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Spencer crested the stairs to his floor and turned to face his door. The sight that greeted him was one he expected. Hotch was leaning against the wall just on the other side of his door. He was dressed in jeans and a t-shirt with a bag thrown over his shoulder. No where near his normal Hotch attire. Hotch had texted him, asking his estimated arrival time back to the city after taking his mom home to Vegas. He just hoped that Hotch would stay home with Haley. She’d been very freaked out by the message sent to her home. He could understand. He hadn’t been that happy about the one that had been waiting at Bennington for him.


“Reid. Did your you get your mom settled back in?” Hotch stayed where he was as Spencer got closer to his door but as soon as he stopped to put his key in, the older man was right there at his back. He fumbled at picking the right key when Hotch’s hands settled on his hips. When he finally picked the right one and had it nearly to the door, Hotch closed the small distance between their bodies and his warmth settled along Spencer’s back. That settled what Spencer had been wondering since Hotch had texted him. He wasn’t there just to check on him.

Did he want this? Did he want to let Hotch in knowing the state he knew that he was in? Hotch didn’t push him. He just stayed there at his back, a comforting weight. Spencer unlocked the door and before he could open it, Hotch’s hands shifted from his hips to around his stomach and one up his chest, holding him tight.

“Mom’s fine. She’s happy to be home. I stopped and ate dinner on the way home. Do you want to come in?” Spencer threw open his door and let Hotch all but shove him inside. After setting down his things and kicking off his shoes, Spencer turned to talk to Hotch but found the older man not in the room. He moved towards the little hall that led to his bedroom and watched the older man set the bag he’d been carrying on the bed. He was intrigued, as other than lube Hotch had never really brought anything with him before. Before he could start towards the bedroom, the other man was moving towards him. The bedroom door was shut and Hotch smiled at him.

That smile had Spencer stopping in his tracks. He swallowed and tried to open his mouth to speak but the look on Hotch’s face had him snapping it shut. All that did was make Hotch smile even more and it turned downright feral. Two steps backward and Hotch sped up, before Spencer could even figure out what he wanted to do, he was against the wall with hands on either side of his head, trapping him in.

“Don’t go running anywhere.”

“Hotch?” Spencer winced when his voice cracked.

The older man shifted to where he was using his hips to hold Spencer in place against the wall and his hands went to Spencer’s shirt.

“Favorite shirt?”

“No.” Spencer drew out the syllable, not understanding why Hotch would ask such a question. He just stared at the downturned head as his shirt was drawn out of his pants and then ripped open, popping most if not all of the buttons off the fabric. Before he could even react, Hotch’s mouth was on his collarbone. He tried to reach out to touch but his hands were jerked down followed by his shirt. Pulling on one arm, Spencer attempted to get his hand free of the shirt but his cuffs were still buttoned and the growl from his superior had him stopping all movement. The shirt was twisted and his hands trapped. Hotch had turned his shirt into handcuffs.

Head thudding back against the wall, Spencer closed his eyes. Being trapped at the mercy of a man who was bigger, stronger, and more experienced shouldn’t be exciting him as much as it was. There was no way that Hotch could miss how hard he was in his pants, he’d been hard since before Hotch had trapped him against the wall. A hand on his chin, tilting his head up to where his neck was bared and then tongue licked from collarbone to jaw. Hands then worked to get his pants undone and Spencer wondered if Hotch had a kink of liking him naked while he was fully dressed. Last time he’d been fucked against the wall while Hotch had still been dressed.

Spencer didn’t know what Hotch wanted. It was the first time that he hadn’t been around the other man just before their liaisons. He had no clue of his headspace. A tap on his ankle brought Spencer back to what was happening to him. Opening his eyes, he looked down to see his pants at his feet. He lifted the foot that had been tapped and when it was down his other was tapped. His socks were removed at the same time. Hotch pulled the phone from his pocket before throwing the pants towards the bedroom door. His phone was set on the floor beside them. Hotch looked up at him before he stood up.

“Not too tight?” His eyes trailed down Spencer’s arms to his bound wrists.


“Good.” Hotch leaned in again and started to kiss him. It was claiming and rough and Spencer swore he tasted blood. He didn’t try and stop the kiss though. Spencer was quite shocked at the amount of kissing that Hotch wanted. What he’d read on most non romantic sexual liaisons was that kissing was kind of taboo. He didn’t know why. Kissing Hotch hadn’t made him want the older man outside of sex. It was fun between them. He got to expand his horizons and Hotch got to excise demons safely.

A hand on his shoulder and pressure applied had Spencer dropping to his knees. Hotch stepped back enough to give him room. He spared a glance at the bedroom door and then up at Hotch. A memory popped into the forefront of his mind. Hotch had talked about what he wanted to do to him one night.

Hotch forced his head up so that they were looking at each other. “I see your brain working there. Are you okay with this?”

Spencer nodded.

“I need words, Reid.” Hotch’s thumb traced his lip and he felt where it was split a little. It had been blood he’d tasted. The small rush of pain had Spencer trying to lick at the wound to try and soothe it. Hotch groaned and slid his thumb inside his mouth. Spencer licked at it and then sucked when it was pressed farther inside. Hotch started to open his pants with his free hand as Spencer blew his thumb. The digit was pulled free and Spencer immediately opened his mouth and swallowed the cock in front of him. The hand that had been at his face was now in his hair, just holding on, not guiding him. Not yet. He tilted his head to the side and was able to get nearly all of the cock in his mouth before his gag reflex tried to trigger. He pulled back, sucking.

The hand in his hair tightened and he was pulled off. Hotch stared down at him. “I need words, Doctor Reid.”

“I remember what you said and I am fine with it.” Spencer licked out with his tongue, catching the tip of Hotch’s cock. How bold did he want to be? “Come in my mouth, Hotch.”

It must have been the right words because his hair was released and he was allowed to take the cock back in his mouth. It felt strange to have his hands trapped at his back, unable to balance himself or at least try and hold onto Hotch. He easily got into a rhythm that only faltered when his hair was grabbed again. He stopped his movements and waited. Hotch started to thrust in and out. Never going in farther than he had the last time he’d sucked the man’s cock. He wasn’t sure what he thought of swallowing but he’d try it. He knew what Hotch would probably taste like. It was easy to just let the older man control his head and for him to just let go. Just the thoughts of making Hotch go crazy had Spencer on the edge. If he worked his mind enough, he figured he could come himself without even touching his cock.

Hotch was gasping and telling him that he felt good. He let the sounds wash over him and it was why he almost missed his superior telling him that he was close. He wasn’t sure for a second what he was supposed to do but he calmed himself down and stopped sucking, using his tongue and lips to keep the pressure up and then Hotch was stilling.

Spencer wasn’t ready for the taste. It was a great deal saltier than Hotch’s pre-cum. Still he swallowed as he was let go of. Hotch pulled all the way out, leaning against the opposite wall and just stared at him.

“You look thoroughly debauched.” Hotch stared for several more seconds and then started to zip up his pants after tucking himself back in. When he was done he helped Spencer to stand and released his hands. The shirt was thrown with the pants. He was getting ready to ask what next when he was shoved towards the bedroom. He smiled when he opened the door and Hotch’s hand slid around his boxer covered waist and cupped his still hard sex. “I picked up a set of the padded cuffs.”

“Really?” Spencer asked as he was spun and then marched backwards to the bed. The slide to where Hotch felt comfortable manhandling had been slow but he found he quite liked it. It was passion and raw need. Something he wasn’t used to. A new experience for him.

“Haley is visiting her parents and staying overnight with Jack. I don’t have to rush out of here. I was thinking of seeing how many times I can get you off tonight.” Hotch’s eyes were dangerous looking. It was the same look he’d had in the hall before he’d jumped Spencer. He shivered. That earned him a nip on his shoulder. His cock ached for more than the little contact that Hotch was giving him. “First though, let’s get you on the bed.”

Spencer was released from Hotch’s hold and he moved towards the bed, laying down on his back, ignoring the bag sitting at his hips. The bag looked pretty full so there had to be more than just handcuffs in there. Hotch unzipped the bag and pulled the cuffs out. He could tell that they were regular cuffs with a layer of leather around the part that touched him. He was shocked when they were handed over to him. He took them and looked at them. There was a little bit of something in between the metal and the leather that gave the pair a little more padding, the chain linking the two cuffs was a also a bit longer than normal cuffs. Spencer handed them back over and Hotch set them on the pillow, leaning over him.

“I have other things in there but they can wait until later. In the morning, we’ll find a place for it in your closet or something.” Hotch pulled a key from a pocket and unlocked the cuffs. Spencer shifted up the bed. He still wasn’t sure on the cuffs but he’d try it until he formed an opinion. Hotch seemed to like him in them. He knew what it was born of. A need to have Spencer at his mercy. A control in his life that he was missing in some way. The handcuffs felt weird around his wrists with the soft leather wrapped around the metal. He’d only ever worn the regular handcuffs. And as a kid he’d spent a lot of time in them, learning how to pick the lock and get out of them.

“Okay?” Hotch asked.

“Fine.” The only time he’d been bound by an UnSub it had been zip ties. He wasn’t going to freak out. Hotch stood at the end of the bed, looking at him as he stripped out of his shirt. When the bed dipped, Spencer spread his legs, laughing internally, as Hotch groaned. The older man had to have seen something on his face because it went from slightly playful to hard in seconds. Spencer swallowed and stared.

“Feel like being playful?” Hotch asked as he pulled his belt from the loops. For a few seconds, Spencer was worried until his superior threw the belt to the side. There was no way that the other man missed the play of emotions on his face. He didn’t react though. He didn’t say anything. Instead, he moved farther up the bed pushing Spencer’s legs out wider with his hands. His boxers tightened at the thighs at the odd angle. “Are you?”

Spencer swallowed again, not knowing which way he should answer. He was feeling playful but he wasn’t sure if Hotch wanted him to feel playful. Honesty was the best answer, no matter the consequences. “Yes.”

Hotch laughed. It wasn’t a laugh that Spencer had ever heard out of him before. It was dark and playful at the same time. The sound of it shot straight to his dick, making it harden even more. The older man gripped the edge of his boxers and started to pull, forcing his legs closed. He tried to wet his mouth but all moisture was gone from it. Hotch was still dressed in his pants. “Let’s see how playful you really are.”

The bed dipped as Hotch leaned over to grab the lube from the drawer.

Spencer could only gasp as the first finger entered him. Hotch wasn’t playing around. The older man held one of his legs up while his ass was fingered. With hands above his head and his leg trapped, Spencer could only thrash his head around. He was shocked at how different this felt from the first times. The burn was barely there as he felt three fingers enter him. On nearly every single thrust of fingers, Hotch was hitting his prostate. He felt on edge like a single touch to his cock was going to send him over the edge.

“Please, Hotch,” Spencer begged.

“Please what? What do you want, Doctor Reid?”

The name had him shivering and it was enough but before he could actually come, Hotch reached down and grabbed the base of his cock, chasing it away. Spencer groaned and looked Hotch straight in the eyes. He’d never done something like that before. His leg was dropped and Hotch moved up the bed.

“You wanted playful. Don’t you dare come before I come back into the room, Reid.” And then Hotch was moving off the bed, his pants dropping to the floor. The older man moved to the bathroom and Spencer could only watch as he disappeared from sight behind the now shut door.

Spencer stared in shock at the door for several minutes as he heard the water in the shower turned on and then the click of the shower door. Hotch was really taking a shower! The clatter of a bottle of something told him that he really was. He wasn’t playing. There were several things that he could do. He was petulant enough that he was tempted to get himself off. There was enough slack in the chain between cuffs to where he could turn over and rub himself off.

At least now he had gauge of where Hotch’s head was at. Spencer smiled as a thought popped into his mind. Hotch had cuffed his hands so that they were resting on his pillows. Thankfully the angle was perfect. He took a second to listen to what was happening in the bathroom. The water was hitting the floor of the shower more than the man so he was probably soaping himself up. He didn’t have much time. Spencer found the tape and easily ripped it off one of the pillars on his bed frame. He’d thought about it just about the time he’d started at the BAU. There were probably people that would look at it and think that he was crazy but a lot of murder cases happened in the home. Having a home set up for an eventuality was normal for him.

It only took a minute to get the first cuff unlocked. It would have been quicker except he wasn’t familiar with the cuffs and the padding threw him off. Once he had the second one undone, he quickly slipped the straightened paperclip back where he’d gotten it and set the cuffs at the end of the bed just as the water in the shower shut off. Spencer laid back down and waited. He didn’t have to wait long. As soon as he heard the soft padding towards the door he started to stroke his cock. He tried to keep his face still and not grin.

The look on Hotch’s face was priceless. Spencer was glad that he would never forget it. It was pure shock. A look that he’d never seen cross his superior’s face. Hotch looked from Spencer’s face, to the hand on his cock, to the cuffs at the foot of the bed and back again. The older man took a step towards the bed but Spencer didn’t stop stroking his cock.

“I see a second set of cuffs is in order.” Hotch smiled as he dropped to his knees on the bed. He snatched Spencer’s hand and lifted it off his cock. “You didn’t come so that’s good. I forget how good you are at magic and sleight of hand. So where is it, Reid?”

Hotch used his free hand to slide it between his knees and then his hip to slide in between his legs. Then his hands were jerked over his head to rest of the pillows.

“Where is what, Sir?” Spencer asked, letting a cheeky smile grace his face. The darkening of Hotch’s eyes even farther and the jump of his cock told him that the Sir hadn’t gone unnoticed.

“The paper clip or whatever you used to get out of the cuffs.”

“That would be telling, Sir.”

“Is that how you want to play it?” Hotch leaned back, releasing his hands. “Hands and knees.”

Spencer moved quickly to get into position. He felt a hand at the small of his back and then two fingers slid inside of him. He felt the coldness of fresh lube and the the fingers were gone. Something larger slid to just touch his entrance.

“I’d grab a hold of something,” Hotch warned.

As soon as Spencer had a hold of the bars of his bed, Hotch thrust inside of him in one go. The hands stopped him from getting away as they grabbed his hips to hold him. Spencer gasped at the feeling of being full. A few thrusts and Spencer realized that something felt different. He thought over what they had done and then knew what it was. Hotch hadn’t put on a condom. They’d made the decision that it was up to what they wanted that night. This wasn’t going to be a round and then Hotch would leave. Hotch slammed into him so hard he almost lost his balance on his knees.

“So hot,” Hotch whispered as he leaned over his back. Spencer was shocked when his hands were jerked off the rails and he was coaxed to straighten up. It changed the angle that he was thrust into at. One of the other man’s arms looped around his stomach, his other settled on his hip for a minute before reaching down and grabbing his cock. Hotch spread his pre-cum and used it as lube to stroke him up and down. The pressure wasn’t enough though.

“Hotch, please let me come. Please.” He needed it so bad. The hand on his cock stilled though. The arm around his stomach moved up tilting his head to rest on Hotch’s shoulder. As he was thrust into with no arm around his stomach, he faulted and almost tipped over. Spencer threw an arm up and looped it behind Hotch’s head. He gripped the base of his skull to stop from falling over.

“Who says I’m done with you, Reid?” Hotch started thrusting into him harder. All Spencer could do was hold on. His free hand was grabbed and linked with Hotch’s. He didn’t understand what the older man wanted but he couldn’t form words other than please, which spilled over his lips over and over.

The linked hands gripped his cock and started to stroke counter to the thrusts inside of him.

“Please, Hotch. Oh God, please. Please.” Spencer didn’t even try and stop the litany of words from his lips.

“Come,” Hotch said as he gripped on Spencer’s cock even tighter. He didn’t hold back anymore. Spencer couldn’t stop himself as Hotch bit his neck and he was lost. He felt Hotch’s thrusting stutter and then one final hard thrust that toppled them both over. Hotch had come.

Spencer didn’t even try and move. They had turned enough to where Hotch wasn’t wholly on top of him and he could breath. A hand on his hip was the only warning he got as Hotch carefully pulled out.

“Sorry,” Hotch whispered, sounding ashamed.

If Spencer could have rolled over he would have. He had no clue what Hotch would need to be sorry for. “I…You didn’t do anything wrong.”

“I didn’t ask before…”

“The moment I realized that you hadn’t put on a condom I could have stopped you. It’s fine. I promise.”

The silence told Spencer that Hotch was debating that with him. Finally the older man sighed and Spencer settled down, trying still to catch his breath. He knew he couldn’t get up to clean up, not without face planting on the floor. He’d need a few more minutes. Hotch though pushed himself up and padded to the bathroom. Spencer had almost gotten up the gumption to follow him when he reappeared with a hand towel in each hand.

“Stay. I…” Hotch stopped talking as his sat down at Spencer’s hip. “I wasn’t the most gentle with you and I want to make sure I didn’t hurt you.”

“What?” Spencer was confused but he allowed his body to be manipulated to where one leg was tucked up to his side and sort of under him. The first towel, wet, was passed between his cheeks and then Hotch was spreading said cheeks. He hissed as a finger was run over his entrance.

“No blood and no signs that I hurt you. I didn’t mean to be that rough with you.” Hotch rolled him to the side, wiping down his front before drying him with the other towel. Spencer buried his head in the blanket on the bed to try and cover the yawn that ripped loose from him. Hotch chuckled and then a hand was in his hair. It wasn’t grabbing but petting.

“No,” Spencer protested but another yawn came out at the same time.

“Sleep, Reid. You are going to need it. This was just round one.”

“Round one?” Spencer asked but he never heard an answer as he let his eyes fall closed and he was asleep.


Spencer felt the fingers at his hole and it’s what woke him up. He was asleep on his front on a towel. Hotch had placed it under him after round three. He shifted to try and get his knees under him but Hotch placed a hand on his lower back.

“No. Just like this. I know you are still tired. I was just checking to see how you are doing. I don’t want to hurt you.” A kiss was placed at the top of his crack before he felt warmed lube smeared over his entrance. Then Hotch’s cock was there pushing inside him. The older man had told him after round three that he probably wouldn’t need any stretching for round four. It was still dark outside and the only light in the room was the nightlight near the bathroom door. Hotch had turned the lights on for rounds two and three. He wondered why he hadn’t for this one. “Still so tight. God, Reid you’re perfect.”

Not knowing what to answer to that, Spencer just stayed silent. He wasn’t sure if he had it in him to get hard again but obviously Hotch was. Round three had really worn him out. Before a quick shower it had been sex against the bathroom wall. Hotch’s hands weren’t still. One was caressing his side while the other was planted at Spencer’s shoulder, keeping the older man up. Another new position. He hadn’t found one he liked better than up against the wall and hands and knees. Hotch hadn’t said one he liked either. He was pretty sure that any one that had the older man’s cock in him made him happy.

“You okay?” Hotch’s voice was still soft. It had to the darkness around them. It was intimate and Spencer wasn’t sure that he liked it. Hotch was too gentle.

“Just uncomfortable. Can we switch around or something?” Spencer asked as soon as the words were out of his mouth, Hotch was pulling out of him. His own cock gave a small jerk and was starting to harden, Spencer was little shocked.

“How do you want?”

Spencer leaned over and clicked on the light and then settled on his knees. Hotch didn’t need any prompting, he slid back in with ease and started to fuck him hard. Hotch had his hands on his hips and Spencer noticed that this time there was a condom on his cock. That meant that this was probably the last round of the night. Spencer was thankful. He didn’t have work the next morning but one never knew when a case was going to come up and although Strauss had said she’d try to keep them off rotation, it was never a guarantee. He wanted to go see Elle. First, he needed a few hours of uninterrupted sleep.


“Much.” Spencer braced himself on one arm and started to finger his own cock. Hotch hadn’t stopped him with round two so he licked his hand and returned it to his cock. If Hotch lasted long he’d be surprised. His erection had waned a little but with Hotch thrusting into him and hitting his prostate on almost every single one, it wasn’t going to take him long.

The only noise in the room was shifting of the bed and it’s sheets, Hotch’s harsh breathing and Spencer’s own not as labored breathing. Hotch had well and truly worn him out. He let out only a groan as he spilled over his hand, making sure that it landed on the towel. He kept himself up as he felt Hotch start to stutter. Soon the man grabbed his hips and pulled him in tight.

When Hotch started to pull out, Spencer let himself collapse. He didn’t care that he was in his own wet spot. He was dead tired. The chuckle from Hotch gave Spencer the urge to hit him with a pillow but he didn’t. As much as they had sex, this wasn’t a relationship or even truly a friendship. The friendship was growing but he wasn’t as close to Hotch as he was to Morgan, JJ, and even Elle. Still he smiled.

“I don’t think much is going to keep me from passing out and not waking up for several hours,” Spencer said into his pillow.

“Roll over.”

Spencer did as he asked and felt the towel brush over his stomach and groin before it was pulled from under his hips and side and tossed towards the bathroom. He listened as Hotch got dressed with his eyes closed. He heard the man at the closet and the sound of metal clinking told him the cuffs were dropped off by the bag inside. Hotch had found his paperclip taped to the bed and had laughed when he’d woken Spencer up for round two.

“Sleep well, Reid.”

“There is no doubt. Have a safe trip home, Hotch.”

Spencer tried to stay awake for the sound of his door shutting but he didn’t. Sleep overtook him and he was gone. He didn’t figure that Hotch would forget to lock it.

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