Untitled Story-Evil Author Day

Title: Untitled
Fandom: Criminal Minds
Year: 2013
Ratings: Adult,
Spoilers: Up to and including Season 8
Summary: When the MPDC comes to the BAU with three dead who look like BAU members current and past. The hunt is on for whoever is killing the BAU look alikes.

Chapter One-Three Victims
There was something to be said for ritual. The removal of the body from the trunk of the SUV. Placing it on the ground. Face up. Hands at the side. The knife used to carve set upon the chest, just over where the mark was. It was easy. Seductive.


Aaron Hotchner didn’t like surprises as a whole. Most were never good. Arriving back late one night after a hard case, he’s surprised to see Will LaMontagne Jr. sitting inside his office. He turned and looked at JJ who was shocked to see Will sitting in his office as well. Hotch moved up to his office, his team tried not to look like they were watching.


“Will.” Hotch held his hand out for a handshake and Will obliged him. Hotch looked and saw a stack of files on the second seat on the other side of his desk. Will picked them up and sat down in that seat, pointing at the other. Hotch sat where Will pointed.

“Sorry this isn’t a social visit. I wanted to bring this to you instead of going through the normal channels.” Will handed over the top file. Hotch opened it to start looking while listening to Will. “I have three murders in three weeks, last body was found this morning.”

“That’s not a lot of time in between murders.”

“There are no pictures in that file. I’ll get to that later. First victim was a white male in his fifties. Second a white female in her thirties. Third was a black man in his thirties. The first victim had the number ten carved into his chest. The second a nine. The third an eight. The first and second were connected as soon as the number was discovered at the morgue. That number is the only thing connecting the victims until I got images of the third victim.”

“Why are you brining this to me?”

Will handed over a second file. Hotch opened it up and looked at the top picture inside. At first glance there was a resemblance between the man and Gideon. Hotch flipped to the second picture. She looked startling like JJ.

“I was the first to arrive on scene. I was shocked so much that I swore it was JJ. I knew though that she was in California at the time and if she was missing, I would have known. I didn’t think anything of it until last night.”

Hotch flipped to the last picture and swore. The dead man staring at him could be Morgan’s brother.

“Victims are found Sunday morning all in open spaces. So far no trace fibers, fingerprints or anything at all. I have the scene locked down we can go in the morning. I’ve got the approval to bring in the BAU onto the case. I had to find a picture of Gideon to remember him, I knew there was something that was sparking my memory on that first one but I never placed it till the third body. I’m not wrong am I?” Will asked.

“No. Someone is finding look a likes for my team and killing them. I’ll get the team together. Meet us in the conference room.”

Hotch kept the folders he had been given and looked over the actual case work done so far. As soon as Will cleared the office, JJ was walking in.


“We have a local case. Have the team gather in the conference room and please JJ just wait until everyone is together. I need to talk to Cruz.”

JJ nodded and left the room. Hotch dialed Cruz’s number and waited.


“It’s Hotch. I have a case from MPDC. Three dead in three weeks. Victim one looks like Gideon. Two looks like Jareau. Three looks like Morgan. Lead detective is LaMontagne.”

“Have Garcia forward me all details and I’ll join you guys in DC tomorrow. Run it like any other case. Take rooms, I don’t want travel time to mess anything up.”


“There are three things that are common between all the victims,” Will said as he passed around the folders. “One, each is marked with a number carved into their chest counting down from 10. Second, finger prints do not give us an ID. Finally, no victim has a single facial or body features that matches the rest.”

“So the number is the only thing linking them?” Blake asked as she looked at her file. “Why is there no crime scene photos?”

“I have those separate. With the third victim I found the third linking factor.” Will nodded at Garcia who opened a file on the drive he had given her. It showed a picture of each victim.

Hotch waited for it all to sink in.

“What the hell?” Morgan asked as he stood to move closer to the TV. It only took two seconds for the rest of the team to follow. Hotch stayed seated while JJ looked like she was going to throw up and Garcia looked everywhere but at the screen.

“I never linked victim one to Gideon. I knew that I had seen him before but that was it. The second, well it’s hard not to miss that fact that she looks like my wife but I passed that off. When the third was found and it looked like Derek. I couldn’t ignore it any longer.”

“Garcia, I want to find out who these people are. I want to know when they went missing, if someone reported them. I want their whereabouts known for the last year. I also want the case file on all cases that JJ, Morgan, and Gideon worked on. Status of the UNSUB. I want to know if they are alive, dead, incarcerated, or released. We have less than a week to find out who this UNSUB is and catch them before they kill again.”

“Morgan and I will take the older crime scenes,” Rossi said, looking away from the screen for the first time.

“JJ, Blake, I want you guys to get set up in the MPDC office. We leave at five am guys. Get some sleep, we may not be for a while. Garcia, get Kevin set up. I want you with us in DC. He can run your system here for things you can’t do on the laptop.”


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