Spencer was reading. He knew he was sitting on something but the book was so good and he didn’t want to stop to figure out where he was. He knew he was in his apartment, and that was good enough for him.

Time lost all meaning as he devoured word after word in Russian. He knew that the team would be shocked to see him reading at a much slower pace, but when he wanted to read for pleasure, he was careful with each word. His finger caressed each line as he read. His eyes were slow as they moved from word to word.

It was the calluses from handling a gun on a daily basis that stopped him from reacting to the hand that had settled on his neck. When the person behind him was sure that he had Spencer’s full attention an arm slipped around his waist and pulled him back. He was settled against warm clothes and moaned when a tongue traced the now prominent scar on his shoulder. It sent a shiver down his spine.

A hand grabbed the book from his lap and set it down on the seat of the chair next to him and that was when Spencer realized he wasn’t sitting at his kitchen table but on it. He tried to remember how he’d done that but the maddening tongue on his shoulder and hand that was sliding into his sweatpants had him just distracted enough to where he couldn’t think on it. He felt cloth on his skin and knew it wasn’t his shirt.

“Can I fuck you here?” Hotch’s lust filled voice asked. Teeth skirted the scar and Spencer couldn’t speak. Instead, he nodded his head and tried not to squeak when he was pulled farther back from the table. For a brief few seconds, he was only supported by Hotch’s arm around his waist. He quickly untucked his legs and put his weight on them. The hand that had slid inside his pants shoved the cloth down. Heat pressed close and Spencer realized that while Hotch was wearing a shirt he wasn’t wearing pants. A hand snaked behind him and he felt nothing but skin under the edge of the shirt. He really needed to try and pay attention when he was home alone. Not only had Hotch snuck into his apartment but he’d nearly stripped naked and he hadn’t heard a word.

An already slick finger slid inside of him and he tried not to jump at the coolness of it. He spread his legs and braced himself. A hand brushed his back, just barely touching and it set Spencer shivering and then pressure between his shoulder blades had him bending over. When he was leaned over, Hotch’s hand disappeared and he allowed his hands to be drawn up one at a time to his lower back. He felt the leather close around one wrist and held steady as one finger became two. When his other wrist was enclosed, Spencer shuddered. A firm smack on his ass had him stopping his movement. He moaned though. Hotch chuckled behind him and then Spencer had three fingers inside of him. He tried to hold still but his body betrayed him and thrust back hard on the fingers. The digits pulled free and Spencer braced. He expected to be breached but instead he felt Hotch lean over him and watched as his hand towel was picked up. Hotch used it to clean his fingers up and then it was folded up, with the dirty section inside, and placed in front of Spencer’s mouth. He opened wide and Hotch shoved it in. It was more like a bit than a gag but it would muffle him all the same. Hands buckled the cuffs and then drew them up at an angle to where his fingers were brushing his shoulder blades. He felt the drape of the leather straps as the cuffs were tied together. Pressure was back between shoulder blades and he was held down. He tried to shift his hands but found that Hotch had tied the cuffs to where he couldn’t move and was holding the leather to where he couldn’t even lift them up.

“Ready?” Hotch asked, his voice just low enough to where Spencer could barely hear him over the beat of his own heart. He nodded and exhaled through his nose as he felt the breach. Hotch slid inside of him, not stopping until thighs were pressed together. Spencer closed his eyes in bliss as cock was pulled out of him and then slammed back in. He heard the table move but couldn’t do a thing to stop it. He was well and truly trapped with no way to escape. Every single thrust of length inside of him pushed him higher and higher up. With the gag to muffle him, he begged and pleaded to be fucked. All the things he never said when he wasn’t gagged. He knew that Hotch could at least understand some of the words but he didn’t care.

One harder thrust had Spencer biting down on the towel as hard as he could. He kept his eyes closed tight and tried to hold on. He felt so close. He wanted to come but something was holding him back. He wasn’t prepared for the hand that threaded itself through his hair in a near calming gesture before gripping tight and pulling his head back. He groaned into his gag as the hand on his shoulders left and snaked down his back then around his hip. The hand gripped the flesh of his hip so tightly that he knew it would bruise and then Hotch was fucking into him harder and harder. All he could feel was the pain on his scalp, the pressure of the cuffs on his wrists, and the hard cock slamming into him again and again. He was floating on a high when he felt Hotch’s thighs slam into him. He heard the telltale groan of the other man’s orgasm then his hair was released. His cock was hanging heavy between his legs. Hotch had never not gotten him off and for a second he was worried.

“Settle, Reid.” The hand that had been holding his hip was rubbing at his side and Spencer heard the distressed sounds he was making. Hotch slid out from inside of him and then was helping him stand up. He expected to feel a hand on his cock, jerking him off but instead he was turned and the gag ripped from his mouth. Hand on his hip and in his hair stopped him from moving as Hotch’s mouth claimed his. Teeth clicked together as he was roughly kissed and he figured that one of them was going to have a split lip. The hand on his hip slipped back and he felt something at his hole. He moaned and came as the plug slid home inside of him.

Hotch held him through his shudders, and he slumped down onto the older man. His hands were released and fingers rubbed away the ache in his shoulders and returned feeling to hands.

“Dinner will be here in a few minutes. I ordered Italian. That place a few blocks away. Hungry?”

“Yes.” Spencer tried to stand on his own but his legs were still a little wobbly. Hotch laughed and pushed him to sit on the table. The plug shifted inside him and he groaned. Hotch disappeared down the hall and came back a few minutes later with a wet hand towel. He handed it to Spencer who cleaned himself up as he watched Hotch get dressed. The man hadn’t taken off his shirt while fucking him. The man left his boxers off and just slipped his pants on, pulling the belt out of the loops. Spencer found his sweatpants and slipped them back on, looking for the shirt that he knew he had brought out to the living room with him.

Sudden blindness had Spencer reaching up and finding the shirt had been dropped on his head. When he could see again, he glared at Hotch as a knock sounded at the door. Spencer grabbed his wallet after slipping the shirt on and opened the door. He handed the bags back to Hotch and paid the delivery boy.

“Hungry tonight, Doctor Reid?”

“No, Jimmy. Working on some case files with a coworker. We decided to order in instead of stopping to go out and eat.”

“Awesome. Have a good night.” Jimmy waved and turned, stuffing his tip in his pants pocket and jogging down the hall to the stairs. Jimmy took the stairs three at a time and had ever since Spencer had known him. When he turned after shutting the door, Hotch had the food spread out on his coffee table. He marveled at how easy it all was.

Sitting down, Spencer felt the plug shift and tried to find a position that wouldn’t have him hard halfway through the meal.

“So exactly how long were you in here, before you accosted me?” Spencer asked as Hotch handed over a container with ravioli in it. When Hotch leaned back he set down a bag with bread sticks in it.

“Long enough to get the lube and plug from the bathroom. And strip mostly naked. I wasn’t exactly being silent either. When I said your name and you didn’t answer, it didn’t take me long to find you. I couldn’t resist. Fucking over a table was a fantasy of mine.”

“I’m not going to be able to eat there without blushing for at least two weeks.” He knew that every single time he sat down at the table to eat, he’d remember what Hotch had done to him. He thought about how it was the first time that Hotch had cuffed him without asking, too.

“Is that what you did with the couch?”

“After the first time yes, any others. No.”

Silence fell as they finished eating. It wasn’t uncomfortable. It was just silence. Spencer cleaned up their things and when he came back into the living room he was shocked when he was pulled onto Hotch’s lap, his very naked lap at that. He’d stripped while Spencer had been cleaning up. The man’s hand worked its way down into the back of his pants and brushed the edge of the plug. Spencer tried to shift away but a hand on the back of his head stopped him. His shirt was pulled off of him.

“I feel like playing and you…you look like you need played with.” Hotch pulled him close and started to kiss him. The hand on the back of his neck started to wander all around his chest and back while the hand in his pants stayed there, playing with the plug. Spencer shifted to where he was fully supported by his legs and then started to let his own hands wander. All the while their lips never parted.

A hand coaxed him to stretch up and only then did Spencer pull his lips away from Hotch’s. Head bent, a bruise was sucked into his skin and he gasped and braced himself better with a hand on the back of the couch and one on the back of Hotch’s head. Teeth scraped at the bottom edge of his belly and he couldn’t hold in the shudder.

Hotch rested his head on his belly. “Fuck, I need to be in you again.” A tongue laved at his navel and then he was pushed back as his pants were pulled down. “On the floor, naked. Ass up.”

Spencer smiled as he shifted off the older man’s lap, pulling his pants the rest of the way off. Instead of just getting up, he slid down Hotch’s front his teeth grazing neck and then collarbone, nipple, navel, then he just skirted crotch to let his tongue trace down his thigh to knee. The growl from Hotch told him that he knew exactly what he was doing. So he went back to hip and licked there. A hand in his hair stopped his face from moving but he hadn’t planned on moving at all. He felt Hotch move, then the sound of his coffee table being shoved over. Before he could even try and turn his head a little to see, Spencer felt himself being drawn backward. A hand on his chest pushed him back quicker than he would have liked but Hotch settled over him.

“I only wiped up, I didn’t clean myself so keep your mouth away from my dick.”

Spencer nodded and groaned as Hotch started a lazy thrusting of their cocks together. Every single time that he was pushed down, the plug moved in him. Hotch just stared down at him and looked at his face, after nearly a minute, Spencer had to close his eyes, he couldn’t take the look in Hotch’s eyes.

“Roll over.” Hotch lifted slightly and Spencer did as he asked. He settled onto his stomach on the rug he’d bought. Right now he was thankful for it because this would suck on a hardwood floor. He was pulled to his knees and then felt fingers at his hole. He was hard and while it was impossible he swore he hardened more when the plug was pulled from him.

Hotch was the perfect distraction from him. From the thoughts of his past that threatened to creep into his mind. He didn’t have to wait long until he was filled. One of Hotch’s hands settled on his hip while the other trailed up his back to grab his shoulder, pulling him back onto Hotch, harder and harder with each thrust. He dropped to his elbows and let his head rest on his crossed arms. Hotch shoved into him harder and harder and it pushed him ever so closer to orgasm. He wanted to come but that would mean shifting to grab his cock. He wanted this angle. The hand on his shoulder traveled down his arm while the one on his hip moved up. He wasn’t prepared for Hotch to lean over him and pull his arms out from under him. His head never cracked off the floor though.

Instead his arms were pulled behind him and used as a lever. It changed the angle that Hotch was penetrating him at and he shuddered as he was pulled back onto Hotch’s cock time and again. He felt bound but he wasn’t. He couldn’t relax and he couldn’t get away. Instead he just felt owned. One hard final shove had Spencer coming. He hissed his completion out and he could tell that Hotch had come too. One of his hands was released and he braced himself on the floor before the other was released. There was a sound that Spencer couldn’t place and then Hotch was pulling out of him. He moved to lean down on to the floor when he felt something press at his hole. He looked back to see Hotch pushing the plug back into him. He shuddered at the physical feeling as well as the mental thought that Hotch had fucked him twice and his release from both times was inside of him now, trapped. When the plug was shoved all the way in he collapsed down onto the rug, missing the wet spot and just laid there.

Hotch was giving him a smug look but he leaned over and wiped at the wet spot on the floor with what looked like a baby wipe. He saw a pack of them on the coffee table and knew that they hadn’t been there earlier in the evening and that meant that Hotch must have brought them.

“So how many times are you going to fuck me and plug me?” Spencer asked as he watched Hotch use a baby wipe on himself.

“As many times as I can get it up for.” Hotch tossed the baby wipe into one of the containers from their dinner before he settled in behind Spencer. “The thought of me being trapped in you is arousing.” Hotch’s hand traveled down his side and pulled on one of his cheeks, moving the plug.

Spencer slapped his hand away and the older man chuckled in his ear. Because of the little sleep he got during what turned out to be basically back to back cases, Spencer was tired. He shifted when he felt a hand under his head and the hand turned into an arm and when it didn’t move anymore, he laid his head on it.

“Sleep, Reid. I’ll be right here,” Hotch whispered in his ear. He let himself go, falling into the slumber his body wanted so badly.

It was hours later by the clock he could barely make out on the wall above his head. His glasses were gone and he had no clue where they were. Spencer wondered for a few seconds if Hotch was awake or not but the hand on hip shifted and then a finger was rubbing up and down his hipbone. His head was still on Hotch’s arm and he didn’t want to move except he could feel himself starting to ache from sleeping on the floor. It was a lovely rug, it just wasn’t meant for sleeping on.

Hotch shifted at his back and Spencer was shocked to find that the other man was hard again. He thrust back into him and the man went from rubbing at his hip to holding it still.

“Be careful there.”

“Why?” Spencer asked. He thrust again, and Hotch gripped him even tighter and then thrust back, hard. His cock brushed against the plug and Spencer groaned at the sensation. He rolled onto his front dislodging Hotch’s hand and wiggled his butt in what he hoped was an inviting fashion. He knew that he needed to talk to someone about what happened but his go to person was his mom and there was no way he was bringing it up with her.

“Oh, ready for another round?” Hotch asked. He moved his hand down from hip, after rolling him back onto his side, onto cock and started to stroke. Spencer raised his leg a little and draped it up on Hotch’s to give him better access. “Been doing research again?”

“No,” Spencer said as he shook his head. “Just letting go. Not thinking, not over thinking things. Doing what feels good.”

The cock pressed against his ass twitched and Spencer moaned. He was just on the side of sleepy that he was kind of afraid of what he might let slip but he didn’t care. He reached back and gripped Hotch’s ass to pull him in tighter.

“I’m too old for a second round on the floor so up and into the bedroom.” Hotch released him and Spencer got to his feet, stretching out the last few kinks in his body. He could feel the eyes on him so he felt daring enough to bend down like he was going to touch his toes. He knew that Hotch would see him all, his crack, the plug and that was what he wanted. He only moved when he heard Hotch start to move. He started towards the bedroom only to be shoved into the wall in the hallway. Hotch’s tongue was at his neck, opposite side from the scar. His hands were sliding up his body. They continued up to his hands and stretched them up above his head. He waited to see what Hotch wanted. He didn’t have to wait long, The plug shifted and Spencer didn’t hold back the shudder as it brushed against his prostate. Hotch’s wicked chuckle in his ear told him that he was meaning to do it.

Dropping his hands, Spencer shoved against the wall, pushing both him and Hotch back. He kept the momentum and only stopped when Hotch landed against the opposite wall. He turned and molded himself against the older man. He went right for his neck and licked. Hotch stayed passive, letting Spencer have his fun, kissing, licking, and biting everywhere that he wanted along his upper chest. A hand settled on his head, not guiding him just resting there. He dropped to his knees, stroking the cock at head level with his hand, never going near it with his mouth. Thighs, hips, and stomach were in his purview though. He enjoyed this. Hotch always seemed to like doing it to him and he could see why. Hearing the gasps, moans, and pleas that fell from the mouth of the man he was driving crazy. The cock in his hand was hot and heavy and he wanted it in his mouth but there was no way that he was going to. The thought though of sucking it, having it in his mouth had him close.

“Fuck. Up. Up.” Hotch’s hand on his head pulled and he went willingly. “Are you close?”

“Yes,” Spencer said as hands settled on his thighs and then lifted. Hotch moved as he lifted and then Spencer had his back against the wall again. He thought that Hotch was going to pull the plug and fuck him but instead he just fucked him with the plug. His legs wrapped around the man’s waist, totally supported by him, Spencer let his head thump back into the wall. It only took a few more thrusts of the plug and then he was tightening his legs around Hotch. He came all over both of them.

“You look so good when you come. Like it’s the best thing in the world.” Hotch’s voice was hot in his ear. “Maybe we should do some research. Figure out which orgasm you look better from.”

“What are the variables?” Spencer asked as he tried not to pant too hard. Hotch helped him get settled on his legs and turned him. He’d come but he still wanted fucked. He wanted more of Hotch inside of him. The shock of the plug being pulled from him and then barely a second later, Hotch filling him was sudden. He hadn’t realized that he was all that close to him.

“Well there is me fucking you.” Thrust. “Me sucking you.” Harder thrust. “You plugged sucking me off.” A shallow thrust that raked over his prostate. Spencer pushed back on that one. “Just the plug.” The thrusts picked up and Spencer knew that Hotch was chasing his orgasm. He wasn’t shocked when the man thrust into him one final time, taking him totally up into the wall. His orgasm was silent. “We can always then throw in bound, gagged, and so many other things.”

“Sounds like that will take a long time.”

“Ages.” Hotch pulled out slowly and the plug was right back there. There was an odd thought about exactly how many times Hotch could come in him before the act of plugging him would hurt. He pushed that away as it was getting him aroused again and he needed more sleep before thinking science thoughts. “Let’s get you down into bed.”

“Uh, messy,” Spencer protested.

“We can towel off a little. I want at least one more round before we shower.”

Spencer tried not to think about what he had to smell like. He tried to remember if he had put on deodorant again after getting back to Virginia. He was getting tired again. He needed to make up sleep from missing the case and fucking with Hotch all night was not going to get it for him. But there were other rewards. He hadn’t had a nightmare so far. True he hadn’t been asleep long but it had been dream free. If sleeping in the same bed as Hotch got rid of nightmares for at least a night, he would take it.

Stumbling into the bathroom, he grabbed a rag and wet it. He wiped himself down and then rinsed it off before handing it over to Hotch. The older man had others plans though, when Spencer passed him, he grabbed him around the waist and pulled him close.

“I can see how tired you are. I’ll let you sleep for a while, don’t worry. Just bend over the counter here and don’t move.”

Spencer wasn’t sure what he had planned but he did as asked. He felt the rag trace the edge of the plug. He braced when he felt the plug being pulled out. The rag wiped his crack first and then was gone. He wanted to see what Hotch was doing but was afraid to turn and afraid to look up into the mirror. He heard the snap of a lube cap and then a finger tracing around his hole before the plug was slid back in. Spencer just closed his eyes and breathed.

“There. Now we shouldn’t have any problems later.” Hotch helped him up and even walked him to his bed before letting him just fall face first into bed. While Hotch walked back into the bathroom, Spencer shifted over to the side of the bed that Hotch hadn’t slept on the night he’d spent the night at his superior’s place. He let himself drift off to sleep and barely realized it when Hotch slid into bed with him. He was thankful for the warmth.

The feel of cold metal at his back, the feel of air on his skin, it was all Spencer could feel. He tried to get away. He tried to fight the jocks holding him, tying him to the goalpost. One hand slipped and he almost made it between them but a hand on his shoulder shoved him down. He expected to feel the bite of dirt on his skin but all he felt was softness. Whatever he was on was giving. He looked around and then up into the face of the jock that had him pinned. The face was right but the words. The words were wrong.

“Reid. Reid. Wake up. It’s a dream. REID!” It sounded like Hotch. It wasn’t Hotch above him but it sounded like it. He felt the softness spread more and realized it was a bed. It was a dream. He tried to sit up, to open his eyes but the jock with Hotch’s voice kept him down. He pushed and pushed and was thankful that when his eyes did open, it wasn’t blinding brightness. It was only his bedroom. Hotch was leaning over him, blocking out a little bit of the light from his nightlight on the far side of the room. He knew his room though.

Gasping for air, Spencer tried to roll to his side. Hotch though wasn’t letting him. The older man was staring down at him. Eyes looking for something.

“Back with me?” Hotch asked.

Spencer nodded.

“Words, Reid. Words.”

“Yes, Hotch. I’m back,” Spencer bit out. Hotch didn’t look happy at the tone but Spencer didn’t care. “Just let me up.”

“I don’t think that I will. Morgan said you had a nightmare in the parent’s house. Something about leeches.”

“I don’t want to talk about it.” Spencer shoved at the arms holding him down but Hotch just shifted to sit above him, on him. “Hotch.”

“You’ve not had nightmares affect you since the L.O.D. case. So do you want to try again? This time it wasn’t leeches you were begging to be cut down. Cut down from what?”

“Hotch, please,” Spencer begged. The look on Hotch’s face almost had him cracking . He closed his eyes and tried to push it away. To talk about it all. To tell him what no one else knew. He’d never told anyone all of it. Morgan knew a piece, more than anyone else. The man above him shifted and then he felt a hand on his face and he opened his eyes to see Hotch’s face right there.

“I’ll start. I’m sorry for what I said in New York. It was callous and stupid. I wanted a fight. I wanted something and you were there and I knew exactly what to say to make you mad enough to fight back. I don’t think and have never thought that you are a whore.”

“Hotch.” Spencer didn’t know why he said his name but the look on his face was full of concern and he couldn’t do it. He tried to scramble to a sitting position but Hotch was too quick. Instead of making it off the bed, Spencer was pulled down and Hotch wrapped himself around him. Spencer gave in and relaxed on the bed. He was thankful that Hotch didn’t try and turn him around. He couldn’t look in his face. Not then.

“It’s just you and me and I promise, whatever you say goes no farther than this.” Hotch’s voice was soft in his ear and Spencer shuddered. Hotch’s hand started to rub at his chest, trying to calm him down. “Don’t hold it in anymore.”

“I know that you’ve figured out that I didn’t exactly have the best childhood, especially after dad left. I really think that the school knew what was going on at home but didn’t care.”

“What do you mean?”

“Little things that happened over my years there but it was worse my senior year. There was a girl named Samantha who said she thought I was cute.”

“How old was she?”

“A freshman, a little sister of one my classmates. She said she would meet me if I wore a blindfold.” Spencer felt how tense Hotch got. He inhaled deeply. “I met her in a classroom with a blindfold on and I sat down on a desk. She took my shirt off. I was twelve. I was so stupid. The laughter started just a minute later. I ripped the blindfold off and most of the senior class was there.”

“That’s horrible and nothing was done?”

“I ran through the school with no shirt on and no one blinked an eye. I was twelve in a school full of kids older than me and no teacher thought to stop and ask if I was fine.” Spencer curled a little more to where he wasn’t touching Hotch as much but the older man just shifted with him. Holding him tight and dipping his head down to where his lips brushed his shoulder. Could he do it? Could he tell Hotch the horrible thing he’d never told him?

“That’s why you flinch when you think I am going to blindfold you?” Hotch asked.

Spencer sighed in relief and almost started crying. He’d wondered. Given the other things that Hotch wanted to try, it was odd that blinding him wasn’t one. “Yes.”

“What else happened because that can’t be it.” Hotch’s word were once again steady and calm but Spencer could hear anger in them.

“Middle of December senior year, I was in the library and one of my classmates Harper came to tell me that Alexa was waiting for me behind the field house. I’d been helping Alexa study for math and I thought that she might like me. She never acted like she didn’t. I went, only she wasn’t alone. The entire football team plus various other girls and boys were there. They stripped me and tied me to the goalpost. I begged to be freed. Finally they got bored and left but I was still tied up. It was after midnight before I got home and mom was in the middle of an episode and didn’t realize that I was late.”

“Did you tell anyone?”

“Yes but the rope burns and rubbed raw back were not enough for the school to even act like they were going to do anything. I only had a few months left. I just had to make it until May. After that I never stayed alone anywhere and thankfully the librarian only kicked me out when practice of whatever sport was going on had started. They tried something again in May, leaving notes in my locker. I kept them all and had pictures of my back and wrists taken from that night with the football team. When I graduated, I handed them over to the police. The notes referenced what they had done to me when I wouldn’t meet up with whichever girl they had set up for the sacrifice in each one. An investigation was done with an anonymous source tipping them off. Seems that the whole school had an issue with bullying and had covered up the death of a student that the jocks had tied up to the goalpost years before.”

Hotch didn’t say anything for a long time. Instead he just ran his hands all over whatever part of Spencer’s body he could reach. It felt nice. He laid there and relished in the touches, feeling himself calming as the older man touched him and touched him. He rolled onto his back when directed and settled down. He kept his eyes closed because it made each touch feel even better. He wasn’t sure when the touches went from calming to arousing but he didn’t even notice until hot air ghosted over his cock. He thrust up a little and heard Hotch’s chuckle. He realized then as well that he was hard.

“What do you want?” Hotch whispered in his ear as his body draped over his own. Nose turned into his neck and he felt the subtle pull of air. “You smell like sex, sweat, and me.”

Spencer couldn’t hold back the gasp at his words. “Fuck me.” Spencer wanted that release. Maybe he could float a while on it.

“Like this or do you want to use the new toy in the corner that I see. Keep your eyes closed.”

Spencer closed his eyes and brought up the memory of the wedge pillow he’d bought. He’d found it while doing a little research into sex toys. It was a royal blue that matched his gag perfectly. He’d read a great many reviews by male couples and opposite sex couples that loved it. He figured that it wouldn’t be a bad thing to add to their toys.


“Stay.” Hotch pressed down on his hips, to make sure he understood. He heard his padding over to the other side of the room. Then the sound of feet came back. He felt the gust of wind from the wedge being dropped on the bed and fought to keep his eyes closed. “I know how I want to fuck you on this.”

Spencer groaned and squeezed his eyes tighter because if he didn’t he was going to look.

“Roll over,” Hotch said as he helped direct him onto it. His ass was up in the air at an angle that was hard to reach on hands and knees. He shuddered as he thought about how Hotch liked the look of the gag’s blue on his skin. How did he look with the blue on either side of his hips and between his legs? He was shocked that the cuffs weren’t blue. A hand on his ass cheek startled him but all Hotch did was carefully pull the plug out of him.

Instead of slipping inside of him, Hotch moved down the bed. He heard him get up and move towards the bathroom. He heard water run and then sounds of the plug being washed off. Spencer let his entire body go slack and he dropped his head onto the pillow in front of him. Hotch made barely any noise as he moved back towards him but Spencer heard him anyway. He felt a hot, wet, rag slide up and down his crack. He expected his hole to hurt but it didn’t. He missed the plug inside of him and wanted Hotch inside of him again.

“Please,” Spencer begged. He wiggled his ass and he wasn’t prepared for the light smack on his ass. He fisted his hands in the sheets to stop himself from rolling around to shove Hotch onto the bed and ride him. They’d only done that once that wasn’t on the couch. It had been wonderful. There were things that they’d done he loved to do and there were things he was okay with doing if Hotch wanted to do them again. There wasn’t a single thing that they had done that he never wanted to do again.

Hotch straddled him and his cock slid between his ass cheeks. Not inside of him, just taunting him. With each of Hotch’s thrusts his cock was rubbing on the soft cover of the wedge and he was moaning. After letting go of the sheets, Spencer reached back and pulled on Hotch’s thighs to get him even closer.

“What do you want, Reid?” Hotch asked as he grabbed his hands and leaned up with them, pressing them into the bed above his head. “I want hear you say it.”

“Fuck me.”

Hotch released his hands and leaned back up. He felt a hand hold him open and the other was barely brushing at his hole.

“Do you want me in you?” A thumb pressed at the top of his hole and Spencer shuddered.

“Yes. Please. I need you inside me.” Spencer was rewarded with the slow slide of Hotch’s cock inside of him. He went in deeper and Spencer couldn’t help the curse that escaped his mouth. “Fuck.”

“That’s what we are doing. Relax,” Hotch said as his hand traveled down Reid’s back. The soft touching was back and Spencer couldn’t help but relax into it, even with Hotch thrusting inside of him. The touches continued up and down his sides before Hotch curled a hand at his hip and then leaned over him. That changed the angle of the thrusts again and Spencer’s toes curled. It felt so good that he was speechless. He was so close already.

With Hotch draped at his back, Spencer felt trapped but safe. He felt like Hotch was grounding him and wasn’t going to let him up. The thought that he was trapped didn’t scare him. It excited him. A shift again and Hotch was reaching for his hands. Spencer let him have them only to have the man thread their fingers and then press them into the bed.

“You are mine and I’m not letting you go, Reid. I’m not going to let anyone hurt you like that again.” Hotch’s voice was hot on his ear and the words tipped Spencer over. He gasped his release. The older man’s pace didn’t pick up. Spencer was coasting on the high from his orgasm and he barely paid attention as the cock slide in and out of his ass. He only noticed when it stopped. Hotch’s breath hot in his ear. The body on his didn’t leave him. It settled hot and heavy along his back and Spencer released the last bit of mental tension he had. He felt so tired and he needed to sleep. He was too tired to care about anything so when hands forced him up, he went with them.

The hands pushed at him until he was inside the shower and he felt the spray of cool water hit his skin where it was bouncing up from the floor. When he felt the warmth of the water radiate out, he couldn’t help but move towards it. There were no hands to help steady him and he stood there and just let the water cascade over him. Spencer wondered briefly where Hotch was.

Several minutes later, the door to the shower was opening and Spencer cracked an eye to see a naked Hotch slipping in with him. An arm settled around his waist and pulled him close.

“Did I fuck you brainless?”

Spencer didn’t verbally answer, he just smiled. He relaxed into the strong arms and he was shocked when Hotch started to clean him. He wanted to pull away but he had no energy to do so. It felt good. Hotch’s hands on his body. It wasn’t arousing, it was soothing and Spencer was barely conscious as the water was shut off and they slipped out of the shower together. He was settled on the toilet and toweled dry.

Slipping into bed, Spencer sighed as the blankets were pulled up over him.

“You alarm is set and we don’t have work today so please sleep until it goes off.”

“K, Hotch,” Spencer murmured. That evoked a laugh from Hotch. Closing his eyes, Spencer felt himself slipping farther and farther into sleep. The bed dipped as Hotch got up but he didn’t hear retreating footsteps. Instead, he felt hot breath on his hairline as a kiss was placed there. The sound of footsteps moving away sounded.

The bedroom door opened and Spencer let himself go the rest of the way. Hotch would lock up and make sure that he was safe. As he felt his body finally give out totally, Spencer knew he had to be dreaming because there was no way that he heard what he thought he heard. There was no way the whispered “I love you,” actually came from Hotch at his doorway. There was no way in the universe that he’d heard him right. His mind was floating and he was hearing things.

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