Harry Gets His Wand

Title: Harry Gets His Wand
Series: What Happened to Harry Potter Interludes
Year: 1991
Category: Gen, AU,
Ratings:  G
Pairings: None
Spoilers: None
Summary: Severus takes Harry shopping for his wand.
Words: 1,347
Notes: None
Warnings: None
Beta: None

August 1991
Harry sat up in his bed and smiled. Today was the day. He would be considered a true wizard after today. He was getting his wand. He jumped out of bed and started to get dressed in a pair of jeans and a plain dark green t-shirt. It was the Muggle clothes his father said he had to wear when they went out into the world. He was posing as a Muggle father who’s Witch wife died and he was left to raise their son who was a Wizard.

“Harry!” Severus yelled from the downstairs. Harry rushed into the bathroom to brush his teeth and hair. He quickly washed his mouth out with water and ran his brush through his hair and practically ran down the steps. Severus was waiting for him at the back door. He was dressed and ready to leave. “I thought we might eat out this morning.”

Harry smiled and nodded before he moved towards the door. He quickly squeezed past his father and went to the garden. Lunar was laying and sunning himself. Harry petted him on his head.

“I’m getting my wand today!” Harry went to his knees and hugged his pseudo pet. Lunar licked him on his cheek and then laid his head back down. Harry kissed him on his head and then stood up. Severus was standing and watching him.

“Let’s go!” Severus said as he motioned for Harry to go in front of him. Harry ran to the Apparition point. Severus walked at a much calmer pace. When he got there he opened his arms and Harry stepped into them. It was a few seconds later that Harry felt the pull and then they were gone. Harry closed his eyes. He really didn’t like Side-Along-Apparition but he was getting more and more used to it.

They arrived in an alley in the Muggle part of London. Harry let go of Severus and stepped back. He straightened his glasses and looked at his father.

“Ready?” Severus asked. Harry nodded back at him and then started forward. Severus caught up easily and put his hand on Harry’s shoulder as they walked to the diner across the road. They ordered and ate quickly. Harry was too excited to really eat too much. His stomach had butterflies in them.

It seemed like forever to Harry, when they finally left the diner and made their way to The Leaky Cauldron. Severus’s disguise of the day was set in place and he had already taken another sip of his Polyjuice Potion so that it wouldn’t slip. Harry had been inside of Diagon Alley only a few times and each time he had been under the Disillusionment Charm. This was his first time that he could do what he wanted. He knew that he had to act surprised by it all, that was part of the cover.

“Are you Tom?” Severus asked the man at the bar, who turned to stare at Severus’s and Harry.

“I am Steve James and this is my son Harry. I was told that you would let us into Diagon Alley so that we can get a wand for Harry today.”

Harry waved at Tom while smiling bright. He was bouncing on his heels. It didn’t take much to act like a Muggle. He was too excited to not calm down.

“Yea. Go on over. I will be over in a minute.”

Harry practically pulled Severus over by his hand. Severus smiled at Harry’s antics. It was only a few minutes later that Tom opened the gateway and they were inside of Diagon Alley. They were only shopping for the wand, robes, and books. Severus had already acquired everything else that was going to be needed for the school year. Severus didn’t want them being there too long. If they were there too long they ran too many chances of something going wrong.

“I have your money on me so we don’t need to go to Gringott’s. Let’s go to Madame Malkin’s first.”

They were inside of Malkin’s for only twenty minutes. They would pick the robes up once they were done with the rest of their shopping. Flourish and Blott’s was next and Harry spent a long time in there. They walked out with the school books and ten pleasure books for Harry, along with a book for Severus about raising a Wizarding child in the Muggle World. Just for appearance sake.

Finally, Harry entered Ollivanders. They were the only ones in there and Harry marched right up to the desk to try and gain someone’s attention.

“Would you like me to close the shop, Professor?” a voice asked from behind them. Harry and Severus spun around and found Ollivander’s standing at the door. The window’s were already darkened so that no one could see inside. His hand was on the door, readying the lock. Severus pulled his wand from someone where up his sleeve. “Put away your wand, Professor. If I had wanted to cause you harm I could have already. I was wondering if I would see you sometime Mr. Potter.”

“And how do you know who we are?” Harry asked. He could feel his magic surrounding him and it was ready to act.

“I know magic. I am a wand maker it is my duty to know magic. I know that wand there in the Professor’s hand. It sang to me when we entered and you Mr. Potter. I would know your magic anywhere.”

“I see,” Severus stated dryly but he never put his wand up.

Ollivander didn’t seem surprised by Severus. Instead he went about gathering up boxes and boxes of wands. Harry tried each of them out and found that they didn’t work for him.

“I wonder,” he said as he reached under his counter. “I have been saving this. When I found out that Mr. Potter was supposedly dead I put this wand up. The phoenix who gave up his feather for this wand gave up another feather. I created two wands out of them and the other was taken many years ago.”

Ollivander handed Harry a wand, when it touched Harry’s hand a wind storm picked up and red and yellow sparks shot out of the end of it. Harry looked over at Severus with a smile on his face. Severus was not smiling. Harry looked back at Ollivander.

“Who does the other wand belong to?”

“Right now it belongs to no one. It was last used by the man who gave you that scar.”

“Really? Fascinating.”

“And are you going to be letting the man who owns Fawkes know that the other wand was taken?”

“I will let him know that it was taken but not by who. I would love to be there when Mr. Potter shows up at Hogwarts.”

“Yes, I only wish I could capture it on film.” Severus laughed.

“Who does Fawkes belong to, Father?” Harry asked.

“The Headmaster, Harry.”

Harry nodded and looked back at Ollivander, who had a stunned expression on his face.

“How did Mr. Potter come to live?”

“I saved him that night.”

“I see. I expect great things from you, Mr. Potter. He Who Must Not Be Named did great things, terrible but they were great.”

“Yes, I expect the world wants me to do great things. I just don’t think they will like some of those great things that I do.”

As Harry and Severus turned to leave, they could hear Ollivander laughing lowly from behind the counter. Harry wasn’t sure if he should be scared or not.
The End

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    1. Thanks. This goes with my series called What Happened to Harry Potter. If you read that then you can understand my Interludes stories better. You can find Books One through Four here on my site. Book Five will start to be posted on January 6th.

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