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Spencer had been pacing in his bedroom since he’d gotten dressed after showering. Hotch had said that he was going to go home and check on Haley then come over. He’d never given a time but then he never did. Haley was more important. Spencer knew that she was on bedrest and it was driving her nuts, he could understand why. He’d go nuts if stuck in bed for long periods like that.

The lube from the last time Hotch had been over was in the drawer at the bedside along with the newer tube that he had stopped and bought on the way home. There was also another new item in the drawer. He’d bought a box of condoms. He’d driven half an hour out of his way to buy the lube and the condoms. The drug store near where he lived had a nice old lady who didn’t mind sharing everything with everyone who came in. He didn’t need the others in the building to know that he was buying lube and condoms. He’d also used cash and not his card. He wouldn’t put it past Garcia to keep track of things like that. She worried a lot about the team and especially him.

Not for the first time, Spencer wondered what the rest of the team would think of what he was doing with Hotch. He didn’t think that any of them would be okay with it. It wasn’t part of their societal norms. The ability for someone to share their partner was way out of their comfort zone. He was okay with keeping the secret from them. The case had proved that he and Hotch could work together. He hadn’t been so worried about Hotch that he’d missed the older man’s cues. They had worked seamlessly together. No one was being hurt by their activities after work and all parties were informed.

Haley held the power, one word from her and Spencer knew that Hotch would stop and Spencer wouldn’t be that upset. He didn’t crave when they weren’t together and he wasn’t obsessed.

The knock on the door startled him. He looked at the clock on his bedside. Hotch was earlier than he thought he was going to be. Hotch hadn’t shown a preference for stripping him so he’d just changed into a t-shirt from the academy and a pair of his sleep pants. Quicker and easier to get out of. It was the goal.

“Hi,” Spencer said as he opened his door.

“Hi. Haley was asleep and I didn’t want to wake her. She knew that I was going to see you when I called her from the office.”

“You left a note though, right?” Spencer worried about her waking up and him not being there when he said he would stop before coming to him.

“Yes. Are you going to let me in?” Hotch smiled as he said it but still Spencer kind of blushed as he stepped back to allow his superior into his apartment. He stopped himself from blurting out that he had bought condoms and lube. He didn’t know what Hotch wanted. A hand appearing in front of his face had him jumping back a little.

“Sorry,” Spencer said.

“No. I shouldn’t have come here tonight.” Hotch reached out again and traced a knuckle down the outline of the bruise on Spencer’s cheek and then touched the split part of his lip with his thumb.

“I’m fine, Hotch. This is the worst of it. Between you pulling the kicks and me being able to pull back, you didn’t even bruise my chest. I was thinking too hard on something and didn’t see the hand moving at me. I promise I am fine.”

Hotch stared at him for a minute before he nodded. The thumb on his lip moved from the edge to the middle, pulling it down. “I sent you down that hall and then the gunfire came from there. For a moment, until I saw you move after Dowd revealed himself, I thought he had shot you as well as the fuse box. My heart was in my throat.”

“I’m fine.” Spencer knew what he meant though. Every time a shot went out near a team member, it was always harrowing until that member was deemed fine. It hadn’t stopped any of them from doing their jobs. The team cared for each other and it made them stronger.

Hotch leaned forward as he kicked the door shut. Spencer closed his eyes at the first kiss. There was a twinge of pain at the contact but he was able to push it away. He parted his lips and Hotch’s tongue delved inside. Striking up the courage, Spencer started to unbutton the older man’s pants.

“Reid?” Hotch pulled back and looked at him inquisitively. Before this, they had always taken off their own clothes. Spencer wasn’t sure if it was a line that Hotch didn’t want to cross or if it had just been a product of the rush to get to the sex before.

“I want to try it.”

“Try what?”

“Oral sex.” Spencer was a little shocked that he didn’t stutter. He’d learned after last time that Hotch wanted to hear the words from his mouth on what he wanted. He watched as Hotch’s eyes widened. The intake of breath told him that Hotch at least liked the idea. Between the last time he’d been there and now he’d done a little research on oral sex. “I want to try it, Hotch.”

“I am not going to say no to that. I am not sure there is a man who is ever going to say no to that. How do you want to do it?”

“I don’t know. How do you normally get oral sex?”

“Gotta stop calling it that.” Hotch shook his head and smiled.

“The technical terms do better for me.” Spencer was honest. He was better with the technical terms. When he used other terms, it grated on him and threw him off. There were some terms he was okay with using. He liked the word cock.

“We’ll work on that. As to sex, we can start here and end up in the bedroom or we can just start there.”

“Do you like to stand up, sit down, lay down…” Spencer stopped when Hotch covered his mouth. There was humor in his eyes.

“How about you lock up and join me in the bedroom when you are done?”

Spencer nodded with Hotch’s hand still over his mouth. The hand released his face and he turned but stopped when he felt the grip on his hair. Hotch pulled him back roughly, claiming his mouth in a kiss that weakened Spencer’s knees. Hotch had him understanding why people liked kissing. Hotch pushed again and he moved backwards until he slammed into the wall. His head cracked off the wall and he winced but Hotch never broke the kiss.

Instead, Hotch trapped him against the wall. It was easy to lose himself in the kiss with Hotch’s groin pressed against his own. Pressure in all the right places and an answering hardness that Spencer wanted in his mouth. Hotch enjoyed giving him oral sex. He was sure once he got used to it, he would like it as well.

Hotch pulled back when Spencer wasn’t expecting it. He actually tried to follow the other man’s mouth which had him chuckling.

“Hurry up and I’ll put that willing little mouth to good use. I might just find a good way to shut you up when you ramble.” Those words caused Spencer to start to blush, he could feel his cheeks heating up. Before he could do anything though, Hotch was gone. Heading back towards the bedroom. Spencer rushed through making sure the door was locked. He moved to the kitchen to make sure that his coffee pot was off.

The sight on his bed when he pushed open his bedroom door stopped him in his tracks. Hotch was laying back on the bed completely naked. His feet were on the floor with his legs spread and all Spencer could do was stare at his superior’s cock. His own cock hardened in his pants even more. Hotch crooked a finger and Spencer moved forward, only stopping when his knees touched the bed between the other man’s legs.

Hotch pushed himself up, grabbing Spencer’s hips and pulling until he was straddling his lap. The hand on his shirt surprised him and he watched as the older man lifted the cloth up. Hotch’s hand traced his stomach as he leaned Spencer back away from him a little. The hand was soft as it moved around, feeling for any sores. He held still and smiled when the touch didn’t uncover any bruises.

“I guess I didn’t hurt you.”

“No.” Spencer inhaled quickly when the hand dipped from stomach to his groin. The firm hand squeezed just enough for him to feel it but not enough for it to hurt.

“So what we are going to do is that you are going to leave your pants on and cock inside them. I’m going to lay back and you can do whatever you want to me but you can’t touch yourself.” Hotch let go of his cock and then moved up to hold his head still, his eyes locked on Hotch’s. “If you want to stop for the night, just tell me. You’ve never done this before, I’m not going to expect you to be a master at it. Reading about sucking cock and even watching it in porn and doing it are two different things.”

“I don’t watch porn.” Spencer crinkled his nose up at that. He’d tried that when he turned eighteen and it just didn’t do anything for him. He’d tried lesbian, gay, hetero, even threesome and more and none of it interested him in the least.

“You didn’t say you’ve never watched porn.”

“Had to try it once. Didn’t like it. I’ll tell you if I want to stop.”

“All you have to do stop. I’m not going to touch you at all during this first time. Maybe a time or two from now I’ll grip your hair and direct you how I want it. You seem to like it when I do. Hold your head still while I thrust in and out of your mouth.”

Spencer shivered at the words. Hotch’s hand still held his eyes in place but his free hand traveled around to the back of his pants. When he felt the hand slip in between the material and his skin, he jumped slightly. If Hotch did what he thought he was, his surprise would be revealed. Was he ready for that?

The hand traveled down and slid between his cheeks. Hotch’s entire body stiffened. Spencer knew that he felt it. There was still traces of the lube around his hole. The hand slid down farther and a finger breached his hole. easily. He’d stretched himself and played a little during his shower and then again after he’d dried off. He wasn’t as loose as he had been then but his muscles were very relaxed.

“If I wasn’t so interested in having your mouth on my cock, I’d be taking these pants off of you, finish stretching you and then fill you up.” One finger became two and Spencer couldn’t hold back the moan. He arched his back at the feel of the fingers inside of him. Hotch’s hand released his chin and gripped his hair, holding him in place. He never thought having anything inside him could feel that good.

“I…” Spencer bit at his lip. “I picked up condoms with the lube. In the drawer.” The fingers inside of him didn’t stop. Instead they sought out his prostate.

“Are you sure?” Hotch relaxed his hold on his hair enough to where he could look him in the eye.

“That I want to have sex? Yes.”

“No. That you want, what did you call it, penile penetration?”

“I bought the condoms, Hotch. I trust you. I just want to try a little bit of oral…” Spencer stopped speaking when the moan ripped out of him at Hotch’s fingers starting to stretch him. The older man was using three fingers. He’d gotten three of his own fingers inside but Hotch’s fingers were wider than his own so those three were stretching him more than he had been before.

“Then I need to get you off my lap or I am going to forget myself.” Hotch let go of him and laid back on the bed. His arms crossed on his chest. “It wouldn’t hurt to go ahead and get a towel or something from the bathroom to wipe off the lube onto or anything else we want.”


When Spencer came back from the bathroom with a small hand towel, Hotch was still in the same position except that one hand was trailing up and down his cock, keeping it pleasured. He only let it go when Spencer dropped to his knees between his spread legs. He put his hands on Hotch’s thighs to brace himself as he leaned up and over his superior’s body. He looked at the cock in front of him. The shape, the size, even the coloring. It was different than his own.

“You look like you are going to start writing things down.”

Spencer looked up and saw that Hotch was leaning up, propped on his elbows and looking down at him. A soft smile on his face.

“Just trying to figure out what I want to do and how I want to do it.”

“Just…” Hotch started but when Spencer leaned down and licked from base to tip, Hotch groaned and dropped back onto the bed. Spencer kind of liked the thought of his superior not watching him, made him feel a little better about it all. It made it feel like he really was doing some form of an experiment. Another lick, this one stopping when he passed over the tip of the cock. He listened to the breathing of the man whose cock he was licking, filing it all away.

Taking just the head in his mouth, Spencer trailed his tongue around it several times before he slid his lips down further. He stopped when it started to feel weird and pulled back to where just the tip was inside. He repeated that several times before he pulled off totally and licked from base to tip again.

Hotch gripped the bedspread and his legs looked like they were trying to close. Spencer gripped them tighter to hold them open. Eyes moving up, Spencer looked up from the cock in front of him to his superior’s face. His eyes were closed and his mouth open. Spencer smiled before he took as much of the cock in his mouth as he could without triggering a gag reflex. He applied suction and let his teeth just barely scrape along the length as he came up. When he licked at the crown there was fluid there and he licked again to get it all. It tasted different than what he remembered his tasting like when Hotch had kissed him after he’d come in his mouth. He’d have to make sure to make the older man come in his mouth some time to taste the full difference.

Spencer pulled back and blew on the wet flesh. The cock jerked and Hotch groaned. Another lick and the older man was coming up off the bed, grabbing Spencer by the hair and holding him in place. Spencer didn’t have any time to react. If it had been any other situation with any other person, he probably would have tried to break the hold and get the hell away from them. But this was Hotch and the look in his eye told Spencer that he couldn’t hold back anymore. He willed his body to relax and as soon as it did, his mouth was claimed in a searing kiss. He couldn’t do a thing except submit to it. He was lost in trying to catalog whether Hotch’s reaction was a good or a bad one when the back of his sleep pants was ripped down.

The lips were removed from his own and he gulped in breath after breath while Hotch ripped his shirt up and then off before making him stand to pull his pants the rest of the way off. He was manhandled onto the bed next, on his hands and knees.

“Which drawer?” Hotch asked from behind. Spencer turned so that he could see him. He wasn’t sure what the question was. “Lube and condoms.”

“Right hand drawer.” Spencer ducked his head down to where his forehead rested on the pillow at his head. He felt the bite on his ass cheek and jumped. He listened as Hotch leaned over and pulled open the drawer, always keeping his other hand on Spencer’s lower back, rubbing and just driving him insane. Touch was something that he had not gotten much growing up. It wasn’t that he didn’t like touch, it was that when people would touch him, his mother would react badly, thinking they were trying to take him or inject him with something. By the time that he got to college he’d perfected the ways to stand and move that put people off on wanting to touch him.

Everyone on the team seemed to allow it, outside of Garcia. There was no stopping her and her hugs. Morgan seemed to only touch when he really knew that Spencer would allow it. It had to be part of the profiling thing. There was no inter-team profiling but Spencer knew that he couldn’t turn it off, he just didn’t make it obvious that he did it. Hotch, Gideon, and Elle never touched but he was okay with that. JJ was sweet and didn’t seem to notice that she touched him a lot. The crush he had on her was nothing more than that, a crush. She was nice, pretty, and she seemed to like him. The date had been fun but he had figured out then that he would never be able to be in a relationship with her. The feeling would fade and he really just wanted to be friends with her.

Hotch drew him back out of his mind with a nip on his other ass cheek and he didn’t react at all to that one. He just focused on the hand on his back and the breath on his ass. It was easy to lose himself in Hotch’s touches. The snap of the cap on the lube told him what was coming next. He knew that lube would be cold so he was braced for the cold, wet finger at his hole. The first was slid in and Spencer moaned. He shifted to where he was more comfortable, spreading his knees apart a little more. A few thrusts of that finger and then it was pulled out and two entered. There was no burn but he’d been stretched by Hotch with the tips of his three fingers not too long before.

“Do you even understand how hot it is to watch my fingers disappear inside of you? Knowing that other than you, I’m the only one to do this?” The fingers were maddening as Hotch just barely brushed on his prostate. He wanted more and thrust back on Hotch’s fingers, trying to tell him that. The older man shifted on the bed and then Spencer felt thighs brush against his own and Hotch was stretching out along his back. Lips trailed on his shoulder and then stopped. His tongue traced the location on his shoulder where he’d bitten him before. He was fairly certain the man was obsessed with that location. Instead of biting though, he moved over to his other shoulder. Hotch was left handed so going to the left was understandable but the new location. Spencer figured it out and he couldn’t help but want to look at Hotch’s face. He pulled off the fingers and rolled to lay on his back. Staring at the older man.


“You like to bite me on the shoulder where I hang the strap of my bag.” The look on Hotch’s face told him that the older man was pleased.

Hotch grabbed Spencer’s knees and spread his legs, settling in between them. His fingers traced at his hole, asking permission. Spencer nodded. He expected two but was surprised when he felt three start to slide into him, farther than before. The burn started. His muscles protested but Hotch was careful. The older man leaned over him, going right for his shoulder.

“Of course, I do. I wondered when you would figure it out, genius.” The fingers pulled out an inch only to push back in. The rush of pleasure he had been feeling was starting to fade. He knew that it could, he was prepared for it. Hotch leaned over, his mouth going right to Spencer’s shoulder. He didn’t bite, just mouthed at spot for a moment before he trailed his lips up his neck. Spencer knew that on his back was not the best position for a first time.

“I’ve just…never been marked before. I understand the…” Spencer stopped when Hotch nipped at his neck.

“It’s hot. Watching you have to put your bag the other way because of my mark. Or when you do put it on over the bite and you adjust it all the time.”

Spencer moaned at the words being whispered in his ear. His pleasure was spiking again as Hotch stretched him more and more. The burn was leaving and Hotch was brushing his prostate more as his body adjusted.

“What way do you want to do this? Takers choice.” Hotch bit at his ear after speaking and thrust his fingers in again.

“‘Takers choice’? What do you mean?” Spencer crinkled his nose, trying to figure out what Hotch was talking about.

The chuckle in his ear shouldn’t have been as pleasuring as it was. Hotch leaned up, his fingers leaving Spencer’s body as he did. He didn’t like the empty feeling it left him with.

“Words you can understand? You are the one that’s going to be taking it up the ass, you get to pick how you do. On your back, on your knees, on top of me.”

Spencer watched as Hotch leaned down to grab something from on top of the table. His hand came back into view with a condom in it. Hotch laid on Spencer’s chest while he leaned down to pick up the towel. He wiped his hand on it before just setting it on the bed at Spencer’s hip.

“I…” Spencer swallowed the spit in his mouth and tried again. “On my back?”

“That sounded like a question, Reid.”

“On my back,” Spencer said again, this time with no question in his voice. Hotch nodded and relaxed back on his knees.

“Lean up here.” Hotch beckoned him as he picked the condom up. Spencer leaned up, propped up using one of his hands to keep him up. The older man opened the wrapper and offered it out to Spencer. Spencer just looked at his with a quirked eyebrow. “It’s erotic as hell to have someone put the condom on you.”

Spencer pulled the condom from the wrapper and watched as Hotch threw it to the floor. Spencer remembered the two times he’d put a condom on himself. There hadn’t been a feeling of anything other than the pleasure of something rubbing on his cock. The feeling of Hotch’s hand on him was more than the feeling of his was. He reached out shakily and rolled the condom down Hotch’s cock. The older man reached out and stilled Spencer’s hand on his cock as his entire body shuddered. When Spencer saw his eyes he noticed they were dilated, more than they had been just moments before.

“Lie back now.” Hotch grabbed the lube and squirted out a lot before he dropped it off the side of the bed. He palmed his cock next, staring at Spencer as he did. It was intriguing, watching Hotch watch him. As Hotch pushed him back onto the bed with his clean hand, Spencer’s breathing picked up. His superior’s lubed hand swiped at his hole when Spencer tucked his legs back. Hotch used his still clean hand to hold back one of his legs so that he remained open, thrusting a few times with his fingers. “You can never have too much lube.”

“Hotch, please,” Spencer begged as Hotch’s fingers brushed his prostate again. If Hotch did that too many more times it was going to be over.

“Just making sure.” Hotch gripped his cock and lined himself up at Spencer’s entrance. “If you need me to stop, I will. If you need to just get a breather, just tell me.”

Spencer nodded and waited for the pressure. It started and Spencer forced himself to stay relaxed. Hotch ran his hand up and down his chest as he pushed. The head popped through and he was happy that Hotch was able to keep himself from pushing too far too fast. Out and then back in just a little farther than before. Spencer watched Hotch as the older man kept his head down and his eyes locked on where they were joined. It was almost hypnotic. The movement of the body above him as he was slowly invaded. He never noticed when Hotch stopped moving.

“Are you okay?” Hotch asked as he forced Spencer’s eyes up to his own. Spencer could only nod. Hotch picked up the towel and wiped his hand off on it. It followed the lube down. The man shifted around until they were chest to chest. Spencer felt the cock inside him shift and push in just a little more. When he felt comfortable, Spencer used his hips and thrust down on the cock inside him. Hotch pulled out some and thrust.

The feeling of pressure and burn disappeared more and more with each thrust. It felt wonderful. The harder Hotch drove into him the more Spencer liked it. One of Hotch’s hands slid down to his waist and gripped his hip tightly, holding him in place at the same time he started to kiss him again. Spencer let his legs drop to wrap around the older man’s waist.

“Feels good,” Spencer gasped as he felt a brush on his prostate. Hotch pushed at his thighs a little pulling the hand off his hip and then the older man was hitting his prostate on every thrust. The pleasure overwhelmed his mind and he was sure that he was speaking, he could feel his lips moving but he couldn’t care less what he said. All he wanted was the feelings inside of him to never stop. Every thrust pushed him higher and higher and then lips crushed his as his body started bucking into orgasm.

“You’re so fucking tight,” Hotch gasped as his hips snapped into him again and again. Head dropped on his shoulder, Spencer tightened his hands. One was on Hotch’s upper arm and the other in Hotch’s hair holding his head in place. He figured out that Hotch was getting ready to come when he felt teeth on his shoulder, the opposite one from last time. Hips stilled and Spencer wasn’t sure what he was supposed to do now, he could feel the semen on his stomach and chest cooling. It felt really weird.

Hotch gasped a few times, drawing in air before he carefully pulled out of Spencer. The wince came before he could stop himself. He knew that it could be little painful the first time. Spencer watched as Hotch pulled the condom off and tied it before tossing it in the trash can beside the small desk in the corner. The towel was tossed on his stomach and Spencer wiped himself off.

“Do you mind if I shower?” Hotch asked.

“No. Go ahead. Don’t take all the hot water. Towels are in the cabinet. Rags as well.”

Spencer rolled to get out of bed but Hotch grabbed his arm and jerked him closer. “Hotch?”

“Thank you for trusting me enough for that, Reid. That was pretty damn hot.” The older man’s hand moved from his arm up to his neck and then shoulder, tracing the bite mark on his shoulder. Spencer could only smile in regards to that.

“I’m glad I waited if only because if I had done this with Greg, I don’t know if I could have enjoyed it as much. I liked him well enough but…”

“Trust. Everything with you is trust oriented. I get that. I won’t be long then you can shower. I was careful and I didn’t see any blood on the condom but please make sure you are fine.”

“I will, Hotch. Don’t worry.” Spencer smiled at his superior as he moved to the bathroom, naked. Spencer laid back on the bed and started to think in his mind back to when he’d had sex with Greg. He remembered every look on Greg’s face. The other man had enjoyed it. He’d have to remember to call him and ask him about what he felt during it.

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