Spencer hadn’t felt so angry at anything for a long time. The whole team was pissed at Morgan but Spencer was mad at Hotch. Hotch was indifferent to everything that had gone around him since the team had heard from Garcia that Morgan had drove the ambulance to the park and it blew up. It was night but Spencer knows that he was not going to get a lick of sleep.

The team was on edge because of all that had happened in such a short time but Spencer couldn’t ignore the looks that he was getting from JJ and Morgan. They could tell that he was pissed. Morgan knew though that it wasn’t at him because Spencer was at least looking at him. Hotch is at the back of the line of agents finally making their way into the hotel for some sleep. The NYPD and the Field Office were handling everything and the BAU team had all been but ordered to go to sleep for at least a few hours. The cleanup of the case would take a long time but it was time that the BAU team didn’t have. The New York Field Office would have to take charge. The team had caught their killers, one way or another.

Spencer moved right towards his room, waiting for the others to slip into theirs. When all the doors were closed, he slid his key card into the lock but before he could open the door, a hand was wrapped around his mouth and another around his chest to hold his arms close. If it wasn’t for the smell of blood and Hotch’s faint cologne, Spencer would have fought out of the hold. He stilled in the hold but he kept his ears open for any noise that told him that anyone was leaving their rooms.

“My room,” Hotch growled in his ear. Spencer nodded and the hand around his chest pulled away but the one on his mouth did not. He stayed tucked closed to Hotch’s chest as they moved across the hall. He moved when Hotch did. The beeping of the door was the only noise in the hall. When the door was swung open, Spencer was shoved full tilt into the room. The only thing that kept him on his feet was he caught the edge of the bed with his hands. As soon as he was stable, he turned to start yelling at Hotch.

“What the fuck was that?” Spencer asked, his voice pitched low so that no one could hear him. Everyone else on the team was on the other side of the hall. Hotch’s room was the only one that was separate but he still didn’t want to wake any of the other guests.

“I didn’t need you talking.”

“No, the shoving. What the hell is wrong with you?” Spencer let his anger out. It was safe here to do that. “You are acting strange.”

“What’s wrong, Reid?” Hotch sounded sincere but this face…his face told the truth. There was something simmering underneath and Spencer didn’t know what it was but he didn’t care. Morgan and his trust issues took a back seat the moment that Spencer had figured out that the only thing Hotch cared about with the case was helping Joyner. Everyone had noticed how much like Haley Joyner looked. He felt bad that she was dead and he knew that Hotch had to be hurting but acting like he had been was not the way to fix it.

“You are what is wrong,” Spencer answered.

“Afraid of what would happen?” Hotch asked as he stalked closer to Spencer. There was no other word for what he was doing. It threw Spencer for a loop for a few seconds. Trying to stay at a respectable distance from him, he backed up and found himself trapped in a corner between wall and bed. “Afraid that I’d take that job, forcing Morgan out of it and leave you behind?”

All Spencer could see was red. He took a step towards Hotch instead of away from him.

“No. You’d never leave Virginia while Haley and Jack are there. I was more afraid that you’d do something stupid like fuck her.” Spencer wanted to pull the words back into his mouth the moment he said them but when he saw the flinch that Hotch did, he knew he’d struck a nail on the head. He had seen what he thought had been on Hotch’s face before, the simmering anger. “Do we need to use condoms until you get tested?”

The look on Hotch’s face got harder and his eyes were black with anger but Spencer didn’t care. He’d scared every single member of the team. The stunt with the ambulance had been proof that he hadn’t been thinking straight. He’d forced an issue when a hospital was on lockdown because he knew that in the face of death, humans caved. Hotch moved a few steps closer and there was not a great deal of distance between them now. He could feel Hotch’s exhalation with every single breath.

“What are you afraid of then? That I’d replace you as the whore that I fuck?”

Spencer didn’t realize what he’d done until the pain blossomed on the palm of his hand. The look of anger on Hotch’s face gave way to pure shock. Spencer’s hand was still in the air and he moved to pull it back towards his body. There was a small trickle of blood from the split on the man’s face. Like a snake striking, Hotch had a hold of both of his hands. His back collided with the wall and he sucked in a breath, scared. He hadn’t meant to slap him. He kept his movement down, not even breathing.

Hotch’s body just seemed to flow. A knee worked its way between his thighs and then lips were slamming into his. He hissed in pain as he felt his lip split but all Hotch did was shove his tongue in his mouth. He knew right then what Hotch had been doing. He’d wanted a fight and he’d gone about it the quickest way he knew how. Spencer tried to shove with his hands, even knowing he wouldn’t be able to break the older man’s hold without hurting the both of them. Hotch pushed even closer, holding his body against the wall. The other man was hard and Spencer knew that he was getting hard. Now that he knew Hotch’s end game, he could get on board with this. Thank God I’m Alive Sex hadn’t been on his mind before Hotch had shoved him into the wall but right now his blood was pumping.

Lips were gone from his and before he could even attempt saying a word, fingers were inside his mouth instead. He sucked on them and closed his eyes. Tongue traced his jaw before sliding down his neck. Teeth clenched on his shoulder over top of his shirt.

“I want you naked.” Hotch’s voice was rough and when the older man stepped back, Spencer started to strip. He started with his tie and moved to drop it on the ground but Hotch reached out and grabbed it from him before he could. The tie as well as Hotch’s were dropped on the bed. Hotch was naked before him but that was no big deal. The man was nothing if not efficient and Spencer couldn’t seem to get his hands to stop shaking.

Hotch moved to the other side of the room and grabbed his go bag. It was dropped on the bed. His toiletry kit was grabbed and Spencer was shocked when lube came out of it. Next was a condom and Hotch held it up. Spencer shook his head. If Hotch had sex with Kate, he had to have used a condom or he wouldn’t have asked. Hotch put up the small bag. Next was a plastic bag from what looked like a leather shop in DC. It made no noise.

The bag was handed over to Spencer with no words.

“I saw them when I took my personal holster in for repair. The owner was more than willing to make the changes I wanted.” Hotch sounded hesitant so Spencer opened the bag and looked down. His mind went blank at the leather cuffs he pulled out. The only metal on them were the buckles on each cuff and a small metal link on the side of each one.

“There are several lengths of leather inside so that I can either tie them together or separate. Looped around the headboard. We don’t have to try them tonight or ever. You said it was the sound of the metal more than anything else. You can still use your work cuffs, so that’s a good thing.” Hotch was silent as Spencer just stared. “Reid?”


“You liked them before. It was something else that Hankel took away from you.”

“Why are they in your go bag?”

“I picked them up on a rush to get Jack and I left them in there as Jack never gets into my bags. I forgot to take them out.” Hotch stepped closer, dropping the go bag off the bed. His finger went to Spencer’s lip tracing the split.

This was one of those times that Spencer knew that Hotch showing them to him had more than just, “Oh look what I got!” meaning. Hotch had lost a friend. If binding Spencer to him, in a small way would help, he’d do it. Sitting on the bed, Spencer handed the cuffs over to him, making sure the bag fell onto the go bag. When Hotch took them, Spencer offered his wrists. Hotch inhaled but said nothing as he dropped one of the cuffs to the bed to fasten the first to Spencer’s wrist. The metal made no sound as Hotch buckled it. The next cuff was fastened in seconds and Spencer found that he liked the feel of them. There was a weight to them that felt different than the old ones. No feeling of constriction. No smell of fish trying to flash in his mind. The night had taken a turn.

When the ties were picked up, Spencer didn’t pull his eyes up from the cuffs but he watched what the man did with them. That was something that he knew he’d have to bring up soon with the man but he wasn’t ready. He wasn’t ready to admit how scared he was of one simple thing. Hotch though just wound up his tie into a ball. Spencer looked up at him with a raised eyebrow.

“Safeword?” Hotch asked.

“Qua…” Hotch shoved the ball of tie into his mouth when his mouth was open wide. The second tie was wrapped around his head to keep the tie in place. It wasn’t the best gag but it would hopefully muffle him a great deal. Spencer snapped twice.

“Good. Lie back.” Hotch leaned over and pulled a long strip of leather from the bag and Spencer laid back on the bed, draping his hands above his head. There was a design in the headboard of the bed and Hotch used it to loop the leather through. Spencer watched him as he looped it through each of the rings on the cuffs before tying it in a knot. He was bound and gagged to a bed in a hotel in New York City. Hotch hadn’t touched him in a sexual way on a case since their first time together. He waited with his hands bound, tugging on them; eyes closed.

Hotch’s eyes were on him, watching him. Even though he couldn’t see the eyes, he could feel them. He tugged another time on the cuffs and then brought his hands together and tugged. There was no sound of metal. No panic setting in. Opening his eyes, Spencer relaxed completely onto the bed.

“Yes?” Hotch asked.

Spencer nodded. The bed dipped as Hotch climbed on. He grabbed Spencer’s ankles and drew them apart. He didn’t move except for what Hotch had him move. The roughness has just been at bay with the older man; the moment of softness gone. He heard the snap of the lube cap and a single finger slid inside of him. The first breech was gentle, spreading the lube around and then it was rough, thrusting in and out. He wasn’t shocked when he was rolled onto his stomach. He braced to be lifted up but instead the finger came back. Still just a single one.

A hand on his lower back held him in place as he felt his cheeks being spread. He knew what was coming just seconds before the blunt head of Hotch’s cock started to breach him. The burn was there but instead of trying to get away from it, he tried to buck up take more of the cock inside of him.

“You want it rough?” Hotch asked, his voice breaking the silence of the room. Spencer nodded his head up and down. Hotch pulled the head of the cock out of him and then pulled him up to his knees. “Brace for it.”

Spencer was on his elbows and dropped his head down onto the pillow below his face. He wanted to feel it. Wanted to know that Hotch was alive. He knew that he’d feel the entry in the morning. He wasn’t stretched at all. Hotch didn’t even slide his head in first. It was from nothing to everything.

Scream muffled into gag and pillow, Spencer panted. A thumb pressed into the skin at the top of his hole then Hotch was pulling out, all the way and thrusting back in. He wasn’t ready for it and his body shuddered. The thumb pressed harder and the next thrust was just as hard. The feeling of complete emptiness followed by complete fullness had Spencer getting hard again. The pain of the first entry had softened him some but it hadn’t taken long to get him back.

Eyes closed, Spencer focused on the cuffs on his wrists, binding him down. The gag in his mouth. The anger drifted away. He could admit what was wrong. He’d grown attached to Hotch as much more than boss and friend. He had been jealous of Joyner but not the way that his boss thought. It wasn’t the thought of him choosing her, it was him being able to get everything that he wanted from her. She could have been perfect for Hotch.

The thumb lifted off and Hotch didn’t pull out all the way on the next thrust. There was no less power behind it though. He felt used. Gagged, Hotch could be picturing anyone. He could be fucking Joyner in his mind. There was no closeness to this. No caring. He was a way to chase away demons. He was a hole to fuck.

His orgasm surprised him. Spencer jerked and bucked as his released shot out from him. Hotch didn’t slow, didn’t even falter in his thrusts. He just continued to fuck into him, harder and harder. When his orgasm finally subsided, Spencer was drained. His legs gave out and Hotch rode him down, shifting to continue to slide in and out of him. His body molded to Spencer’s back and before he knew it, he felt teeth on his shoulder. He marveled for a few seconds at Hotch’s ability to find the exact same place every single time. Teeth clamped hard and Spencer bucked. He could feel his cock twitch, pressed into the bed. The bed thumped against the wall and then Hotch stilled. A shift and then the man was thrusting into him again. Hotch was chasing his own orgasm.

A sharper pain than he’d ever felt before flared on his shoulder and he felt skin rip. Hotch thrust into him one last time and grunted his release. As the high of orgasm faded, Spencer felt his shoulder aching more and more. Rolling his shoulder, Hotch let go. He didn’t get up though. He just dropped his head to where he was breathing against his neck. He could feel the roll of blood down his shoulder. He shifted again but Hotch didn’t get up. He thought for a few seconds that the man was asleep but when teeth grazed his neck he knew he wasn’t. Spencer snapped his fingers once and that had Hotch shoving up from him. The drag of cock from his hole had him hissing, the sound muffled.

“Reid?” A hand ghosted down his side and his cheeks were pulled apart. The air on his hole had him hissing again. “What’s wrong?” Fingers scrambled on the back of his head but stopped and one moved to his shoulder. A soft finger skirted the torn skin before moving back to his head to undo the tie. As soon as the fabric slid away, Spencer spit the other tie from his mouth. He shook his hands and then hands were undoing him.

“How bad is it?” Spencer asked. As soon as his hands were free he was up and moving to the bathroom. He looked at his shoulder in the bright light of the room and saw that it wasn’t as bad as he thought. It would scar though, more than the faint scar that he had from Hotch’s previous bitings. “Are you sure you are not a werewolf?” Spencer could see Hotch hovering at the edge of the room. His eyes were hooded.


“No. I just need help bandaging it up. Do you mind if I shower in here?” Spencer needed to clean up before they even thought about bandaging the wound. “I have gauze and tape in my go bag. My key is somewhere in the other room. Why don’t you go get it while I shower?”

Hotch said nothing but he slipped away. When the man was gone from sight, Spencer looked at the wound again. It was a claim. While their encounter seemed passionless while they’d been in the middle of it, Spencer could see how much Hotch cared for him. It might not be as much as Spencer wanted but he’d take what he could get.

Dabbing at the blood that was on his shoulder with a wet bit of tissue, Spencer was thankful that he was up to date with all of his shots. He’d make sure that Hotch didn’t feel bad about this. Spencer really didn’t care about it. Stepping into the shower, Spencer thought about what he needed to do. He was happy with what he had and he’d be sad without it. As long as Hotch wanted to keep this arrangement going, he would as well.

Next Chapter


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