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Spencer had been staring at the dark sky for an hour. The celebration of drinks hadn’t been something that attracted him at the moment. He’d been shocked though when Hotch had still agreed to go out with the team. The air was cold as it blew around him. He’d decided he wanted to be outside but didn’t want to actually go anywhere so he’d slipped out onto his fire escape and was watching the sky.

The sound of a car stopping drew his gaze down to see a cab parked in front of the building. He looked as the driver turned back and took money from whoever was in the back. The driver tried to hand back some money but the door opened and the passenger got out. Spencer knew exactly who the man was even though most of him was blocked by the steps of the fire escape.

Hotch was there. Dropping the blanket wrapped around him, Spencer stood up and watched as Hotch moved towards the front of the building. There was something off about the way that he walked. Worried his superior was injured, Spencer ducked back inside as quick as he could, barely remembering to grab the blanket and lock the window after he shut it. He fumbled with the locks on the door for a nearly a minute before he finally got the door open. He walked at a fast clip over to the stairs to find Hotch already halfway up. He moved fast. It wasn’t until Hotch looked up at him that Spencer figured out what was wrong. He was drunk.

Moving down to meet him, Spencer tried to slip next to him to help him walk but instead he found himself pushed into the wall of the stairs and Hotch was kissing him. He didn’t know what to do. Neither of them had ever touched a drop of alcohol before encounters. Hotch hadn’t touched him while in withdrawal. If he shoved Hotch back, he could fall but he knew that the older man was too drunk to consent to anything. He needed to get the man off the stairs and into his apartment.

Turning his head away, Spencer spoke. “Let’s go into my apartment so that my neighbors don’t get a show.” It took another two minutes for Hotch to stop kissing, biting, and licking at his neck. He led the older man up the stairs, letting his hands wander all over his body. He didn’t want to get into something in the middle of the hall in his apartment building. He’d never been around a drunk Hotch. As far as he knew he never drank that much. He knew the allusions he’d made over the years that his father might just have been a drunk. It was another thing that the team ignored when on cases.

Spencer knew he needed to find a way to diffuse this and quickly. As soon as the door shut, Spencer was shoved into it rougher than Hotch had ever done before. His head bounced with a crack that the man didn’t register. He took the gasp of pain to be a gasp of pleasure and shoved his tongue inside Spencer’s mouth. He shoved with all he had and Hotch landed in a heap on the floor. There was no anger in his gaze, just confusion. When Spencer reached back to rub at the small knot on his head, Hotch’s eyes turned soft.

“Fuck, Reid. I’m sorry.”

“It’s fine, Hotch you are drunk. Whatever you think is happening tonight, isn’t.”

“What do you mean?”

“You are drunk.” Spencer paused as Hotch stood up. “You can’t consent. I’m not doing a single thing with you while you are like this. You are more than welcome to stay the night but we are not going to be fucking, in any form.”

Hotch just stared at him but Spencer didn’t look away. He wasn’t going to back down on this. He respected himself and Hotch too much to even think about letting the man fuck him. He was way too drunk to give consent. Crossing his arms, Spencer waited.

“I’ll agree that I have had a little too much alcohol.” Hotch’s words were careful and clipped like he was trying to not seem drunk. “I’m sure in the morning, I’ll be thankful for you caring enough to worry that I am drunk.”

“Hotch…,” Spencer said as Hotch stalked towards him. He dodged fingers but went the wrong way. He was close to the bedroom and that meant walls. Even drunk, Hotch knew what he was doing. Spencer was trapped in the hallway.

“How about this? I could go to my hotel and find some porn channel to watch and take care of this.” Hotch unzipped his pants and pulled out his hard cock. Spencer only glanced down at it, afraid that if he did more, Hotch could blitz him. “Or, you can jack off for me.”

Spencer raised an eyebrow as Hotch stood there, fully dressed stroking his cock that he’d pulled out through the hole in his boxers. “Jack off…you want me to masturbate in front of you?”

“Yes. I’ll be good and won’t touch, except my own cock.”

“You want to watch me jerk off while jerking yourself off?” Spencer couldn’t wrap his head around why Hotch wanted that. Then again, he didn’t find porn all that stimulating. But the thought of Hotch masturbating in front of him did have him excited. He wasn’t sure about Hotch watching him do it.


Spencer turned and moved towards his bedroom, hoping that Hotch would follow him. He grabbed the chair in the corner that he usually laid clothes on while packing his go bags. He set it at the foot of his bed, just far enough back that even his own long legs couldn’t reach the bed. Hotch appeared in the doorway, his pants still undone and his cock bobbing as he walked. He grabbed Hotch’s hand and directed him to the chair. He was nervous as hell but he could do it and he knew it.

“If you get out of this chair, I’ll lock myself in the bathroom and you can just use your mind to get yourself off. Do you promise me?” Spencer shoved Hotch down into the chair as he said it.

“I promise, Reid. I won’t get up off the chair.” Hotch’s eyes were dazed from arousal and drink but Spencer knew that he’d try his hardest to keep his word.

Spencer started to strip his clothes off. Not even trying to make it into a show. He wasn’t that comfortable with what he was doing. He pulled a sheet out of the closet and doubled it over at the foot of the bed. He was up for doing whatever he had to not have to change his bedding. He knew that Hotch liked to look at him so when he spread the sheet over the bed, he bent at the waist, displaying his ass.

“Fuck,” Hotch said. Spencer peeked at him and smiled when he saw Hotch had started to stroke his cock again. He watched him for a minute before going to the bathroom. He washed his hands and grabbed the new lube from in there. Morgan had found coffee scented lube and had slipped it in his messenger bag. It had been meant as a joke but Spencer had found it a little funny, using it with Hotch. As a last minute thing he grabbed the plug from the drawer and took it into the bedroom with him.

If it wasn’t for the subtle stroking of a finger up and down the inch at the base of his cock, Spencer would have thought that Hotch fell asleep. The man’s eyes were closed and his head tilted back. Spencer slid the plug under his pillow and laid the lube down on the bed. The creak of the bed as he sat down was what drew Hotch’s gaze from the ceiling to him. He spread his legs and smiled. He wasn’t fully hard yet but it wouldn’t take much.

“What do you want to see?” Spencer asked.

Hotch swallowed. “Just whatever you do when you masturbate. If I want to see something else, I’ll tell you.”

“Sure.” Spencer grabbed and opened the lube, spreading a small amount on his fingers to transfer over to his cock. The smell of sweet coffee drifted up to his nose and he inhaled harder. Hotch’s eyes were glued to where his hand was stroking up and down his rapidly hardening cock. He watched for the reaction to when the smell of the lube hit Hotch’s nose. Lust blown eyes drifted up to his. “Morgan bought it for me as a joke. Not sure how he’d feel about me using it with you.”


Spencer laughed as he spread his legs more and leaned back on the bed to give Hotch a better view of him. He closed his eyes and forgot about the man in front of him and tracked back to the last time he’d masturbated. It had been a week before. He’d woken up early for work with a hard cock and knew that he’d have to take care of it so he’d thrown his blankets off himself and had used spit to stroke his cock. When it wasn’t enough, he’d tried lube but it still hadn’t been enough to get himself off. So he’d fingered himself. Spencer stopped his stroking and grabbed the lube again. He spread the gel like substance over his fingers and laid back all the way, canting his hips so that he could get to his hole.

The sound of Hotch jerking himself off barely registered on his mind. He couldn’t even hear his own words and moans. All he knew was the pleasure. The feel of the fingers as they breached his hole. The feel of his own hand on his cock. It was heaven and hell at the same time. It felt so wonderful but he wanted to feel Hotch’s hands on him. In him. When he slid three fingers inside of himself he let go of his cock and reached up to grab the plug. He pulled the fingers free and shifted to his knees, keeping the plug hidden by his hand. Hotch would think he was fingering himself more and he did but he also slid the plug inside himself before he started stroking his cock again. He was on his knees, balanced on the end of the bed.

Opening his eyes, he looked at Hotch who was staring at him. He shifted again to where his feet were on the floor. The bed pressed the plug even farther into him and he moaned, loudly. He leaned back on the bed and then drew his legs up to where Hotch could see the plug. He stroked his cock faster with the hand he’d used to open himself up, the fresh lube was welcome as he was near his own orgasm. He grabbed the base of the plug and pushed it inside of himself and then tugged on it some.

Spencer heard Hotch’s groan as he came and then came himself. He pulled the plug from his now over sensitive hole so it wouldn’t brush against his prostate anymore. Hotch was looking at him with a weird look on his face as he stood up. Spencer used the sheet to wipe most of his release up before he tossed it at Hotch. The man caught it and wiped his own hand on it before brushing it over his softening cock. Spencer moved towards the bathroom for a proper washup. He left the door to the room open as he stepped inside his shower.

It didn’t take long for him to wash off his ass and groin. He dried off and stepped into the bedroom to find Hotch had laid down on the bed and had fallen asleep. Spencer grabbed a hold of his feet, stripping off his shoes before he emptied keys from the man’s pockets. He covered the older man before he grabbed his clothes to sleep in, wandering into the living room as he dressed. He made sure the door was locked and laid down on the couch. He waited for his body to start relax into sleep. He’d fallen asleep on his couch plenty of times but this time was different. There was a person in his bed.

Someone he’d just jerked off for. Something he’d never done. Something he’d never thought of doing. This arrangement with Hotch was changing him in ways that he never thought he’d change in. He was also worried a little about Hotch. Haley serving him the papers with no warning like that spoke to how she was acting about it all. Spencer liked her as a person but as Hotch’s wife, she seemed to be lacking. His last thought was that Hotch deserved someone who could be everything that he needed, not a soon to be ex-wife who couldn’t accept him as he was.

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