Escape Part One

Title: Escape
Series: We Don’t Come In Peace Part One
Category: Crossover (SG1/SGA/SGU/Halo), Alternate Universe, Drama, BAMF!Daniel,
Ratings: Mature
Pairings: Daniel/Ronon, John/Rodney,
Spoilers: All SG1, SGA, SGU, Halo books and games before Halo 4
Summary: The Destiny crew finds that their destiny is larger than they ever thought. They get to save two galaxies and a Hero who saves the entire human race across time two times. Only they have to make it to the future in time to save it before they can save themselves.
Notes: I’ve tried to mix the fandoms as much as possible and make it understandable. Goes AU from SGU right after 1.12 Divided. Goes AU from Halo right after Halo 3 ending credits. I’ve had to make up a few Ancient words, I’ve taken Latin and modified them.
Warnings: Graphic Depictions of Violence, Character Death (Not Main)
Beta: Memprime (Who was wonderful and just a doll. Thanks so much!) I added and changed things after she finished. All remaining mistakes are my own.

Part One-Meetings

Excerpt from the Journal of Doctor Daniel Jackson, Presumed Dead in 2011
Can we ever really be surprised by what the Ancients have done and refuse to do? We are on the brink of war with an enemy that eats us. There is no worse thing for humans. We are the top of the food chain on our planet. Even as we prepare for war, we are thinking ahead to what is coming after the war is over. What do we do? There are those who want to bury our heads in the sand and get rid of the Stargates and never travel the universe like that again. They are the ones winning this argument. They want to give up on life because it is hard. That is how the Wraith won against the Ancients all those years ago. The Ancients gave up. Just like humanity. I won’t let them doom the planet I call home. I will fight till I die and that may be closer than I think it is.

“Who are we sending?” Colonel John Sheppard asked as he looked around the table in the briefing room in the SGC. Atlantis had been back on Earth for almost eight months. Sitting around the table were Doctor Rodney McKay, Doctor Daniel Jackson, Doctor Carson Beckett, Doctor Jennifer Keller, Brigadier General Jack O’Neill, General Hank Landry, Doctor Samantha Carter, Lieutenant Colonel Cameron Mitchell, and Richard Woolsey. “We only have enough power to send five people with limited supplies through. I vote for at least one of them to be a physician.”

“That is a wise choice. I would also send someone to take over for Young. He wanted out before this started and there seems to be some sort of problem on that ship,” Daniel said with a frown. Several heads nodded agreement but there was one that was still. There was one that was always still when it came to suggestions of his.

“I would also like to go. We can’t send Sam because she is pregnant, so I am the next logical choice. Rush is so far out of his depth that it is scary,” Rodney quickly said. He looked briefly around the room at the others but focused on trying to act like he wasn’t staring at Sam when he really was.

“Why can we only send five again?” Woolsey asked with a giant frown on his face. Rodney snorted and tried to cover it up. Woolsey was a lot better than he had been but he still didn’t get a lot of things. Science sometimes went so far over his head he couldn’t see.

“Five people are all that can fit across the length of the gate at one time. We only have the power to open the gate for ten seconds. That is only enough time for one wave of people to go through, safely. We did simulations about sending two sets, the other right on the heels of the first but over ninety percent of the time, someone fell and the ‘gate shut down. Hence, five people.” Sam smiled at Rodney as she gave the answer. Rodney acted like it got a rise out of him. When she looked away, Rodney looked at Daniel who gave a small nod.

“More couldn’t go through?” Woolsey looked at the scientists like they were failing since they couldn’t get more people through.

“Woolsey, we also have to think about the strain of the people we send through. More will be more food, more air, more everything. Five packs filled with seeds for food and other things that are needed. One pack will be filled with medicines and other medical supplies, one with two Naquadah reactors, one with food, another with ammo for the guns they have, and the last pack with some of the things needed to keep the air clean on the ship.”

“So we have McKay going. Who is going to be the doctor?” Jack asked.

“I think they should take a few of the LSD’s as well. Zats. Zats would be good on the mission,” Daniel blurted out. Everyone turned to look at him. “We have never had one break under normal circumstances. The energy source in them doesn’t run out and they don’t jam. We have a lot of scientists on this mission already. I bet they would rather use it.”

“He does have a point,” John agreed as he nodded at Daniel. He turned back to the others. “I want ear pieces as well. I am used to them and I think they would be better for the ship than the radios.”

Jack nodded his agreement to the ear pieces.

“I think Daniel should go,” Sam piped up. Daniel snapped his head over to look at her sharply. Jack coughed and Daniel looked at him. Daniel’s eyes grew hard and he looked away quickly. It wasn’t going to ever change. Daniel made up his mind. He had been on the fence for a while but he had to go now. He had to start his life over. That wasn’t an option here on Earth. He looked at John and Rodney and nodded at both of them. He was going on the mission, one way or another.

“That would be good. I could use another set of eyes that can read that form of Ancient. I also like the way your mind thinks.”

“Thanks, Rodney. I would like to go. I think that the military commander should be Sheppard. He has dealt with strange Ancient tech before and with situations like what the people on Destiny are going through.” Daniel looked around the table it was all going well. No one suspected anything and that was good. Sam was being run around in circles and wasn’t even aware that she was.

“He also knows how to deal with McKay,” Sam stated with a little disdain in her voice.

“So we have McKay, Sheppard, Daniel, and who are we going to send as the doctor?” Jack asked to the rest of the people at the table. He stressed the word doctor so that everyone would get back on track. This meeting had gone on long enough before they had got to the subject of the five being sent to the Destiny.

“I’d rather not go on another suicide mission,” Carson stated. Jack nodded at him. He understood, he really did. This wasn’t even the real Carson, it was a clone that had survived where the real one had died. He could understand wanting to save yourself considering the past he had.

“I wouldn’t mind going,” Jennifer slipped in making it sound off hand. She turned to John and nodded. No one noticed the nonverbal communication going on at the table. Daniel smiled, Jack was playing right into his hands.

“We have one slot left. I think that we should send some muscle.” Jack looked around the table to all the people.

“You know I had a thought. Keller is rather small. If someone were to carry her through, we could send six.” Rodney stood up and moved to look at the gate through the window.

“Carry me?” Jennifer asked, she sounded shock and just a little scared.

“Yes, Ronon. I’m sure that he wouldn’t mind going on the mission. He thinks that he has to protect John and me. He could carry the pack with ammo and Jennifer with her pack of medicines easy for that few seconds through the gate.” Rodney paused long enough for that to sink in and then he started speaking again. “I want Zelenka to go. He could carry diagnostic equipment that I could use.”

“Doctor Keller?” Jack asked.

“I think that could work. Ronon can carry a good bit.”

“So that’s one pack of food, one pack of ammo, one pack of medical supplies, one pack with reactors, one pack with air supplies, and one pack with diagnostic equipment for the technology. Sound good?” Jack asked. When everyone nodded Jack continued. “So in the science department we have Doctor McKay, Doctor Zelenka, and Doctor Jackson. We are sending Doctor Keller as the medical officer. Then we have Colonel Sheppard as the military commander and Ronon as a bodyguard. Does everyone agree with that?”

“I think that we should send another member of the IOA.” Woolsey looked Jack hard in the eye as he spoke. Jack looked at the rest of the people in the room. Landry had been quiet through most of the discussion. Jack wasn’t really sure why though, unless he saw it as none of his business.

“In place of whom? McKay is needed and with the state of the ship, I would say that Zelenka is needed as well, at least more than another bureaucrat. Keller is needed, as is Sheppard. If Ronon doesn’t go then we can only take five. The ship has culture and history and Doctor Jackson is needed for that as well as reading what the ship is saying. We have to know why this ship is doing and what it is doing.”

“I really think that another member of the IOA should go. Doctor Jackson is not mission essential.”

“I don’t think so,” Landry said. He looked Woolsey in the eye and gave him a hard stare. Woolsey sat back in his chair. He was bowing down for the moment.

Daniel sighed in relief. He didn’t want another bureaucrat on the ship to mess up the plans. Landry had played well into his hands and didn’t even have to be asked to do so. Daniel knew the people around him well. The only one he couldn’t predict was Sam, except that she wanted Daniel gone.

“I think this meeting is good. Pack a few things that you want to take. We are wheels up in twenty-four hours. Sheppard please ask Ronon if he wants to go. I also want you to oversee the packing. You are allowed to take a dozen LSD’s and two dozen Zats. Pack as much as you can. I am going to make a small ramp on each side of the ramp on the gate. The side rails will be pulled off and you will wait there. The second the flush back settles you will take off running. Anything else?”

No one said anything and Jack stood up and motioned at Landry to follow. Once Jack was out of the room, everyone scattered but didn’t make it look like they were trying to escape.


Daniel was in his office packing his bags with the few things he wanted to take. There wasn’t much left of his life that he cared to take with him. Everything he really wanted to take was either in a book already packed or on his computer. His collection of music on an external hard-drive and his MP3 player were the only real things he was taking.

“Jackson,” Ronon said from behind him. Daniel turned around and looked at him. Ronon had come to him not long after arriving on Earth, wanting to talk. They had been friends since that day. John and Rodney had been slightly relieved because it meant that they didn’t have to teach him the quirks of truly living on Earth. It had given Daniel something to do and someone to hang with, since he no longer hung out with Jack anymore. “Do you still intend to go through with the plan?”

“Yes.” Daniel looked around and smiled when Ronon held up a device. He sighed and let himself relax. Ronon pulled the door shut.

“And they believe they are the ones who decided on the people going?”

“Yes.” Daniel smiled inwardly at what it had taken to convince Jack of the entire plan, it hadn’t taken a lot. Sam had wanted to use it as a way to get rid of Daniel and she had pushed for completion.

“I’ve been to McKay and Zelenka. I don’t really have anything to take with me other than my gun, clothes, and the Kindle that you got me a few months ago. You need me to take anything?”

“No. I am good. Most of my stuff is on the computer I am taking and the tablet PC. I do have a couple of hard-drives that I need to take but I am under my limit as well. I was going to take clothes and some DVDs that I haven’t been able get digital copies of. I think those will be a big hit. I also snagged a few Kindles for reading that I loaded with as many books as I could.”

“What aren’t you telling us?” Ronon’s voice was odd. He wasn’t demanding but curious.

Daniel looked away from Ronon and bowed his head. Ronon took a step closer. Daniel sighed and looked back up.

“I have things I can’t tell you. There are things that I don’t understand yet. Then there are things that I can’t tell for fear of what that would cause. It changes so much.”

“I would follow Sheppard anywhere. I just need one promise from you before I agree to go to this new place and fight an enemy that I don’t know. When we are done, when we come home, will we have what we need to fight the Wraith?”


“Just ‘yes’?”

“We will come back. We will bring back what we need to fight the Wraith. We will win against them. I do know this, Ronon. We are going to come across an enemy that will make the Wraith look nice. They are ancient and they are evil in a way that the Wraith could never be. They feed with no cause for anything. They kill with no thought of remorse. I still don’t have a clue how I know this. It’s all so confusing.” Daniel hated lying to him and the others but it was important for the time being. He just hoped that they would all understand in time. Ronon would be the worst. There was so much in his head but there were so many warnings though. The timelines that had to be correct for all of this to work had to be perfect. Things that had to be done in perfect order.

“So do the Wraith.”

“Not this way. They kill for no reason. They don’t need to eat like they do. They glut themselves and have no stopping point. They want all of the races in the galaxy to be like them.”

“I will follow you anywhere. If I had the cause to.” Ronon’s voice was soft and it cut through Daniel like a knife. He wasn’t ready for that. He wasn’t sure he was going to ever be ready for that.

“Ronon, please I have too much to do.” He knew what Ronon was hinting at but he couldn’t do that right now. His focus couldn’t be split, not at that time. He didn’t know when he could be what Ronon wanted him to be. What Ronon thought that he could be.

Ronon nodded and backed out of the room. Daniel looked around the office he had been using for over ten years. It wasn’t his life anymore. At one point in time, this was all he wanted. The Stargate Program had been the whole of his future. That had changed and he didn’t know if he could have ever stopped it. He had lost all his friends that he had made over those ten years. Only the friends he had made in the past year had stuck by him. The Stargate Program had given him everything in life and then taken it away again when it felt the need.

Sam saw him as something that was in the way of getting what she wanted. She wanted Jack’s love and she thought that as long as Daniel was in the picture she would not get it. She started a year and a half before on making Jack not seek Daniel out any more. Sam retired from her commission and rejoined the SGC as a civilian. She wormed her way into the part of Jack’s life that used to be his.

Sam became pregnant and Jack had been ecstatic. Daniel had shown up to give them his congratulation gift; Sam had answered the door with a smirk. She said things to him and he was sure he would never hear her say. When Daniel tried to talk to Jack about it, Jack just said that he must have misheard her. Jack did that a lot with everything about Sam.

Daniel couldn’t get through to him. No one could. That was part of the reason Daniel wanted to get away from it all. Daniel finished his sweep of the office. Just as his eyes rested on the doorway, writing drew his attention on the wall outside the door. Daniel took a step forward and tried to read the writing. As his feet connected with the floor one step in front of him, the whole world spun. He was somewhere different.

Daniel looked around his new surroundings. He was in Jack’s house. Jack was sitting on his couch and Daniel was prowling around the living room. Jack was relaxed but Daniel wasn’t. Daniel knew that it was a memory. Daniel knew the exact memory it was, as well. It was just after Daniel had descended when RepliCarter had killed him.

“Jack, I’ve seen things you wouldn’t believe. I can’t even describe most of them. Aliens, new ones. Not the Wraith, newer ones. I don’t know when they will come but they come. I’ve seen them bombard Earth from above.”

“Daniel, just calm down. We don’t know if they will even come. This could just be the Ancients fucking with you. You know that’s how they get their kicks.”

“I’ve seen our friendship end. I’ve seen a time when I am not in your life anymore.” Daniel’s voice was full of pleading and Jack just waved it off. Jack always did that. Sam had called him needy and Daniel was sure that at some points he was.

“See, that will never happen. You are my best friend.” Jack gave the other Daniel his big grin.

“Why didn’t you tell me about Kerry?”

“Kerry?” Jack’s face showed that he was sure that he knew who the other Daniel was talking about but that he didn’t want to. The other Daniel pressed the issue.

“Kerry Johnson. CIA. Your little bed buddy. Oma showed me that.”

“Her. I guess it hasn’t come up. How’s Carter doing?”

Daniel took a step forward. He wanted to capture this moment in his memory forever. It was the last time that Jack and he had ever really hung out. Those days were gone and the ache was still there in his chest. Daniel almost made it to Jack and he was jerked away.

Daniel was back in his office. The word was still on the wall. Inundare. Daniel blinked and the word was gone.  Daniel knew what the word meant. Flood. He just wasn’t sure what it meant to him.  He hadn’t been sure of much since the defeat of the Ori. Images rushed back to him during the fight with Adria. Images of a future that he knew was fast approaching. It was a future that he was sure he was starting by going on the mission but he saw no other choice. The other future was not any better. Most of the time it was worse, futures where almost no humans survive at all in the galaxy. Where the Wraith live and feed and breed. Staying on Earth meant losing Earth to the Wraith and having only a slim chance to get it back. Going on this mission meant a much greater chance of saving Earth from the Wraith.


Jack watched as the science crew prepped the ‘gate room for the traveling that was about to happen. It had been twenty-four hours since the meeting. Everyone was prepped for departure. Ronon had said his goodbyes to the few people that he cared about that were not going with him. Daniel hadn’t said goodbye to anyone except Teal’c. Rodney, John, Radek, and Jennifer all said goodbye to those who had been on the Atlantis mission with them. All in all it was easy.

Rodney was ruling over the people prepping the reactors with an iron fist. Jack swore that if Rodney could, he would make them ask for permission to take each breath. Jack laughed as people who had never dealt with Rodney got the brunt of his personality with nowhere to escape.

Finally, everything was ready, half the packs sitting at the base of the ramp to be put on when they were ready to start dialing. Ronon and Jennifer were in the ‘gate room. John and Radek were packing the last of the things that were needed. Ammo and machines were packed and getting the last check. Daniel was sitting in the control room, talking with Walter and making sure that the address was correct.

“Let’s go!” Rodney yelled from the control room. Daniel stood up from the chair he was sitting in and picked up his pack. John and Radek entered the ‘gate room with their packs ready on their backs. Daniel joined them and they stepped up to the ramp.

Everyone except Ronon turned and looked around the ‘gate room for the last time. Daniel smiled at Walter and Siler, who were standing side by side in the control room looking down at them. Ronon picked up Jennifer and her pack while the rest of them stepped to their waiting areas. They were safe from the backwash of the ‘gate and would wait for it to settle before they took their three steps to an unknown galaxy billions of light years away.


Jack sat down at his desk and wondered what he should do with the rest of the day. He only had an hour before he had to take off for a doctor’s appointment with Sam. Jack had just picked up a pen when his computer beeped six times. Jack looked at his email program. There were six new emails waiting on him. Jack looked at the senders. There were one from each Daniel, John, Rodney, Radek, Jennifer, and Ronon. Jack wasn’t sure when Ronon had got an email address but there was one.

Jack opened each email. Inside were letters. Each letter spelled out what was going to happen to each person’s estate and holdings if they never returned. Jack’s eyes widen in shock. Things like this were not made in twenty-four hours. This took time. Weeks, by the looks of Rodney’s and Daniel’s emails. Each email contained a will for each of the members. There were living wills and many other things. Ronon’s just spelled out what to tell those who he knew in the Pegasus galaxy. To create a monument on Sateda for him.

Jack sat back in his chair and thought about it. They each knew. Somehow they knew that they were going on the mission. They knew before anyone else. Daniel, John, Rodney, Ronon, Radek, and Jennifer knew that they were going to be picked for the mission. Those six had only been picked twenty-four hours before. Hell, twenty-four hours ago Jack swore that only five would be able to go.

Jack wanted to know how they knew. He knew that Daniel was the reason but how did Daniel know? Jack closed his eyes and thought back to everything Daniel had said and done in the months leading up to the mission. Jack couldn’t remember anything out of the ordinary. Daniel did his missions with SG-1 as he had always done and any other team that requested him. He drew more reserved at the briefings. That Jack had noticed. Vala didn’t really bother him in the way that she used to. Even Mitchell didn’t get under his skin. Daniel had accepted his life as an outcast at the SGC. Jack couldn’t remember anyone that he had seen Daniel talk to at the SGC. From Jack’s point of view, Daniel didn’t have any friends outside or inside the SGC. Jack felt his heart break a little at that thought. At one point, Jack would have been mad but now…he missed the friend that he didn’t even know he had lost.

Jack was interrupted by a knock on his door. Sam entered a few seconds later.

“Hey, Jack.”

“Sam, what can I do for you?”

“I wanted to pass along a message from security. They went by Rodney’s, Sheppard’s, Radek’s, and Jennifer’s to close them up until they returned. The places were empty. There was nothing in the apartments or houses at all. They spoke with the landlords. The places were paid up through today. Each had a forwarding post office box. It’s the same one. It’s Rodney’s box that he gets all of his mail at in Canada. When I called to get information on it, I found out that mail that arrives there is to be sent to Jeannie McKay-Miller every week. Daniel’s house is still in his name but it has been closed up. Rodney’s place has been sold though.”

“I don’t know how Daniel knew but he did know. I just got all their legal paper work. Sam, this took weeks to prep.”

“Jack, I told you that Daniel was going nuts.” Jack stopped and looked at her. He would have never called Daniel nuts. The Sam from years ago would have never called him nuts. Every single member of SG1 had been changed and he wasn’t sure it was for the better.

“Sam, Daniel knowing about this does not mean he is nuts. Who knows, maybe the Ancients told him. In three hours, I am going to use the stones to go to the ship to talk to them. I’m going to find out why.”

“I should go with you.”

“Sam, Daniel will not talk with you around. He thinks that you hate him.” Jack hadn’t seen it until then and now he felt bad for all the things that he had allowed Sam to get away with. Daniel hadn’t said anything at first but now Jack could see it. Sam had been worried about Daniel in his life. The only reason she would have had to be worried was if she hadn’t truly loved him.


“No. I am going alone.” Jack waved her out of the office. Sam turned around in a huff and slipped out of the room. Jack turned around and looked at the computer one more time. Jack nearly fell out of his chair when it beeped. Another email from Daniel.


This is going to have to serve as my goodbye. I fear coming to you because every time that I do, Sam is around. I know that you love her but I am afraid for you. She is controlling and you can’t or won’t see it. She isn’t happy sharing your life with me. She wants all of you and she has got it. Don’t worry; I got with friends on this wonderful new mission. This mission will be everything that I have wanted for years. After you get this email you will be getting six more or they could have come first. This time it is our resignations from the SGC. I know that technically, Ronon doesn’t work for the SGC but he did work on Atlantis and sort of have a job with the IOA. We are sorry that it had to come to this. I am sure that you will come to the ship to talk to us. We await you.

Daniel Jackson

PS I miss the friendship that we used to have.

 Two Hours Prior
Destiny stopped on her journey for a brief few hours. First Lieutenant Matthew Scott watched as a small ship floated around outside. He wondered if there was anything on the ship that they could salvage. He found Doctor Nicholas Rush and found a way to bring the ship into the Destiny. It was put into a very small hanger bay and forgotten about when a wormhole connected and six people from Earth stepped through.

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