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With the way that Hotch spoke, Spencer figured he’d be over at least every few months. Yet he never did. He was shocked when his superior never appeared in the aftermath of Boston either. If there was a time when he should have needed a release like rough sex, it should have been then. Yet for the weeks after the disaster, nothing. Hotch was the temporary unit chief while Gideon was on medical leave, teaching at the Academy.

Three months after Boston, Gideon started to help consulting on cases again and Hotch asked him to be the liaison between the team and him. Case after case and still nothing from his superior. He didn’t look or act any different and they didn’t know each other well enough for Spencer to feel as if he could confront him.

Then a case in Seattle prompted the return of the Gideon to the team. They saved the last woman and Elle took out the UnSub after Gideon saved the day. It was a good case. So why was Spencer looking out his peephole in the door, seeing a fidgety Hotch standing there. Spencer sighed and opened the door. Hotch didn’t even say hi before he had Spencer spun around and shoved into the door, face first. The embarrassing thing was that Spencer could feel himself hardening as soon as Hotch touched him. It had been almost a year since he’d last been touched like this by his superior and it set him shivering. A hand snaked between him and the door and cupped his hardened sex.

“Still so eager?” Hotch asked before his teeth nipped at Spencer’s ear. The younger man’s answer was a moan. “Do you have lube?”

“No,” Spencer whispered. If he gave into masturbating, he usually did so in the shower and used conditioner. He’d learned that he hated cleaning up the bed after the act. He tensed, afraid Hotch would be upset. There was no way that Hotch didn’t notice.

“I have some in my car.” Hotch grabbed his hands and stretched them above his head. Then the older man was pressed against him, shoving him more into the door. When he felt a hard cock press into his ass he tried to thrust backwards but Hotch had him well and truly trapped. “I want you naked and on your front in bed by the time I get back up.”

“Yes, Hotch.” Spencer’s hands were released and he moved quickly towards the bedroom. He quickly grabbed the books stacked by his bedside and moved them over to the wall, the stack on his nightstand followed suit. He double checked his gun safe and made sure it was shut. As soon as he was sure the bed was safe from books, he stripped out of his clothes quickly. He’d been fresh from a shower so he’d been in his sleep clothes. It was easy to strip them off, throwing them over the arm of the chair in the corner. Hotch had just told him to get on his front. He didn’t say a word about what to do to the bed.

In the end, Spencer just laid down, crossing his arms in front of his face and settling his forehead on them. From this position he could breath easily and he could hear with both ears. The nerves that hadn’t popped up the first time, until after, surged forward. He had no clue what Hotch wanted from him. He didn’t know what the older man saw in him. Was it the sexual ineptitude? Hotch would be the one teaching in everything. He’d be moldable to what the older man wanted. That probably thrilled his superior.

The silence of the apartment was deafening. Hotch should have been back by then. He tried to listen for any sounds in the living room but there was nothing. He wondered if the older man was going to try and sneak up on him.

“You didn’t go to sleep on me did you, Reid?” Hotch asked as the bed sank and hands were on Spencer’s calves. He inhaled and then his legs were jerked apart. He felt the ghosting of a hand on his ass.


“Good. What do you want?” Hotch asked as his hand moved from his ass up his back. He didn’t know what Hotch wanted him to answer. This was about the older man getting what he wanted, Spencer just got off as well in the process. Hotch’s hand settled on the back of his neck and held him in place. His other hand traced the crack of his ass. The genius couldn’t hold back the shiver. He didn’t know if it was in fear or excitement.

“I don’t know.”

The bed shifted and the hand on his neck moved. Hotch draped himself over his back and then his head was beside Spencer’s. “No fantasies I can fill, Reid?”

Spencer shook his head, unwilling to talk about what he wanted. He wasn’t ready for that. Nowhere near ready for that.

“Then you have two choices.” Hotch grabbed a hold of his hair and jerked his head up. The pain was intense but his cock twitched at it. “Whether you want to lay on your front or your back and,” a metallic clink sounded and then handcuffs were hanging in front of him. It was Hotch’s work pair. He recognized the scratch he’d put on them proving he could get out of them just a few months before. Morgan hadn’t trusted him with his own set.

Hotch released his head and Spencer wasn’t prepared for it so it dropped back down to his hands. The older man was silent and let him think though. He didn’t know what he wanted. Two simple questions but did he trust to be handcuffed to the bed? The thought was thrilling and almost forbidden. Just like having sex with his superior, his married superior. The shot of pure lust that traveled down his body told him what he wanted.

“Front and yes.”

Hotch sat up, settling his cock in the crack of Spencer’s ass, it felt like a reminder. When he was settled, he leaned forward and the first cuff was snapped onto his wrist. The headboard of the bed was wrought iron and old. The whole frame weighed around two hundred pounds when fully assembled and the bed was on it. The second cuff was looped through the frame and Spencer willingly shifted his free hand up. Hotch groaned when he leaned back and the young agent felt him starting to thrust. He was well and truly at his superior’s whim now.

Breath on his ear pulled Spencer back to the present. “Now you are mine. I can do whatever I want to you.” Weight shifted off him and then a finger was tracing his ass crack. Spencer shuddered. He still didn’t know if he was ready for that. “We need a safeword for you. You babble a great deal and I need to make sure that I don’t hurt you.”

“Quantico.” Spencer had come up with that long before. He’d spent months researching anything and everything to do with BDSM relationships. Knowing more about them helped with his job but it also helped him understand Hotch and what he needed more, even if Hotch just called it rough sex, there were elements of BDSM already. His superior didn’t seem like he wanted that complete form of a relationship with him but the mention of gags and now the handcuffs made him happy that he had done it.

“Okay. You say that we stop and evaluate if we need to fully stop or just change what we are doing.”


“Such a good boy, Reid.” Hand on his hair again and Spencer braced for the pulling but Hotch didn’t. Instead he seemed to use it as an anchor as he shifted again on the bed. The anticipation of not watching what Hotch was preparing to do to him had the younger man shivering again. He felt the nip on his cheek and thrust up and into the older man’s face. A light chuckle showed that Hotch wasn’t upset but two hands gripped his legs to hold him down while the older man shifted again and sat fully on his knees then leaned over. The only contact between them was from the knees down and where Hotch’s cock dragged along his lower back and ass. His hands were braced on the bed right at his shoulders. “I could do anything to you right now, Reid and that excites you. New experiences, new everything. Everything I do to you is something you’ve never done. Do you know how exciting that is for me?”

“Please, Hotch!” Spencer begged. He needed more. He just needed. The snap of something drew his thoughts to the fact that he hadn’t noticed Hotch moving. The hands weren’t on either side of his shoulders anymore. A hand on his ass, spreading his cheeks startled him. He closed his eyes as he felt a finger at his entrance. A deep breath and then he made his legs relax. He trusted Hotch, the man would never hurt him. When he relaxed all tension from his body, he felt the finger settle right at his pucker. He nodded his head and the finger pushed in, slowly. It felt so different than when he had fingered himself before. He moaned when that finger found his prostate. Hotch rewarded him with a bite to the shoulder.

With his memory, Spencer knew that it was in the exact same spot that Hotch had bit him last time. At the first flare of pain, the younger man bucked but between the body on his legs and his hands cuffed above him, he wasn’t able to buck much. That heightened the feelings so much. Kink in his sex was something he’d never thought of before Hotch.

“You really like it when I do that. I like your reactions when I do that.” Hotch’s voice was husky with arousal and all Spencer could do was nod in answer. The finger slid out of him and he waited. Hotch shifted off the bed then there was hands on his. Spencer looked up at where the older man was undoing the cuffs. The weight on him shifted off him. What happened? Spencer dropped his head onto his pillow. He had to have done something wrong. The genius stayed still though.

“Let’s get you rolled over. I want to try something and it will be more fun with you on your back.”

Spencer followed what Hotch’s hands wanted him to do and less than a minute later was on his back with his hands above his head being relinked to the bed. He blinked up at the older man and watched as eyes raked down his body, lust evident in them. Spencer spread his legs when his superior motioned for him to do so. The lube was snapped open and he watched as Hotch lubed up his fingers. A single one was inserted back into him and he arched up. A hand on his stomach stopped him and he groaned at that. Hotch quickly inserted another finger.

“What do you want, Reid?” Hotch’s hand trailed up his chest and gripped the back of his head as the older man kissed him. His fingers were still buried in Spencer’s ass and the young man didn’t know what he wanted. He knew though the single, solitary thing that he still didn’t want, not yet.

“Anything except…” Spencer tried to say the words but with Hotch’s two fingers still thrusting inside of him and rubbing over his prostate; when the older man felt like that, it seemed stupid. The fingers left him and then three were inserted back. The burn from the stretch put a cap on his pleasure.

“Except what, Doctor Reid?” Hotch asked as he pulled his face back a little. He was so close that it took a second for Spencer’s eyes to adjust to the distance. The fingers were still just inside of his ass. “How about I just get myself off and I don’t care about you? If you can’t answer me that’s what you are going to get.”

Spencer closed his eyes because those words said in Hotch’s lust filled voice reignited the little bit of pleasure lost at the burn from his fingers. He didn’t want to see what the older man did to him. The hand holding his head let go and the fingers in his ass pulled out. He could feel Hotch lean over the bed and then two hands were on his hips. He didn’t feel lube on the left hand so he figured that when Hotch leaned over he wiped it off on something. The older man aligned their cocks and leaned back over him to start grinding them together. Lube had to have been applied because he could feel the glide of their skin together with no pull.

Instead of kissing him, Hotch was leaning over and licking at one of his nipples before he bit down. The cry Spencer let out echoed around the room and he thrust his chest up farther into Hotch’s mouth. Tongue trailed from one to the other and it was repeated but this time Hotch stayed with it. He couldn’t move, he couldn’t think. It was maddening.

“Reid, except what.” The words were followed by a lick to his neck.

Spencer opened his mouth to answer but stopped again. Words. Words were his thing. He could weave them in and out. Why were they so far away now? “Penetration. Anything except penile penetration.” He squeezed his eyes closed tight at the words. He’d said them.

“I’ll get you to use other terms for that sometime but for now I’ll take your clinical words.” Hotch didn’t sound upset. “Reid, relax. You are strung tight.” The older man trailed a hand down his chest and as it moved, Spencer forced himself to relax. He took a deep breath and opened his eyes to look at the man above him. “There you are. I told you in the beginning, I don’t ever want to hurt you. That means doing things you aren’t comfortable with. This is our second time. I don’t expect you to let me fuck you on the second time.”

Spencer nodded and took another deep breath. Hotch leaned up and started to kiss him again. His superior started to thrust against him with the same speed that he thrust his tongue in his mouth. He jerked his hands forward but the cuffs stopped him. He wanted to touch and couldn’t. He couldn’t think of anything except the pleasure building in his body. He wanted badly to come but it wasn’t enough.

When he thought about turning his head away from the kiss to plead for Hotch to do anything, anything to get him off, he felt the older man pull away on his own. He watched as Hotch straightened up and fisted his own cock, pumping it a few times. Spencer’s eyes locked on the sight of his superior’s cock held between his fingers. It was mesmerising watching it appear and disappear from behind the hand. He wanted to lean up and lick at the head as it appeared each time. Spencer moaned at the thought and watched as Hotch’s hand stuttered.

Hotch leaned forward and dropped down to one hand on the bed. Two pumps later and Hotch was coming all over his chest. His superior stayed leaning above him for a long minute as he caught his breath. “What do you want?”

There was no thinking for the genius. He knew what he wanted. “To come.”

“And you don’t care as long as I don’t penetrate you with my dick?”

Spencer felt fingers trace through the semen on his chest as he nodded his head, looking down. He watched as Hotch moved down the bed and then those fingers were tracing at his entrance. He inhaled as the two fingers breached him again. Instead of lube, the older man had used his own semen as lubrication. That was something he had never even thought of. Before he could even tell Hotch how hot that was, his superior swallowed him whole. His head dropped back and he looked up at the ceiling. The fingers inside him sought out his prostate. At the renewed touch, Spencer didn’t know if he wanted to thrust up into the mouth or down onto the fingers.

Hotch made the decision for him. He pressed down on Spencer’s hip, holding him in place with his free hand. Every bit of literature that he’d read on the prostate hadn’t prepared him for this. Between the spikes of pleasure from his prostate and the wet heat on his cock, Spencer came within moments. He called out Hotch’s name but the older man didn’t lift off right away. Instead he pulled the fingers from his ass but his mouth stayed on his cock for at least another minute, softly sucking and cleaning him up.

As he lay there panting, Spencer felt the bed dip and he didn’t open his eyes to look. He didn’t open them until he felt the wet cloth on his chest. Hotch was still naked. After cleaning his chest, Hotch lifted his leg and then drug the cloth between his cheeks.

“That’ll do til morning for you.” Hotch sat down on the edge of the bed and started to work on the cuffs. “Did you like that?”

“Which part?” Spencer asked.

“The cuffs. I can see where you chaffed your wrists a little. If you like it we can see about getting padded cuffs.” Hotch rubbed at his wrists and Spencer saw what he was talking about. He’d have to wear long sleeves until the marks went away. He really didn’t want to explain them to his co-workers. His skin wasn’t broken.

“I think it heightened my senses a little. I didn’t not like it.”

“Well, I can still get a pair and we can try it another time or two. You didn’t mind my fingers.”

“No,” Spencer said as he felt the blush creep up his face. Why was talking about this so hard? “I liked that.”

“The fact that you can blush after I just fingered your ass and blew you is astounding.” Hotch stood up and started dressing. Spencer watched him as he settled down on the bed. He didn’t feel a need to cover up. Hotch had seen him naked. Knew him intimately. “I should get home. Haley and I are trying to get the nursery set up.”

“Sure. I’m not really tired.”

“That’s probably the pot of coffee you drank before I got here. Try and get some sleep. We have work tomorrow.”

“I will. Don’t worry. I’ll be fine. Picked a name yet?”

“No. Too many names remind of serial killers and the ones that don’t Haley dislikes.” Hotch was dressed back in his clothes and moved towards the bedroom door. He moved to pull it shut.

“Don’t. I don’t shut it. I like to sleep with it open.”

Hotch nodded and kept walking. Spencer thought about the conversation. He wasn’t upset that Hotch had left. He knew what this relationship was, it was sexual and he kind of liked it. He knew he wasn’t ready for a steady relationship. He didn’t know how Haley handled Hotch being gone for long periods. He was young, extremely so in many ways. He was content with this, as long as it wasn’t another year before Hotch came around again. If it was, he might have to give in and buy lube.

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