Interlude 6-Lacking

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Spencer just looked at the man across the table from him. It was the first date that he’d been on in years. Dexter was two years older than him and a businessman in DC. Spencer had met him before the case in Sarasota at a coffee shop where they discussed finance. The day they had met Dexter had been dressed business casual and Spencer had been in his normal clothes for work. The man was dressed the same now on their date. Spencer had pulled out one of his nicer three piece suits from the closet.

“So you just got back from a case in Florida?”


“You described kind of what you do with the BAU and I looked it up.”

“Really?” Spencer smiled. Dexter had taken time to look up the team.

“Yes. I was shocked at exactly what you deal with on a daily basis and found a lot of articles from a few years ago about you.” Dexter smiled at him and stretched his hand over the table. One of his fingers rubbed at the first knuckles of his three longest fingers. Spencer curtailed his first reaction of wanting to jerk his hand under the table and into his lap.”Youngest in the BAU.”

“I was recruited pretty much out of the academy. Our then Unit Chief felt that I fit what he wanted on the team.” Spencer didn’t exactly want to talk about Gideon, that was still a very sore subject.

“It does seem that those who are doing horrible things in the world are just getting smarter and smarter so those who go after them would need to as well.”

“Yes. Like this last case. The two men were corresponding using a blog only they could access but it took a while to figure who exactly the other person was. Idiosyncratic words, orthography, phrases, and punctuation helped me differentiate the two voices. There were also lyrics from a song in the blog. That is what led us to the partner.”

“You did that?” Dexter asked.

“Yes,” Spencer said. He closed his mouth and looked down at the table cloth.

“Is that what you do on the team?” Dexter asked.

“It’s one of my stronger suits with my reading speed.”

“Reading speed?”

Spencer cursed himself internally. He was used to the team and to Hotch. Or other academics. He pulled his hand into his lap and took a drink of his water. He turned the conversation away from him and onto Dexter and what he did. It was interesting to him. Everything was interesting to him, but he could tell that he was already uninterested in Dexter. Whatever spark that had been there in the coffee shop where they had met was gone. He could also tell that he kind of freaked Dexter out some with his talking of other cases and when he tried to talk about his science degrees, the man was just gone.

After twenty minutes of banal talk, Dexter excused himself. Spencer watched him go and knew that he wasn’t coming back. He was trying to figure out what to do when the maitre’d for the restaurant stepped up to the table.

“Sir, your date asked me to tell you that he had an unavoidable situation pop up at work. There is a gentleman though that was eating alone that has offered the company of his table.” The maitre’d stepped back and pointed, and Spencer saw Rossi sitting at a table alone. “I can have the kitchen cancel his order and adds yours to Mr. Rossi’s.”

“That sounds good.” Spencer grabbed his glass of water and moved towards Rossi’s table. The older man smiled as he sat down.

“You know I’ve seen you uncomfortable in work situations but never in personal. It’s a strange thing to see.”

“That was the first date that I’ve been on since college. I forget how much I don’t like them at all.”

“Hence your…” Rossi stopped and Spencer just looked at him. He could tell the second that the man figured out that he didn’t understand what he meant. “Arrangement with Aaron.”

“Oh. I’d had sex before Hotch, Rossi. I was celibate but not virginal, not to vanilla sex,” Spencer pitched his voice down as it wasn’t exactly normal conversation for dinner but Rossi just shifted to the center of the bench that was wrapped around the round table. Spencer moved closer on his end as well.

“See, I remember Aaron from before. When he was with Jake. If he’d divorced Haley then, I don’t know that he would have stayed with just Jake. I don’t think that he would have gone out and found a pro. He would have probably tried to find a woman though that fit what he needed.”

“So he doesn’t talk to you about this?” Spencer asked.

“No. He’s tight lipped about it. I will say that I am shocked to see you out and dating.”

“Failed. Hotch is always asking if I have gone on a date and I have always said no. At least this time I can say I tried.”

“Wasn’t much of a try.”

“How do you date? Every person that I talk to asks about what I do. If I give too little they ask questions, expecting that I am some sensational agent. Someone like Morgan mixed with James Bond or Ethan Hunt. They are sorely let down by the reality of what we do whether there is not enough action for their liking or it’s all too much that it scares them.”

“Then you will have to start looking elsewhere. What about other academics?”

“Too many of them are turned off by the physicality of the job. That I hunt killers. Those that do are too into psychology and that strangely enough makes me wary when I talk to them.”

“Then another agent. I know that fraternization rules really don’t bother you but outside of the unit you could find someone. You have no issue with men but what about women?”

“I found sex with both men and women equally uninteresting in college. Hotch has shown me that was because I had sucky partners so I am sure that if I found a woman that’s interested me, I’d be fine.”

The waiter stepped up to the table with their plates of food. He didn’t even bat an eye at how they were sitting. Spencer was shocked when a glass of wine was set down by his plate. The bottle was left right beside the one that Rossi was drinking from.

“I figured that you didn’t drink on the date for the same reasons that most of the BAU doesn’t.” Rossi picked his glass up and held it like he wanted to toast. Spencer raised an eyebrow but did as well. “To a night of good food.”

Spencer smiled as they clinked glasses before taking the first sip of the wine. It wasn’t something he’d ever drank before.

“The waiter paired up a wine with what you ordered. I think you’ll like it. Sweet enough even for you.” Rossi smiled and Spencer wanted to stick his tongue out at him. Still the dinner went well. Rossi talked about his ex-wives and what actually led to the downfall of the marriages. Spencer was shocked to hear that he would have had a son around Stephen’s age. That he’d died and it was part of what had led to the downfall of his first marriage. That wasn’t something that could have been predicted. Couples either became stronger after the death of the child or they imploded. It seems that Rossi and his wife had been the latter. The second wife was lost to his want of his job and it to not change. The third Mrs. Rossi was the least touched on but he admitted that it was a romance that petered out as the reality of life intruded.

Rossi had him in a cab before he’d even realized it. The entire bottle of wine gone. It was the most that he’d drunk since before he’d joined the BAU. He knew he was maudlin, but he had a lot to think about. When he got into his apartment, just to be cheeky, Spencer took a picture of his couch with him lying on it and sent it to the man. He got back a single word. Scamp.

Spencer didn’t want to get up but he knew that he needed to change out of his suit. He hung it up to be taken to the dry cleaners and let himself drop onto his bed just as his phone vibrated. He still had it on vibrate except for calls from JJ or Hotch.

Wear a suit like that into work one day and you might get Aaron to break the rules on nothing at work. Spencer scoffed at the message and exited out of the app on his phone.

A few minutes later, Spencer heard the chime of his phone that told him that either JJ or Hotch had texted him.

Why is Rossi sending me pictures of you on your couch?

Spencer sat up in bed and texted back. What?

Rossi just texted me a picture that looks like you took it yourself of you in a suit on your couch.

Rossi got me drunk at dinner and I texted him the picture to show I made it home safe.


Blame good wine and better conversation. Rossi saved me from an evening alone after my date ditched me. I didn’t notice him keep filling my glass.

You went on a date tonight? I don’t remember Morgan giving congratulations for that.

I didn’t tell Morgan. He is aware that I am bisexual but I’ve made the decision that dating is still not for me.

You said that he ditched you. Do you want me to come over?

We both know what is going to happen if you come over and I am too drunk to even slightly consider that an option.

So telling you that I am lying in bed with my pajamas pulled down and my cock in my hand, would be bad form? My right hand since I am texting with my left, since you like details.

Spencer just looked at his phone he didn’t know exactly what to say to that. His own cock was getting hard at the thought. Is this sexting?

Not until you tell me what you are wearing.

I’m in my underwear.

Where is your suit?

Spencer’s heart leapt into his throat. Already hung up to be cleaned.

Are you in bed?


What underwear are you wearing?

Purple boxer briefs. The ones you like with the stripe of dark purple down the front.

Leave them on but stroke yourself.

Spencer laid down and tried to reconcile the fact that he was doing this. He didn’t know exactly what to say. He’d not looked into sexting, Hotch had never brought it up before. He made a mental note to change that.

Are you doing it?

Spencer rubbed his hand over his hard cock through his briefs. He switched his phone to his left and repeated the motion with his right. Yes

Imagine it’s my hand.

Sliding up and down your hard cock.

Spencer groaned and closed his eyes for a few seconds. His recall of the feeling of Hotch touching him was excellent. He knew what it would feel like. He kept his eyes closed until his phone buzzed again.

Tell me what your cock feels like.

Hard. Aching already. It wants you to be the one touching it.

There was no quick reply like before. It took nearly a minute. Tomorrow night. I’ll make sure that all your cock, ass, and mouth feel is me.

The gasp was loud in the silent room. He could get up and get the sleeve. It had felt so good on his cock but it would require stopping either touching himself or texting Hotch. Neither of which he wanted to do. Please.

Did your hand stutter as you read that? Does your hole feel empty?

Spencer rubbed harder. He brought images of Hotch moving above him. The feel of hard cock inside of him. He was so close, so quickly. close

Maybe I’ll take you over the back of the couch. Tilt you so that your feet don’t touch the floor and only my hands on your hips keep you from falling. Thrusting in and out of you as hard and as fast as I can.

Spencer came with a strangled cry. He dropped his phone on the bed as his spine arched. He laid there for a minute as he caught his breath and tried to think straight.

The phone buzzed on his bed. He reached out for it. Reid? Just that single word but he could hear the tone of voice, feel the hand that would be reaching out to check him. Before he could reply another came through. Did you come?


I came before you. Just clean up and shower in the morning. I want to see evidence that you didn’t take your briefs off. Just drape them over your clothes basket then go to sleep.


Good night, Reid.

Good night, Hotch.

Spencer did as Hotch asked about the underwear, not understanding but not really caring. He moved to the bathroom and wet a rag to clean up before he went back to the bedroom and fell face first onto the bed. The date had sucked but with the ending that he got, he was more than okay with that. He’d stick dating to the part of his life that he didn’t care about. He was content with what he had with Hotch for the moment. It made him happy, and it wasn’t stressful. It was much better than dating.

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