to worry about and no powers to speak of I am left. We live out in the open, and I can help them.~ Daniel said. Jack nodded.

“How long are you guys staying?” Jack asked.

“As long as you will allow us to,” Sam said.

“I’m sure that Janet and Carolyn will want to rest. I’ll show you two to your rooms.”

“Is there enough room?” Teal’c asked.

“Jack and I built a small guest house behind the cabin. It has two large beds in it along with a half bath. That’s where Sam, Pete, Mitchell, and Carolyn are staying. We thought it best to put the baby in the house,” Daniel said. He looked down at the kids and smiled. “These guys can stay in here on the pull out couch.”

“Then once you guys are gone we will see about turning the guest room into a kid’s room,” Jack said. Everyone smiled. The next hour was spent signing all of the legal documents and getting everyone’s luggage where it belonged. Alexei took to Daniel and didn’t let him out of his sight. Most of his time was spent in Daniel’s arms or bumping into him as they walked. Finally, Daniel just picked him up and carried him whenever he went anywhere.

“Alexei, what’s wrong?” Daniel asked when the little boy started crying.

“Don’t make me go,” Alexei said. Everyone stopped talking and looked at Daniel and Alexei.

“No, you are staying. You and your sisters are staying. This is home now, if you want it to be,” Daniel said. Alexei hugged him. He stayed there until he fell asleep. By then it was their bedtime, and he and Jack put them to bed in their bed for the time being.

“Are they asleep?” Janet asked as the couple re-entered the room.

“Yeah, they are,” Jack said.

“First time they haven’t fought sleeping,” Carolyn said. She looked at Mitchell and motioned towards the guesthouse.

“Anyone can crash when they want,” Jack said. Two of the couples made their way to bed and only Jack, Daniel, Sam, and Pete were left.

“Just us adults,” Daniel said. Then he looked over at Jack. “Well three of us anyway.”

“Cute, Daniel,” Jack said as he pulled Daniel to him to hold him. Daniel settled down and closed his eyes. Sam looked over at the two with a raised eyebrow. Jack shook his head and raised a finger to his lip. A minute later, Daniel’s form started shifting from visible to murky. “He’s asleep.”

“Asleep?” Sam asked as she eyed Daniel’s form.

“He spent some time today somewhere else. Don’t ask me where. Now, he’s going back there. All in his mind, by the way. Don’t worry,” Jack said. He reached a hand down to rub Daniel’s stomach. “He’s still adjusting. He wants to be here with me but he’s feeling many things. Being out here in the boondocks helps but sometimes, he can’t control it. He’s getting better at it. It’s a slow process.”

“I’ll never get used to this,” Pete said. Jack laughed. Daniel shifted in Jack’s arms.

“Is he happy?” Sam asked.

“God, I hope so,” Jack said kissing the top of his head. Seconds later, Daniel was gone. Jack sat up and heard a scream. Jack was on his feet and running into their bedroom, with Sam and Pete on his feet. Daniel was sitting on the bed holding Alexei in his arms. The girls were just lying back down. Trying to go back to sleep. “Danny?”

“Nightmare,” Daniel said. He stood up with the boy and carried him to the living room. Jack helped him sit down on the couch, rocking the boy slightly trying to calm him down. Alexei was crying and couldn’t step. “Jack, get me a blanket.”

“Here,” Jack said grabbing a large blanket from the closet and wrapping around the two. “Better?”

“We’ll be back soon,” Daniel said and then he was gone.

“Jack?” Pete asked.

“That kid is scared. I think Daniel took him to the lake to calm him down,” Jack said.

“It’s cold out there,” Sam said.

“Which is why he asked for the blanket, don’t worry,” Jack said.


“Danny, are you hungry?” Jack asked the next morning. He found Daniel sitting in the bedroom window staring at the sleeping children on the bed.

“He’s also a telepath. He’s very weak at it but he could feel everyone’s worry. It was too much for him. You’ve gotten used to blocking that sort of stuff. They haven’t. How long are they staying?” Daniel asked not turning to look at Jack.

“Just four more days. Can he?”

“Yes, I’m blocking it for him. It’s no big deal,” Daniel said. Jack wrapped his arms around Daniel.

“Are you all right?” Jack asked.

“Just fine,” Daniel said.

“I meant about the kids,” Jack said.

“Yeah, it’s fine. I like having them here. I always wanted kids but I can’t have any. The sarcophagus made me sterile. It’s the reason that Pyrus only had Shy’la. Only Janet knew that. She didn’t put it in my file,” Daniel said. Jack kissed the side of his neck. Daniel sighed. “Sorry. I…”

“Shush. It’s fine. I’m glad you told me.”

“Do you think I could make a good father? I’ve always wondered. You know if Shifu hadn’t ascended?” Daniel asked.

“You’ll make a great father, Danny,” Jack said. He kissed Daniel until they heard giggles.

“Dad’s kissing Daddy,” Ambry said. Jack laughed and looked at the kids. They had only been there about twelve hours and were already calling Jack and Daniel ‘Dad’ and ‘Daddy’ they were going to be just fine.

The End


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