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Spencer was at his kitchen table with a new physics text book in front of him when the knock came at his door. He looked at the clock. It was seven p.m.. He wondered what his neighbor wanted. Setting down his coffee cup, he moved to the door. He looked out and was shocked to see Hotch there.

Spencer’s hands fumbled at the chain lock and then opened the door. “Hotch?”

A bag of Chinese food was raised up and Spencer stepped back to allow him in.

“Dinner?” Hotch asked.

“I haven’t eaten yet. I was reading.”

“Oh? What?” Hotch took a few steps inside and used his free hand to shut the door.

“The new physics textbook Cal-Tech is using for one of their advanced classes. One of my professors sent it over. I haven’t figured out why yet.” Spencer was also a little shocked that Hotch was there.

“Really?” Hotch looked in towards the kitchen. Spencer knew he was looking at the book. It was four inches thick.

“I just started reading it. I’m sure it’ll become apparent. We can eat at the table or on the couch.”

“Couch is fine. I grabbed you a fork and duck sauce for your egg rolls.”

“I have coffee, milk, and two cans of Coke.”

“Coke is fine,” Hotch said as he sat on the couch and started separating the food. Spencer grabbed both cans of the pop as well as his coffee and two plates. He wasn’t going to ask why Hotch was there with food. Hotch would tell him when he wanted. Instead he sat down, passing over the Coke and a plate. Hotch handed him a wax bag with the egg rolls and the duck sauce. Spencer smiled. Gideon had always been the one to get Hotch’s egg roll. Now when the team ate out, he got it.

“What did you get?”

“General Tso’s, Beef and Broccoli, and Steamed Vegetables.”

“Take the mushrooms.” Spencer put in his mind set that the rest of the team was there. He was out of his depth with this. Hotch laughed and started to pick out the mushrooms he could find before passing over the box. Spencer took about a third of the vegetables. When Hotch passed over the General Tso’s he took half. Of the beef and broccoli, he took half the broccoli and a few carrots but most of the sauce which he poured over the rice Hotch had dumped on his plate. This was normal. They both started eating.

“Haley and I met up for coffee after we got back from Dallas. She wants a divorce. I talked her into giving us more time. She’s moved back into the house again. I don’t know if she’s there much.”

“Have you anyone else you can talk to?”

“I told Morgan we are having issues. Dave figured out we are separated.”

“Ah.” Spencer wasn’t sure Rossi liked him at all.

“It’s going to take time for him to warm up to you, Reid. He’s not used to agents like you being field agents. He also isn’t used to working in a team. He’ll come around.”

Spencer just shrugged and started to eat Hotch’s egg roll. His was long gone.

“I made the offer to Haley about not seeing you anymore in a sexual way and maybe seeing about therapy again but she told me no. She said that me having sex with you wasn’t the issue. She told me it actually helped my home mentality. I asked her about a lover and she neither confirmed nor denied.” Hotch reached into his jacket pocket and handed over a piece of paper.

Spencer took the paper, balancing his plate on his knee and opened it. It was test results. Hotch had even tested himself for HIV. “You didn’t have to show me this. I would have believed you. I only showed you mine because of what I was dealing with at the time.”

“I know. I wanted to show you. Haley didn’t…I told her I didn’t care just that I needed to get tested and she should have told me because she knows I don’t use a condom every time we have anal sex and we never do with blow jobs. I could have made you sick. I could have hurt you. I make a big production of making sure you were always careful if you ever had sex with someone else and I made sure she knew that and she couldn’t even extend the same.”

“So you are or aren’t upset she is having an affair?” Spencer wasn’t sure what was bothering him more.

“I’m having sex outside of our marriage bed, Reid.” Hotch looked at him with the Hotchner glare but for once Spencer didn’t back down.

“Yes, but the difference is consent. She consented and you didn’t. How many rape victims do we counsel that consent can’t be given afterward?”

“It’s not the same.”

Spencer set his plate of food down on the coffee table and turned a little towards Hotch. “It is. She broke your trust. You love her with all that you are. I can tell you would have told her the affair was allowed if the rules were the same for her as they are for you.”

Hotch stayed silent as he finished eating. Spencer kept the silence as well as he started eating again. When he was done, he shoved his plate away on the coffee table. He leaned back on the couch to watch Hotch. He didn’t know what the other man needed. Was he just an outlet because he knew everything? If there was someone else out there he could talk to would he rather be there?

“I’ve always meant to ask. You have no hair on your chest and back. Is that natural or did you have it removed?”

Spencer allowed the change for now. “It’s natural. I’m sure you’ve noticed that I don’t have a lot of leg or arm hair either. Mom joked it’s to make up for liking my hair long.” Spencer shrugged. He knew why hair growth was different but it wasn’t time for a ramble. Hotch had a lot of arm hair. Everyone was different. “Look, I just want to say one more thing then I’ll drop it.”

“Okay.” Hotch didn’t look up at him. His eyes were trained across the room.

“Consent is big with you. You don’t take my nonverbal cues or headshakes as consent. You make me speak. You asked me before you gagged me if there was anything we’d done before that was off the table. I had given consent before but it wasn’t enough. I like that. That’s what your main issue with Haley is right now. Consent and I’m not profiling you.”

Hotch looked at him. Spencer wasn’t sure he appreciated what he said but he wasn’t going to take it back. He said what he needed and what Hotch needed to hear. In the aftermath of Hankel and all that followed he was slowly finding himself. A large part of that was Hotch and his influence as his superior and as a lover. He didn’t like the term fuck buddies and friends with benefits was wrong sounding.

“I don’t think you ever profile any of us on purpose, Reid.”

“What do you mean?” Spencer really wasn’t sure what he meant.

Hotch chuckled darkly and finally turned to face him. Spencer shifted to face his entire body the same direction.

“I don’t know if you know what’s in your Bureau file but while it lists your mother’s address it gives no reason. I am sure it’s in a digital file somewhere but for safety, not the one I have and Gideon had access to.”

“It lists where my dad is?” Spencer almost wanted to know but he didn’t ask. The team had an idea of what happened with his father but he’d never confirmed a thing except with Prentiss but no one knew when.

“Yes. You walk into a room and can’t help but look. Everyone not on the team sees it as curiosity. I saw it that way up until I met your mother in the round table room. Gideon and I told the team to back off talking about her but we figured you’d come to us. Not see it as we didn’t care. You look at a room looking for anything that would set off your mother. You look to see what she can use as a weapon to defend herself. You can’t turn it off. You don’t use what you see on us and you ‘forget’ what you see until it’s needed. You keep more of our secrets than you do your own.”

“I…” Spencer looked away, not liking how frank Hotch was being with him.

“Strauss was worried about being in the unit, worried you wore your emotions on your sleeve but you don’t. You want people to think you do. That’s how you fooled your schools isn’t it?”

“Fooled?” Spencer looked back at him with sharp eyes. Hotch was getting close to truths he wasn’t ready to talk about with anyone.

“I know you and your mother were alone for a while. You don’t have to say anything. As soon as I saw you and her interact, I knew and I knew you were a lot stronger than you appear.”

Spencer really didn’t like where the topic had gone. He wanted to stop talking and get to sex or for Hotch to leave so he could get back to his text book.

“You pick tonight,” Hotch said suddenly and forcefully.

“Pick?” Spencer’s head spun at the topic change. Pick what?

“You pick what we do. Where, how, with what…”

Spencer swallowed. That was not where he thought that was going to go. Hotch’s gaze burned into the side of his head. He knew what intrigued him most. He’d looked up wax play and had bought a cheap vinyl shower curtain just for it. He’d put it in a drawer he’d emptied just for things they used.

“I see you are thinking of something.”

Spencer looked at Hotch and followed his gaze. There was no mistaking that he was getting hard with the way he was sitting. Looking back up, he could see the lust in the other man’s eyes. That was heady.

Spreading his legs, Spencer leaned back and smiled at Hotch. Hotch took it as the permission it was and shifted in between his spread legs. He propped himself up above Spencer using the arm of the couch that he had his head on to hold him up.

“What do you want to be fucked on the couch?”

“No. I want to be on my bed, on my stomach when you slide inside of me. I want you to hold me down and fuck me.” Spencer paused as Hotch groaned at his words and shifted to a kneeling position above him. The older man started to unbutton Spencer’s shirt. “But first I want to feel what hot wax feels like as it’s dripped on my body.”

“Do you have a blanket that you don’t mind getting a little ruined?” Hotch asked as he started to work on his own shirt.

“I bought a vinyl shower curtain and I have a sheet that is already stained.” Spencer reached up and started working at Hotch’s belt and undoing his pants. As soon as he had them open, he snaked his hand inside to grasp Hotch’s cock. “Is this for me?”

“Fuck, Reid.” Hotch moaned and licked at his lips but he moved up when Spencer pulled at his thighs. The couch was just big enough for Hotch to straddle his shoulders and still keep his knees and legs on the furniture. He licked at the head of the cock that was now in front of him.

“Missed this.” Spencer then took as much of the cock in his mouth as he could and then sucked. Hotch grabbed at the back of the couch, staring down at him. Spencer worked at his cock trying his hardest to get him to come quickly. When the older man tried to pull away, Spencer grabbed his belt ends and held him in place. Hotch came and Spencer swallowed every bit he gave before licking him clean. He let his superior pull away when he was sure he had every drop.

“Now you can play and not have to worry too much.”

“Did you do research on dirty talk?” Hotch asked as he pushed himself off the couch, stripping off the rest of his clothes.

“Went to the library and read some books.”

Hotch’s eyebrow rose at the word some. Spencer laughed.

“Most of what the older librarian there calls smut books. I took that and added what you’ve said to me before and figured out what I thought you would like.”

Hotch laughed at that. It was a full bodied, shoulder shaking laugh. Spencer was confused. He didn’t think that anything of what he said was funny, especially not that funny.

“I’m sorry, Reid. I’m not…” Hotch tried to get himself under control. “Only you can take learning how to talk dirty and make it sound like a science experiment. I was just a little shocked. I didn’t mean to hurt your feelings.”

“Oh. You didn’t hurt my feelings. I was just a little confused. I look at everything like that.”

“I forget about your science background,” Hotch said as a way of explanation.

Spencer shrugged. He hadn’t moved off the couch. His shirt was undone but for a first, Hotch was fully naked while he wasn’t. The other man looked just as intimidating as he did in a suit though.

“So where do you want to try this?”

“Bedroom. We can spread the curtain down and then the sheet.”

“Okay. I’ll do that. Do you want to prep yourself? I’d rather it be done before any wax is introduced just to be safe.”

“I can do that…Do you want me to clean one of the plugs?”

“We can use the one you bought.” Hotch reached out and helped pull him up off the couch. He pulled Spencer close as he stripped his shirt off. A spin and Hotch had his back pressed against his chest. His teeth grazed his now naked shoulder and Spencer shivered. He knew exactly what he was seeing. The faint scar. “I saw this the other day.”

“The scar? I know it’s there.”

“For a few seconds, I was upset but then I just got hard. Which was bad because we were in the locker room of that station after we got caught in the downpour.” Hotch’s hand worked open his pants and Spencer tried to help but ended up just holding his hands out of the way as his clothes were shoved down. The heat pressed against his back felt wonderful and then teeth were back at his neck, harder this time. Spencer arched up into the mouth, wanting to really feel it. A little more pressure and the faint scar wouldn’t be as faint anymore. Hotch bit down harder at the same time he took Spencer’s cock in hand. “Get in there and get prepped but I’m going to put the plug in you. Better go before I decide to just fuck you out here.”

“You can.” Spencer moaned at the finger that slid between his cheeks and teased his hole. “You can bend me over the couch and take me.”

“No. Not tonight. I want to see you writhing and gasping.” Hotch let him go and stepped back. Spencer didn’t hold in the whine. “Go.”

Spencer pulled his feet free from his pooled pants and underwear. He took a few seconds to use his new rug to get his socks off before he took off for his bedroom. The plug was in the drawer in the bathroom with a bottle of lube and a new box of condoms. He went right for the bathroom leaving the door open. The lube was waterbased and it was what he had used the first time he’d used his plug. He could hear Hotch in the bedroom.

“Top drawer in the dresser to the left.” Spencer called out as he spread lube on his fingers. Sliding the first on inside himself, he sighed. He switched to two easily and by the time he was ready for three, he felt Hotch behind him. The older man pulled his hand free and grabbed the hand towel to clean his fingers.

“Hands on the counter and ass out.” Hotch grabbed the lube from the counter and snapped it open. Spencer did as he asked and spread his legs more, looking up into the mirror. Hotch lubed his fingers and then the plug before setting it back down in easy reach. “Ready?”


Hotch slid in two fingers and Spencer fought to not thrust down on them. Anatomically, there was no difference between his fingers and Hotch’s but the feel of it being someone else’s had his cock getting even harder. Fingers pulled out and then three were thrust in. Hotch’s clean hand snaked up his chest to grip the base of jaw. His head was tilted up to where his eyes were locked with the other man’s in the mirror. He stared into hard eyes as he was prepped. The hand on his jaw stayed but the other hand slid from him and Spencer could just track it in the mirror. The plug was picked up. Hotch hadn’t even brushed his prostate while prepping him. He was still hard and he knew that it wouldn’t take much at the moment to get him off.

The pressure of the plug had Spencer closing his eyes. A subtle squeeze on his throat had them snapping open again.

“Eyes on me.” Hotch’s voice was low and it rumbled his chest. Spencer could feel it in his own. He wanted it to be Hotch’s cock that was slowly forcing it’s way inside of him. Sometime he’d talk Hotch into fucking him in front of the mirror just like this. Eyes locked, Hotch forcing him to look as he was fucked. “That’s it.” Hotch’s breath was hot on his neck. “Take it all,” he said as the plug slid fully inside of Spencer.

“Hotch!” Spencer cried out. He was so close that if Hotch played much with him, he was going to come. The plug was pushed in just a little farther and then out.

“What?” Hotch dropped his hand from jaw to Spencer’s cock. Two pumps and a single thrust of the plug and he was coming all over his counter. “That’s it. Now we are even.”

When Spencer got his breath back, he glared at Hotch again.

“And there is the kitten glare.” Hotch pulled him into a fully standing position. “Go stretch out on the bed on your back. I’ll wipe this up and be right in.”

Spencer nodded and did as he was asked. The nightstand had been emptied and the candle was lit on it. Spencer laid down on the side of the bed closest to the candle, leaving enough room for Hotch to straddle him. He closed his eyes to get his breathing under control. This was a time when he wished he felt secure enough to allow Hotch to blindfold him. Just the thought of it sent terror through his body. Opening his eyes he saw the older man at the bedside. He had the candle in hand and was dripping a drop onto his own inner arm. He hissed and Spencer swallowed. That was hotter than it had any right to be.

“Hold out your arm.” Spencer did and Hotch tilted the candle to let a drop fall on the bend of his elbow. Spencer reacted very little. It was then that he realized Hotch had dropped it right on one of his faded track marks. A second drop fell just a half an inch over and he felt his pulse jump. He nodded.

“It’s fine. It actually felt cooler than the ones I played with when I was younger.”

Hotch set down the candle and straddled Spencer in a quick movement. “Safe word?”

“Quantico.” Spencer knew that Hotch was reassuring himself. There was no way Spencer forgot what the word was and he knew that Hotch hadn’t either. This was the first time anything truly painful had been added to their sex.

“Saying it doesn’t mean we will stop. We just won’t do this.” Hotch waved at the candle and waited for Spencer to nod again. When Spencer relaxed fully onto the bed, the other man reached for the candle.

“I’m going to close my eyes at least at first.” Spencer waited for Hotch to nod before he closed his eyes.

The first drop surprised him more than anything else. It landed on his left shoulder. The second was on his right. The next was centered between his nipples and it had him hissing. He fisted the sheets and when another drop landed, he moaned. Hotch’s free right hand grabbed at his and lifted it up to settle on his thigh. Spencer opened his eyes to look at him.


“Other one too.” Hotch transferred the candle and lifted his hand up. Spencer settled both in a more natural position on his thighs and when the next next drop fell, he gripped tight on the flesh under his hands. The man above smiled at that. “Close your eyes.”

Spencer did as he was bade. He wasn’t expecting to feel a hand trace his skin. Inhaling he waited. The first drop of wax was peeled off his skin. He exhaled. He didn’t know what was coming until a new drop landed low on his belly. He gripped the flesh even harder and thrust up. He could feel his reawakened cock brush against Hotch’s ass but it wasn’t enough. Still he moaned.

Letting go with his left hand, he tried to casually brush the back of his hand over Hotch’s cock but his hand was caught.

“Ah. Ah. That’s a bad boy. Hand on my thigh.”

Spencer did was he was told and squeezed his eyes shut. Hotch proceeded to peel the wax off his chest and stomach. He wasn’t sure which he liked more. The spike of pain/pleasure from the heat of the wax or the pain from Hotch’s short nails followed by the feeling of pleasure of the wax being peeled. The sensation of not knowing what was coming was more heady than anything else. He wasn’t able to get to the same headspace though as when he was gagged. Because he knew he could open his eyes and see. All the control was in his hands. Of course, it was always all in his hands but being gagged gave him the illusion it wasn’t.

“Reid?” Hotch’s voice was strong enough that Spencer snapped his eyes open and looked. Hotch looked worried. There were several new drops of now cooling wax on his stomach and he hadn’t felt them.

“I…” Spencer swallowed. Hotch set the candle down and just stared. “Can I roll over?”

“Sure.” Hotch quickly peeled the wax off his chest and stomach and Spencer rolled as soon as the man lifted up to allow him. He felt the older man settle farther down this time, just below his ass. Spencer propped his head on his clasped hands and breathed. This was better.

The first drop was again on his shoulder then lower and lower it went. There was no rhyme or reason to where the drops fell. Not being able to see but have his eyes open had him excited. He could feel Hotch’s erection brush his crack as the man moved. His own was trapped between him and the bed. Every time he thrust down onto the bed, the plug would shift.

When a drop landed on the top of the swell of his ass he jerked and Hotch had to use his ass cheek to keep himself up. The pleasure of that drop out weighed any of the others. The thud of the candle on the nightstand drew his gaze over to it.

“So pretty,” Hotch said as he peeled wax strip after wax strip off. He could see the marks on his skin in his mind’s eye. When the man licked and then bit at a spot, Spencer thrust his cock onto the bed. “I’m not done so don’t come until I am inside you.”

“Yes,” Spencer breathed. The plug was pushed farther inside him again. He never should have brought up the plug. He knew he could come just from it and so did Hotch.

Spencer couldn’t hold back the groan of pleasure when a seemingly hotter drop landed at the top of the crack of his ass. He wasn’t prepared for the line of wax that fell onto his ass and ran down towards his legs. It felt so good. Hotch went back to drops of wax and then another line on his other cheek. The spike of pain/pleasure was too much, Spencer was too close to coming.

“If you don’t fuck me now, I’m going to come before you get in me,” Spencer warned. A quick exhalation and then the smell of burn filled the air. The candle had been blown out. Hands traveled over his skin, quickly removing all the wax and the pain of the scratch was exhilarating. A damp rag traveled over his skin, cleaning him up even more. The plug was jerked out of him and then hard cock was filling him before he could even think.

“I almost don’t want to use the other plugs. You are so tight with this one.” Hotch shifted as he thrust and laid down over him, uncurling his arms and holding him down. Just like he wanted. The next thrust inside of him had him coming. He gasped and bucked, spilling all over his bed. Hotch groaned and his hips stuttered in their thrust but he didn’t come.

“Come on, Hotch. Fuck me.” Spencer didn’t think he’d get hard again but the feel of the cock thrusting in and out of him was too good. Instead of continuing that though, Hotch pulled out. Spencer whined.

“I will. Ass up.” Hotch followed words with a not so light smack to his ass. Spencer jerked and he felt his cock twitch. As soon as he was on his knees, Hotch slid back inside of him. The feel of the cock in him was wonderful. As soon as he felt the hand on his chest, he was pretty sure he knew what Hotch wanted so he was ready for the pull up. Shifting on his knees, he let that hand pull him to a kneeling position. He sighed as Hotch banded his arm across his chest and held him in place.

“You are so fucking perfect for this. Willing to try anything and God do you take my cock so well.” Hotch gripped his rapidly hardening cock and started pumping in time with his thrusts. Spencer looped a hand behind the other man’s head for leverage and closed his eyes. He was going to come again and he knew it. “I can’t hold on much longer. Please tell me you are close.”

Spencer didn’t verbally answer. Instead he tilted his head to the side. Hotch knew what he wanted and bit down, thrusting as hard as he could. The bite tipped Spencer over and he screamed as his cock was milked. Hotch bit down even harder and he saw stars. One final thrust and Hotch came inside of him. They toppled over and Spencer didn’t think he could move. Hotch was still inside of him and he was fine with that. He felt more than heard Hotch groan.

“I don’t want to get up,” Hotch said in Spencer’s long hair. Spencer laughed. “So wax?”

“Every great once in a while.”

“Okay. I need to get up and go back to my apartment.”

Spencer started for a second and remembered that Hotch had said he’d found an apartment he liked. “Shower here if you want. I’m just going to pass out. Lock the door when you leave.”

“Are you serious?” Hotch asked.

“Yes,” Spencer said with a yawn. He pillowed his head on his arm and started to let himself fall asleep. He didn’t care about the large wet spot he was sleeping on or the release in his ass. He just wanted sleep.

When he woke up the next morning, he remembered a dream about Hotch cleaning him up and tucking him in. When he saw the curtain and sheet on the floor beside the bed and felt boxers on his body he knew it wasn’t a dream. He was just surprised that he mostly slept through it. Still he showered and got ready for the day, excited to go to work.

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