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The knock on the door at one am surprised Spencer. He almost ignored it. He’d just gotten out of the shower and had thrown on a pair of slacks and a shirt but hadn’t had a chance to button it. The lights were off in the apartment, it was a full moon and it lit up his apartment well enough to be able to move around. He was happy for it because it might convince whoever was outside his place that he was either dead asleep or not home. Standing at the door looking, the knock came again. Spencer moved forward slowly so that whoever was there wouldn’t hear him. A college kid had moved into an apartment one floor up and had a problem of never remembering which place was his when he was drunk.

Spencer was shocked to see Hotch standing there. He unlatched the chain and clicked over the deadbolt. The only reaction he got for opening the door was Hotch looking him up and down. Spencer looked down as well and he noticed he still hadn’t buttoned up his shirt. He reached out to close the material but Hotch grabbed his hands and held them out from his body.

“A shower at one in the morning, Reid?” Hotch’s gaze hadn’t left his chest and stomach. He was once again reminded that he had no clue what this man saw in his body that made him desirable.

“I was just working on some stuff and lost track of time. I’m not tired so I was just going to work on some cold cases.”

“You still take those home?” Hotch seemed shocked.

“Why not?” Spencer shrugged and started to take a step backwards into the apartment, bringing Hotch with him. The older man kicked the door shut as he pulled Spencer closer and then pushed the both of them into the wall beside the door.

“You are still so eager for everything. I want to fuck you until you scream.” Hotch kissed him before he could respond. His hands were jerked above his head and his superior shifted his grip from two hands to one. His now free hand trailed down his arm to his chest. It moved lower, scratching a nipple as it moved. It settled on his cock and it hardened the rest of the way. “I gave you a nice and gentle first time, Reid. This time it’s going to be hard and rough. I’m going to take you against the wall. Yes?”

“Yes,” Spencer gasped. He knew that there was a lot of positions out there for sex but up against a wall just seemed so erotic. It and the floor inside the door were the epitome of need so much that one can’t even make it to a soft, horizontal surface.

“Strip and go get the lube.” Hotch’s voice was rough with lust. The second that he let go of him, Spencer was moving. He stripped his shirt off easily. His pants were another story. He stopped at the edge of the room to shove them down. He heard a moan from Hotch and turned to see the older man watching him. His eyes were locked on Spencer’s backside and it was then that he remembered he hadn’t had a chance to put on underwear before the knock had come at his door.

“Like that?” Spencer asked, shocked that the words actually came out.

“Lube!” was Hotch’s only answer and Spencer kicked his pants from around his ankles and moved at his quickest to the bedroom. He jerked the drawer open and grabbed the first tube he found. He grabbed a condom as well unsure of whether the older man wanted to use it or not. He hightailed it back into the living room as quick as he could. As soon as he got close, Hotch grabbed him and pulled him close, kissing him. The older man took the lube and condom from him. “I want you on your knees.”

Spencer barely hesitated before he dropped. Hotch was still clothed. On his knees Spencer watched his superior as he unbuttoned his shirt but didn’t slide it off. Next was his pants, belt undone and zipper open, he wasn’t wearing any underwear either.

“I’ll try not to push you too far but I want in your mouth so bad right now.”

Nodding, Spencer leaned forward and licked the underside of the hard organ before he moved onto the head. As he slowly slid his lips around and then down the hard flesh he thought about the differences in the feelings of this time and last. He could feel the weight of the flesh more from this angle. As he bottomed out, the cock hitting the back of his throat, Hotch grabbed his hair and and held him still after pulling him back some.

“Here fine?” Hotch asked. Spencer hummed for an answer. It was all the man above him needed. The grip on his hair tightened then the cock was mostly gone from his mouth. It was easy to figure out what he wanted. When Hotch pulled out Spencer hollowed his cheeks and sucked. On the thrust back in he tightened his lips and let his tongue press up to caress the flesh as it pushed. Hotch never went farther in than where he’d been when he asked if there was fine. He braced his hands on Hotch’s thighs and the feel of cloth under his hands was erotic. He was naked and his superior was fully clothed. A few more thrusts and then Hotch pulled out of his mouth all the way.

“One of these nights,” Hotch started as he pulled at Spencer’s hair until he stood up. His free hand cupped Spencer’s sex and squeezed. “I’m going to come in your mouth and make you swallow. Then I’ll handcuff you so you can’t get yourself off. Use you how I want, when I want and you won’t be able to stop me.”

“Hotch,” Spencer begged. That thought was hotter than it had any right of being. He tried to thrust himself into Hotch. The older man just smirked at him and let go of his hair. Before Spencer could move in closer, he was spun and Hotch had him against the wall.

“Keep your hands up on the wall.” The snap of the lube top told Spencer all he needed to know. He spread his legs apart a little and used his hands to brace himself. He pushed himself back from the wall so that he was leaning against it some with his upper chest. He felt the finger at his hole before he could even say a thing. It was easy to relax. Even if Hotch was rough, he wasn’t going to hurt him. Not in a bad way. Not in a way that didn’t feel good. He felt the finger slide inside him. He moaned loudly. The fear was gone. The worry. In no time at all Hotch had three fingers in him. There wasn’t as much burn this time. His cock was hard and he was tempted to reach down and rub himself. He didn’t know what Hotch’s reaction to that would be so he didn’t. He’d been told to keep his hands on the wall. Sometime in the future he would disobey what he’d been told but right now he’d wait. His superior hadn’t not got him off yet in their encounters so he waited.

The sound of a package ripping told him that Hotch was getting ready to put on the condom. He half expected the man to want him to put it on him but then he felt something at his hole. Hotch was quick. Spencer took a deep breath as he felt the pressure at his entrance escalate and then exhaled as the head breached him. The pressure was still there as he was slowly filled but the only burn had been when the head breached him. Hotch had said hard and rough but this was anything but.

A few thrusts in and out then Hotch pulled out and drove into him, hard. Spencer was glad that he had braced himself but it wasn’t enough. Hotch gripped his hips firmly to hold him in place but it wasn’t enough either. He dropped to place his forearms on the wall and let his head hang. Every single thrust after that was just as hard and it felt wonderful. The hands on his hips gripped him tighter and he ached to reach down. Hotch was hitting his prostate on every single thrust and he needed release so badly.

Shifting around, he braced himself on one arm and before he could even think of moving his hand down, Hotch grabbed it. He hadn’t realized that Hotch had let go of his hip to do that.

“I don’t think so, Reid.” Hotch kept a hold of his hand but pulled out of his ass. Spencer groaned at the loss. He wanted the older man back inside of him.

“I’m sorry.”

“Nothing to be sorry for.” Hotch’s mouth was right by his ear. “I told you that I want to fuck you until you scream. My last partner was as big as me but you.” A tug on his wrist and Spencer went where Hotch wanted him. His back was against the wall and he was confused as to what was going to happen. A memory of a book on positions told him there was only one that Hotch would want to do against the wall like this. The remark about size of his previous partner also made sense now. “I can see you thinking. Want to try it?”

“I don’t know.” Spencer was honest. This was his only sexual encounter out of a bed and he was a little wary of allowing someone to hold him up against a wall and fuck him. He knew that Hotch was athletic but being able to keep his weight up as well as fuck him, he wasn’t sure.

“Do you want to try it? Not right at this moment but in the future? Or is it a no go?” Hotch stepped closer, trapping his body against the wall. His hands trailed down his sides to settle on his hips, gripping him tight as he started to thrust their hard cocks together. Spencer leaned into a kiss and looped his arms around Hotch’s neck. A wicked chuckle came out of the older man’s mouth. A second later hands on his hips shifted to his ass and lifted him. He tightened his hold on Hotch’s neck and wrapped his legs around his waist. He didn’t even think of what he was doing except that it would keep him from falling. He felt the cock at his crack and moaned. He shoved the worry out of his mind. Everyone told him that he needed to be more adventurous.

“Fuck me, Hotch,” Spencer said after he pulled back from the kiss. He watched the older man’s eyes dilate even further and then he was being lifted a little higher. Then he was impaled on Hotch’s cock with little issue. The angle was different but still his prostate was hit with nearly every single thrust. The older man was holding him up with just his hips and his own pressure against the wall. The second he let his head fall back against the wall, Hotch’s lips were there on his shoulders kissing, nipping, and then just an outright bite. It was the bite that did him in. He came with a strangled cry and then, when the bite turned even harder, a scream of pleasure.

Spencer rode the high of his orgasm as Hotch thrust into him a few more times. His hips were grabbed in a bruising hold and he was jerked downward, hard. Hotch groaned and stilled. Spencer waited for Hotch to lift his head before he unwrapped his legs. The older man didn’t let him go at first and it wasn’t until he let go of Hotch’s neck that he understood why. His legs were shaky.

“I didn’t hurt you, did I?”

“No.” Spencer was honest. His shoulder would probably bruise a little but it was worth it.

“Try and get some sleep.”

“After I shower. Did you want to?” Spencer waved towards his bathroom but Hotch shook his head. He pulled the condom off his cock and tied it off. He looked around for a trash can. “Kitchen.”

“No. I’ll shower when I get home.” Hotch moved towards the kitchen, throwing away the condom and the wrapper he pulled from his pants pocket and set the lube on the counter. He did up his shirt and Spencer just watched. He could see what people saw in him. He was very good looking, even if he didn’t smile as much when he was working. In fact, Spencer probably saw him smile more during their encounters than he had working with him. It surprised him when Hotch was suddenly standing in front of him. “Thank you.”

“You’re welcome. Anytime. You know that.” Still Hotch leaned in and kissed his cheek uttering the thanks again, softly in his ear. Spencer stayed quiet as Hotch let himself out. It wasn’t in Hotch’s character to not be nice, even if it was just with someone he had sex with and didn’t care about more than just as co-workers.

Shaking his head to clear his thoughts, Spencer could admit that he was tired. A lot more tired than he had been before Hotch had showed up. He needed to lockup and shower.

Spencer wiped away the steam from the mirror in his bathroom and looked at himself. He could see a faint bruise starting to form on his shoulder where Hotch had bit him. Then he noticed the bruises on his hips. Spencer turned to the side to see the entire bruise. Given the position, it had to have been done when Hotch was taking him from behind. He laid his own hand over it. He was surprised that he could elicit enough passion in anyone that they would want to bruise him. That they would want to hold onto him hard enough to lay a claim. The biting, he could understand. Given what Hotch had told him, Haley didn’t seem to want anything to mar her skin after they had sex. That was what Spencer was there for. An outlet for Hotch’s needs.

When he was done inspecting his body for bruises, Spencer laid down in bed, pulling only his sheet over him. It was warm in the apartment and he didn’t want to start sweating. He enjoyed their encounters and he didn’t want to change them.

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