Spencer was sitting at his kitchen table, reading over articles in a new research publication when Hotch’s knock came at the door. They’d gotten back from the Hardwicke interview and Hotch had been silent. Much too silent. It had started not long after the older man had made the comment about what he wanted and the fact that he wasn’t going to get it.

For a short time, Spencer had thought that the man maybe meant it was Haley but thinking about it in the time between getting back and coming home, he didn’t think that was the case. It had been at the back of his mind the entire time and he hadn’t figured out a thing at all. Spencer had been fairly certain that he wouldn’t hear from Hotch until they were due back at work. Spencer closed up his things and stacked them in a neat pile on the desk in the corner. He picked up his mug on the way to the door. He was still in his work clothes but he saw when he opened the door that Hotch had changed out of his suit into a t-shirt and jeans. The jeans looked like he’d had them since he’d been in college. It was a good look on him.

“Interesting evening?” Hotch asked as Spencer stepped back to allow him in.

“Relaxing evening,” Spencer countered. He shut the door when his superior was fully inside. He leaned back against the door, just watching the older man.

“I signed the papers. Technically, I’m now a divorced man. I had the paperwork sent over. I turned in a few favors. It’ll be filed tomorrow.”

“I’m sorry, Hotch.” Spencer reached out and clasped the shoulder closest to him.

“What was the thing with all of you before Dave talked to Lynch earlier?” Hotch asked as he moved into the kitchen. Spencer watched him move until he was going for the cabinet that held the single bottle of liquor in the apartment. He filled a glass with a single finger and drank it all in one go and then poured another before putting the liquor up. He turned to face Spencer, leaning back onto the counter.

“I don’t know. I could never get it out of Prentiss or Morgan. I…there was something about Garcia and Kevin and a tree.” Spencer shook his head with confusion written all over his face. Hotch had been taking a sip of the drink in his hand but he inhaled quickly and started to cough. Spencer was across the room, taking the drink from his hand. Hotch coughed a few times.

“Were they sitting in a tree?” Hotch asked, his voice rough from trying to inhale the liquor.

“Yes!” Spencer nearly yelled. He looked at Hotch hoping the man would explain.

“It’s a playground song sung by children. Sometimes as a taunt but it’s also been known to be sung by those who are skipping rope. It’s meant to be shameful between boys and girls in the age where those of the opposite sex have cooties. In this case, it would have been Garcia and Lynch sitting in a tree, k-i-s-s-i-n-g. First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes baby in a baby carriage.”

“Oh!” Spencer nodded and then it really hit him. “OH! Then why did Kevin want to talk to Rossi?”

“Dave showed up at Garcia’s apartment and Garcia had just gotten out of the shower. He was asking about a case and you know Dave. He couldn’t let it go so the timing was horrible. I am sure that Lynch thinks that Dave is someone he needs to act all man like and push away from his girl. It’s kind of cute. Dave laughed when he stopped by my office after Lynch left.” Hotch grabbed Spencer’s belt loops and pulled him close. “I’m not exactly in the best mood but I didn’t want to be alone and I just feel the urge to fuck someone into a mattress. Say no and I leave.”


Hotch pulled him even closer and claimed his mouth in a feral kiss. Spencer let go of the glass heard it crash to the floor but he didn’t care. He hadn’t taken his shoes off yet. There was something different about Hotch. “Fight me.”

“Hotch?” Spencer pulled his head back and stepped back as well. There was no way that he heard him right. He took a few more steps back but Hotch’s hand darted out and pulled him closer using his shirt. He was fairly certain that Hotch wasn’t drunk.

“I don’t want you passive. I don’t want you submissive. I want your marks on my body as much as I put my marks on yours.” Two hands were on his shirt and he jerked them apart, ripping Spencer’s button up open. Spencer smiled at the other man before he ducked down and stumbled backward. Hotch was left holding his shirt. He’d undone the buttons at the wrists when he’d gotten home. That put a feral smile on Hotch’s face and Spencer laughed before to took off towards the couch. He was around the front and at the far side before Hotch even started to move. He had several options of where to go. He was shocked though when Hotch grabbed the broom and swept the broken glass into the far corner. Spencer debated if he could make it to the bedroom before he realized it. Laughing in his head, he took off. He took his eyes off the older man to focus on the bedroom door and that was his mistake he knew it as soon as he heard the broom clatter to the floor.

Spencer took a second to turn his head to look and was happy because he was able to spin to where his back collided with the wall when Hotch tackled him into it. Hands grabbed his and pinned them to his side as he was kissed. He kissed back, nipping at Hotch’s lip and drawing the flesh of the bottom one into his mouth. He tried to think of all the things that Hotch did to him that he liked as well as things from his research he’d done. He lifted his leg, letting his thigh brush in between Hotch’s legs. His pants drug up along Hotch’s jeans and the older man moaned. His hands were let go of and the hands instead settled on his hips, thrusting their groins together.

“Brace yourself,” Spencer whispered. Hotch looked at him confused but Spencer ignored it and used his right leg to take out both of Hotch’s dropping him on his ass. Instead of going for the bedroom, Spencer took off back towards the couch. As soon as he got to the far side, he turned and started to toe off his shoes. He tossed them under the table he had his chess set on. He watched as Hotch toed off his as well.

“That was tricky, Reid.” Hotch was smiling. “But now you are trapped.”

“I’m not as trapped as you think.” Spencer kept his smile to himself. He waited for Hotch to make a move. If Hotch wanted a chase, a chase he would give him. Spencer could feel his pulse in his throat. He could be whatever distraction Hotch needed. The older man darted to the left and Spencer waited until he’d rounded the couch before he took off around the right side. Hotch laughed. Spencer slid a little with just his socks on and Hotch darted right around the couch to try and grab him while he was off kilter. Spencer though jumped over the couch. That stopped Hotch right in his tracks. He looked in shock at Spencer.

“You couldn’t clear the training at the academy but you can jump over your couch.”

“Before I joined the academy the only evasion I had training at was getting away from bullies in high school. I just couldn’t get that mindset into my head at the academy. And while I know that if you catch me, I’m not going to get hurt and I’m not scared, I don’t want to be caught so with my blood pumping I find that I can find that mindset.”

Hotch smiled and waited while Spencer took his socks off. As as the socks were tossed where his shoes were though, Hotch was off. This time Spencer wasn’t quick enough and Hotch’s arm made it around his stomach. The older man used his own momentum to carry them onto the couch. Spencer landed on his stomach with Hotch on top of him.

“Caught you.”

“Can you keep me?” Spencer asked, smiling into the couch cushion. Hotch shifted and then Spencer felt teeth at his shoulder. Burying his face into the cushion more, Spencer moaned loudly. A hand snaked under him and worked on undoing his belt and pants. The teeth made sure he stayed still as did the hand that landed in his hair.

The teeth loosened slightly. “I’ll keep you as long as I want to keep you.” Hotch lifted up slightly and his pants and underwear were pulled down enough for the man to get at his ass. He expected it to stop there but no, Hotch pulled them all the way down to his feet. Then they were off his body. He was now naked and the grip on his hair stopped him from moving. Weight settled on his body along the side and the next thing he felt was a finger at his ass cheeks. Spencer tried to spread his legs but there wasn’t enough room.

Smiling into the couch, Spencer waited. He could feel Hotch’s hardness pressing into him and he waited more. A hand on his leg helped push and he followed the movement. He canted his leg to where Hotch could get at him. Pushing up on his arms, Spencer tried to fight away from him but the older man just dropped his whole upper body onto his.

“I told you I’ll keep you as long as I want to keep you. Fighting isn’t going to help you.” Then there was fingers at his hole. He hadn’t heard the snap of a cap so when he felt cool slickness at his entrance he figured Hotch had used another of the single use tubes. Hotch started out with two fingers and as soon as the slight burn was gone, Spencer thrust back on the fingers as much as possible. “You want me in you, don’t you?”

Spencer didn’t answer, just waited until he was stretched with three fingers and no burn was left. He shifted, getting his legs under him. Hotch shifted as well, moving like he was going to try and fuck him but Spencer tumbled over the back of the couch with ease and was heading towards the kitchen.

“Fuck. Reid!” Hotch scrambled to right himself where Spencer moving had knocked him off the couch. Spencer’s laugh wafted through the apartment and Hotch’s eyes were fiery. He watched Hotch strip and it was so reminiscent of the scene with Hardwicke that Spencer was frozen on the spot. He stripped his upper body first, tossing the clothes over the back of one of the chairs at the chess board. Next his jeans pockets were emptied then the jeans were taken off and draped over the chair as well.

Hotch was naked but he still looked as intimidating as he looked in his full suit. He said he wanted a fight. He was more than willing to play docile enough to get prepped, just to be safe. Hotch said he wanted to fuck someone into a mattress. He had feeling once he was fully caught, there wasn’t going to be a lot of foreplay then.

“Over here, now.” Hotch pointed at the floor in front of him and Spencer only shook his head. Eyes narrowed and Spencer prepared to run. He had plenty of options. He could make it to the bedroom and shut the door, he could go towards the front door, or he could move farther into the kitchen. “Reid.”

“Make me.”

The chuckle that escaped Hotch’s mouth was dark. He took a step towards Spencer but he waited. He wanted to see what he would do. Another step and Spencer still stayed where he was. A few more steps and he’d have to make a decision or risk getting trapped where he was. Hotch wasn’t looking at his face, he was looking at his groin so Spencer took advantage and took off towards the front door.

Spencer realized his mistake as soon as Hotch grabbed his arm, spinning him into the back of the couch. Held still by a hand on the small of his back and legs on either side of his, he knew he was trapped. Hotch hadn’t been looking at his cock, he’d been looking at his hips to tell him which way he was going to go. His own lust addled brain had caught up to reality a few seconds too late. The little packet of lube was at his right and Hotch grabbed it squeezing some out. It was only seconds later and he felt pressure at his hole. He tried to wiggle free but he was truly trapped. The only way out was full fighting and Spencer wouldn’t do that.

The head breached him and instead of pausing, Hotch just kept pushing in. “Fuck.” He felt thighs press against him. He was so close already. The blood rushing from the chase and the lust he could feel coming off of his superior had Spencer so close he could taste it. A quick pace was set up and Spencer reached around to grip a hip, pulling Hotch in harder against him. His nails scraped over skin and he heard the hiss of pain and let go. The hand on his back moved to grab his hand and put it back. He gripped even tighter. Hotch shifted his grip from Spencer’s hip to hold his shoulder to pull him back in even harder. Spencer braced his free hand down between the cushions to get a good grip and just let go mentally. He could feel the skin under his fingers, knowing he was bruising and probably making the man bleed.

All too soon, Spencer felt himself coming all over the couch and he lost his grip on Hotch. He was fucked through his orgasm and he felt high.

Hotch pulling out of him jerked his thoughts free. He was pulled up and he let himself be led to the bedroom. It was like his ears weren’t hearing. He was high on his orgasm and it felt wonderful. A question was asked and he nodded before speaking. Hotch wanted verbal, Spencer knew that.

Shoved back onto the bed, Spencer bounced on his back, looking up at Hotch with half closed eyes. When Hotch moved to the closet, Spencer closed his eyes. He tried to remember what Hotch had asked him, he couldn’t. The bed dipped and his hands were jerked above his head. He gripped the metal of his headboard and waited. He felt something on his wrist and then a click as the cuff closed on his wrist. He snapped his eyes open and all he could see was darkness. The second cuff clicked and all he could hear was the clink of the cuffs on the chair. He knew exactly where he was and he had to get away.

Jerking on the cuffs, Spencer tried to break free. He didn’t want to be there. If he could just break the cuffs, he could get away. Jerking again, he felt the padding shift and then it was metal digging into his wrists. He could smell the burning fish and gagged. A hand on his shoulder and he bucked to get away from the man who had him. His vision cleared as the voice talking to him cut through the fog, it was calm and steady and Spencer felt his heart rate dropping as the voice spoke more and more. There was a word he needed to say. What was it? He tried to remember. It was a name that was part of who he was. He’d chosen it because he’d never ever forget it.

Inhaling, Spencer let the word fall from his lips. “Quantico.”

The body above him moved and he felt the first cuff fall away. The second was gone just seconds later. Spencer scrambled away and into the bathroom, throwing up as soon as his head cleared the toilet. He felt a hand on his shoulder and tried not to freak out, it was Hotch not them. The hand lifted and then he felt his hair being pulled back. He didn’t want Hotch to hold his hair. Another hand swept up the rest of the hair and then he felt it being pulled through a hair tie. He always kept one on the counter, for times like this.

“Can you hear me, Reid?”

Spencer threw up again but nodded. Hotch’s hand settled on his upper back. The man stayed there until he finally stopped throwing up. When he slumped down to lean against the tub, Hotch settled down in front of him on his haunches.

“Where’s your first aid kit?” Hotch’s eyes weren’t on his face. Spencer looked down to where he was looking. The skin around his left wrist was rubbed kind of raw. It was red and angry. But his right wrist was ripped to shreds. It was the one where he’d felt the padding shift. He opened his mouth to speak but nothing came out. He waved his not as damaged hand towards the small closet. Hotch moved towards the closet, opening it and looking inside. He settled, still naked on his ass on the floor. He pulled Spencer’s barely damaged wrist into his lap and cleaned it before spreading his antibacterial cream on it and wrapping it lightly in gauze.

Spencer had his more damaged wrist tucked up to his chest. When Hotch tried to pull it free, he fought it.

“Spencer, please.” Hotch’s eyes sought out his and Spencer saw pain there. He let the man take a hold of his wrist. “Witch hazel? Do you not have peroxide?”

“Witch hazel helps stop bleeding by constricting the blood vessels. I can clean it.”

“No.” Hotch shook his head as well and used gauze soaked in the witch hazel to clean the drying blood of his wrist. Removing the blood made his wrist look worse. It was going to bruise so much. He watched as Hotch smeared the cream all over, coating it much more than he had the other wrist before wrapping the roll of gauze around his wrist tighter than he had the other. Spencer could only stare. Hotch would want to talk. He didn’t know what to say.

“I’m sorry,” Spencer whispered.

“I’m sorry, too.”

“You didn’t do anything!” Spencer said, finally looking up into the other man’s face. Hotch though wasn’t looking at his face. He was looking at his right wrist. He lifted it and placed a light kiss on the gauze. “Hotch, you didn’t do anything. I wasn’t aware I was going to freak out.”

“I knew something was different as I shoved you into the bedroom. You didn’t even hear me ask to handcuff you did you?”

“No.” Spencer wasn’t going to lie. “I didn’t think though that I would react like that. I promise. I was hesitant for a while after Georgia but I’d thought I’d be fine or I would have said something. It was the sound more than anything. The click of the cuffs locking into place. The metal on metal.”

“Do you think you can stand? You can’t get your bandages wet so I’m going to clean you up. We can talk more after we get dressed.”

Spencer stood on slightly shaky legs and tamped down the weird feeling of Hotch cleaning him. He’d never been awake like this when Hotch had taken care of him like that. He felt like a child. Thankfully, Hotch let him dress himself in a pair of sweats and a t-shirt. Hotch left the bedroom and came back dressed in his boxers. Spencer kind of ignored him and moved to the bed. He was afraid for a second that the cuffs would be hanging there.

“I put them in the living room in my pocket. Where are a set of spare pillows and blankets?”

“Hotch?” Spencer turned to look at him.

“I am staying on the couch.” Hotch crossed the room and pulled Spencer to sit on the bed with him. “I am not leaving you here alone. I’ll wake you if I hear you having a nightmare.”

“You don’t have to do that. I’ll be fine. Go home, Hotch.”

“No. This is partially my fault. I knew something was off and I still pushed forward. I should have made sure you heard me. Though, if I’d known that you were apprehensive about the cuffs, I’d had definitely made sure that you heard me. When you jerked the first time, I just thought it was you playing. Fighting me. I didn’t even notice the blood until I unhooked the cuff. When you uttered your safe word, I nearly threw up.”

“I was…I don’t know what I was but I wasn’t thinking and that’s a new state for me,” Spencer admitted. He was coming down from that high and he felt so tired right now. The whole scene played through his mind and he looked down at Hotch’s cock. He hadn’t gotten to come. With his left hand, Spencer reached down.

“No. There’s no way I’m going to be able to get it up tonight, not after that. Don’t worry about me. I’m more worried about you. Will you lie down?”

“I can try…” Spencer stopped speaking and tried to slip down to his knees on the floor. Hotch had come to him to get away from the world and he’d fucked up. A hard hand on his arm pulled him, roughly back up before he could get all the way down.

“No. Spencer, I promise. I’m fine. I’m serious that I’m more worried about you. Please just lie down. I’ll sit here beside you until you fall asleep.” Hotch leaned over and turned on the small lamp at the bedside and then got up to turn off the overhead light. Spencer lay down like he wanted but he watched the older man like a hawk. He rolled to lie on his side, back to the side that Hotch was sitting on. He burrowed under the covers and sighed. There was minimal pain in his wrists; the pain reliever in his antibacterial cream was kicking in. He hadn’t really noticed the pain before then, too worked up and scared.

Hotch settled at his back, not touching him but allowing him to know he wasn’t alone. The sound of pages turning had him turning over slightly to look. Hotch had a book in hand. It was The Romance of Tristan and Iseult in French. He started to read aloud and Spencer couldn’t look at him. He rolled over, closing his eyes tight and just tried to push the world away. But Hotch’s voice broke through. His superior was only staying out of guilt. He felt bad for what happened. That was the only possible reason he could be staying.

Spencer knew that he couldn’t depend on this. Hotch was free now. He could go out and find someone better. Someone who could be everything that he needed. Those thoughts and Hotch’s soft voice reading in French lulled Spencer into a deep sleep.

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