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Spencer let himself into his apartment and threw the card with the lipstick onto the small table just inside the door. He smiled to himself, thinking about Austin and how she was doing a lot better after her ordeal. His bag went onto the coat rack. He was still smiling from the call from Austin and he was truly happy for her. Morgan had tried to hint that he was attracted to her. He liked her and it had been fun to flirt with her, but they both knew that was all that it was. He pulled his gun from his holster to lock it up, and realized that the light in the kitchen that he always left on was off. He’d changed it out for one of the long lasting bulbs just two months before and there was no way that it should have been out. The dead bolt had been latched, the knob locked. There had been no indication that someone had picked it. He brought up the image of the lobby and the security guard had been there. The only thing that had been out of place was the look on the man’s face. He looked kind of smug.

While he tried to place the look, Spencer cocked his revolver to figure out exactly who was in his place. He could see enough with the light from outside that he knew that no one was in the living room. He listened, trying to hear anything that was out of place in the apartment. There was nothing so he moved towards the kitchen, wondering why someone would take out the light. If anyone had actually cased the place, they would know that someone moving around at odd hours was normal. The light being out was going to draw more attention than anything else. He stepped into the kitchen area and only had a two second warning of a whisper of cloth on cloth before he felt someone behind him. His gun hand was grabbed and a finger slipped behind the trigger so he couldn’t pull it. Another hand wrapped around his other wrist and his arm was drawn up and behind him. The only thing that had him not screaming out and trying to hurt the man was the scent of his cologne.

Still he didn’t open his mouth to say a single thing. Shock factor was what was wanted there and he was more than willing to give it. The gun was a lost cause. There was no way for him to keep it and it not go off so he let go of it. It shocked Hotch so much that he was able to get his arm totally free of the man and then over to untangle his wrist from the older man’s other hand. It brought him a step back into Hotch’s body more and he could feel how hard he was.

“You could have been hurt, Hotch. What the hell would you have done if the gun had discharged and we had to explain it to the cops?”

“I didn’t move until I was sure that I could properly disarm you.” Hotch’s hand set the gun down on the counter to the side. “What are you up for?”

“What do you want? I’m feeling up for pretty much anything.” Spencer grabbed Hotch’s hand in a different grip and brought it around his body to show him that while he wasn’t fully hard, he was getting there.

“No. I asked first. What are you up for?” Hotch’s hand worked at his buckle. There was something in his voice and Spencer wasn’t sure what it was. They’d gotten back two days before from a case in Ohio, it had been pretty simple and hadn’t been stressful enough to warrant something like what he could feel that Hotch wanted. There was an edge to the way he was holding himself and how he was speaking. He wanted to defuse that edge but not take it away completely. Spencer reached behind himself, working on gettings Hotch’s pants undone and open.

“Can I suck your cock?” Spencer asked.

“Strip.” Hotch stepped back from him and Spencer started to strip, not turning around to face him. He heard the sound of Hotch at least taking off his jacket. Then there was soft padding as Hotch moved towards the door. The sounds of the locks engaging settled Spencer a little as he stripped. It wasn’t just the regular lock but the deadbolt and the chain as well. Spencer figured that they would be heading towards the bedroom since Hotch had locked up. He tossed his clothes over the chair in the corner by the open end of the bookshelves and kicked his shoes off to where his eyes had adjusted enough to see Hotch’s shiny dress shoes. He felt a hand in his hair before he even registered that Hotch had moved. “I have a new toy that I think I want to try.”

“Yes?” Spencer tried to rack his brain for what he could have brought with him. Hotch had left over an hour before him from the office and there were a lot of places he could have stopped or he could have even driven right over and started setting up whatever he wanted. The smug look on the security guard’s face flashed in his mind and he cringed a little. The guard knew that he and Hotch were fucking. He hoped the man never saw them on the news.

“Are you okay staying in the dark for right now?” The hand in his hair tightened and Spencer kept the groan internal but he wanted to shiver. He could feel cloth at his back but he knew that Hotch had opened up his shirt. He wasn’t sure what was coming next so the hand on his hip startled him. There was something soft that was between his skin and Hotch’s fingers as the digits skirted over his skin. He fought back the urge to lift the hand to feel it.


“Good. Your new toy matches your wedge and gag.”

“My new toy? Are you sure it’s not your toy?” Spencer felt the hand wrap around him and he was fully hard before the hand clenched around him made a full pass up and down.

“I guess that depends.” The hand in his hair let go and nails trailed down his neck to his collarbone. There the nails dug in and all he could do was relax back into Hotch. The older man braced him up. The nails skirted his nipple and continued down. He groaned as whatever it was that Hotch was holding was wrapped around his cock.

“Hotch?” Spencer asked and started to reach out for the kitchen light. Before he reached it, the sound of a snap echoed around the room. He stopped as the pressure around the base of his cock tightened just a bit more with the snap. It had to be a cock ring and it didn’t feel like rubber. Hotch reached out and pulled his arm back in from the light switch and had him feel all around his cock. It was leather and given that it matched his pillow and gag, that meant it was blue, royal blue. “From that shop you like?”

“Yes. Don’t want you shooting off like a rocket this time while you’re sucking my cock.”

“That only happened once and that was when I…”

“Had a plug in your ass.” Hotch’s breath ghosted over his neck and he didn’t contain the shiver that time. “I’ve got that on the coffee table.”

Spencer looked over to where the man was talking about and saw the bag there that the used plugs lived in. There was lube sitting beside it. The light from outside was the only light in the room still, but it was just enough for him to see the items. His couch had been moved as well. Just a few feet over but now the center of the couch was in the space where a great deal of light was coming in from outside. He was excited for that in a way that he never would have been before.

“I want to watch you finger yourself open and then I’ll help you plug yourself.” Hotch’s hand moved back to pump his cock and Spencer went weak in the knees. The hand was pulled away and then he was shoved towards the couch. It wasn’t a hard shove but Spencer could tell the older man was still on edge. Something had happened to set him on edge. He didn’t even try and think about what it was. Instead he moved towards where Hotch obviously wanted him. The coffee table was off to the side, in reach but not blocking the window at all. It was a full moon outside and it shone in brightly on the rug in front of the couch.

Spencer grabbed the lube as he dropped to his knees in front of the couch, facing the window. He wasn’t sure he could do it. The last time he’d done something like it, Hotch had been drunk. It had been about diffusing the situation and keeping himself from feeling like a predator. He could see the way the moonlight was shining on his pale skin and wondered if that was why Hotch chose there for the display.

Snapping open the lube Spencer tried to blank his mind. He could feel how hot his cheeks were already and didn’t want to add to it. He bit his lip to keep silent as he slid the first finger inside himself. He closed his eyes and tried to think about anything except the eyes that were watching him. He was painfully hard and knowing the cock ring was going to keep him that way had him feeling even more aroused than normal.

“Quit biting your lip,” Hotch said. His voice sounded husky and deep. Not seeing the man made Spencer feel everything more. The sound of movement had Spencer pausing as he went to add a second finger. When the movement stopped he slid his fingers back inside. He brought up the image of Hotch on the couch with his shirt unbuttoned and pants still on, rubbing at himself through the cloth. He could have come right there if it wasn’t for the ring.

Movement sounded again but he didn’t stop this time. He was almost ready for a third finger. Warmth settled in at his back and an arm around his chest. A hand wrapped around his hand at his ass and then a finger slid inside him, right along his own.

“Hotch,” Spencer moaned. He felt heat along one of his cheeks and that meant Hotch had his cock out already.

“I want to hear you. Don’t muffle yourself.” Hotch’s finger alongside his own opened him up quickly. He wanted something inside of him and if Hotch didn’t get the plug in him soon, he’d tip the older man backwards and ride him. Hotch’s hand pressed his fingers further inside and then he felt another slipping in beside his and Hotch’s. The arm wrapped around his chest shifted and then he felt fingers closer around the upper part of his neck, holding him in place. Hotch’s second finger eased inside of him and Spencer let his mouth drop open so he could pant.

When all four were inside him, Hotch crooked his, forcing Spencer’s to move and his knuckles brushed his prostate. Spencer surrendered to what he wanted him to do.

“Please.” Spencer didn’t care what happened as long as something happened. The hand left his ass, pulling his fingers free at the same time and then seconds later something blunt was there. It wasn’t the size of the plug he was used to. It was the middle one. They’d never gone past the first size. Hotch was gentle as he pushed the object into him. It wasn’t long before the last bit pushed inside and then he was being pulled back into Hotch’s warm body. The plug shifted inside of him and it was a sweet torture, knowing that he wouldn’t be coming until the cock ring was pulled off him.

Hotch’s warmth left him and he moved to see where the man was going. He settled on the couch with his legs spread. His superior crooked a finger to call him over. Spencer stood up and moved over towards the couch before he sunk back down on to his knees. There was a light in Hotch’s eyes that told Spencer that he knew exactly why he’d done what he did.

A thumb traced his lips before he dipped his head just enough to take it in his mouth. The digit pushed farther past his lips and Spencer swiped his tongue over it.

“Close your eyes,” Hotch whispered and Spencer did as he asked. The thumb pulled from his mouth and he tried to tip downwards but a hand in his hair stopped him. “Stay.”

Spencer listened as Hotch shifted on the couch a little and then he felt two hands on him, both slightly damp. He’d cleaned his hands with something. His own hands were brought up and cleaned. He couldn’t place the smell of whatever kind of wipe was used. Hotch pulled him in for a kiss. He kept his eyes closed. He felt the older man shift closer to him as he deepened the kiss. Their only points of contact were lips, hands, and where Hotch’s knees pressed into his sides to hold him in place.

“Eyes closed the whole time,” Hotch said as he pulled out of the kiss. His hands were dropped and one settled in his hair. “Still want to suck my cock?”

Spencer nodded, afraid that if he opened his mouth he would beg. Hotch chuckled and let his hands go. One of his hands settled in his hair and helped guide him down. He took as much of him inside as he could fit. With his eyes closed it all felt heightened. He wanted to be bold enough to try this with a blindfold. To let Hotch fuck his mouth with his cock while he was unable to see. He could rip the blindfold off but he wouldn’t. The hand in his hair tightened and Spencer stopped moving. Only the tip of the cock was left in his mouth. He licked at the slit and Hotch groaned.

“Hands behind your back. If I see them move forward, I’ll pull out. Nod if you understand.” Hotch’s voice was rough. Spencer nodded and tightened his eyes shut even more. He shifted his hands behind his back and linked his fingers. The cock eased back inside of his mouth going to the back. He swallowed and let himself relax. It’s what he wanted. The last time that he’d taken Hotch’s cock all the way back, he’d nearly been able to take it all the way. His jaw had ended up hurting and it was what had stopped them. It had excited the older man and he’d fucked him harder than he had in awhile. He was thankful for the ring around his cock, stopping him from coming. Even now the feel of the cock in his mouth had his orgasm wanting to crest. He was so hard he was aching and still he wanted more.

The older man shifted. Spencer tried to accommodate him but his hair was pulled harder and he stopped. He moaned at the sensation and Hotch slid even further into his mouth. He was all the way in. Spencer could feel the coarse hairs at the base of Hotch’s cock mashed into his nose. All he could smell was the musk of Hotch. All he could taste the saltiness of release that was leaking from the cock. All he could feel was the smoothness of the cock on his tongue. All he could hear was his own heart beating a staccato rhythm in his chest. And the blackness that he could see wasn’t bothering him anymore.

The rhythm of in and out that Hotch’s cock was sticking to allowed him to focus on making it feel good for him. Sucking as he pushed in and tightening his lips and using his tongue to push hard as he pulled out. It was perfect and he never wanted it to end. But he knew it had to and when he felt the rhythm falter and Hotch started to not push in as far, Spencer knew that he was close. He sucked even harder and tried to keep the cock in his mouth even as Hotch pulled out. The first taste of semen on his tongue had him start to swallow, even with the cock still mostly in his mouth. He didn’t want to gag and he wanted the cock in there as long as possible. Hotch slumped back away from him and his hands dropped from his body. He used his mouth to get every single drop from Hotch’s cock before he pulled away. He dropped back to rest on his calves while he waited.

Hotch reached out and pulled him up by the chin to crawl into his lap, kissing him hard before delving his tongue inside his mouth. One hand kept his head in place while the other dropped to his cock, feeling how hard it was. He whimpered into the other man’s mouth and his hands itched to touch but he kept them behind his back. He didn’t know if he wanted to come or to keep the sweet torture of not being able to come going.

“Do you want to open your eyes?”

Spencer shook his head quickly. Opening his eyes would ruin it. He wanted to continue like they were.

“Do you want handcuffed?” A nod. “Fucked?” Another nod. “Here?” Spencer shook his head that time. “Bedroom?” Nod. “Good.” Hotch started to kiss him again. The hand on his cock left and it trailed back to his ass. He shuddered as he was being fucked by the plug.

“Please,” Spencer begged. He heard the wicked chuckle from the older man as he let go of the plug. The hand braced itself under his ass and then he was being lifted up as Hotch stood. He quickly wrapped his legs around the man’s waist and then wrapped his arms around his neck. He gasped as it rubbed his hard cock on Hotch’s stomach.

“You are at my mercy, Reid. I’ll get you off but first I want to fuck you with the plug.

Spencer was dropped onto the bed and then shoved back. The pillows were all gone and a different sheet was on it. Hotch had been preparing while waiting for him to get home. The older man manhandled him to the center of the bed as he straddled his stomach. He wasn’t able to rub his cock on him. Instead of stretching his hands up above his head, his left was taken towards the left side of the bed. He felt the cuff encircle his wrist and then it was locked in place before the same was done to the right. Hotch sat up and as he did he trailed his hand down Spencer’s arm before caressing his neck and settling his thumb on his bottom lip.

“Can’t unlock them now can you?” Hotch asked as he slid backwards. His ass dragged against his cock and he hissed out in pleasure. He tugged on the cuffs and found that he could move them, Hotch had given him what seemed like a good bit of slack. He just couldn’t touch the one hand with the other. The older man got up off the bed and Spencer listened with wide open ears to hear what he was doing. He heard the rustle of clothes and the sound of the closet opening. He could picture Hotch getting into the bag that was at the back. There was no way to tell what he took from the bag so he would just have to wait or peek. Whatever it was it was dropped above his head as Hotch got back on the bed. “Spread.”

Dropping his legs open, Spencer cried out as Hotch pulled the plug nearly all the way out before he pushed it back in. One of his legs was drawn up to where Hotch had perfect access to the plug. He could only lie there and writhe as he was fucked with it and his cock never touched. He was living on a precipice of pain/pleasure. He was sure that if Hotch removed the cock ring he’d come and pass out in seconds but the older man just kept playing with him.

Spencer used his grip on the leather rope leading from the cuffs to the bed to try and pull away from the older man. He just needed a few seconds reprieve from the onslaught. Hotch just followed him up the bed to where he had nowhere else he could go.

“There is nowhere else you can go, Doctor.” Hotch’s voice was soft but Spencer slumped down into the bed, giving up trying to get away. His leg was draped over Hotch’s shoulder and then he felt a hand on his cock. It pumped him once before dropping down to the leather. He felt the subtle tug like it was being unsnapped but then it stopped. He cried out again.

“Please, Hotch.”

“Please what?”

“Let me come. Please. Oh fuck please.”

“Beg more.” Hotch let go of the leather and Spencer whined.

“Please.” He tried to use the leg over Hotch’s shoulder to bring him closer but it wasn’t working. The other leg was trapped at the knee by Hotch’s free hand. “Let me come. I need…please. Please. Please.” There was only a single way that he could move on the bed and that was to press down to push the plug into him farther. He felt like he could come with the ring still on as he used the mattress to press the plug in and out of him with the up and down of his hips.

“Fuck,” Hotch said before his hand let go of Spencer’s knee and then moved to the plug. The other hand gripped the leather and pulled. The cock ring snapped off at the same time that the plug was pushed into his prostate. His entire body jerked as he came. He was certain he was screaming as Hotch’s hand pumped him. When he had no more to give, he slumped into the bed into a dead limp puddle. He could feel his release all over his stomach and chest but didn’t care.

Hotch gently laid his leg down on the bed and started to rub at his sides. His chest was heaving from trying to get air into his lungs. The hot tongue on his stomach caused him to jerk his head up as he opened his eyes. He groaned as he took in the sight of Hotch licking him clean. The man had an obsession with it. He watched as the dark head came closer and closer to him. When there was only a little stripe left near his right nipple, Hotch looked up at him. The older man smiled and kept eye contact while he licked it up then surged forward to claim his mouth in a kiss. He parted his lips as soon as his mind registered the kiss. The taste of himself was strong and he could feel that Hotch was already getting hard again.

“Do I excite you that much?” Spencer asked when Hotch pulled back. The other man didn’t answer verbally. Instead he thrust down into the juncture where hip met groin.

“Does that answer your question?” Hotch shifted on the bed and Spencer felt his leg being drawn up. Tilting his head, he looked down to see a bottle of lube being tossed on the bed before the plug was being drawn out. “I’m going to fuck you until you are hard again. Yes?”


“Good.” Hotch leaned back down but he didn’t kiss him. “Close your eyes.”

Spencer closed his eyes and shivered at the tongue that licked over his Adam’s apple. He wanted to touch but couldn’t. It was frustrating and Spencer knew that it was why the man liked to do it. Fingers brushed at his hole but did little more than slip in then out. Hotch’s cock was next. He was breached easily. There was no stretch of muscles, nothing. It felt a little like a let down. But it was more than made up for when Hotch started up a fast pace of fucking him. Every thrust jarred his body and if it wasn’t for bracing his hands on the headboard, Spencer’s head would have been cracking off of it.

After a few minutes, Hotch stopped and shifted his legs over his shoulders. He wrapped an arm around his thighs to keep him in place then he leaned over, bracing himself on the bed with his free hand.

“Hotch,” Spencer moaned as it changed the angle some.

“That’s it. Tell me how it feels.”

“No.” Spencer shook his head back and forth. Hotch thrust into him harder but stilled. Spencer jerked on the cuffs.

“Tell me how it feels as I push into you.”

“Good. I missed the stretch this time.” Hotch pulled out and pushed back in slowly. Mashing his hips into Spencer’s ass, going in as far as he could. “So good. So full.”

“And what do you feel when I push into your mouth?” Hotch started to fuck him again but when he didn’t answer, he stilled again. He was half hard again and the thought of Hotch stopping was horrible.

“Not quite naughty. It’s a thrill. You are so warm.” He could do it with his eyes closed. Separate his mind from the pleasure coursing in his body. “I’ve become accustomed to the taste of you. The feel. I feel my mouth watering if I think about it while jerking off in the shower.”

Hotch’s rhythm stuttered but all he did was drop Spencer’s legs and push in closer. He could feel his breath on his face but didn’t open his eyes. The thrusts picked up again, harder, faster. Spencer could feel his cock was hard where it was rubbing between his stomach and the older man’s. “And?”

“I feel alive when you are holding my head still and are fucking my mouth. I didn’t think it could get better but taking you in all the way and the feel of my throat closing around your cock would have had me coming earlier if it hadn’t been for the cock ring.”

One of Hotch’s hands worked between their bodies and he wondered what he was doing when he heard the snap before Hotch pushed in even farther and the groan of orgasm came from his mouth.

“Okay, it’s a new toy for both you and I.”


“The cock ring. I wouldn’t have lasted that long with you if I hadn’t been using it as well.” Hotch pulled out of him but he didn’t move away. Instead he seemed to move up and then Spencer felt cool lube on his cock. “Talk. Tell me how this feels.”

Spencer wasn’t sure what he was asking and then he felt something on his cock. It wasn’t Hotch’s hand. It was cooler but not super cold. It had to be what Hotch had tossed on the bed from the closet. At the tightness and an alien feel of what seemed like rubber, Spencer knew what it was. “Tight. Strange.”

Hotch’s steady hand slid the sleeve all the way down. It stayed there, fully encasing his cock for a few seconds before it started to move.

“Does it feel better than your hand?”

“Mine? Yes. Yours? No.” Spencer tried to settle on the bed but as soon as he had his legs spread in a comfortable manner, he felt fingers at his hole. Hotch stayed away from his prostate but he had four fingers inside of him. “It’s not enough.”

“What’s not enough?”

“Fingers. I want your cock in me. I want to be filled with it.”

“Sorry. I think that was my last one.” Hotch sounded like he was upset by it, too.

The sleeve felt wonderful and he could feel himself getting close. Hotch pulled his fingers free but before he could complain, he felt a tongue lick at the head of his cock as the sleeve was on its downward stroke. He tugged on the cuffs and screamed as it happened again, this time triggering his orgasm. Hotch milked every single drop out of him with the sleeve before taking it off.

Spencer breathed through his mouth as he tried to come down. He barely paid attention as Hotch left the room and went into the bathroom. He registered the sound of water but didn’t care. He felt like a limp noodle. He wasn’t sure that he could move. Thankfully, Hotch didn’t make him move, just cleaned him up. He was shocked when he felt hands on the cuffs but instead of taking them off, they were unhooked from the bed. He opened his eyes to see Hotch sitting at his head. He brought the cuffs down to rest on Spencer’s chest.

“I want to try something. You can get out of them at any time but I noticed after Vegas that you slept better when I held you close.”


Hotch pulled out a longer strip of leather and looped it around the headboard before linking it through the rings on the cuffs. There was enough slack for him to curl his hands in front of his face but couldn’t take them down any farther than that. He took a deep breath to settle himself but found that he didn’t mind it. He just rolled onto his side and closed his eyes again. Did that mean that Hotch was staying or was he just leaving? He could get himself out of the cuffs, that wasn’t an issue. The lights in the room were turned off and then he felt weight settle at his back. Pillows were pulled up, and Spencer lifted his head to let the older man place one under his head. Hotch made quick work of getting the bed set back up. He was pulled tightly into his body and the blankets were settled over them. He wasn’t exactly sure what was bringing on this need to keep him close but Spencer relished in it.

Safe in Hotch’s arms, Spencer fell asleep for once his mind not trying to keep him awake.

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