Title: Rough Handling
Fandom: Criminal Minds
Year: Pre-Show through Season 7
Category: Adultery, Angst, Unrequited Love, Consensual Infidelity, Rough Sex, Biting, Gags, Light Bondage, Slight D/s Tones, BDSM, Orgasm Denial, Spanking, Impact Play, Drug Use, Blindfolds, Handcuffs, Wax Play, Violet Wand, Rimming,
Ratings: Adult
Pairings: Aaron Hotchner/Spencer Reid, Aaron Hotchner/Haley Hotchner
Spoilers: Up Through Season Six
Summary: When Spencer joined the BAU he never saw himself getting into a sexual relationship with Hotch. He didn’t see it lasting over seven years either. And, he didn’t see his superior falling in love with him, that really blindsided him. Now Spencer has to decide for himself if the relationship was purely sexual or did he hide his own feelings for his superior.
Words: 131,516
Notes: None
Warnings: Adultery,
Beta: Charlie_Remington & rivermoon1970

Chapter One-Proposition

Spencer heard the knock but figured it was just in the room next door. On his left was Hotch’s room but on the other side was random guests. He turned his head back to read. Ten pages later, the knock sounded again. This time it was louder and there was no mistaking that it was his door. He slipped his glasses on as he laid his book down on the nightstand. He didn’t know who it could be.

Opening the door, he was surprised to see Hotch standing there. He figured his superior would have been in bed already. Taking a step back, he allowed Hotch to slip inside the room. He wondered if he had done something wrong on the case. He quickly tried to remember everything he had done. This had been his first case on the team and Gideon hadn’t come with them.

“Hotch, is something wrong?”

“I…” Hotch stopped walking and turned to look at him. It was a gaze that made the younger man shiver. He had seen looks like that before. Never directed at him but at others. But Hotch was married and from what Gideon had told him, Hotch was very happily married. The kind of couple that gave those who looked at them a sugar high.

“Hotch?” Spencer winced when his voice squeaked.

There was no verbal answer. Instead Hotch grabbed his face and pulled him into a rough kiss. It shocked the younger man so much that by the time he pushed Hotch away, the older man had buried a hand in his hair and his other arm was around his waist but the man stepped back at the push.

“You’re married,” Spencer said, scandalized. He kept walking backwards from his superior until the bed was between them. He didn’t know what to do. This was so far out of his comfort zone.

“I am. I’m sorry, Reid. I just…” Hotch ran his hand down his face and then moved to the desk, pulling out the chair and sitting down. “I’m doing this all wrong. Have a seat, please.”

Spencer sat on the edge of the bed, only turning his head to look at Hotch. He watched as the older man composed himself. That had him shook up as much as anything else. He hadn’t known the man long but he seemed so stoic.

“My wife, Haley, is a very prim, proper, and fragile, in some aspects, woman. We’ve been together since high school. It wasn’t until after college that I figured out a few things about myself. Chief among them, I’m bisexual. Second, when I am under stress, I can get and want to get rough during sex.”

Spencer was still unsure what that had to do with Hotch barging in and kissing him but he’d go along for now. “Okay?”

“Haley didn’t like the rough sex. She was frankly freaked out by it. We didn’t have sex for a month. At the end of that month, she came to me. She hated that she couldn’t give me what I needed and she wouldn’t want me to resent her for it. So as long as she is told, before or after, it’s only with a man, and never a pro, I can get what I need.” Hotch stopped speaking but he wasn’t looking at Spencer. It was time for the younger man to process what he’d just been told.

“I still don’t understand.”

“I meant to come in and just talk to you. See how you are doing with the case, broach the subject in a roundabout way.”

“What made you kiss me?” Spencer was good with words. Words were easy. Feelings, emotions, sex were not. He’d had sex but that had been more to lose his virginity than anything else.

“The glasses. You looked so innocent and I lost myself for a moment.”

“As far as I know,” Spencer started but Hotch never looked up. “You’ve never lied to me. It doesn’t fit with what I know of you and what I’ve been told. Kissing a subordinate could ruin your career, being caught having sex with one while married, that would destroy it.” Spencer didn’t know how to take Hotch’s words so he just started to speak. He felt a little worried at the innocent comment. He knew how young he looked. He also felt a little proud that someone as handsome as Hotch wanted to have sex with him. No strings attached sex. He trusted Hotch’s words but even with as much as the conversation would suck, he needed to speak with Haley if it was going to become a thing. He could understand where Hotch was coming from. If he didn’t want a pro, then it was random sex with someone from a bar or a club and that was dangerous, they both knew that better than most.

Did Hotch want sex tonight? Spencer asked himself. The case had ended in the most horrible way. The entire team was upset and frustrated. Spencer was actually kind of happy that Gideon hadn’t been with them. He wouldn’t have taken the end well.

“What do you want from me?” Spencer looked at Hotch’s face for the first time since they’d started talking.

Hotch stood up and moved over to stand in front of where Spencer was on the bed. The younger man fidgeted and Hotch smiled. “Are you a virgin?”

Spencer could only shake his head no. The older man smiled at him before he leaned over to grab his face again. This was a different Hotch than he was used it.

“I want to make you lose control.” Lips crashed onto Spencer’s and the younger man was toppled backwards, Hotch on top of him. As soon as they were settled, Hotch let go of his face and grabbed his wrists instead jerking them above his head. He gasped and then Hotch’s tongue was in his mouth. While he’d had sex, kissing was something he hadn’t had much practice at. The feel of the tongue on the roof of his mouth made him moan. He felt Hotch shift and couldn’t stop the whine when he thought he was leaving. The agent just chuckled and re-gripped both of Spencer’s wrists with one of his hands. The now free hand skimmed down his arm and continued down to his pants.

“Yes or no?” Hotch asked as he pulled his face back enough to look in Spencer’s face. The younger man opened his eyes, surprised he’d closed them. “Reid, I need you to answer me verbally.”

Spencer looked up at the older man. He knew the type of man he was, even if he said yes now, if he changed his mind halfway through, Hotch would stop. He didn’t know how far he wanted to go but he wanted the passion he could see in the older man’s eyes. The two times he’d had sex were clinical, perfunctory. It had been good but nothing like what Hotch was offering. What he was already feeling from the man on top of him.


Hotch smiled down at him and started undoing Spencer’s belt one handed. “If I do anything you don’t like. Let me know.”

Spencer could only nod as the second the last word left his mouth the older man swooped down and licked the side of his neck. His pants loosed and a hand snaked inside, taking his half hard cock in hand. As if it was what his cock had been waiting for, the second the warm hand closed around it, it hardened the rest of the way.

“So eager,” Hotch whispered in his ear as he pulled his hand away. A little shifting and it was sliding down his hip and a couple of fingers teased between his ass cheeks. “You said you aren’t a virgin. You’ve fucked a woman?” He waited for Spencer to nod before he pressed a finger harder against Spencer’s opening. The younger man keened at the feelings that rush through his body. “Been fucked here?”

“Oh, God,” Spencer moaned.

“Tell me, Reid. Have you let another man fuck you?” The finger was pressing harder and rubbing in the best way and Spencer couldn’t think. Finally, he was able to toss his head side to side. A feral smile appeared on his superior’s face. The hand was pulled from his pants and he was released. Hotch leaned back onto his knees. “Strip. Quick.”

Hotch slid off the side of the bed as Spencer did and started to strip. Spencer was thankful that he had worn a sweater that day instead of a button down as he didn’t think he would have been able to unbutton the shirt. Gravity dropped his pants to the ground so all he had to do was step out of them. He jerked his sweater over his head before grabbing his boxers and shoving them down to step out of. He didn’t look at Hotch, he knew if he did he’d stop and look. His undershirt was last after using the carpet to step out of his socks. Before the shirt had cleared his head, he felt a hand on his chest, shoving him onto the bed. He landed with a bounce and before he could settle his legs were jerked apart and lifted to where the bottoms of his feet were on the bed. Hotch settled on top of him, pulling the shirt the rest of the way off. Spencer blinked to clear his eyes and saw that Hotch was naked. He reached up to pull his glasses off but the older man stopped him.

“Leave them on.” Hotch’s hand moved from his own to his hair, grabbing a handful and using it to pull his head to the side, hard. It sent a spike of arousal through his entire body, making his cock jump.”I won’t mark you where anyone can see but can I anywhere else?”

“Yes,” Spencer breathed.

At the first nip on his chest, Spencer lost all control. He touched, pulled, petted, and ran his nails down every part of Hotch that he could reach. He knew he’d be covered in love bites and bruises in the morning but he didn’t care. When he’d had sex before, it had never felt like this. Hotch started to thrust their groins together, and it nearly made him come. Then the other body was sliding down his. He whined when the pressure disappeared from his cock.

“You make the best noises. I’ll have to remember that I may need to gag you in some situations.” Hotch bit at his hip and Spencer knew there would be teeth marks from that one. He thrust up, his cock dragging across Hotch’s cheek. When the older man swallowed him whole, Spencer bit the side of his hand to stop himself from screaming. Spencer had never been given a blowjob before. Hotch’s mouth had him near sobbing in pleasure.

“Oh, God. Hotch, I’m…” Spencer gasped as teeth were raked up his cock as Hotch pulled off. The older man took him in hand and after a few pumps he was coming. He felt the warmth land on his stomach. Trying to catch his breath to ask Hotch what he wanted done to him, he nearly came up off the bed when the first lick swiped at his hip. Looking down, he saw that Hotch was licking up the semen. He moaned at the sight and it caused the other man to lift his eyes up. Eyes locked, Hotch cleaned him up. By the time he was clean, Spencer was half hard again.

“Ever tasted yourself?” As Spencer opened his mouth to answer, Hotch surged up. He gripped and held his head still using his hair and then shoved his tongue in his mouth. A salty, weird taste exploded across his taste buds. He felt more than heard the moan from the older man as he licked inside Hotch’s mouth trying to chase the flavor of himself. “Turn over.”

Spencer did as he was told, laying down on his stomach. Hotch waited until he’d settled comfortably down before he started on Spencer’s back. It was treated to the same treatment as his front had been. By the time Hotch was the base of his spine, Spencer was thrusting into the bed. The older man stopped his tasting and stretched out along his body. He felt Hotch line his cock up between his ass cheeks and started to thrust. Spencer expected there to be a little chafing but he found that Hotch had lubed himself up with something.

“For now, we’ll just do this.” Hotch reached up and linked their hands before stretching them out above Spencer’s head. It meant that Hotch was only braced on his body, holding the lithe man down. He could only move his head. His hips only thrust on the bed now when Hotch thrust. The friction from the bed sheets felt wonderful on his cock and Spencer couldn’t think of anything except the breathing in his ear, the thrust of his cock on the bed, and the thrust of Hotch’s cock along his ass crack. “When I fuck you for the first time, I’m going to make you beg for it. Make you beg to be filled with my cock.”

“Please, Hotch,” Spencer begged but he wasn’t sure what he was begging for. To be allowed to come or for the older man to fuck him. He didn’t care, he just wanted.

Hotch started thrusting harder and harder, faster and faster. The bed was squeaking constantly now with the force of the thrusts. A flare of pain at his shoulder, inches from his neck pushed Spencer over the edge. He buried his face into the pillow in front of him and screamed his completion. The pressure on his back was lifted at the same time his hands were released. He didn’t care. He was boneless. He’d never come twice so close together. Hotch grunted above him and he felt warmth on his ass cheeks and back.

Spencer was dozing slightly when he felt a rag wipe up his ass and back before he was gently rolled over onto his back and his front was cleaned as well. Hotch smiled down at him as he removed his glasses as he trailed his other hand up his thigh then hip and chest. The hand stopped when it grabbed his chin and held him still while he was kissed again. Hotch was fucking his open and willing mouth with his tongue.

“Thank you, Reid. That was just what I needed.” Hotch rolled part of the comforter into a small roll and then pushed at Spencer until the younger man rolled onto the clean sheet. The dirty comforter was tossed onto the floor. “We can talk tomorrow after we get back to Quantico.”

“Sure, Hotch,” Spencer mumbled. He felt a sheet being tossed over him and then the click of the door as it closed. He stopped fighting the tiredness he was now feeling. He thought that he must have been in his half asleep state longer than he thought because Hotch had been dressed before he’d cleaned up Spencer.

The younger man tried not to think too much about how he’d just had sex with his married superior. He’d worry about that when he woke up and had drunk a pot of coffee.

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