Full Circle

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Spencer looked at the cars as they passed. His mind was on Matloff. He felt bad for the man who had no memory still of what caused him to kill. Of whatever urges he gave into. He’d given in and confessed all he remembered after finding the grave of one of his victims that hadn’t been found four years before.

When the SUV passed the exit that would take them to his apartment, Spencer looked at Hotch. “Hotch?”

“I was thinking that maybe you’d want to come to mine. My weekend with Jack doesn’t start until tomorrow evening. We have tomorrow off. The closing of this case is kind of an anniversary, yes?” There was something in his voice. Spencer didn’t know what to call it. Hotch was a romantic but that was with Haley, not him. There was no need to mark their relation with time. Their relationship, as it was, didn’t exist outside of his apartment.

Spencer chose to be obtuse to that. “It’s the closing of the first case I worked, yes.” He watched Hotch’s face. Expecting the glare turned on him. Instead he got a chuckle.

“And that makes it a celebration. It’s the first untried case of your career and it’s closed now. I think I have wine and I know I have the makings of spaghetti.” Hotch’s hands gripped the wheel a little tighter. He was nervous. Spencer tried to figure out why. He used looking at traffic as an excuse not to answer. Hotch’s house and then apartment had been a safe haven. Work never intruded there. No one on the team had ever really gotten an invite. Spencer going there had only been to talk to Haley in her comfort zone. Hotch’s apartment had become a safe haven even more because there was nothing there that he didn’t want. He would come home to what he was expecting. That he was inviting Spencer there meant something. How could he turn him down?

“I like spaghetti.”

Hotch’s hand relaxed and he smiled. Spencer knew he’d made the right decision. They both kept silent as Hotch took the exit that would take them to Hotch’s apartment. Spencer was nervous as he climbed out of the SUV. Hotch’s car was at Quantico. He was a little shocked the man hadn’t swapped it out before going home. It made no sense to swap it out after going home. Spencer himself had taken an SUV home before once when the Metro was down and once when a near monsoon had hit.

Nothing was said as the pair grabbed their bags from the backseat of the SUV. Spencer followed Hotch up the stairs. He thought it odd up until on the landing between second and third floor stairs. Hotch grabbed his bag from his hand and threw it to the ground. Spencer opened his mouth to ask what was wrong when he was shoved into corner and then his superior was on his knees, working his pants open.

Spencer could only swallow his words as his pants were jerked down his thighs. He’d started to harden as soon as Hotch had dropped to his knees. The older man didn’t even pull his underwear down, just pulled him out of the top and then he was surrounded with wet heat.

Reaching out, Spencer tried to grab onto Hotch’s hair but his hand was jerked away. Both of his hands were pressed into the wall. He grabbed the hand rail that ran the wall and held on. He couldn’t move his legs. They were in public and probably on camera.

Spencer was about to remark on that when he felt Hotch shifting and then his cock was feeling a strange pressure. He looked down and the older man’s nose was touching the skin of his crotch. The pressure grew until all he felt was liquid warmth and he tried to not thrust. He wanted more of that. Hotch was deep throating him! He’d never even thought it something he’d get. He hadn’t known it was something the man could do. Hands on his hips held him in place as Hotch swallowed just a little more. He could feel the muscles gripping his cock and massaging as Hotch swallowed.

“Fuck. Hotch. I’m so close. I’m…” Gripping the hand rails as tight as possible, Spencer closed his eyes and came. He barely felt it as Hotch pulled back to catch his release in his mouth. The man stood when Spencer slumped back, his orgasm over. He barely felt himself getting tucked back into his pants. Instead, he had lips on his and willingly opened his lips. Hotch was brutal with the kiss. It was only when he could taste his release stronger than normal that he realized that he hadn’t swallowed it!

Eyes snapping open, Spencer looked at Hotch. His eyes were open as well, watching. Spencer’s brain was shorted out from the blow job and hard orgasm followed by the shock that he couldn’t even remember the name of the act they were doing. Hotch was leaning over him so gravity let his release slide into Spencer’s mouth and Hotch had to actually suck to get it back into his mouth.

Moaning, Spencer let go of the railing and pulled Hotch’s head closer, his other hand he wrapped around the man to grab his ass and thrust into him. Back and forth the release moved until finally, Spencer felt him swallow and then jerked his mouth away. He released his head and slumped even more into the wall.

“I’ve wanted to do that since I got drunk. It had been my plan that night but I just…I got out of control. I’ve never thanked you for what you did that night. I woke up in your bed and I was…horrified. You stopped me from doing something stupid.”

“I couldn’t take advantage.” Spencer bit his lip as he looked at Hotch. The taste of himself and Aaron was on his lips. He could feel how hard he was. He wanted to ask. He wanted to learn. He wanted to do that to Hotch.

“The camera that watches this landing is broken. Has been for a year. No one caught us on tape. That doesn’t mean that someone isn’t going to catch us so we had better get to my apartment.”

Hotch grabbed the bags from where they had landed and pulled Spencer away from the wall with his free hand. As they walked side by side up the stairs, Hotch’s hand was hot and heavy on the small of his back. The hand only left when they stopped at the door. Hotch reached around him to unlock the door. Spencer only moved forward when Hotch prodded him to. The man moved past him when the door shut and went right into the back of the apartment, Spencer figured to put the bags up. He didn’t know what to do so he just stood and waited for Hotch to get back.

When the sound of steps carried down the hall, Spencer looked up to see Hotch go right for the kitchen. Spencer wandered towards there, stopping at a bookshelf to read the titles.  The books were all fiction. Various spy series. He wasn’t shocked to see several James Bond novels. It was a series that he’d wanted to read but had never picked up.

“I have bow tie noodles and angel hair,” Hotch called out from the kitchen and it prompted Spencer to finally enter the room.

“Either. I’m not picky.”

Hotch had a pot on the stove already, full of water with a flame under it. There was another pan beside it with what looked like already cooked hamburger in it. A jar of sauce was dumped in as he watched. “The wine is in the fridge.”

Spencer took that as Hotch asking him to get it. He found the bottle easy as well as the corkscrew. It wasn’t hard to figure out the layout of the kitchen. He knew Hotch well. The wine glasses were on the highest shelf just to the left of the sink. It wasn’t an expensive wine but it was a brand that Spencer had heard JJ talk about. He handed Hotch a glass after pouring both of theirs. Fingers brushed his and he knew it wasn’t an accident. Intimacy. Hotch needed intimacy.

Moving closer, Spencer watched as the other man relaxed as he stirred the sauce. It was domestic and so far out of Spencer’s depth that he was afraid that he was drowning. He could leave and Hotch wouldn’t say a thing. All he had to do was say that he was uncomfortable.

He just didn’t want to be alone.

“That sauce looked homemade.”

“I think it is. There is a little old lady two floors up that gave me several jars when I moved in. Jack loves it.”

Dinner was eaten standing up in the kitchen. The bottle of wine was drained. The safest topic that Spencer could think of was the case. Hotch said nothing when he brought it up. When the few dishes were done, Spencer washing while Hotch dried, he wasn’t shocked when he felt hands on his hips, holding him in place. The man stepped closer, leaving no mistake what he wanted. He could feel Hotch’s hard cock pressing into his back.

“I want you to go into the bathroom and shower. Make sure to clean your ass really well.”

Spencer inhaled as Hotch’s lips grazed his ear and hot breath rolled.

“I’ve taken the edge off but it’s going to be a little while before you come again. You are not allowed to come in the shower.” Hotch stepped back and Spencer wasn’t prepared for the smack to his ass cheek. He exhaled as the sting traveled from his skin to his cock. He hadn’t been hard before that but now he seemed to be aching already. Hotch hadn’t smacked him in a long while and it had never felt like that before. He didn’t turn to look at Hotch. He didn’t know what look was on his face. He started when a hand trailed down his cloth covered ass and squeezed what had just been smacked, he moaned. “Go.”

Feet carrying him away before he was even aware of what he was doing, Spencer was inside the bathroom in the master bedroom. He stripped and was inside of the shower in just under two minutes. He found that there was a bottle of the same body wash that he used as well as a rag. The shampoo though was Hotch’s brand. He knew that from years of cases. He could tell who had forgotten theirs based on who smelled like the others. Everyone used very distinctive smells.

Taking Hotch’s words to heart, Spencer made sure his ass was very clean. He wondered about what Hotch was going to do. He only did a cursory wash on his hair, not even worrying about conditioner. Shutting off the water, Spencer grabbed the towel he’d draped over Hotch’s on the rack just outside the tub. He dried his hair as quickly as he could and grabbed for his glasses. He hated being blind in strange places and as much as this was Hotch’s place and he knew he was safe, it was new. He stepped out onto the mat and roughly dried his skin. He reached out for his pants to find them gone. He’d not taken clean clothes in with him as he didn’t see a point but he was going to put his pants on. Hotch had taken his clothes! He looked around to make sure that he hadn’t knocked them over in his rush to get into the shower but there was nothing. Wrapping the towel around his waist, he peeked into the bedroom. Hotch was sitting on the edge of the bed and Spencer could see his clothes piled on his go bag, all the way across the room. The older man had changed into just a pair of jeans.

“You coming out?”

“You stole my clothes!” He knew he was getting better at being naked but that was usually when the act was over. When Hotch’s gaze wasn’t fully focused on him.

“You don’t need them. Not for what I have planned for you.” Hotch leered at him and Spencer swallowed.

When a minute passed and Spencer didn’t make a move to leave the bathroom, Hotch stood up. He threw the door open and grabbed the towel at Spencer’s waist, pulling him as he walked backwards towards the bed. Hotch dropped down and pulled Spencer into his lap, ripping the towel away as he did so. Lips on his neck followed by a nip to his collarbone had Spencer getting hard again. The shower had seen his erection flagging but now it was getting excited again. He let Hotch draw his arms behind his back and it wasn’t until he felt fingers loop around his wrist that memories flashed into his mind. Before he could even do a thing, fingers in his hair jerked his head back. Not as hard as it had been that time but enough for pain to arc across his skin but unlike last time there was no fear. Only pleasure. He started to pant as he tried to get friction on his cock.

“More?” Hotch asked, his voice rough. Keeping Spencer’s cock from getting what it wanted.

Spencer shivered in anticipation. “Yes,” he croaked.

“I’m not going to let you fall.” Hotch pushed up at his hands and Spencer let the man link one hand around the opposite wrist. The only thing keeping him up was Hotch’s hand in his hair and his own legs on the bed. A tug on his hair and Spencer pushed himself up to where he was practically kneeling on the bed with no weight at all on Hotch except on his single hand. The hand let go of his hair and braced him at the base of his skull, he didn’t move. “Good. Fuck you are so hot like this.”

The smack came on his ass, harder than it had in the kitchen and Spencer wobbled but got his legs settled, spread a little more to balance himself. He couldn’t see anything but the ceiling above him so he wasn’t expecting the lick at the head of his cock.

“Already leaking. More?”

“Yes,” breathless, Spencer hoped Hotch heard him. All he could think about was how he’d never ever thought that this was anything that he would like. He knew that it was all down to trust. The hand at his neck switched to Hotch’s right and Spencer braced. He was so lost in his head that when the next two smacks landed and he felt the swell of orgasm. He wasn’t ready for it and had no time to warn Hotch that he was coming. His knees gave out and Hotch’s hands helped him settle down on to the older man’s legs.


Spencer forced his eyes open, hearing the slight concern in his voice. He smiled at the older man but hissed when he put more weight on his ass.

“Get lost in your head again?” Hotch asked, his voice steady now and tinged with humor. Spencer could only nod. “Do you know how hot that is? Truly? That you can work yourself up to orgasm with little stimulation on my part. I wish there was a way for me to see what you see and feel what you feel when you do. The problem is that I wasn’t planning for that. I know I can get you off again but damn, now I am messy.”

Spencer looked down and saw that his release was all over Hotch’s chest. He looked back at Hotch’s face and saw the wicked looking smirk.

“On your knees on the floor.”

Sliding to the floor from Hotch’s lap, Spencer settled on his knees. Hand on the back of his neck, gripping hair, Spencer was drawn up and when he was dead center on the older man’s stomach, he knew what was wanted of him. His first lick was tentative. The moan that Hotch let out had him licking again, harder. The hand on his head just held him, it didn’t direct him. His eyes dropped to Hotch’s crotch as he licked him clean. He was hard. Spencer’s hands had been settled on the older man’s knees to hold himself up so he slid them up the inside of his thighs, letting his tips near scratch up the fabric. The only reaction that got was a subtle tightening of the hand on his hair.

Keeping his eyes on tracking what he needed to clean up, Spencer worked at undoing the jeans. When Hotch’s chest and stomach were clean just seconds later he dipped his head down and suckled at the head of the confined in underwear cock. Hotch’s grip tightened and he couldn’t move his head.

“Strip me first then you can have my cock in your mouth.”

Spencer shuffled back so that Hotch could stand. As soon as the man was up, he worked his jeans down to his ankles, ignoring the cock that was at face level. Hotch stepped out of them and Spencer threw them somewhere behind him. Next was his underwear. As soon as heard the whisper of the cloth landing on the ground, Spencer drew Hotch’s cock into his mouth. He wound his hands around to Hotch’s backside, gripping his ass cheeks to keep him right where he was.

“Relax,” Hotch said and then the grip on his neck shifted to grip a whole handful of hair. Spencer did as he asked; he relaxed but kept sucking and running his tongue on the underside of the cock in his mouth. Hotch thrust in his mouth a little, going back a little farther than normal. A hand ghosting his throat startled him a little but the thumb tracing up and down the stretched column of his neck had him settling again. “Pull off if it gets to be too much.”

The hand in his hair guided his head a little to the side and then the head of the cock was brushing the back of his throat. Spencer moaned and fought the small gag reaction that started. “Focus on my thumb.”

Spencer did exactly that. He lifted his tongue when Hotch pulled out and sucked as he pushed back in. Focusing on the feel of the thumb on his throat. When several minutes had passed and he no longer felt the gag reaction when Hotch’s cock head brushed the back of his throat, Spencer shivered and moaned even harder. The hand in his hair turned loose grip into a hard one. He felt the tensing of muscles that he recognized easily. He prepared himself for Hotch’s release. The thumb tracing his throat shifted and tightened. He couldn’t swallow. He couldn’t move his head so he couldn’t nod to tell his superior that he understood. He settled for just stilling completely.

Seconds later, his mouth was filling with the other man’s release. The hand on his throat pulled him up and he was being kissed within an inch of his life. Hotch sucked the release from his mouth but swallowed it instead of snowballing it like he had before. The hand on his throat relaxed and Spencer swallowed. He was panting and it was hard to catch his breath but he was so achingly hard.

“I wasn’t going to come until I was buried inside of you but the sight of you on your knees, trusting me so much. The thought of you being able to take me the whole way soon. I just couldn’t hold back anymore. You are ruining all of my plans for tonight.” Hotch dove back in and kissed him. He was manhandled around to where when they fell to the bed; he was underneath the older man. “You aren’t going to stop my next plans. On your belly, hands on the headboard. Don’t let go.”

Spencer felt cheeky; he smiled at the man above him. “Yes, Sir.”

“You are staying the night. Condom, yes or no?” Hotch asked as pushed himself up off Spencer and moved towards the nightstand. A tube of lube was tossed down at Spencer’s hip as he settled on his stomach on the bed. It was close to the position of their first time.

“No. Want to feel you.” Spencer slid his hands under the pillow, gripping the bar at the bottom of the headboard. He shifted his head to lay just on the edge of the pillow, making a space where he could breathe easy. It also blocked every bit of his vision. He still had his glasses on but he was comfortable for the time being.

“Spread your legs.” Hotch’s voice came from the end of the bed. As soon as Spencer spread his legs, he felt the bed dip and then hands were on his ass cheeks. He felt a nip of each cheek and then hot air on his hole. He thought that Hotch couldn’t be getting ready to do what he thought he was going to just as he felt wet, hot tongue swipe over his entrance.

“Hotch!” Spencer pulled himself up and away from the tongue. He started to roll over so he could see him but the hands let go of his cheeks and grabbed his hips, pulling him down even farther on the bed and holding him down. He didn’t let go of the headboard. He was breathing hard and not all of it was pleasure. He wasn’t sure what he thought of Hotch rimming him. Body draped over his back, pressing him into the bed.

“Never had your ass licked before?”

Spencer’s only answer was to shake his head a little. Warm air gusted over his neck as Hotch placed an open mouth kiss on his neck. He slid down his back, kissing and biting where he wished. By the time he got down to Spencer’s ass again, he was thrusting down onto the bed to give his cock relief of some kind. Hands at his hips though pulled up and then he felt a knee pushing at his knees. Shifting to rest his weight on his forearms, Spencer pushed up to his knees.

“If you can stay still, you can let go of the headboard.” Hotch’s breath ghosted over the crack of his ass and it told Spencer all he needed to know. He shifted a little but kept his hands on the headboard. “Want to take off your glasses?”

Spencer pulled them off and reached out blindly to lay them on the nightstand he remembered being at the edge of the bed. He felt the wood underneath the item and dropped them. Thankfully, the glasses didn’t fall down. He just had his hand back on the bar when his cheeks were split again and hot tongue swiped. He didn’t know if he liked the feeling. He was a little freaked out and understood why Hotch had wanted him to clean himself well. If he’d have known that this was going to happen, he could have cleaned himself out with an enema.

A smack on his ass, not exactly easy drew his attention back to Hotch and his tongue. He had no clue how much time had passed and Hotch said nothing, just licked again at him. Then instead of another lick, he felt the tip of his tongue right at his hole. He felt the tension of the tongue and then it was trying to push inside of him. His whole body tensed as he fought the urge to pull away from the sensation. The tongue pulled out and then a fingertip was tracing his hole. It slid inside him with ease, his body used to it. A bite to his cheek had him jumping.

“Spread yourself open for me.” Hotch’s voice was thick with lust and Spencer moaned softly at it. Spencer swallowed and tried to shift around. He wouldn’t be able to hide his face and breath, holding himself open for Hotch. He’d have to do something else. “Actually…”

There was no warning. One second Hotch was behind him on the bed a finger in his ass and the next the weight and finger were gone then hands on his thighs pulled until he was settled on his knees on the floor. He was pushed down to where his chest was on the bed. He reached back and grabbed his ass cheeks, pulling himself open. He buried his face in the bedspread.

“Don’t smother yourself,” Hotch warned and then hot breath was on his crack again. He gasped into the covers as that tongue shoved itself into him again. That felt better than it possibly ever should for what it was. His mind pictured what they had to look like. Him bent over the bed and Hotch’s face buried in his ass.

A finger made its way inside of him along with the tongue and he bit at the bed covers to keep his moan of pleasure muffled. The vibrations at his ass from Hotch’s chuckle told him that it didn’t work. The wet heat of the tongue as well as the finger sliding in and out of him had Spencer on edge. He started to thrust himself into the bed. He lost all contact with Hotch as the man sat up.

“No. Uh uh.”

Hands on his hips pulled him back just far enough off the bed to where he couldn’t get friction on his cock. He groaned at the loss then near screamed as he felt two fingers shove themselves in him. The easy way they slid inside of him told Spencer that Hotch had either used a lot of spit or lube. When tongue chased fingers, he figured that Hotch had used spit.

“Please,” Spencer begged. He keened as fingers found his prostate and rubbed. The fingers pulled out again and then there was just heat as Hotch’s tongue went inside of him as far as it could. His muscles no longer fighting the invading muscle.

Turning his head to the side, Spencer gave up muffling the sounds he was making. He begged and pleaded for Hotch to get inside of him. In and out the wet heat moved. Spencer couldn’t take it. He was so close. Tongue left and then three fingers were sliding into him. Two strokes and then a hand was enclosing his cock. He spread his cheeks as far as they would go. He was so close. He just needed a little more. He felt something brush his thighs as he almost went over that edge. He wasn’t ready for the fingers to pull free and he almost screamed at Hotch to get them back inside of him when he felt it. The blunt head of cock and then he was just full. Spencer let go of his cheeks and tried to balance himself as Hotch pulled out but the man slammed back inside of him. He could feel the burn of his muscles as they adjusted to being fucked like he was. He got one arm braced on the floor and the other on the bed as the hand on his cock started to really jerk him off.

The scream was pulled out of him at the same time that his orgasm hit. It felt like he couldn’t breathe. His entire body felt like a liquid. He slumped down and only Hotch’s hands stopped him. Those hands petted at him and lifted him up and then he felt cool bed sheets on his back and he was looking up into Hotch’s face.

“Reid?” Hotch’s voice didn’t sound worried, not yet.

Spencer reached up and pulled him down into a kiss. He couldn’t speak but he could kiss. He tried to convey his feelings in that kiss. He’d never felt anything like that before. He let his eyes fall closed as he kissed and when he felt hands trailing down his sides and start to lift his legs, he didn’t care. Hotch slid inside him easily. He wrapped his legs around the man, keeping him as close as he could as they fucked and kissed. When he absolutely needed to breathe, Spencer ripped his mouth away from Hotch. Panting as Hotch’s mouth transferred from his lips to his neck. Hotch’s thrusting sped up and just as he felt the other man’s rhythm start to stutter, he crushed their lips back together, using Hotch’s short hair as a fulcrum. Hips slammed into his once, twice, and a third time, harder than the others and the man stilled, near screaming into the kiss.

Hotch slumped down on top of him, carefully pulling his cock free. Spencer kept his legs wrapped around him and just laid there. The stress of the day and the exhaustion from the near marathon sex, Spencer didn’t even realize when he closed his eyes again and was passed out.


Spencer woke up after a night of very restful sleep. His body felt a little stiff like he hadn’t moved at all in his sleep which was unusual. He was warm. He hadn’t kicked his blankets off in his sleep. He opened his eyes and while he couldn’t see a lot, he knew that the sheets and bedclothes were not his. He tensed and that’s when he felt the body at his back.

The night before came back and Spencer fought the urge to flee the bed. When Hotch had told him he was staying the night, he figured the man meant he was sleeping on the couch. Or the guest room. He didn’t even know if Hotch’s place had a guest room. He’d seen the living room, kitchen, a peek of Hotch’s office, and Hotch’s bedroom. He didn’t know what to do. He’d never slept in the same bed as anyone. The last time that he and Morgan had been shoved into a room together and there had only been one bed in small town Vermont, he’d taken the couch.

“Awake?” Hotch asked, his voice sounded like he’d been awake for a while. His breath tickled at the back of Spencer’s neck and it confirmed that Hotch had at least slept part of the night wrapped around him. The body behind him shifted and that’s when he felt the subtle thrust on his backside. Hotch was hard and the man was thrusting against him.


“I showered last night and came back to find you still just dead asleep. You didn’t even wake up at all when I cleaned you up. Did I fuck your brains out, Doctor Reid?” Hotch’s hand snaked around Spencer to palm at his cock. He hadn’t been even remotely hard but now with Hotch’s hand on him and the words from the man’s mouth he was starting to be. “What do you want, Reid?”

“I don’t know. What are my options?” Spencer asked. He rolled up onto his side, Hotch rolled with him to stay plastered at his back. The thrusting became more and the hand on his cock harder.

“We can fuck. We can suck each other off. Or we can stay right like this and I come all over your backside and jerk you off.”

The thought of any of those had all his blood rushing to his cock. Hotch’s hand on his cock started to loosen.

“Make your decision quick or I’ll jack off in the shower. Alone.”

“Sixty nine,” Spencer answered. As soon as the words were out of his mouth he snapped it shut. He hadn’t meant to say that. He hadn’t meant to say that at all. Oh, he wanted to do it.

“So is that what it gets to get you to tell me what you want with no shame?” Hotch was moving, pulling Spencer around and into the middle of the bed. He’d only seen pictures of men sucking each other off. He’d never done it before; never entertained that he would want to do it with someone. Hotch had him on his side and then was flipping down to lay with his head towards the foot of the bed. Hot breath was the only thing that Spencer could think about other than the hard cock in front of his face. He took a deep breath and then leaned down to run his lips across Hotch’s balls before sucking one into his mouth.

A hand on his thigh had Spencer raising it up so that Hotch could get to him better. He wasn’t shocked when a wet finger traced at his hole and he shifted so that Hotch could finger fuck and suck him. As the finger slid inside of him, his cock was surrounded by wet heat. His hand was grabbed and the tube of lube slapped into it. Spencer lifted his head up to look at Hotch shocked at that. The man wasn’t looking at him though. He was wholly interested in sucking Spencer’s cock. And God did it feel good.

Spencer shifted to where he could take Hotch in his mouth and worked the hard length a few times before he snapped open the lube. He coated two fingers before dropping it onto the bed between them. Shifting to get a better angle with his fingers, Spencer trailed the tip of his pointer finger up and down the crack of Hotch’s ass. The older man didn’t do anything except continue working Spencer’s cock and ass. He tried his hardest to ignore what the man was doing to him. It was come undone or make Hotch come undone first. He vowed to make the older man come first.

As the ring of muscle loosened for him, Spencer let the tip slip inside the man on a pass. He didn’t push in farther though, just continued the up and down movement of his finger, letting the tip slip just a little farther inside each time. He changed the angle of his head and took more of Hotch into his mouth.

Hotch pushed two fingers inside of him and Spencer could only moan around the cock inside his mouth. The older man jerked at the sensation and Spencer smiled. He pushed the tip of his finger just a little more inside before pulling it back out. He wondered if Hotch would ever want to be fucked by him. That was thoughts for another time though.

Spencer pushed his finger all the way in slowly, inch by inch. It felt weird to him. Hotch was so much tighter than Spencer was. As he let the head of the cock brush the back of his throat, he worked his finger in and out to loosen the ring of muscle. When he was sure that Hotch was ready, he pulled the finger out and slowly pushed back in with two as he leaned just a little further down on Hotch’s cock. His gag reflex tried to kick in and he remembered back to Hotch’s thumb on his throat. He relaxed and the tip slid down his throat. He was rewarded with Hotch stilling his ministrations on Spencer’s own cock. The man pulled off and Spencer worked both of his fingers all the way into him. He sought out Hotch’s prostate and after a few little brushes around, found it.

Hot breath on his hip and he looked down long enough to see that Hotch was leaning against him with eyes closed and mouth open, breathing hard.

“Close. Fuck. So close.”

Spencer doubled his efforts, swallowing around the cock head and he felt it. He pulled farther back so that he wouldn’t choke and brushed his fingers across Hotch’s prostate again and was rewarded with a shout and then liquid filling his mouth. As he swallowed he pulled his fingers out of Hotch’s ass and worked on working every drop out of the man. He only pulled off when Hotch had given over every single drop and Spencer was sure that he was clean.

Rolling to where his back was sort of on the bed but his crotch was still within reach of Hotch, he lay there gasping for breath. The other man took his entire length back into his mouth and redoubled his efforts to get Spencer to come. He didn’t try and keep himself at bay this time. He laid there and enjoyed every single thing that Hotch did to him.

Orgasm came quickly, it was like Hotch was slightly offended that he’d come first. When Spencer felt he had nothing left, he reached down and grabbed at Hotch until his hand landed in his hair, pulling him up. Hotch draped himself over him and they kissed. The mingling of the taste of himself and Hotch had Spencer’s cock twitching. It was erotic as hell to him.

“No. I’m done. You…learn way too quickly.”

“When I really want to learn it, yes.” Spencer let a lazy smile grace his face as Hotch pulled back to look at him.

“I’ll start coffee and breakfast if you want to shower.” Hotch pushed himself up and away from Spencer. The loss of the heat had him shivering some but he rolled off the bed to move to the bathroom. His glasses were on the nightstand but his contacts were in the bathroom. He could put them in after he showered.

By the time that Spencer left the shower, Hotch had put his go bag in the room. He changed into a new outfit and slipped his contacts in. He looked at himself in the mirror expecting to look different. He felt different. It was just the same old Spencer staring at him though. The door opened and he barely looked at the Hotch as the man slipped in beside him at the sink. He watched Hotch as he shaved and combed his hair. There was something different and he didn’t know what it was.

When Hotch was done, he turned to look at Spencer. He reached into his pocket and pulled out a set of keys. “Your bag and mine fell over. I don’t think they are mine.”

“No, they are. It’s a new set of keys to my place. Deadbolt, regular lock, and the key that gets you in the front when it’s locked at night when security locks it. I had them made a few weeks ago and kind of forget about them once I get to work. We’ve not had much time where I could slip them to you. If you can get in, I don’t mind sex. If the chain is on, I don’t really feel like it. How does that sound?”

“Even if you are asleep?” Hotch pocketed the keys again.

“Sure. I’m not going to say no to hot sex. If I’m too tired or not in the mood, I’ll put the chain up.” Spencer shrugged as he said it. Hotch wasn’t texting before showing up like he used to. He literally just showed up. “You and Morgan are the only ones with keys and he never just lets himself in. It’s a pretty good sign that if the door is opening, it’s going to be you.”

“Then sure. Sounds like a plan. Coffee’s ready.” Hotch just gave him a smile and then left the bathroom. Spencer wiped his sweaty palms on his pants and tried to relax. He hadn’t realized what he would have done if Hotch said no. Packing up his go bag, Spencer let his mind think back to the night before. There had been so many things that they had done that were new. He’d liked them all, once he’d let go enough to enjoy Hotch rimming him. He just hoped the man never asked for it back because he wasn’t sure that he would be able to do it.

When he was all packed, he slipped out of the bathroom and dropped his bag by the door. Hotch was eating oatmeal and sipping coffee while reading over the paper. He pushed over the sections of the papers that weren’t the first as Spencer sat down with his oatmeal and coffee. It was a good start to a day off.

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