Spencer rolled his shoulders again. He knew what the issue was and he was a little upset at Hotch about it. The team had been given the morning off after getting in late after a case the night before. He’d been looking forward to a lazy morning but instead he’d been woken up to the sound of a knock on his door. Thinking it was a neighbor, Spencer had jerked the door open with a scowl on his face. Finding Hotch there, dressed for work had thrown him. The man had ignored his scowl.

Hotch had wanted a quickie. Hence the sore shoulder as he’d been bitten hard enough for it to bleed a little. It was his left shoulder so it didn’t effect his work or his shooting but he was sore. The car trip hadn’t helped. Nor had spending most of yesterday, after arriving, hunched over files.

“You’ve been rolling that shoulder all day,” Rossi said from the doorway to the bathroom. Given that this wasn’t a normal case, he and Rossi had to share a room. He didn’t mind. They hadn’t shared before now. The night before had been fine. He wasn’t sure about tonight. It made sense for them to just keep the same room once the rest of the team had arrived.

“Just a kink.” Spencer didn’t look up from the file in his hand. His word choice didn’t dawn on him until after it had already left his mouth. He was happy his back was to the profiler. He could feel his cheeks heating up.

“Does Hotch know you brought files back? He said he wanted us to rest.”

The paternal tone was irritating to Spencer so he didn’t even give that response. Of course, Hotch didn’t know he had taken several of the files with him. He’d slipped them in his bag when no one had been around. He’d work until he couldn’t keep his eyes open, pass out, and wake to drink at least a pot of coffee on his own. He rolled his shoulder again but this time he felt the skin move weird. He shrugged it off and put his eyes back on the crime scene photo and the report on the opposite page. There was something bothering him about the case. It had been since the start.

“You are bleeding.”

Spencer turned his head towards his shoulder and saw that he was in fact bleeding. He must have ripped the scabs rolling his shoulder that last time. He was in a faded cream colored shirt or it wouldn’t have shown up. “It’ll stop in a few moments.”

“You should probably put a bandage on it and we’ve barely been here a day. How did you hurt it already?”

“I hit it on a cabinet door yesterday morning.” Spencer kept his head down so that Rossi couldn’t catch him in the lie. He didn’t know if the older man knew his tells or not. He wasn’t keen on finding out, not like that. “And I’ll be fine.”

“Is that why you are tossing and turning? Your shoulder?”

“No. Ever since I saw the first crime scene photo there is something off and I just can’t place it. It’s bothering me. That’s why I am tossing and turning. I just can’t see it.”

“Walk me through it,” Rossi said as he sat down beside him on the bed.

Spencer did. He walked him through the scene. It didn’t help. He dropped the file to the floor and laid his head in his hands. Rossi kept the silence for ten minutes before he stood up from the bed and moved to the shower. As soon as the shower started up, Spencer moved to his go bag and grabbed astringent and a bandage. He used a tissue to spread the liquid on the wound. He wasn’t worried about keeping it clean. He had antibacterial stuff he’d put on it in the morning, right now he was worried about bleeding and the witch hazel would work wonderful for that. Getting the blood clear of the wound though had him thinking about what had caused it.

Tests done proved that it wasn’t the biting itself that Spencer liked. It was when Hotch did it. It was a claim, proof He’d bit himself while jerking off in the shower six months before and it did nothing. An UnSub had bit him two months after that and nothing. He’d ended up at the hospital to get his shots updated but that was it. He felt himself start to get hard and nixed those thoughts quickly.

“I never took Aaron for a biter.”

“What?” Spencer spun to look at the other agent. Rossi was standing in the bathroom door his eyes fixed on Spencer’s shoulder, dressed in his sleep pants and a t-shirt. “What are you talking about?”

“I never met Jake but I had heard Aaron talk to him a time or two before I left the FBI. I also knew of the arrangement that Aaron had with him. I thought that I was just seeing things when I came back but I’m not.” Rossi’s eyes were fixed right on his shoulder. Spencer didn’t say a thing just continued to wipe at the wound until the blood stopped flowing and he was able to bandage it up. He turned towards the bed, throwing the tissues away and picking the file in the same movement. “That’s not going to work on me, kid.”

“What?” Spencer asked turning to look at him. He hoped the agent would just drop it but the look on his face told him that he wasn’t going to.

“I’ve been warned about how you can just float away and ignore what’s going on around you. Sometimes it’s thinking and others it’s to get away from conversations you’d rather not participate in.” Rossi moved to stand in front of him. He took the file from you. “You and I are going to talk.”

“This is not a conversation that you and I need to have, Agent Rossi.” Spencer tried to stand up but Rossi shoved him back down. He was a little shocked at the act, it was out of the realm of what he’d thought the man would do. He stared him in the face. Rossi’s eyes softened and Spencer was shocked.

“It is a conversation that you and I need to have. Like I said, I knew of Jake and in passing, Aaron had said that Jake wasn’t around anymore. I thought that it might be part of why Haley left but then I saw a scratch on his upper back one day when he was changing for bed on a case. I know what sex scratches look like. It wasn’t hard to figure out that he’d found someone new. I brought up Jake to him after the case and he said that he had found someone new and that he’d be seeing him later that night. He even sent off a text and then that’s when your phone went off. I was floored but pushed it away. There was no way that Aaron would be with a team member like that and as much as this is going to sound horrible, someone like you.”

“Someone like me?” Spencer asked. He pushed up off the bed. He wasn’t going to allow Rossi to intimidate him. He moved to the desk and leaned against it, forcing Rossi to turn to face him.

“Jason and I talked from time to time when I was retired and you were a pretty big topic to him. He thought you were lost when it came to love and was worried that you’d give away your heart to the first person who showed any attention to you that way and you’d fall hard and fast for the first person you had sex with.” Rossi at least looked chagrined to be saying the words.

“I had sex for the first time with both genders not long after I turned eighteen. I’ve never equated sex with love. Hell, I pretty much hadn’t thought much about sex other than jerking off after I’d had it. I seem like the romantic type, probably because of the fact that I love reading. It’s a preconceived notion that no amount of words from me is going to change. I know what the team thinks about me when it comes to that. I don’t feel the need to correct them nor do I think that I can.” Spencer knew that he was being blunt but he knew Rossi enough to know that unless he knew it all was above board he wasn’t going to let it go and Spencer didn’t want him bothering Hotch with it. He had enough on his plate with the team and his impending divorce.

Rossi stared at him. His mouth opened two times and closed before he sighed and rubbed a hand down his face. “So exactly how did…” A hand was up in the air and it waved between Spencer and the bed.

“You’ll go to Hotch won’t you?”

“I know that the divorce is…”

Spencer couldn’t help the laugh. “I don’t talk about my sex life because even though I call this team my family, they don’t need to know who I fuck. If you promise not to go to Hotch with this until he’s settled, I’ll answer any question that I deem fine. As to whether this is all a reaction to Haley, it’s not. Hotch propositioned me on my first case on the team.”

That shocked Rossi. His mouth actually fell open and Spencer could tell he was lost. Spencer moved to the mini fridge and grabbed a bottle of bourbon and poured it into a cup. He handed it over to the man who took a sip.

“And no one on this entire team thinks anything?”

“Why would they?” Spencer cocked his head to the side, looking at Rossi. “He treats me the same as he treats the rest of the team. It’s sex. Not love or a relationship. I don’t stare at him moony eyed.”

Rossi just stared at him. Spencer let him look. He wasn’t in love with Hotch and Hotch was in love with Haley. Spencer had gone into the situation with eyes wide open. It was laid out upfront and wanting more than that was stupid and Spencer wasn’t stupid. Sex was sex. Hotch wanted it. Spencer wanted it. Neither wanted strings. Before now Hotch couldn’t have strings on it. The only real strings were that they knew each other outside the sex. It made it easier. He knew Hotch well and didn’t have to guess, most of the time.

“You know, I thought you were an open book.”

Spencer shrugged. “I know that Hotch talks to you but for at least right now. Please don’t talk to him about this. He has enough worry on his plate. I don’t know what he’s told you as we don’t discuss that and I am not betraying his confidence.”

“I promise Reid. I think that your arrangement with Aaron benefits the both of you.” Rossi pointed at him with his glass and smiled. “You are not the person that I was expecting. The intelligence yes but the way you’ve started to carry yourself.” Rossi smiled and then sighed. “I’m only going to bring this up once. He didn’t force you? Threaten your job?”

“Hotch would never!”

“He doesn’t hurt you?”

“No more than I want.” Spencer watched as the older man processed that information.

“He told me that Haley couldn’t handle roughness at all. That even the thought of him leaving a mark would send her away from him. I can see that the bite mark there, it’s not the first time he’s bit you there.”

“He really wasn’t expecting a case and he’s not bit me that hard in a long while. Don’t worry, Rossi. If Hotch ever did something I didn’t want, I think it would hurt him more than me once he realized it.”

“I’m shocked he doesn’t try and room with you more.”

“Why?” Spencer asked.

Rossi just looked at him a little dumbfounded. “You’ve never on cases?”

“Just that first one. It’s always been at my apartment. And we’ve never slept in the same bed. It’s sex, Rossi. Not a relationship.”

The older man said nothing, just turned towards his bed and laid down. Spencer kind of figured that he’d overloaded him. He found that he was actually tired. Putting up the files and dropping onto the bed. Spencer wondered how the others on the team hadn’t picked up on any of it. That thought carried him to sleep.

Next Chapter


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