Escape Part Two

Part Two-We Have a Greater Mission
When the wormhole connected, the whole ship was on edge. The crew of the Destiny had dealt with aliens taking Chloe and finding Rush on their ship as well. Military was in the ‘gate room in a few seconds and had their guns trained on the ‘gate. Ronon was the first through with Jennifer. They were unknowns and they stopped just a few feet in. Two seconds later, Daniel, John, Rodney, and Radek came through. Everyone waited for more to come through, but none did. One second after they materialized, the wormhole shut down.

“Hold your fire!” Rush yelled, recognizing Rodney first.

“Doctor Jackson, I am sure that you have a reason for scaring us like you did?” Young asked with a smile. He moved quickly up the ramp and hugged Daniel. He shook hands with the other people, just to show his crew there was no fear. Daniel watched him the entire time. He was stressed. Young smiled but it didn’t go to his eyes.

“Well, that can be discussed later. Right now we have supplies in our packs and a doctor with us. This is Doctor Jennifer Keller, Doctor Rodney McKay, Doctor Radek Zelenka, Colonel John Sheppard, and Ronon Dex. I am Doctor Daniel Jackson and we have much to discuss with all of you. Is this a good time to have a meeting with everyone?” Daniel looked around and watched faces as the names sunk in. He wanted everyone on the ship to know who had arrived before they got to the mess. Incorrect information would be damaging. It was why he gave the names now instead of then. Not a one of them would be expecting what was coming.

“Yes, Doctor Jackson, it is.” Young motioned for them to walk in front of him. Others came up and took their packs. Daniel gave them one of ones he was holding. He still had two others on him. His personal pack filled with his things and one for a very special someone. He didn’t hand them over. “What do you have?”

“One pack of medical supplies, one of ammo plus other things, one of Naquadah reactors, one of things to keep the air going, one pack of food supplies. Ronon ended up carrying Jennifer, her packs, and two of his own so we were able to get some LSD’s from Atlantis along with two dozen Zats. I also brought DVDs in my pack and some clothes.” Daniel pointed at the one taken from him.

“You brought all this? How did you make it up the ramp?” Rush asked as he looked at the packs.

“We really didn’t have to. Jack made us a side ramp. It was three steps and we were through.” Daniel caught up with Young for a second and leaned close. “Young, you may like me now but you won’t like me in about an hour.”

“What do you mean? I’ve watched you at the SGC. You were miserable. I figured if you could make it away from there you would. Scott and Greer should have everyone in the mess in about ten minutes.” Young still smiled at him.

“Good. T.J.?” Daniel called out. Young stepped aside and T.J. replaced him. Daniel stopped moving and let the flood of people wash over them until they were alone. T.J. stayed with him. He was sure that she was intrigued at why he had singled her out. He pulled the small sack of things off his shoulder and handed them to her. She opened it and looked at him in shock. “Don’t ask. I made sure you have enough prenatal medicines and other things. I also packed some cloth diapers and baby medicines. There is also a few pair of sweats for you. Jennifer brought a portable ultrasound machine. When we are done here you and she can check on the baby.”

“Has she ever delivered a baby?”

“No, she hasn’t, but I have. Delivered quite a few in my run with SG-1. Only one was ever named after me but it was a joke for a while that I should go back to school so I could get paid for it.” T.J. laughed despite her shock.

“Doctor Jackson. I wanted to say thank you for this and for what you tried to do for me before.” T.J. looked away after she said it. Daniel touched her shoulder and she looked back at him.

“T.J. it was no trouble then and it is no trouble now. We need to get going. This will come as a shock to everyone.”

Daniel looked around the mess hall. Everyone but those who came with him was sitting down. Ronon was eying everyone while Rodney and Radek looked at a laptop with information. It wasn’t one of the ones that they had brought with them so it had to be one of the ones from the ship. Jennifer and John were just standing around, looking at everyone. Jennifer was looking for things medical and John was people watching. Seeing their interactions.

“First off, thank you all for coming to listen to me. I know that most of you know who I am but have never met me. I am Daniel Jackson. With me are several others whose names you should know and some who you won’t. Doctor Jennifer Keller is here to take care of you. She is a doctor and will be talking with T.J. and taking over the infirmary going forward. Doctors Rodney McKay and Radek Zelenka are here to make this ship run. Colonel John Sheppard and civilian Ronon Dex are here to make sure you don’t kill yourselves and everyone else with stupid things. The reason you all did not know we were coming was twofold. One in case us getting here failed you didn’t lose hope and two Telford was a spy for the Lucian Alliance. He was brainwashed. I am sure that within the next few months they will invade this ship and there is nothing we can do to stop it.”

Daniel stopped and let that sink in. Everyone had his or her eyes focused on him. They had to be worried if not scared now. That’s the way that he wanted it.

“We come with much needed supplies. We also come with new command. Colonel Sheppard will be taking over. Young will be his second in command so don’t think you don’t have to do what he says. Young has done a wonderful job out here and is to be respected for what he has done. If not for him every single one of you would be dead. I mean that. In two and a half hours General O’Neill will be coming aboard the ship by stone. He will answer any questions you might have at that time. I know that this is all very sudden and I am sure there would have been better ways to tell you all this but we figured that it was better done like a band-aid, quick.”

“Excuse me?” someone from the crowd asked. Daniel turned to look at him. “Who put you in charge?”

“Actually, I am not in charge. That is the President of the United States. Most of these orders are coming from him. I am the messenger. The President figured that the words would come better from a civilian. While some of you are of other nationality, the SGC is under control of the President in times of crisis. This whole mission is a crisis. I understand that some of you don’t see it this way but in your contracts with the SGC you signed that you would bow to the military in combat situations. That’s what this is, people. This is one giant combat situation. It took me a long time to learn it, but I have. Sometimes it is best to do what they say. We have to have one clear leader. We can’t discuss everything in a committee.”

“You can’t just come in here and tell us what to do,” Wray said from her seat as she stood up. Daniel smiled at her. He was ready for this. He felt sometimes like he had been born ready for this.

“Actually, I can. I know that you all do not like being here but we have been given a mission. The President thought that the civilians would accept this better from me. Before we can start on this mission, though, we have to get the Destiny up to shape. That will take two months. Two months and we leave this set of galaxies for another set where we are going to fight and win against an enemy that is as ancient as the stars. We will defeat them and we will go home.”

“How do you know this?” Eli asked. Daniel looked at the faces looking up at him. He was sure that his reputation had preceded him and some thought he was nuts. Others would believe every word he said because of all that had happened to him. Still the next month was going to be hard. There would be a lot of people questioning him and his methods but it wouldn’t take long.

“I know that some of you joke about me dying a lot but this last time when I was killed by a Replicator. I saw flashes of a future. I don’t know who gave them to me but I must assume it was an Ancient who did not want to see our race killed off. We will start, like I said, by fixing the Destiny, which will take two months. Then we will set off to find a place to safely upgrade certain parts of the ship. The ship will get a total makeover with the help of an Asgard ship left at a secure location. From there we travel again to save one man stranded on a ship and help them. We go home after that. If you want to leave you can. I know the location of a ship that has all the food you need to get home. It is seventeen ‘gate jumps from where it is. From there it is a year of travel to get home.”

“A year?” Scott asked. He looked at Daniel in shock. “Why couldn’t you have told us about this ship before now?”

“It’s a stranded Asgard ship and they keyed it so that only the genetic markers of a full-blooded Ancient can open its doors. Did you bring a full-blooded Ancient with you when you fled Icarus Base? No. Has a full-blooded Ancient joined you on this before now? No.”
“We don’t have one now,” Rush stated. He looked at Daniel like he was crazy. Daniel knew that look and he was sure he was going to see it a lot after this moment from the rest of the crew.

“Yes, we do,” Rodney laughed as he moved over towards Daniel. “None of you ever wondered about why Daniel attracted such looks from the Ancients. Daniel was changed when he ascended the first time. When he ascended the second time he came back a full-blooded Ancient.”

“This is too much to take in,” Scott said. He looked around. Everyone else’s faces said the same thing. It was too much too quick but Scott understood why. Getting everything out in the open quickly was the best thing. Letting things come out in snippets, especially on this ship, was going to make things worse.

“Don’t worry. You have two months before we can even think of letting anyone leave. The ‘gate system where the ship is located is a self-contained set of ‘gates, you have get to the planet before you can ‘gate anywhere in the system. All military is to stay here and all scientists are to follow Rodney. He is now in charge of you. For those who wish to see them. I have the paper orders from the President in my pack and you can find me later and look at them.”

Daniel turned to look at Ronon and Jennifer. Ronon stepped up to stand beside Daniel. Ronon would be sticking to him like glue. He figured on that.

“I don’t think you should be alone, Jackson.” Ronon spoke to Daniel but didn’t look at him; instead he was looking at the crowd.

“I will be fine.” Daniel waved him off and took a step. Ronon grabbed his arm and made Daniel look at him.

“You are not a much loved person at this point in time. I understand why you did it and so does Sheppard but it doesn’t mean you are safe.”

“Jennifer, T.J. is waiting on you. I’ll go with you. Ronon, are you going to come?” Daniel pointedly looked at Ronon’s hand on his arm as he talked.

“Sure.” Ronon let go and followed Daniel and Jennifer.

They made their way through the ship to the makeshift hospital wing. T.J. was waiting there on them. She was looking at the equipment that had been brought through and had set it all out.

“T.J., I’m Doctor Jennifer Keller. You can call my Jennifer. I am pleased with how you have been handling things. You are doing very well with your limited supplies and knowledge.”


Jennifer spent over an hour going over T.J., checking everything. When she was done she spent a while talking to T.J. in private. After that she moved over to where Daniel was.

“She’s doing well. The vitamins should help with any problems she has. We need to keep fresh food on hand.”

“We have a just a few days of hyperspace travel and we will be at a planet that has all we need.”

“You know, if I hadn’t read all your mission reports you would be scaring me right now.” Jennifer laughed but she wasn’t scared. She had seen too much to be scared of Daniel. Daniel would only be scary to those who were in the way of his plans, and she wasn’t one of them.

“I am sure.” Daniel turned to look Ronon who was still eying people. Daniel laughed at him. Ronon had decided that Daniel needed protection. He was sure that Teal’c had said something to him. Teal’c was the only protection that Daniel had at the SGC and he wasn’t on Earth all the time anymore.


John looked at the report that Rodney had made for him. It comprised of everything they had currently had on the ship, including the new supplies. They were good with most things. They had enough supplies to keep the air going for a great while. The food was a problem. They weren’t doing well before they got there and they now had six more people and a woman with child. John trusted Rodney, Ronon, Jennifer, and Zelenka but Jackson was still an unknown to him. Rodney trusted him fully though and Ronon seemed to have taken to him real quick, which was surprising. The Satedan was not quick to trust and he had trusted Jackson too quick for John’s liking. He and Ronon had a warrior bond thing and Jackson didn’t have that with the Satedan. There was something going on and John wasn’t sure he liked it.

John looked around what was now his and Rodney’s room/office. There was limited space that was available and for the time being until the crew calmed down, John didn’t want them sleeping alone. Jennifer was bunking with T.J.. Air mattresses had been set up for Radek, Ronon, and Daniel in a large room across the hall. John trusted that Daniel would get them home but he didn’t know how. A knock at his door disturbed him from his thinking.

“Enter.” John looked up from his report to see Wray enter the room. She shut the door behind herself.

“Colonel. I am surprised at you. You were on Atlantis. I think you would understand about needing a civilian in charge.”

“You are not Elizabeth Weir or Richard Woolsey. You don’t have the skills to lead this group. Hell, from what I have read out of the mountain, this ship would be destroyed in a day with you running it.”

“What about Doctor Jackson?” Wray smirked at him like she had one upped him. John knew that Jackson didn’t want it. He had acted like he wanted to be in charge when he had spoken to the crew before but John knew he didn’t. There were things that scared Jackson about being in control. Rodney had told him something about power and corrupting.

“He didn’t want it and Doctor Carter blackballed him. She spouted to the rest of IOA that he had no basis for being a leader. That he didn’t have what it took for anything leader like. Do you know what happened? The IOA believed her and General O’Neill didn’t do anything. Carter has been downright vicious to him and O’Neill did nothing. She even had the SGC send him on this mission. Daniel Jackson is off limits to you. I don’t want to hear of you cornering him. This is his mission to get away from the SGC and get his life back to him.”

John didn’t fully trust him but Rodney did and he could see how Jackson was being treated at the SGC. Rodney wanted to protect him but John figured that Daniel would protect himself in the end. John looked hard at Wray. He didn’t know where that came from. Probably from spending too much time with Rodney but it was all true. John had seen how the SGC had treated Daniel. John didn’t dismiss her, but just looked down at his tablet and didn’t look back up. It took her almost two minutes to walk out the door. When she was gone, John stood up from his seat and set out to find Daniel.

The first place he checked was the room across the hall. Radek was in there setting up his things. Next was the mess. He wasn’t there as well but Ronon was and he also had no clue where Daniel was. Now Ronon was with him in searching. Where they found him was not where they would have thought. He was in the makeshift training room sparring with Greer. They were both talking while fighting. John had read Greer’s file and was worried. Greer was a troublemaker and a loose cannon. Jackson shouldn’t be anywhere near him.

“Been a while, huh, Daniel?” Greer asked with a smile on his face he took a swing at Daniel that was easily blocked. Daniel swung back and feinted, landing a blow hard to Greer’s stomach. John heard the air come out of his mouth. That surprised him.

“Yea. So did you really go after Telford for the reasons that Young stated?” Daniel let Greer try to hit him. He missed again and Daniel landed another punch to his gut.

“You know I didn’t. What he did to you was unforgivable. The other marines letting it happen, was even more unforgivable. He should have been written up for that but since it was your word against all of them. The footage disappearing was a crock of shit. He’s lucky that’s all I got in before I got pulled off him.”

“You’ve got to control that temper. I will turn you loose against something soon. Wanna take over, Ronon?” Daniel sidestepped a punch from Greer and stepped away while taking his gloves off. Daniel passed them to Ronon. Daniel hadn’t even looked over at them since they walked in. His back had been to them the entire time. “Take it easy on him.”

“What are you doing?” John asked. Daniel laughed at him.

“Checking in on Greer. He was part of the team that I last went out with. We got stuck in a cave for over three days after a cave in. I got to know him very well. He tried to stick up for me after Telford tried to get heavy handed. Telford thought I was an easy target. I showed him when I knocked him on his ass. Nothing came of it because the footage disappeared. The witnesses were split and Jack wanted to just bury it.”

“Come, we have to talk,” John pointed to the corridor that he wanted to go down. He didn’t want to go to the office. He wanted to go to the deck where the observation room was. Daniel led the way with an ease that John didn’t understand. Daniel acted like he had lived on the ship. Rodney had been studying the specs for the ship for week and he wasn’t this good. John was starting to wonder what this was going to be like. Rodney had told him that what they were going to do he could get a court-martial for but it was so very important to the survival of the human race that John followed him. John would follow Rodney anywhere.

Rodney trusted Daniel and that was rare. Rodney trusted very few people wholly and his trust of the other man even went over what Rodney had of John, Ronon, and Teyla. John didn’t think it had to do with the time they were kidnapped by the evil Asgard. It went after that and before that. It went above that. Daniel Jackson was a mystery and it was one mystery that John was sure he was never going to be able to figure out completely.

“You creep me out,” John said when they entered the room. He watched Daniel pass his hand over a console and out popped a hand pad, much like the ones on the Ancient chairs. It was a piece of technology that was out of place on this ship that was old compared to the chairs. Daniel put his hand in it and John heard a lock fall in place on the door. It was odd because from what he had read about Destiny, that shouldn’t have been possible. There was no mention of hand pads anywhere in the reports.

“Now no one will bother us. You still don’t fully trust me, do you?”

“Trust you, but I don’t understand you. Rodney and Ronon trust you with their lives. That trust isn’t won easy. I trust you as long as they do and as long as you don’t put my men in place to get hurt without reason.”

“I won Rodney’s trust very early in life for both of us.”

“There is nothing in either of your files that tells of you meeting before that time he came in to save Teal’c’s life. I can tell from the way you two act around each other though that your friendship goes back farther than that.”

“Of course it’s not in our files. It wasn’t ever mentioned to anyone in the Armed Forces. I thought for a few minutes that Rodney would give it up when he finally arrived that day.”

“How did you meet?”

“He never knew my real name but he knew I was lying about the name I gave him and so when he read about what SG-1’s missions in the reports he never connected that person and me. I still can’t discuss what I was doing at the time but let’s just say that MI-5 had a tight reign over me.”


“You remember that night in my house right?” Daniel asked with a smile.

Daniel entered his house and immediately felt that something was off. There was someone else there. Daniel had started carrying a gun with him at all times. He wasn’t Jack’s favorite anymore and therefore no longer had perfect protection. So he started to carry a gun. He had all the licenses for it and it hadn’t taken long to get certified on it, given where he worked. He hadn’t had to even think about using it until that moment when he knew that someone was in his house.

Daniel looked in his living room; there were no signs of anyone at all. The kitchen and laundry room were the same way. That completed the down stairs. The lock was still on the basement so no one was down there. That left the upstairs; problem was there were two ways to get up and down, one from the kitchen and one from the living room. Daniel looked around the kitchen and found a bottle of canola oil and spread it on the floor at the bottom of the stairs. That way he would know if they came from that way, he then made his way back to the living room and up the stairs slowly.

Daniel slowly completed his check of the second floor. That left the third floor, the attic that he had refurbished into an office. Daniel took the safety off his gun and walked carefully up the stairs. His office door was wide open, which meant that either the person had left in a hurry or was still in the room. Daniel crept up to the door and looked at what he could which was not a lot because most of the office was behind the door.

“We won’t bite!” Rodney called from over in the desk area of the office. Daniel sighed and stepped into the room, switching the safety back on. He didn’t put the gun up, instead he watched Rodney’s eyes widen at the sight of it.

“I told you he would know we were are here,” John said from the chair beside the window on the far side of the room. Daniel knew that he had to be there. Rodney was not far out of John’s sight when they were outside the mountain. In fact, John, Rodney, and Ronon all lived in a house about a mile from the mountain. No one was the wiser, except Daniel, that John and Rodney were in a relationship. The living arrangements were passed through the higher ups that it would be better for Ronon, who hated being cooped up in the mountain.

“Yes, well. I wasn’t expecting a gun. Also, there is no alarm on the house. Why is that?”

“Have you had time to look around, Rodney?” Daniel just smiled at the look on Rodney’s face. Rodney looked all around the room and that was nothing that spoke of Daniel in the office. To a robber, it wouldn’t look out of place. But to someone who knew Daniel, this office lacked everything. There were no priceless artifacts. There were no books on ancient cultures.

“Where is everything?”

“Jack noticed it once, right after I moved in here and before Sam started to control his life. The dimensions of my house do not match up. There is a small area that is visible from the outside but it’s not from the inside. I have an elevator there. Jack thought there might be a dumbwaiter in the house but he never really looked into it.”

“Where does this elevator go?” John asked with a small smile. He still wasn’t sure this scientist wasn’t nuts.

“To a secret room in the basement. The person who owned this house about thirty years ago was working on some side projects. His intellectual pursuits were the property of a company. This was how he worked on things that were not for them. It was never on the plans for the property. It was a small shaft that was built into the place. Before he died he did have a dumbwaiter installed into the house. The people who owned the house before me covered it up. They didn’t use it and when the realtor walked me through the house, he actually mentioned tearing it out and making more floor space. I tried to fix it up so that I could use it to take some of my stuff upstairs, only to find that it lead to something else entirely. It took some effort but I was able to build a totally safe office in there with no one from the Air Force, NID, Trust, or the IOA knowing about it.”

“That’s a feat. How did it happen?”

“I have some friends that I have gotten back in contact with.” Daniel looked over at Rodney who had just been listening to John and Daniel talking. Rodney stood up and moved over to where the bulge in the wall was. He walked over and touched the wall. Nothing happened. Daniel sat down on the corner of the desk and watched. John sat up and set something down on the desktop. It was an LSD. “So that’s how you knew.”

“Yes, when we were looking around and checking for bugs we found that this house didn’t make any noise. None at all. No creaky steps, the walls didn’t make a sound, and when I got up here, Rodney couldn’t hear a thing, I did. I went back to the vehicle and pulled this out. Rodney thought I was nuts.”

Rodney didn’t turn from the wall he just waved a hand in a dismissive manner.

“I knew that if you had gone to that much trouble, you would know we were in the house. Our house is watched like a hawk and we spent over two hours losing the tail that we picked up. Then we left our car at the mall and then came here with a vehicle that was left for us.”

“Why all this? Just to talk to me.”

“Rodney fears for your life it seems.”

Rodney huffed and turned around to look at Daniel. Daniel just laughed and walked over. He put his hand over the wall and the door to the elevator opened. Rodney looked at the wall and touched it in the same spot. He looked at Daniel and frowned. Daniel just stepped into the elevator. Rodney followed and a few seconds later John did.

“Your cell phones won’t work down here.” The doors shut and Daniel hadn’t touched anything. Looking around the elevator, Rodney noticed that there were no buttons. There was no way that it would be safe to just have the doors be on a timer. Rodney waited though until they were down in the office before he asked any questions. “Welcome to my home!”

Rodney looked around and saw a great many things that shouldn’t be outside of the mountain. There was no way that they had been taken from either there or Area 51. There were at least four Ancient consoles in the office and as well as other artifacts. Daniel walked over to the desk and the regular computer. He typed in a few things and seconds later John’s cell phone buzzed. John jumped slightly and then pulled it out.

“All your calls have been routed. The phone here will ring if someone calls your cell phone. They won’t be able to trace a location.” Seconds after Daniel finished talking the house phone rang. Daniel looked at it. It was one of the numbers for the mountain. Daniel pointed to John.

“Sheppard,” John said when he picked it up.

“Colonel, you are needed back at the SGC. We have been trying to reach you for few minutes.”

“Sorry, I was in a cell phone dead space.”

“We can’t locate your tracker. When can you get to the SGC?”

“I can be there in an hour. I’ll make sure to mention to McKay that the tracker is malfunctioning.”

“Yes, you do that.”
End Flashback


“Yeah, I remember it.”

“Sam is unstable. She knew that Rodney and I had become friends. You were supposed to go on that mission and when you got back, Rodney was supposed to be dead. She wanted me to have no friends at all. She didn’t want to kill me because that might backfire. Jack might have become more attached to me. She wanted me to leave. She thought that she almost had me there and then you guys came back.”

“I see. That is why you enticed Rodney to stay with that office you had set up.”

“Yes. We have been playing this game for a while. I won that battle and she thinks that now that I am here that she has won the war. What she doesn’t know is that I am going to save existence from the Wraith and win that battle. Ultimately, though, she is going to win the war but she will lose Jack. Her actions will have far reaching consequences that is going to set mankind back a great deal, but because of that we will have what it takes to fight an even greater enemy a few hundred years from now.”

“So Rodney was right, you do see visions.”

“I see the future of the decisions that are being made in an instant. I can only see what might be and what is as the result of what is going on right now. That is why I have plans within plans within plans.”

“A Mentat huh?” John asked with a laugh. Daniel just shrugged.

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