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Spencer knew he’d show up. There wasn’t a single person on the team that wasn’t trying to find some kind of release after the case they had. Gideon may have been the most affected but that didn’t mean the rest weren’t.

As the minutes ticked by, Spencer began to doubt that Hotch was going to show up. After showering, the genius had changed into a pair of jeans with no underwear. After that he’d slipped on one of his few tanks tops and a long sleeved unbuttoned shirt over that. It was comfortable to him and Hotch had shown an appreciation the last time he’d been boxer-less when he’d shown up at his place. It was a concession that Spencer could live with. The feel of the jeans on his bare ass and crotch felt weird and he wasn’t really sure if he liked it or not. He was also a little uncomfortable with his other surprise for Hotch.

When another half an hour passed, Spencer let himself admit that he needed what Hotch offered. This was the first case that he’d felt like he’d go insane if Hotch didn’t show up. Sure, he’d already gone through his normal routine of what he did after a hard case. His computer was still turned on but asleep from where he’d worked on an article he wanted to try and get published. A second pot of coffee was sitting in the kitchen. He wasn’t sure if he would be able to sleep once Hotch left.

If Hotch ever got there. It had been going on long enough that he was usually better at predicting the cases that Hotch needed a release from. He moved to the window as he couldn’t take sitting in his chair anymore. He was a ball of nervous energy that had nothing to do with the coffee he’d drunk.

The measured knock on the door made Spencer jump but he rushed to the door. Checking the peephole he saw Hotch outside. The sight of him made his blood race. He opened the door trying not to just throw it open. He didn’t want to appear that he’d been just waiting.

“Expecting someone?” Hotch asked with a smile on his face. He was still dressed in his clothes from work. Usually when he went home first he changed.

“Yes.” Spencer stepped back and let Hotch enter the apartment.

“Good. Jack’s a little colicky so I settled him down before leaving.”

Spence shrugged. “We don’t have a set time and you didn’t tell me you were coming. I just kind of figured. I got an article written and my kitchen cleaned.” It wasn’t anything Hotch needed to worry about.

Hotch didn’t say anything, just smiled and shook his head. Spencer could tell when he noticed the clothes. The older man’s eyes moved down and then back up his body. The lust in his eyes was evident. He didn’t know what his superior saw in his body that made him lust after him but he’d take it any day.

Spencer was shocked out of his thinking when he was jerked closer to Hotch, a finger curled in his belt loop. The loop was used to pull him over to the couch. Hotch sat down and Spencer was settled over his lap. His hands settled on Spencer’s hips and he was pulled closer. Hotch didn’t kiss him. Not on the lips. No, his neck was attacked at the same time that his head was tipped back. As Hotch moved down his neck, the kisses became harsher and the nips stung more. He reached behind himself to grab Hotch’s knees to hold himself up while he tasted every single inch of skin he could reach.

A hand slid up his chest and then around his side and back down, settling on his jean covered ass, pulling him forward. Hotch was hard as a rock. Spencer was pretty aroused but he wasn’t that hard.

“What do you want?” Spencer whispered in Hotch’s ear as the older man sucked a bruise on his upper chest. It was right where his tie would sit when dressed for work.

“To fuck you,” Hotch growled and moved down his chest to bite at a nipple through the fabric of the tank top.

“Yes, but how? Where?” It was getting easier to ask.

“Right here. When I am done marking you, I want you on your knees sucking me.” Hotch started to unbutton his jeans and slid a hand in the back to grip his cheek. “Then I’m going to pull you up here and you are going to ride me.”

“How?” Spencer asked. Hotch pulled back and growled at him.

“Shut up.”

“Shutting up, Sir.”

A quirked eyebrow told him his cheek was understood. He smirked back at his superior. The sharp, sudden smack on his ass shocked him and by the look on Hotch’s face, he hadn’t planned on doing it. Spencer cocked his head to the side as he leaned back a little farther from him. He stared at the older man. It was exactly like the handcuffs, he didn’t know what he felt about that. His erection was still there, it hadn’t softened at all but he had been so surprised he didn’t know if it had hardened anymore. He needed to think.

Spencer slid backwards off Hotch’s lap and the man didn’t stop him. He didn’t know what to say to him so Spencer stayed silent. He showed Hotch that he was okay by pulling off his overshirt and then the tank top. Hotch’s gaze raked over each piece of flesh as it was revealed. When his upper body was naked, he dropped to his knees and shuffled back over to Hotch.

Hands hesitated on Hotch’s belt and when a nod was given, Spencer unbuckled the belt and tossed it to where he’d tossed his shirts. He untied the shoes next and slipped them off along with his socks. He scooted back and pulled Aaron up using the belt loops so that he could slide his pants off of him. He stayed on his knees, cursing his hard floors. He made a mental note to get a rug if he enjoyed what they were about to do. Pushing at Hotch’s stomach, the older man sat back down, his legs spread in invitation.

Hotch smelled clean, like he’d showered just before coming over. Why did he dress in his work clothes again? Spencer wasted no time in taking the cock into his mouth. As soon as he got used to the length, Hotch seemed to just know and grabbed his hair. Spencer had figured it was coming. Hotch loved grabbing his hair and forcing him to do what he wanted. The headspace gave him what just what he wanted. He could chase his demons from the case away with the loss of control. With his mind only focusing on the pleasure that he was giving Hotch, he let the rest of his mind go blank. He didn’t have to worry about a thing. Hotch never went farther into his mouth than any of the other times.

The taste of Hotch’s cock was becoming something he enjoyed. He could understand why some men and even women loved to suck cock. Spencer shifted on his knees and his surprise moved as well. He moaned, the vibrations translating down to the cock in his mouth and Hotch pulled him off roughly. The pain on his skin where his hair was pulling had him bracing as he came. He braced on Hotch’s thighs as he dropped his head to the man’s stomach, forcing Hotch to let go of his hair. Panting, Spencer tried to get his breath back.

“Reid?” Hotch sounded worried but Spencer couldn’t answer. Hands pulled at him and he allowed the older man to pull him up into his lap. The feel of Hotch’s shirt on his naked skin set him to shivering. A hand trailed down his back, trying to settle him down. “Did I go too far? Did I hurt you?”

Spencer couldn’t answer so he grabbed at Hotch’s hand and slid it in between their bodies to his jeans which were wet. Hotch moaned and pulled him into a hard kiss. When he had control of his body again, Spencer started to unbutton Hotch’s shirt. As soon as the final button was done, Hotch leaned them forward to strip it off.

“You don’t understand how hot that is, Reid. That you came from sucking my cock and I know you didn’t touch yourself.” Hotch pushed at him until he stood up. The jeans were jerked off of him and before he could even say a word about his surprise, Hotch’s hand was there. His eyes widened when he touched the plug. “No wonder you shot off like a rocket.”

Spencer closed his eyes as Hotch shoved the plug a little farther inside of him. It felt so good.

“Please,” Spencer begged.

“Please what? Play with this more? Or jerk it out and shove myself in?” Hotch was stroking up and down on his cock. Instead of answering, Spencer leaned over and opened up the drawer in his coffee table and handed over the smaller tube of lube that he’d bought a week before with the plug, just for the living room. Hotch wasted no time in slicking himself up and pulling Spencer into his lap. Hotch wasn’t gentle as the plug was jerked from his hole and it was replaced easily with the older man’s hard cock. He was on his knees, his legs spread over Hotch’s lap. Hand on his hip, Hotch directed him how fast up and then back down until he got into the rhythm.

Spencer was hard again in no time. He rocked and thrust himself on the hard cock. Hotch’s mouth wasn’t idle. He tasted every single inch of skin that he could reach before he stilled Spencer.

“Turn around. Back against my chest. Legs over mine.”

Spencer did as he was told and sighed as Hotch slid back inside of him. His legs were draped on the outside of Hotch’s and he wasn’t in a position where he could do much of anything. He wondered what the man had planned for a few seconds before he was slammed into. All he could do was try and hold on as Hotch slammed into him over and over again. He tried to hold off but the angle was too much and he came all over himself when Hotch barely brushed his cock with a hand.

Once more he was slammed into and then the hand on his hip squeezed so tight that he was sure it would bruise. Hotch’s breathing picked up as he came. Spencer slumped down into the man below him.

“Are you okay?” Hotch asked as his hands trailed up and down his thighs. His legs were trembling.

“Yes. I just…Nerves.”

“Nerves? From what? Your toy?” Hotch’s voice was soft and his breath ghosted over Spencer’s sweat soaked neck and shoulder.

“I bought it last week and I wanted to try it out but I chickened out and then this case…I didn’t know what I needed. I worked on a paper, cleaned my kitchen and I couldn’t settle. I went to the bathroom to shower and I saw the bag lying in the bathroom. I stretched myself out in the shower and then when I was done I lubed it up. It felt so weird but good. I…liked it.”

“It makes nights like this nice. I will never not prep you in some way. I am not into that kind of pain. I don’t want to hurt you like that but if you do that, I can just slam home inside of you.”

“That part was nice. No fumbling around.”

“It seems that it’s all you need, along with my cock in your mouth, to come.”

Spencer felt the blush creep up his neck. He was sitting on his superior’s lap with his softening cock inside of him and he was blushing at the thought of being taken roughly.

“We’ll have to play around with that.”

“It wasn’t so much the…” Spencer paused.

“Plug,” Hotch whispered in his ear. He could hear the smile in his voice.

“The plug,” Spencer said a little more forceful than he normally would. “I was losing myself in your pleasure. The taste, the feel, I needed to get away from my brain.”

“And it worked?” Hotch asked. He lifted at Spencer’s hips and he moved off of him. He grabbed his jeans and slipped them on as he stood up. He knew he’d have to shower again but it was fine.

“I came didn’t I?” Spencer said the words before he even thought about them. Hotch’s eyes narrowed and he was jerked back into the older man’s lap.

“There’s no need for snark, Reid.” Hotch’s hand came down on his ass again and this time he jumped. He wasn’t ready for the spark of pleasure. Hotch’s eyes were watching his face. Whatever emotions passed over must have been good because Hotch smiled at him. “Impact play?”

“I don’t know.” Spencer liked that Hotch was using technical terms. It helped calm him down a little. It was easier.

“It’s something we can play with.”

Spencer nodded.

“I just…” Hotch tipped his head to lean on the back of the couch. “When I came in tonight, you weren’t mad that I showed up or that I was as late as I was.”

“Yes?” Spencer urged him to carry on when he paused for near a minute.

“I just don’t understand. I know that this isn’t a ‘relationship’ per se but how can you be so easy with it? I interrupt your life. Jake had rules, you don’t.”

“I don’t understand what you are asking. You never told me you were coming by tonight. Yes, I assumed that you would, hence my…toy. But I wouldn’t have been upset if you hadn’t. I probably would have masturbated in the shower and went to bed. As to the hour, you have a wife and young child at home. It would make sense you’d want to see them to bed before leaving as you get so little time with them. How can I get jealous over that? It’s not like I want you to leave your family for me. That would just be stupid.”

Hotch stared at him long enough for Spencer to become uncomfortable. He shifted on the man’s lap and when a hand landed on his hip, softly, he stilled. His jeans were uncomfortable feeling between his release that had soaked the front and he could feel Hotch’s leaking out of him. Hotch smirked at him and leaned down to grab something. His head was held so he couldn’t see what the man was doing. His breathing picked up. He wasn’t scared. He was excited. After coming twice he hadn’t thought he’d get hard again.

When his jeans were yanked down in the back, Spencer lifted up. Hotch pulled him closer until his legs were spread far on either side of him. He felt the plug brush at his entrance and he moaned. Hotch laughed as he slowly pushed the object into him. With one hand on the plug, the other moved to his slightly reawakened cock and started to stroke up and down. Spencer gasped. He was still so sensitive from his two previous orgasms.

“Oh, God,” Spencer uttered as he let his head drop to Hotch’s shoulder. His hands were used to brace himself on the couch as he was fucked with the plug and stroked with Hotch’s hand.

“That’s it. Just don’t think. Feel.” Hotch’s voice was soft and soothing but exciting at the same time. Spencer never thought that being fucked with an object would feel this good. Hotch added a twist and a squeeze to the end of his stroke and between that and the plug, he was gone. While he laid slumped on the older man, his pants were pulled up and even buttoned.

“You are going to kill me one of these days,” Spencer muttered. Hotch just laughed.

“That would be hard to explain at work. That I fucked you to death.”

“I can’t do much but I can…” Spencer reached down to try and give Hotch a hand job but his hand was grabbed.

“No. I’m fine. I’ll help you into the bathroom but washing up, you’ll need to do that on your own.”

Hotch helped him down into the bathroom, even grabbing his dirty clothes and throwing them towards the washer. He grabbed sleep pants and left them on the counter.

“I’ll lock up. You looked fucked out.”

Spencer felt like flipping him off but didn’t. Instead he listened as Hotch moved around the apartment. When he heard the front door shut, he finally turned on the water and just let it flow over him. Before Hotch, masturbation had been something he’d done on occasion but it was never part of his routine. It was something he did when he became horny. Now with Hotch though, he didn’t crave sex per se. He wasn’t going to go out and find it wherever but his routine of masturbation was changed. The sex with Hotch though, he could see himself becoming addicted.

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