Adaptation 1-Season One

Title: Season One
Series: Adaptation
Year: Season One of The 4400
Category: Crossover, Drama, First Time, Romance, Hurt/Comfort, Established Relationship, Pre-Slash,
Ratings: NC-17
Pairings: Jack/Daniel, Daniel/Marco Pacella,
Spoilers: Each section gives the episodes it spoils and some general spoilers for the Stargate Movie.
Summary: Jack and Daniel as 4400, their ups and down in life and relationship as the series goes on and beyond the end of the series.
Words: 5,674
Notes: I doubt this will have a happy ending for Jack/Daniel fans. Don’t ask me. I write what I am told to. I know that the fic doesn’t always explain everything in the 4400 series, but I can’t really add it. This all happens from the P.O.V.’s of Jack and Daniel, they can’t know everything that NTAC does. If it’s not made public knowledge, or could possibly be overheard by one of the two, then it doesn’t make it into my fic.
Warnings: Sexually Derogatory Words,

Season One


Have you manifested a power, yet?” Diana Skouris asked the man in front of her. The man shook his head ‘no.’ He was Doctor Daniel Jackson, taken August 4th, 1994, just moments before he was to give a speech about the origins of the Pyramids.

Not since the last time we talked,” Daniel said. Diana nodded.

Do you still want to stay in quarantine?” Diana asked.

I have no one. My grandfather died while I was away. I’d rather not be alone,” Daniel said.

We have another 4400 who is renting a two bedroom. He’s looking for a roommate,” Diana said.

Sure. Maybe. I mean I might not like him,” Daniel said.

Jack O’Neill. He was in the same block as you, the man who came back with a few broken bones,” Diana said. Jack O’Neill had been taken July 28th, 1988 from the deserts of Iraq after a botched Special Ops mission.

We got along. Sure, if he wants me,” Daniel said. He didn’t care. He just wanted out of quarantine for good.

Tom’s waiting outside. He’ll drive you to the place, and you can look it over. Mister O’Neill has a job as a superintendent in the building. We’ve got a few jobs lined up for you in that part of the city. I see in your file that you were fired two weeks ago,” Diana said.

Thanks,” Daniel said. He stood up and exited the interview room. Tom Baldwin was waiting for him.


Baldwin,” Daniel replied. Half an hour later, Daniel was knocking on a door in an apartment door. Baldwin had dropped him off and told him to call if he needed a ride home. Jack opened the door.

Can I help you?” Jack asked. He recognized the man from quarantine.

Agent Skouris said you were looking for a roommate. Name’s Daniel…”

Jackson,” Jack and Daniel said at the same time.

I remember you. Do you have anything you need to bring with you?” Jack asked. Daniel held up the small bag.

Got fired two weeks ago because I’m a 4400. I have a few jobs lined up. Then I can pay my half of the rent.”

No rent. I get the place free. Just have half of the utilities by the end of next month, and you’re fine. NTAC gave me a few hundred to pay for the food until you get on your feet,” Jack said. He stood back so that Daniel could enter the apartment.

Jack was still limping from the broken leg he received in Iraq. Daniel wondered how he was doing his job while being injured, but he didn’t ask. Jack had never really talked to anyone else while in quarantine, and Daniel didn’t want to make him mad.

Listen, I know I may seem a bit gruff and standoffish but don’t be afraid. If I do something you don’t like, tell me,” Jack said as he sat down on the couch and propped his leg up. He reached for a pack of cigarettes and lit one.

First off, I’m allergic to cigarette smoke,” Daniel said. Jack snuffed out the cigarette in the ashtray, and he picked up the almost full pack and threw it in the trash. “I am also allergic to most types of flowers, furs, incense and a few kinds of food.”

I needed to quit anyway. Just put a list of the foods on the fridge. I’m pretty easygoing and very hungry right now. How about pizza? Baldwin said you’ve been staying in quarantine because you had no place to go and didn’t want to live alone. Why?”

I just…I guess I got used to quarantine. I grew up in Egypt. Never really been alone my whole life,” Daniel said.

Oh. That’s good to know,” Jack said. He grabbed the remote to the TV and turned it on. “Have a preference?”

No comedies or those damn ‘reality’ shows that have become popular,” Daniel said as he sat down in the chair perpendicular to the couch.

How about a hockey game? I’ve got this channel that plays old games,” Jack said. Daniel nodded his agreement and sat back to watch the game. Half way through, Jack ordered the pizza and Daniel went to put away his few things in his new room. Half an hour later, the pizza came, and Jack brought him a plate in his room. “Tomorrow we can go shopping and get you a few things.”

I don’t…” Jack interrupted with a slash of his hand.

NTAC gave me the money. Don’t worry. You are all set.” Jack said. Daniel nodded and started eating.


I went in for my check-up at NTAC and heard some strange things,” Daniel said to Jack at dinner a few days later.

Yeah?” Jack asked. He had gotten used to having the kid around. That was how he thought of Daniel, the kid. He was thirty-one-years-old, not much younger than Jack but he just seemed to scream innocence.

One of the guys we were in quarantine with. He is telekinetic,” Daniel said. Jack looked up, his eyebrow cocked. “Telekinesis. He’s able to move things with his mind.”

Are you sure you didn’t hear that from one of the 4400s who is crazy?” Jack asked.

Baldwin was talking about it. They had to shoot him to make him stop. He blew a man’s skull, too. Tiny fractures every where in the bone in his skull,” Daniel said. Jack looked at Daniel’s eyes. He wasn’t telling a lie. “I also found this site It talks about it in more depth. Calls him a menace.”

Just eat, Daniel,” Jack said. Daniel frowned but continued to eat. Instead of watching TV with him as he usually did, Daniel went to his room and shut the door. Jack sat for few minutes staring at the door before he turned on the TV.

After an hour, Jack looked back at the door and wondered why he missed the kid sitting with him.

The New and Improved Carl Morrissey

Daniel came home in a huff that day. He went straight to his room. Jack was worried. He’d never done that. He usually stopped to talk to Jack, asking about his day and making sure his leg was fine. Jack slowly got up off the couch and moved towards the bedroom. He knocked on Daniel’s door. No noise came from inside. He got even more worried.

Jack opened the door slowly. He found Daniel lying on his bed, the blankets pulled over him, and his head buried in a pillow. Jack moved forward but stopped when he heard the sobs that Daniel was muffling with the pillow.

Danny?” Jack asked. He used the pet name for the first time, and Daniel didn’t say anything. Jack sat down on the bed and pulled the blanket back a little so that he could look at Daniel’s face. Daniel just turned his head away. Jack laid a hand on Daniel’s back and had Daniel tried to jerk away from him. “Don’t Danny; please tell me what’s wrong?”

Nothing is wrong. I just want to be left alone,” Daniel said. Jack nodded and got up off the bed. He went to the living and started a CD of Opera music. Jack settled back and listened to it for an hour before he heard Daniel move around the bedroom. He heard the bathroom door open and shut. He hoped that Daniel would feel like eating and went to order the Chinese food that Daniel liked so much. By the time that it had arrived, Daniel finally came into the living room. That’s when Jack saw the black eye for the first time.

Jesus, Daniel. How did that happen?” Jack asked as he went to the freezer to get an icepack.

I was jumped on my way home. Some punks found me on the 4400 site. I got away after a few kicks and punches,” Daniel said accepting the icepack.

You are taking the car from now on. I know you hate driving with such a short trip. It’s either the car or I go with you to work and walk you home,” Jack said. Daniel glared at him but nodded and took the keys that Jack gave him. “I can even start teaching you self defense if you want.”

I don’t know,” Daniel said. Jack nodded and started dishing out the food. “I don’t want to become a target.”

Daniel you already are a target. You are a 4400. That puts a big sign on your back,” Jack said as Daniel started to eat. “I won’t hurt you.”

I know you won’t, I’ve just never been too good at the physical stuff. Trip over my own two feet and such,” Daniel said. Jack laughed.

You’ll be fine. I use to be military.”


Major. You know I think that the people from the future taking me was the best thing that could have happened to me. I was stuck in the desert with Iraqis on my tail. My broken bones would have gotten me caught sooner or later,” Jack said. Daniel nodded.

I was about to give a lecture about what I believe to be the origin of the pyramids.” Daniel looked down at the table.

Yeah?” Jack asked.

It would have made my career or sent it spiraling into hell. So maybe it was a good thing that I didn’t give it. I don’t think that they would take too well to it. Maybe now they could but not then,” Daniel said as he blushed. Jack felt the rush of emotions as Daniel blushed, the same kinds of emotions he once had for his now ex-wife.

Did you leave anyone behind?” Jack asked because he wanted to hear Daniel talk some more.

No, Sarah left me just a few weeks before I was to give the speech. She thought I was crazy and didn’t want me taking her down, too. What about you?” Daniel asked, looking up at Jack.

My ex-wife Sara found out she was pregnant after I had gone over to Iraq. I didn’t find out until after I was released from quarantine. She lost the baby from the stress of my being missing.”

I’m sorry, Jack. That had to hurt.”

Thanks. I don’t think I would have done well as a father. With all the missions, I wouldn’t have been home,” Jack said. Daniel leaned over to place a consoling hand on Jack’s shoulder.

Jack smiled at him and covered the hand for a second with his own before he squeezed it. That confirmed it for Jack. He was falling fast for the young man, hard, fast, and deep, but he didn’t know if Daniel liked him or was even gay. Jack knew the stereotype was that all academics were rather open but it was just that a stereotype. Jack was too scared to come out and ask the young man if he was bisexual. They didn’t know each other well enough for that.

They finished eating in silence. After that, Daniel went to the couch to read while Jack watched a game on TV. Jack noticed that as the game went by, Daniel was slipping farther down the couch until he was scrunched in a ball, asleep. Jack smiled. He roused the man enough that he could lead him to his bedroom and laid him down. Daniel rolled over in the bed but didn’t make to take off his clothes. Jack just covered him up and left him to his own devices. If he got hot, he could kick off the covers or get undressed.

Jack lay on his bed that night wondering if Daniel normally slept naked in his bed. Jack never saw him until he was dressed for the day. Jack moaned when he felt the stirrings in his cock. He moaned aloud as he thought of going into that room and waking Daniel with a kiss. Jack started fisting his cock. He imagined Daniel pulling him on top of his naked body. He opened his legs, settled Jack in between them, then leaned up to kiss Jack fully, their tongues sliding and caressing. Daniel started bucking up into Jack, searching for friction against his own swollen dick and groaning when Jack started humping him right back.

It didn’t take long for Jack to come to the thoughts in his head. He jerked and bit his lip so that he wouldn’t moan aloud and disturb Daniel. Jack reached over and grabbed his t-shirt so that he could wipe himself clean, and he covered up. It didn’t take long for him to fall asleep and dream of Daniel.


So this job seems like it might stick?” Jack asked as Daniel returned from another day of work at his new job. Daniel nodded. He’d been there for a few weeks this time, and he hadn’t been fired.

I don’t know. The fact that the Friday Harbor killer might be a 4400 isn’t sitting well with a few of the customers,” Daniel said.

Just don’t mind them. Do your job. If you ignore them, they will go away. Don’t do anything wrong, and your boss can’t fire you this time. You have a contract with them,” Jack said. Daniel nodded.

I don’t. I just grin and bear it.”

Good. I’ve just ordered Chinese for you. I got pizza for myself. Yours should be here soon,” Jack said as he turned on the television to Sports Center to get the scores from the night before. Daniel smiled and shook his head. Jack watched as Daniel became engrossed in the playback of crucial highlights from the games.

Ten minutes later, the doorbell rang. Daniel got up to answer it, thinking that it was the food delivery but opened the door to Baldwin and Skouris instead.

Daniel,” Skouris said.

Hi, uh come on in,” Daniel said. He stepped back enough so that Jack could see who was at the door.

Tom, Diana, is something wrong?” Jack asked as he stood up and clicked off the TV.

Oh no, nothing is wrong. We just wanted to make sure that you two are getting along fine,” Skouris said.

Just fine. Daniel just got off work, and he was waiting for his dinner to get here. It was my turn to cook, and I didn’t feel like it,” Jack said. Baldwin nodded.

So this is working out?” Baldwin asked.

Yeah, it’s great. I like having him here. He’s tidy, always cleaning. It’s like having live in maid, and I don’t have to pay him,” Jack quipped. Baldwin and Skouris shared a look.

He’s like having a live in chef. He does wonders with food,” Daniel said. The two NTAC agents calmed when they heard the two men laughing.

Your leg is better?” Baldwin asked.

Yes, all better. Nothing wrong with it at all,” Jack said.

The job?” Skouris asked.

It’s going good. Since the stuff about the Friday Harbor killer, I’ve had a few people who aren’t very nice, but I am dealing,” Daniel said. Baldwin nodded.

How’s Maia?” Daniel asked Skouris.

She’s going just fine,”

She was so lonely. I was happy to hear that you took her in,” Daniel said. Skouris nodded. A knock came at the door and this time it was Daniel’s dinner. The two agents took their leave so that Daniel could eat in peace.

After eating, Daniel went to the couch to watch the game with Jack. He smiled at Jack as he sat down and after a little bit, Jack switched to the nightly news.

Wanna play chess?” Jack asked. Daniel shrugged. Jack had seen the chessboard when Daniel had moved in but they had never played a game. “I’ve never lost a game.”

Oh, that’s good,” Daniel said. Jack saw the small smirk on Daniel’s face and wondered what that mean. Jack watched as Daniel moved to get the chess set out of his room. He liked how the jeans hugged Daniel’s hips. They weren’t too tight but they looked wonderful on the man. Jack knew that Daniel was oblivious to the eyes of others. He never saw how many heads he turned.

An hour later, they were into their third game, with Daniel winning the first two.

You little sneak,” Jack said when Daniel started laughing.

How about checkers?” Jack asked. Daniel laughed. “I have three degrees, Jack: archeology, anthropology, and philology. I know how to play chess. I was captain of my college chess team. At all the colleges I went to.”

How about one more game then you can teach me how to play poker?” Daniel asked.

Sure that sounds good. I haven’t played poker in a while so give me time if I mess up on the rules,” Jack said as he looked around for a deck of cards.

If people play it while drunk, it shouldn’t be that hard to remember how to play it.” Both men laughed at Daniel’s little joke while Daniel set up the board again. They played in silence until the special news report caught their eye.

Police aren’t saying who released this closely guarded secret. A document containing the names and addresses of all the 4400 has appeared on the internet and is now posted on more than 20 sites. Authorities won’t confirm the leak but efforts to shut down the sites with an emergency injunction suggest the list is genuine. We’ll have more on this breaking story as it develops,” The reporter said. Both Jack and Daniel’s attention turned from the chess to the TV. Daniel looked at Jack in shock.

I wouldn’t be surprised if it was that Yates woman who found the information and leaked it. She hasn’t liked us since the start,” Jack said. He looked down at the board to see Daniel make the winning move, again. “Damn.”

Jack, you don’t think that things will start happening to us do you?” Daniel asked.

No, NTAC will protect us.” Daniel nodded and looked down. “Wanna play again?”

Sure, I don’t feel much like poker now.”

Yeah, let’s save that for a night when we are both drunk,” Daniel said. Jack looked up. Daniel had never talked about wanting to drink. Hell he thought that the young man wouldn’t touch the stuff with his migraines and medicines he had to take for his allergies. “I just don’t take the pill in the morning like I normally do. I’ve drunk before, Jack.”

I just didn’t expect it that’s all,” Jack said.

Geeks drink as much as everyone else. For some, it’s the only time their mind shuts down, barring orgasms,” Daniel said. Jack choked back the question of whether they worked on Daniel. Daniel saved him by yawning and looking at the clock. “I’m going to bed. Good night, Jack.”

Night, Daniel,” Jack said to Daniel’s back. After Daniel was safely in his room, Jack groaned. He knew he would have to jack off before he went to sleep to get the image of Daniel out of his mind.

Trial By Fire

I just got fired again,” Daniel as he entered the apartment he shared with Jack. Jack sighed and shook his head. This had been his third job since the 4400 had all been released from quarantine. “Some punk punched me. I didn’t do anything, but Mister Adams said that he can’t have that kind of person working there.”

I told you that you should have taken the job for the school, do all those translations for them over the ‘net. Much safer for everyone,” Jack said. Daniel sighed and plopped down onto the couch. “With the bombings everyone is scared.”

Yes, well we never did anything to the world. I just hope they leave use alone.” Daniel grabbed the controller from Jack and found a program on the pyramids to watch.

Come on. Please, you bitch more about these programs than I do when a game is on,” Jack said. Daniel laughed at him.

I have to see what they get right and it won’t kill you,” Daniel said.

I wanna watch the news,” Jack complained. Daniel laughed and handed Jack the remote. Jack clicked onto one of the local news stations. He settled back to start watching the news while Daniel started reading a book while listening to the news with one ear.

Come on, Jordan, aren’t you overreacting?” The host Barbara Yates asked.

No, I’m not at all. Publishing the names and addresses of the 4400 is a crime, Barbara. It’s a violation of the privacy of over 4,000 people and whoever did it should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law,” Jordan Collier replied.

So, warning people they may be living next to a public menace is a crime…” Jack flicked off the TV and let the quiet take over the room. They were both getting sick of the news about the 4400’s.

Jack, I’m scared,” Daniel said. Jack looked over at Daniel.

I know, but we should be fine. The complex here doesn’t let just anyone in.”

It would be so easy for them to just blow the whole thing up and not just our place.”

Danny, calm down. NTAC is doing what they can to protect us.”

NTAC? You don’t trust NTAC. You don’t trust anyone in the military and the government. Should I?” Daniel asked.

Yes, as far as our protection goes, I think we can trust them. Look, you’re upset about the job. Just calm down. I got some beer. Want one?” Daniel nodded and went with Jack to grab the beer and some snacks. Jack watched as Daniel ate as much food as he drank of the beer. He seemed to get friendlier as the beers went down. Daniel talked about some of the things he did in college and about how he had never got to know anyone well enough to go out with them.

Jack frowned at that. Did Daniel really have so many problems in his childhood that he didn’t trust anyone? Daniel seemed to have trusted him quickly. Was it because of what they had gone through together? Daniel drank another beer before he finally fell asleep on the couch, snoring. Jack smiled at him. He found a pillow and lifting Daniel’s head, he placed it underneath. Next, he covered Daniel with a blanket and made sure he didn’t have any body parts at uncomfortable positions.

Jack felt brave so he kissed the top of Daniel’s head and caressed his cheek. Daniel smiled into the pillow and arched his head into the caress for a few seconds before he settled back down. Jack passed it off as Daniel thinking of his parents. Jack quickly left the living room before he did something for which he couldn’t forgive himself. At the last second, he went to the kitchen, filled a glass with water, and grabbed two Tylenol for Daniel for when he woke up. Jack watched him for a few minutes before he went to bed.


Jack, did you make sure to pay the ‘net bill?” Daniel asked as he exited the small office they had set up in the den. Jack looked up from the newspaper and thought back to the bills he had paid.

Yeah I did. I know I did. Why?” Jack asked.

It’s not working,” Daniel said. Jack frowned and stood up. He walked past Daniel into the den and checked the computer. He spent a few minutes clicking around on the computer and picked up the phone. He placed the receiver at his ear and frowned. He reached into his pocket and handed his cell phone to Daniel.

Call NTAC. Our phone line has been cut. I don’t like this,” Jack said. Daniel found the number every 4400 had been given so they could contact NTAC in case of an emergency. When he got the dispatcher, he explained that their phone lines had been cut and that they had paid the bill. The dispatcher said that agents would be there shortly and that they should stay in an open area just so that they have options.

Jack pulled Daniel into the living room in time to hear the front door being kicked in. Seconds later, three masked men entered. One had a gun. He took aim quickly and was about to pull the trigger when Jack shoved Daniel down to the floor. He threw a one of Daniel’s books at the man. Daniel barely had time to get up when he heard the gun hit the floor. It skidded to just a few feet in front of him. He quickly grabbed the gun and looked at Jack. One of the attackers was coming at him while two fought with Jack. Thanks to the little training Jack had given him, Daniel was able to subdue the man with little hurt to either of them. Daniel used a book to knock the man unconscious. Seconds later, the man who had pulled the gun landed at his feet, knocked unconscious by Jack’s fist. The third man took off out the door and into the landlord, who tripped the man and sat on him.

Danny?” Jack asked as he rubbed his knuckles. Daniel nodded, and Jack sighed. Minutes later, Baldwin and Skouris topped the steps with their guns drawn. “Better late than never. Danny, give them the gun.”

Sure,” Daniel said. He handed Skouris the gun and waited for her to say something. “The guy this belonged to is down there,” Daniel pointed at his feet to the second man. Other NTAC agents flooded the house while they rounded up the men and placed them in cuffs. Jack knew that he needed an ice pack and was happy when Daniel gave him one.

Thanks,” Jack said. Daniel smiled at him.

Three hours later, both men stumbled through their apartment door. An NTAC agent was posted outside and would be until the door was replaced sometime the next day. Jack was the one to notice the blinking light on their answering machine. He pressed the button while Daniel found the take out menus so they could order dinner.

This is Robert Rothman. I’m calling for Daniel. Hey, it’s been a while. I know in the e-mail you talked about having trouble finding a job. Guess what? The collegewhere I am teaching is having problems finding a translator. Call me at the number I gave you,” Robert said. The machine clicked, and Daniel just stared at it.

You gonna call him?” Jack asked. Daniel nodded. He went to his bedroom and shut the door. Jack heard Daniel talking. Sometimes he could make out a few words. Jack decided not to worry about it. Daniel would tell him if he got the job.

White Light

We need to find a new place. I don’t like living around so many people,” Jack said.

You’re just being paranoid, Jack,” Daniel said as he set down the spaghetti sauce on the table. It was Daniel’s turn to cook dinner. Since both woke up at different times on most mornings, they fixed their own breakfast. Lunch for Jack was eaten at his job and since Daniel worked from home, he fixed his own.

After the bombings and the break in by those punks wanting to follow in the bombers foot steps, the landlord is just trying to find a loophole to get rid of us Jordan Collier found me a job. He can help us find a new place,” Jack said.

We?” Daniel asked. He looked down at his food.

Yes, we, I kinda like living with you. Plus, a big house with just me would be kinda lonely,” Jack said.

I’m scared. Have you heard the rumors?” Daniel asked. Jack shook his head. “I heard that we 4400’s are supposed to save the planet. We were taken by humans from the future, and we were seeded back in to save the humans.”

And what crack pot did you hear this from?” Jack asked. Daniel looked at him as if he had grown another head. He stood up and moved to leave, but Jack didn’t want him to go. He wanted to say he was sorry. He went to grab Daniel by the arm, and Jack’s hand went right through. Jack stopped, but Daniel didn’t notice. He kept on going straight into his room.

Jack stood there looking at his hand, wondering what had just happened, until Daniel screamed. Jack quickly ran into the room and found Daniel looking down at book on the floor.

Jack, I just picked that up and then it fell through my hand,” Daniel said when Jack entered the room. Jack bent over and picked up the book.

My hand went through you. I didn’t know if it was you or me then, I guess it’s you.” Jack touched Daniel’s shoulder and found that Daniel was solid. Daniel was staring at the book in shock. “Daniel, do you want to go to NTAC?”

NO!” Daniel practically screamed. He turned to Jack. “No, I don’t want anyone knowing. We’re already targets.”

Okay, that’s fine with me but now we really need to look for a house. If you start to go through things, you could end up downstairs in someone’s apartment,” Jack said. Daniel nodded. Jack smiled at him in a reassuring way. He didn’t want Daniel to really start to freak.

I’m sorry, Jack,” Daniel said.

Sorry? What do you have to be sorry for? I’m the one that acted like an ass. I’m sorry about the comment I made about the rumors,” Jack said. Daniel smiled at him.

I’m sorry for this. I didn’t mean to get a power.” Daniel ducked his head and Jack couldn’t help it. He grabbed Daniel in a hug and didn’t let go until Daniel relaxed in his arms.

It’s not your fault,” Jack said. The phone ringing made both men jump. Daniel moved to answer the cordless phone on his nightstand.

Daniel Jackson…Robert, hi…no I was just talking to Jack…Yeah, great and all over the ‘net? That’s great. Of course, yeah we can buy that for the computer. I can. Today, sure…Yeah that’s great, thanks Robert.” Jack tried to follow the conversation but got lost soon into it. Daniel turned and nearly jumped into Jack’s arms. “I got the job!”

That’s great, Danny,” Jack said as he returned the hug.

I’ll take a little bit of reduced pay in the beginning so that I can get an advance to help with the house. I knew that you would want to move so I talked with the boss about it. She understood.”

She did?” Jack asked.

Yeah, I used to go to school with her. We even dated for a while until I got lost in my work,” Daniel said as he went first into the living room and then, into the den. Jack let him be. An hour later, Daniel came out of the den with a list. “Can I borrow the car? I need to get a few things so that I can do the translations online.”

Sure, but I’ll drive. I need a few things for the printer as well. Might as well do it all in one shot,” Jack said as he stood up and grabbed the car keys.


I think that I found us a pretty great house,” Jack said as he came in from the new job that Collier had found him two weeks earlier. Daniel looked up from his new desk and smiled at Jack.


Yeah, it has a huge backyard and two floors. We can set up an office for you on the ground floor and the upstairs for your bedroom and a guest room. Can you take a break so I can show it to you?” Jack asked.

I’m sure it’s fine. I don’t really care what it looks like. As long as I have a bedroom and an office I’ll be happy,” Daniel said as he turned back to his work. Jack sighed. Daniel never had an opinion about the places Jack found. This time he wasn’t going to allow it. Daniel was coming to look at the place if Jack had to drag him out of there kicking and screaming.

No, I am not going to say ‘yes’ to the realtor unless you look the place over top to bottom.” Jack stared at Daniel until the man turned around and looked at Jack.

Jack, I don’t care what the place looks like as long as it has a roof for my head, a desk for my work and a bed for my body.”

NO! Get your ass up, save your work and get moving to the car,” Jack said. His tone of voice left no room for questions, and Daniel saved his work and was out the door in just a few seconds. Jack smiled. He could control Daniel a little bit.

The End of Season One

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