Harry Meets Draco

Title: Harry Meets Draco
Series: What Happened to Harry Potter Interludes
Year: 1989
Category: Gen, Friendship,
Ratings:  E
Pairings: None
Spoilers: None
Summary: Harry goes to the park one day and meets someone he never thought he would. Now he just has to keep it secret from his dad. He doesn’t want to not see him again.
Words: 1,666
Notes: None
Warnings: None
Beta: None

Summer 1989
Harry Potter was standing at the edge of the park. His father had left him there to play while he did other things. Harry didn’t want to be a way from his father. Severus thought that it would be safe for him to play. It was only going to be Muggles at the park but Harry still worried.

There were ten other children playing at the park when they had arrived. Severus had been called away back to the house and had left Harry there. Harry turned and looked at the house they were staying in. He could see Zook poking his head out the window to watch him. It wouldn’t have been safe for Zook to be seen by the kids. While Muggles didn’t see the magic world very well, sometimes children could see it. It was just better if Zook stayed in the house.

Harry saw a better park across the street. It had older kids, more his age, at it. He looked at the house and saw that Zook was not watching. He decided to brave it. He wouldn’t be caught. He was safe. It was a Muggle park. There was nowhere safer, save the house. Harry crossed the road and entered the park. He was looking around when a voice interrupted him.

“Want to play with me?” a small voice asked. Harry turned to look farther into the new playground. There was a small blond-haired boy standing in front of him. He was a new kid, Harry had never seen him before.

“Sure, my name is Harry James.” Harry didn’t feel bad lying. He had learned that sometimes lies were necessary to protect one’s self. Severus had taught him that.

“Draco Malfoy. I’ve never seen you here before. Father brings me here all the time while he is in meetings.”

“It’s my first time here at this park. I’ve only been to the other park a few times.”

“Ah, Muggle-born.”

Harry blinked at the comment. This was a Wizard. This was a Wizard park. Harry smiled as he touched his forehead. The scar was covered up for the day. It was just kids here so no one should recognize him.

“You’ll love it here. Come on!” Draco grabbed his arm and pulled him over to what looked like a sandbox. Harry had never really got to play in one before. The moment that he touched the sand, it morphed into a very elaborate castle. Harry jumped back in surprise. “It creates things based on what you are thinking at that moment. That’s a nice castle. We can even act out stories in here.”

Draco touched the sand and a giant dragon appeared. Harry touched the sand again and little soldiers appeared around and inside his castle. The dragon and soldiers started doing battle, with the dragon breathing sand fire and killing some of the soldiers.

They played for over an hour and Draco was the winner with all of Harry’s soldiers being killed and the princess taken from the castle and carried back to the dragon’s lair.

Harry looked at the watch on his wrist and exclaimed. “Sorry Draco, I’ve got to go back to the Muggle Park. My father is very protective of me and wants me to stay in the Muggle Park.”

“Sure, will you come back?”

“The next day that I can, I will.”

“Bye!” Draco waved as Harry ran back across the park. Harry waved back as he reached the edge of the park. Harry sat down on a bench just as his father was leaving the house. Harry ran over and waited for his father to hug him. He was using the face of one of the men from the surrounding villages of where they really lived. Harry knew his though because it was the face he almost always used.

“Did you have fun?” Severus asked.

“Yes. I played with some of the others kids.”

“Zook looked out but you must have been on the slide. He was busy with other things. I told him you were safe and sound and just having fun playing.”

“Of course I was safe.” Harry didn’t like lying but he wasn’t hurting anyone or anything.


It had been three months and Harry and Draco had become good friends. Harry had still not told him his biggest secret but it was the secret that could get him killed. He trusted Draco but there were others who would do whatever they could go get him and hurting Draco would be small to them.

Harry arrived in the park and saw that Draco was not there yet. Harry set himself down by the sand box. It was their favorite place to play. Harry was very good at doing very intricate designs in the sand and Draco loved watching him do them.

Draco told him that he was very powerful for a Muggle-born. Harry never told him that he was a half-blood. He hated the lie but it was better to have him believe that. Too many questions would come up if Draco knew much more about his life.

He had his back turned to the park entrance. He never saw Severus striding into the park. He wasn’t in his normal disguise. This time it was another face he wore. A face that hadn’t been seen alive in a few years. Harry didn’t know the face and would never connect that it was his father. Regulus Black’s face was being seen for the first time in many years.

“Harry James, what do you think you are doing?” Severus demanded when he got closer to Harry.

Harry spun around and fell off the side of the sandbox. He looked up at the face that was staring at him. He didn’t know the face but he did know the look on it. He had been caught. Harry scrambled to his feet and started to talk but Severus grabbed him by his shirt collar and started to pull him away.

“You should never have set foot in the park.”

“I’m sorry. It looked so much fun. I’ve never noticed it before. I’m sorry. I just thought it was another part of this park.”

“We have to leave and never come back.”


“That’s a Wizard park, Harry. You aren’t safe there.”

“I didn’t know. I’m sorry.”

“I’m just glad that we have trained extensively in Occlumency. Did anyone talk to you while you were there today?”

“No,” Harry replied, happy that he didn’t have to lie about that at least. They were nearing the house. Harry thought for a second that they were going to go inside but instead they turned the corner and Severus pulled him close. Harry knew they were going to Apparate. He was never going to see Draco again.


Draco arrived at the park a little later than what he normally would have. He entered just as he saw a man pulling Harry off. Draco ran at his full speed but the mans quickness and lead were no match for him. Draco wished in that instant that he knew more magic. Harry was being taken. Draco finally got close enough that he heard what was being said.

“That’s a Wizard park, Harry. You aren’t safe there.”

“I didn’t know. I’m sorry.”

“I’m just glad that we have trained extensively in Occlumency. Did anyone talk to you while you were there today?”


Draco stopped in his tracks. It was Harry’s father and his father was mad at him. Draco knew from their talks that Harry didn’t fear his dad but that his dad was very protective. There was no mention of a mother. Draco had been wondering for a while if his mother had been magical and his father a Muggle. That would explain how he would know about magic but with what his father said about Occlumency, that theory was blown. His father was a magic user.

“He is probably an Unspeakable. That’s why he so crazy about protecting him.”

Draco walked back to where his father was. He didn’t feel like playing. His father didn’t ask any questions. Just left Draco sit and read while he worked for the day. That afternoon they went to Diagon Alley and Draco was allowed to pick up a few more books.

“Harry Potter should have been sorted this year,” Pansy Parkinson said as she watched the last person being sorted.

“Who cares?” Draco asked as he took a sip of his drink on the table. He didn’t care about Harry Potter. His friend Harry James was not at Hogwarts. His father must have put him somewhere else. The doors banging open startled nearly everyone. Draco looked over at that doors and saw a black-haired boy enter with his head held high. He dropped his cup. It was Harry. It was his friend Harry! Draco nearly jumped up and waved at him but the words being said in the hall and the scar on Harry’s forehead stopped him. It was Harry Potter. He had made friends with Harry Potter.

Draco used his wand to clean up his pumpkin juice and watched Harry as he was sorted. His heart fell when he heard ‘Gryffindor’ being called out for him.

They couldn’t be friends. It wouldn’t be allowed. Slytherins and Gryffindors couldn’t be friends.
The End

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