Odium Chapter 1-Spite

Title: Odium
Fandom: Criminal Minds,
Year: Starts in Season 4 (2009) goes up to Season 11 (2016)
Tags: Arranged Marriages, Spiteful!Spencer, Not A Happy Fic, Revenge, Hate Sex, Rough Sex,
Ratings: NC-17
Pairings: Aaron Hotchner/Spencer Reid, Past Aaron Hotchner/Haley Brooks,
Spoilers: Up Through Season Eleven
Summary: General or widespread hatred or disgust directed toward someone as a result of their actions.
Notes: None
Warnings: Canon Character Death,
Beta: Charlie_Remington & rivermoon1970

Chapter One-Spite
Aaron Hotchner looked at the file in his hand. The young man had been the only candidate he’d found that he wanted for the new opening in the BAU. Dave was sitting across from him looking at a second copy of the same time.

“This kid has a serious spiteful streak.”

“What?” Aaron asked. He looked at the file in his hand, trying to see what Rossi was seeing.

“There is someone in his life that he wants to show up. In sixteen years this kid has earned six doctorates, five bachelor’s, and a Doctor of Juridical Science, which the day he was awarded that he applied at the academy. He’s earned degrees to be spiteful. I see that his spousal information is marked as confidential. That only happens in special cases.”

Aaron wanted to sigh but he didn’t. He kept his face passive. Dave had been dropping hints more and more about his estranged husband. Other than when Dave brought him up, Aaron never thought about him. He was happier alone. His husband was better without him. He’d been an eighteen year old kid when Hotch had met him that single time, the day they married. He’d have long got over the hurt of being left the same day he married. He had his parents to help care for him. Surely he’d found someone that he loved.

“He’s the only candidate I want for the team.” Aaron was worried that Dave would object.

“Oh, he’d be an asset don’t get me wrong. Strauss gave him a glowing review on her interview with him.”

“I want to do a meeting between the whole team and him before I make the decision. Everyone really liked Anderson and I don’t want to disrupt the team after the issues we’ve had. I have him coming in for the round table meeting. I had JJ find a case that we just need to consult on and we shall see how he does.”

Dave nodded his head and closed the file. “Revolver?”

“According to Strauss he failed the exam time and time again until one of the other instructors gave him his personal revolver to try. He got a near perfect once he got used to the gun. I was surprised when he passed the physical aspects and didn’t have to have exceptions. He’s an academic, it’s rare that they aren’t given an exception for something. He barely passed but he did pass.”

“I saw that. Erin wants him on the team bad doesn’t she?”

“With all those degrees? Yes. She doesn’t want someone else to snatch him up. She’s afraid that if he doesn’t get the BAU position he’ll go to the CIA or even international like Interpol.”

A knock on his door and then JJ stuck her head inside. “I have the room set up and Doctor Reid is waiting.”

“Let’s go.” Aaron stood up from his desk and looked out. Morgan and Prentiss were already in the round table room and Garcia was waiting on JJ, they were both walking there. Doctor Reid was standing on the outside of the room, looking down in the bullpen. His messenger bag was slung over his shoulder. Aaron was shocked at seeing the man in a three piece suit, very close to the one he’d worn for the interview a few days prior. His hair was styled nearly the same as it had been, like he belonged in a boyband. He was a beautiful man. Aaron had thought the same thing the first time he’d seen him after Strauss had interviewed him.

Dave went left to the round table room and Aaron stopped at the bar to catch Doctor Reid’s attention.

“Doctor Reid?” Aaron called out and Reid turned to him. Something flashed in the younger man’s eyes but it was gone before he could figure out what it meant. The man was smart beyond anything that Aaron had ever seen before but there was a vulnerability in him as well. His mind fascinated him from the second he’d started to talk. It was a road that he didn’t need to go down though.

“Are you ready to meet the team?”



Arriving in Boston, the BAU team settled in quickly. Aaron wasn’t shocked when Reid settled in with all the old case files. Watching the younger man read was something that never got old. The quick pace of the flip of the pages was becoming soothing to him. The young man himself was just calming. Morgan and JJ had taken to him well and Dave was warming up to him. Garcia had adopted him quite easily and Prentiss was unsure of what to think of him.

This case was going to be hard. Even if the team had been used to their new member it would have been hard but throwing in a curveball made the case harder. The Boston Reaper was back. Reid had read all the files that Aaron had as well as all books on the Reaper on the jet.

“Hotch? The glasses on Harvey. We have confirmed that they are Foyet’s?” Reid asked as he leaned back to get a line of sight on Aaron as he looked at a file.

“As much as we can. We have no way to contact Foyet.”

“You met with Roy Colson earlier. Do you think that he knows where Foyet is?” There was something in his voice. Aaron didn’t know him well enough yet to figure it out.

Another set of victims and a day later, Aaron shared his profile with the team in private and then to the LEOs. Reid wanted to go along to talk to Foyet. Aaron couldn’t say no. While Dave and him took the lead in talking to Foyet, Reid sat behind and listened, watching Foyet’s every single move. When Foyet brought up the proposal, Reid sat up straighter. Aaron was on edge from then on. Aaron waited until they were outside to bring up what was wrong.

“Rossi, you said that the Reaper could be a hebephile. Foyet had only been with Amanda Bertrand for four weeks. She was younger than him. He was the only survivor and his glasses were the ones held over. I think that very discreet surveillance wouldn’t go wrong on him. Whether to protect him or watch him.”

“You are saying that you think that Foyet is the Reaper?”

“I think there are too many coincidences. He was a teacher’s assistant. She was from Michigan, where the Reaper had the ad placed.”

Aaron listened as he spoke item after item and each one became clearer and clearer. Dave looked at him and nodded his agreement to the statement. Fresh eyes. What fresh eyes and no bias would do for a case. Aaron moved to the SUV and sat down. He called Garcia and she ran his aliases. When he left the car moments later, his gun was drawn. Dave went around to the back and Reid followed him up to the front door. Foyet looked surprised when Aaron burst through the doorway into the kitchen. He raised his hands and that’s when Dave came in the back. Foyet reacted by diving for a drawer. He came up with a knife in hand. Aaron didn’t hesitate and neither did Reid. Five shots echoed in the room. When the body dropped, Aaron was the first to move to clear the knife. Reid was behind him, grabbing the knife as soon as he raised it.

Reid had been on the case less than a week and he’d cracked it.


Aaron watched as the gun fired. He quickly shoved Reid and the doctor out of the way but the outcry of pain had him drawing his gun and focusing on the still grieving father.

“Drop the weapon!”

“Just let me kill him! He killed my son!”

“Your son was dead before he arrived at the hospital. Nothing could have been done to save him.” The man raised his gun again and Aaron fired a shot into an arm to drop him. He rushed forward to grab the gun as medics pulled in. JJ and Morgan pulled in as well as Rossi and Prentiss with the doctor’s son, Jeffrey.

“Take care of him first,” Reid said to the medics then looked at the doctor. “Go see your son. I’m fine.”

Aaron took over keeping pressure on his arm. Reid tried to push him away but Aaron kept it up.There was only so much that he could do to get away before he seriously hurt himself and he knew it. After another minute of struggle, Reid settled down.


Aaron smiled as he let Spencer into his house. He’d asked Spencer on a date and the younger man had agreed to it. They’d stopped at a nice Thai place that he’d been wanting to try. Talk between the two of them had been easy and it had only caused Aaron to fall in love more with the genius.

Instead of hating him for solving a case that Aaron had worked on for over a decade, Aaron had been happy. Completely fresh eyes had been what was needed. After a month of him being on the team, Aaron had wished they’d have found him as soon as he’d been able to join the FBI. He wondered how their cases would have gone before. He didn’t go far down that road but he wondered. It was also after that month that Aaron had figured out that he was falling hard and fast for the genius. The only thing he knew about Spencer’s relationship status was that he was alone and that was enough for him.

Aaron couldn’t help himself. He took the lips he’d been dreaming of in a kiss. Spencer moaned into the kiss and gripped his hips, pulling him closer. Aaron traced his lips with his tongue and the younger man’s mouth opened. Rocking himself into Spencer’s hardness, Aaron lost himself in the taste of Spencer. It was heaven.

Spencer wasn’t idle. His hands ripped Aaron’s shirt from his pants and was tracing his lower back now. Aaron moved his own hands to work on Spencer’s belt. He’d been dressed in slacks and a simple button down, much less clothes than he normally wore. When the belt and pants were undone, Aaron slipped his hand down inside his boxers and gripped his ass, pulling him closer. He’d wanted the younger man for his body since the moment he met him, the love, that came a lot later.

“Bed,” Aaron whispered as he pulled back. Spencer nodded but his hands didn’t let go and he wasn’t trying to pull away. “I’m not having sex against the wall.”

Spencer laughed, low and sexy, and then he finally let go. Aaron grabbed his hand and pulled him up the stairs to the master bedroom. As soon as they were inside, Spencer pushed him down onto the bed and crawled on top of him. Aaron started to unbutton the younger man’s shirt as he was undoing Aaron’s pants. Their mouths never separated and Aaron didn’t want the kiss to end. It was like he needed the kiss to be able to breathe.

“Do you have condoms?” Spencer asked, breaking the kiss, causing Aaron to groan. He didn’t. He’d been celibate since Haley’s death and leaving his husband behind. This was the first time that he’d wanted anyone enough to even attempt a relationship. Even if he had them, the things would be so out of date.

“No.” Aaron groaned and dropped his head back to the bed, staring up at Spencer. The young man was looking at him with a weird look on his face. “There’s a corner store two blocks down the road.”

“I’m clean. Are you?” Spencer grasped his length in his hand as he asked the question. Aaron moaned as he nodded. Before he could say anything, heat enveloped his cock and he had to keep control not to thrust up into Spencer’s mouth. He felt his pants and boxers being pulled down his legs and tried to help as much as he could. Spencer was good at sucking cock.

Aaron had never wanted sex this much. He’d been obsessed with having sex with Haley but nothing like this. He wanted to feel Spencer inside of him. It had been a long time since he’d had sex with a man. Blindly, he reached out and grabbed the lube from the drawer, nearly pulling it off it’s track in his rush. He handed the lube down to Spencer. He watched as Spencer smiled. There was something feral in that smile and it kind of frightened him but he pushed it away as the younger man pushed himself up and off the bed to strip. Aaron sat up enough to get his shirt off. He pulled Spencer back to him and started to kiss him again. The snap of the lube told Aaron that Spencer had decided he couldn’t wait any longer. Aaron let himself be laid back on the bed and he felt the first brush of a finger at his hole.

Spencer looked up at him and waited for Aaron to nod before the finger pushed inside of him. Before he could even think about how weird it felt after so long, Spencer’s mouth was on his cock again. By the time that Spencer had three fingers inside of him, Aaron was on the edge. He opened his mouth to tell Spencer when he felt a finger brush is prostate a touch harder and he was coming. He could feel Spencer swallowing and it made him moan even more.

“Oh, God, Spencer. Please. I need you in me.”

“Are you sure?” Spencer asked as he lined himself up.

“Yes.” Aaron answered and then he felt the head of Spencer’s cock start to breech him. He threw his head back as he was filled. There was only a slight burn. When Spencer bottomed out, he held still, letting Aaron adjust. When he felt that he was ready, Aaron thrust down on the cock inside of him and Spencer smiled. Aaron pulled him down to kiss him as he started thrusting in and out of him. He lost himself in the feel of the body moving in him and above him. He had one hand wrapped around Spencer’s back and the other was tangled in his hair, holding him close and they thrust together. “Touch me, please Spencer.”

Spencer snaked a hand in between them and started to stroke Aaron’s hard length. Aaron gasped as his length was stroked to match the younger man’s thrusts. Under a minute later he was coming and he felt Spencer follow not long after. He was shocked when Spencer sat up and moved off the bed instead of cuddling with him. He was too tired though to protest. The younger man disappeared and then reappeared several minutes later with a wet rag in hand. Spencer cleaned him and covered him up before going back into the bathroom. He came back out a minute later and slipped under the covers with him. Aaron pulled him close and Spencer settled down quickly with his back to his front.

Aaron settled his head on his pillow and breathed in the scent of Spencer. “I love you, Spencer,” he whispered and he pulled the younger man even closer. He listened but Spencer said nothing back. It sounded as if Spencer was asleep. Aaron smiled against his hair and let himself fall asleep.


“Agent Aaron Hotchner?” A man asked as he entered the bullpen. The team was scattered around him, they were discussing going out for drinks that night. Aaron was waiting for Spencer to come back to his desk. He needed to talk to the younger man. He wanted to know why he had fled the bed that morning. Why he had left with no note and wasn’t answering his phone.

“Here,” Aaron answered as he stood up from where he’d been sitting on the edge of Spencer’s desk. The man moved closer to him and held out an envelope.

“I’m sorry,” the man said as he handed over the envelope. “You’ve been served.”

“Hotch?” Morgan asked.

Aaron didn’t answer. He’s actually been expecting this for nine years. Obviously his husband had found someone. He opened the envelope and pulled out the papers. He was surprised that it was the Virginia courts not Vegas. He read through the papers and saw that it was what he expected, his husband was using his continued absence from his life as grounds for divorce. He looked up and looked at the team.

“My husband has finally decided that enough is enough and asking for a divorce.”

“You’re married?” JJ asked.

“Yes. I have been for ten years. I have never seen my husband since the day we married.”

“You didn’t even look at the name did you?” Dave asked. Aaron looked at him, confused. There was fear in his voice. Hell, there was fear in his eyes. Aaron flipped back to the cover and his heart stopped. He looked up at Dave. “I got sick of you putting me off so I looked up your husband. I was going to try and find a way to slip him into a conversation but I didn’t expect that name.”

“Where is he?” Aaron dropped the papers and looked around. Spencer’s messenger bag wasn’t at his desk. He always left it there. Ice crept in his veins. Spencer hated confrontation. He was better getting his point across in other ways.

“He went to see Strauss just before you got here.” Dave sounded heartbroken.

“What is going on?” Prentiss asked as she looked up at the two men with confusion on her face. JJ and Morgan’s had the same look on their faces.

“Aaron married his arranged spouse ten years ago, flew to see him, married him and left him never seeing or talking to him again. I found out recently who that husband is.”

“Who?” JJ asked. There was anger on her face. Hell there was anger on everyone’s face, Aaron could see that. He was having trouble breathing. He needed to find Spencer. He needed to talk to him. Aaron pushed away from the hands that tried to grab him as he moved towards Strauss’s office. Pushed inside without stopping to talk to the secretary or caring if she was in a meeting. Strauss didn’t looked shocked to see him.

“Agent Hotchner, what can I do for you today?”

“Where’s Spencer?” Aaron asked. He could hear the team behind him but he didn’t care.

“Doctor Reid is headed to New York. He gave me his notice three weeks ago and yesterday was his last day. He stated irreconcilable differences with his team lead as his reason for leaving.” The way that she spoke and the tone she was using told him that she knew. That she’d known from the beginning. She’d always known that Spencer was his husband.

“I need to talk to him.” Aaron couldn’t breathe. He needed to see him.

“You had ten years to do that Agent Hotchner. I was shocked when he told me the story. I checked it out, not wanting to believe it but it’s correct. You’ve both filed taxes as married but filed separately since then. Somewhere along the way of getting degrees to make him the best candidate for this job, he fell in love with the job and he didn’t want to leave it but was going to as he couldn’t stand to be around you anymore. I offered him the position in New York. He’s going to start up a small BAU unit as the New York field office has asked for one every year. As of midnight, he was no longer on your team. Also I would consider signing the divorce papers, it’s the least you can do.”

Aaron turned and fled the office. He felt a hand on his shoulder, directing him somewhere but he didn’t care where he was going as long as it was away from Strauss. He recognized his desk chair as he was pushed down into it. He could hear voices and tried to listen to them.

“…told me that he put his mom into Bennington on his eighteenth birthday,” JJ said from somewhere to in front of him. “His father had left years before. I…” Then the sound of running feet. Another set of feet moved after the running pair.

“Is that true?” Morgan asked.

“Yes. I looked him up and it’s true. Just hours before going to meet Aaron to see if they were to marry or were going to defer, he put his mother into Bennington against her wishes as she wouldn’t care for herself and he couldn’t anymore. I’m not condoning what Aaron did but remember that he’d just lost Haley days before. The best thing he could have done was defer it but he wasn’t thinking straight at the time. Look. I’m going to talk to Strauss and get us a week off.”

“You knew.” Morgan’s voice was hard with anger and Aaron couldn’t blame him. He felt sick to his stomach. Head falling back, Aaron just listened more to the voices around him.

“I did but it was private and it wasn’t interfering with the team. I never expected this! I’ve wracked my brain to try and see an inkling of something but there was nothing. Reid is a talented liar. He’ll do good in New York and I think that right now, space is what he needs. Go check on JJ and Prentiss and make sure Penelope is informed of what’s going on. It’s better she hear the truth from you than to hear false gossip or even the truth from someone else.”

“Sure.” Morgan’s footsteps faded away and then the door shut but Aaron could still hear Dave’s breathing.

“What happened last night? You’ve been looking for Reid since you got in. I know that you two went out to eat last night.”

“Dave, I…God, it was a date. I asked him on a date last night and then we went back to my place and…” Aaron couldn’t say it.

“You had sex?”

“Yes,” Aaron choked out and then he sighed. “I love him Dave. I told him that last night after we had sex and then I woke up this morning and he was gone. I tried to call him and he didn’t answer. I stopped by his apartment and he didn’t answer.”

“That’s some big revenge there. He’s a better liar than I thought he was. I’m sorry I can’t help anymore than that but Aaron. He was young and he’s been on this path for ten years. You two were matched when he was young. Obviously at least on your side, they were correct with the assessment. You fell in love.”

“You tried to talk me into deferring before I even went out there. I should have listened. I regretted it a year later. I almost pulled out the marriage certificate from the safe and looked him up. I talked myself out of it because I was ashamed of that night. I broke him. He rebuilt himself pretty strong but you don’t go on a revenge streak like this without being strong. I could have…He could have turned in a killer with little issue. We’ve seen it but I wasn’t thinking beyond my own pain. What I felt for Haley doesn’t match what I feel for him and I’ve not known him that long, Dave.”

“Take a break, Aaron. Take a few weeks. I can take care of the team. Strauss gave me the file for his replacement. Alex Blake. She’ll be here next week as she’s finishing her posting elsewhere. Get your head together but don’t go after him. Write him a letter and I’ll make sure it gets to him.”

Aaron nodded and gathered his things. He’d take that.

Dear Spencer,

I know that this is ten years too late but I am sorry for the pain I caused you. I was a selfish man then and I hurt you in ways that I will never know. That you had the courage to come into the BAU and work beside me day by day and know exactly who I was, is astounding. I won’t go into my reasons and they no longer matter.

I want to congratulate you on everything you have accomplished in your life, despite what I did. Though Dave says that you did it to spite what I did. You deserve the New York team. Your mind is needed in work like this.

I know that it’s too little too late but I do truly regret what I did and I did mean what I said that night. I did fall in love with you.

I’ve enclosed the signed divorce papers. If you ever want to talk, you know how to find me.

Forever Yours,

Two weeks later, Aaron received a letter in the mail with the return address of the FBI New York Field office.

I can never forget what happened and I’ll never be able to forgive. Was all the letter said.
The End


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