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It was a rare Friday when Hotch was able to wrangle them a three day weekend, and it wasn’t after a case. Spencer was lounging on his couch, reading a new stack of books from the store. He had a cup of fresh coffee beside him. He’d spent the day just going from store to store shopping for what he needed and finding things that he didn’t need but wanted. He was still dressed for shopping, but one of the books he’d found had been too tempting to resist. He wasn’t expecting the phone that he’d laid on his chest to vibrate, so it made him jump a little.

Did you have plans this weekend?

Even without seeing the name he knew who it was. It was Hotch.

Relaxing on my couch and reading books. Spencer set his book down on his chest and settled in with his phone in both hands. The last time that Hotch and he had texted outside of a case had been sexting. His body was already responding. Hotch had come over the night after and fulfilled his promise to fuck him over the couch. They hadn’t been able to get it to where his feet weren’t touching the floor but Spencer had come quick and Hotch had continued to fuck him after and it had been so good.

It’s supposed to be my weekend with Jack but Haley’s family has a special gathering to do and she asked if I could swap weekends so she could take him to it.

Spencer could read in between the lines of that. You want a distraction?


What do you want? Spencer reached down to undo his pants, figuring that Hotch wanted sexting again. It was still new and thrilling and Spencer was more than willing to try it again.

Something different.

Spencer wasn’t sure how to answer that or even what to say at all. Something different could be a lot of things. While what they had done before was varied, there were a lot of things that they had never done or even discussed. And what’s that?

That would be telling

Why don’t you come over to find out?

The invite was sudden. Hotch hadn’t even mentioned wanting him at the apartment after their single time there. When do you want me? As soon as he pressed send he knew that it wasn’t the best wording. He waited for the answer.

As many times as I can have you but as soon as you can get here.

Another vibration just a few seconds later. Or I can came and get you.

I’ll get there quicker if I drive but is there a spot where I can park?

The spot next to mine. Security won’t tow you, they have your plates.

Spencer wondered at that. He knew how his own building was but Hotch had never mentioned giving security his information. How long do you want me to distract you?

At least tonight but we can discuss longer.

I’ll be there within the hour.


Spencer set his phone on his chest as he worked his pants closed again. He wasn’t sure if he needed to bring any of their toys but he knew that Hotch knew what they had here. If he wanted something, he would have said something so Spencer went right for an empty bag. He packed up non work clothes for the entire weekend. He looked at himself in the mirror and decided that he needed to change. He eyed his suit in his closet but changed his mind. That would take too much to get him out of it. It was too cold out for him to not wear his heavy coat but he could change into his softest pair of jeans and skip his boxer briefs. He looked at the clock and found that he had time, so he quickly showered.

Leaving the apartment with nearly ten minutes to spare, Spencer tossed his bag into the passenger seat when his phone went off.

Have you left yet?

Leaving now.

I called in an order at the Italian place close to yours and it’s ready. I was going to have them deliver it but if you’ll pick it up.


See you soon.

Spencer slid his phone back into the pocket of his jacket and put his keys in the ignition. It wasn’t long before the smell of good Italian was filling his nose as he drove. He hadn’t been hungry until the smell hit him. It was just after five and early for him to be eating. When on a case, he never got super hungry. His brain kind of took over and he worked until food was put in front of him. It hadn’t taken the team long to learn that. When he was at home, he ate when he got hungry, no matter the time.

Traffic was horrid and it took him longer than he wanted to get to Hotch’s. He found the spot easily and shouldered his bag before grabbing the bag with dinner in it. The elevator took little time to open and then he was heading up to Hotch’s floor. He was looking down at his shoes when the doors opened so he didn’t see Hotch until he’d taken a few steps. He stopped when he did see him though. Hotch had taken the same route as far as what was covering their legs but had opted for a soft sweater to cover his upper body. Spencer wanted to grip his coat a little tighter but he had food in his hands. Hotch must have been watching for him or something because he didn’t figure that the man leaned against the wall outside his apartment for the whole floor to see him on a regular basis.

“You made good time in rush hour traffic.”

“You have to know the streets.” Spencer smiled at him, despite his nerves. He just needed to get into the bedroom and he could change. He’d use dropping off his bag as the reason. Hotch wouldn’t think it too odd if he forgot to take his coat off. He’d done things like that before, at the office.

Hotch stepped up and took the bags of food from him. The older man stopped and looked him up and down. “Where’s your bag?”

“It’s right here.” With hands free, Spencer pulled the strap to hold the bag in front of him.

“No, the messenger bag.”

“I left it at home.”

Hotch just raised an eyebrow and motioned for Spencer to go first into the apartment. Spencer started right for the bedroom after toeing off his shoes. He dropped the bag onto the chair in the middle of the room before he pulled a shirt out of the bag. He turned with his hands on his coat to take it off to find Hotch right there in front of him.


“No. I just forgot to take it off before I came back here. I’ll go take it off now.”

“Then why are you looking like you want to do everything but take it off.” Hotch stepped up to him and grabbed his hands, pulling them away from his coat. “What did you wear for me that you are so worried about showing me?”

“Don’t,” Spencer whispered when Hotch’s hands went for the zipper. The hands stopped for just a second but instead of going for the little piece of metal, they moved around his body and cupped his ass.

“I like these jeans. Why haven’t you wore them for me before?”

“I…” Spencer couldn’t think well enough to answer. Hotch had pulled him closer while stepping closer himself. “I pulled them out of some of my things from college. I wore them through most of my post first doctorate years.”

“So you wore them just for me? And why don’t you want to show me what’s under the coat?”

Spencer kept his hands away even though he wanted to grip his coat again. It wasn’t hard to look away from Hotch’s face.

“Twenty questions then. Are you wearing a shirt?”

Spencer nodded. Hotch hummed and started to move them. He sat down on the bed and pulled him into his lap. His hands never touched the coat. They traced his thighs and his ass but never went about the top of his pants. The shirt barely touched his pants when he was standing. He wanted to regret wearing it but so far he couldn’t. Even if he hadn’t taken it off yet.

“Are you wearing more than one article of clothing on your upper body other than your coat?”

Spencer shook his head. Hotch pulled him into a kiss. Spencer relaxed as the kiss went on. When the older man broke the kiss, Spencer was panting and hard. Kisses were trialed across his jaw and he felt breath on his ear.

“Is it from your college days too?”

Spencer shook his head again. He pulled back a little, to where Hotch could see him. The older man’s hands settled on his ass again to help hold him on his lap. Spencer took a deep breath and worked the zipper all the way down but he made sure that the coat didn’t open up. He settled his hands on Hotch’s shoulders so that the other man could open the coat.

When Spencer finally looked up into Hotch’s eyes, he saw that the older man wasn’t looking down. He was looking at his face instead.

“You don’t have to.” Hotch cupped the side of his cheek. “I can go into the kitchen and get dinner plated up and you can change.”

“No. I…you dressed nice and I…”

“What did you dress like?” Hotch was smiling.

“I think the term that best fits is a boy toy.” Talking he could do. Talking was easy. He hadn’t felt this nervous around Hotch and sex in a while.

“You think you look like a sex object?”

“To you, yes.”

“I guess I will just have to take a look see.” Hotch dropped his hand from his cheek and instead of just opening the coat, he slid his hands underneath while staring in Spencer’s eyes. “You bought a shirt this tight?”

“No. It shrunk in the wash.” Spencer closed his eyes as Hotch’s hands traced his stomach and then chest. The hands went higher and pushed the coat back and then down off his shoulders, forcing him to let go of Hotch’s shoulders. He let it fall to the floor.

“I like it. You do look like sex walking to me. It’s a nice distraction. The purple looks good on you. Not as good as royal blue but sexy in its own way. You are not however going out like this.”

“This is just for you.”

“Good,” Hotch smiled and his hands trailed down Spencer’s back. “Now that you are settled, let’s go eat some dinner.” Spencer slid back off his lap and let himself be led back to the kitchen area.

Spencer figured out that something was up when Hotch sat beside him at the table and seemed content to not stop touching him. He was never this affectionate while they were eating. Spencer just let it happen. Hotch obviously wanted it and he needed a distraction and this he could do. It felt good to be the center of Hotch’s world in a non sexual capacity. He knew that it was leading to sex but to feel a touch that felt good, just to feel good was wonderful.

After dinner, Spencer was pulled over to couch where he was a little shocked to be pulled not into Hotch’s lap but on top of him, while the other man was lying down and then his arms were drawn behind his back. He was held tight, his legs straddling Hotch’s lower stomach with his ass just barely brushing his groin. It was a strange position but he held it, even when his arms were let go of.

“Close your eyes,” Hotch whispered.

Spencer did as he asked and as soon as he did, Hotch leaned up and started to kiss him. He leaned over more and more until it was just his thigh muscles keeping him propped up. Hotch’s hands weren’t still, touching him everywhere. Under the shirt, over the shirt, the insides of his thighs. It was only when he pulled away to gasp in a breath that Spencer put a name to what they were doing. Making out. He was leaning back down when he had the thought and his eyes popped open. Hotch’s eyes were on him and there was something in his eyes that Spencer had never seen before, not when they were doing what they were doing. Apprehensiveness.

“Hotch?” Spencer questioned.

Hotch let go of his body and grabbed his arms, pulling him down onto his chest. He felt the push and allowed himself to slide along his body. He’d been hard since getting onto the couch and the rough feel of jeans on his cock had him shuddering.

“I just want this. I just want to feel you.” Hotch’s hands moved again and one settled on the nape of his neck pulling him in again to kiss. His other slid down his back and into the gap between jeans and skin. “No boxer briefs?”


“You really did dress for me didn’t you?” Hotch didn’t let him answer. He crushed their lips together again and Spencer braced himself with one arm on the arm of the couch and the other on the cushion at Hotch’s shoulder. There was no push for more though. Just a lazy make out session. Spencer closed his eyes and gave into what was wanted. His entire body relaxed and he started to touch with the hand that had been braced on the cushion. He walked his hand down to the edge of Hotch’s shirt and then up and under. Hotch moaned at the touch of skin on skin.

Spencer lost track of how long they made out. Arousal was there but there was no need to get off. It felt good. When Hotch’s hands moved to his arms and pushed him up, Spencer was confused.

“Time to move to the bedroom.”

“Not out here?”

“I have plans.”

Spencer pulled back a little farther, confusion on his face. He ran over what he had seen of the bedroom. The chair. The last time it had been on the far side, against the wall. He’d been so focused on getting changed that he hadn’t even thought about its placement. There had been a bag hanging of it, the bag was recognizable to him now that he thought about it. It was from that leather shop that Hotch liked. He wondered what the man could have bought this time.

At the request of insistent hands, Spencer got up. He started right to the bedroom with Hotch behind him. His bag was still on the chair. The older man passed him and moved the bag to the dresser and then sat in the chair. He motioned for him to sit on the bed.

“The first is pure indulgence on my part.” Hotch reached back into the bag and pulled out a new pair of cuffs. Unlike the other pair, these were blue. The same royal blue that the rest of the things that Hotch had for him were. “Next time we are at yours, I’m cuffing you, gagging you, putting on the cock ring, and propping your ass on the pillow. All that blue on your skin.”

Spencer closed his eyes and imagined what he would look like. Hotch liked that blue on him it seemed. He had to shift as that image ramped up his arousal to needing to get off soon.

“But that is not what I want to do today.” Hotch grabbed the bag and Spencer could see something else inside. It looked to be royal blue as well. Spencer couldn’t help but tense at the nervousness that Hotch was showing. “You have the right to say no. I won’t be upset and I’ll just cuff you to the bed and fuck you. I’ll make you beg and scream.”

Hotch drew out a strip of cloth, the same shade of royal blue. It wasn’t like the cloth that the gag was made from. It wasn’t a new gag though. Spencer took it and it unraveled. It was thicker in the middle and slightly wider as well. No light would get through the cloth. It was a blindfold.

Spencer looked at him in shock. He couldn’t speak. He thought about it. Hotch had been working up to it. He saw that now. Having him keep his eyes closed. Showing that he could do that. He trusted Hotch. More than anyone in his life, personally and professionally. This was just another step.

“Okay,” Spencer whispered. He handed the blindfold back.

“I’m going to blindfold you then help you strip. For tonight, we are changing your safeword. Red stops everything. We will go to bed, you in the bed and me there or the couch, wherever you are more comfortable with. Yellow will pause. We will fix what is wrong and continue. Even if that is no blindfold and/or cuffs.”

Spencer nodded but the raised eyebrow had him answering verbally. “Yes”

“Good.” Hotch stood up and pulled him up as well. The cuffs were draped over where the bag had been and the bag was put on the dresser. Spencer closed his eyes as Hotch spun him around. He braced for the feel of cloth on his face but gasped when hands gripped his hips and pulled his ass into contact with Hotch’s groin. “This is what you do to me. Giving me your trust. Allowing me to lose myself in your body. It’s a gift I am never going to abuse.”

Spencer laid his head back onto Hotch’s shoulder and he felt the blindfold on his neck. He waited for it to drape over his eyes before he tilted it back up. But it wasn’t tied around him.

“Open and relax.”

Eyes opened to darkness and Spencer tensed. The cloth tightened but he could tell that it was just being held there. He inhaled, feeling Hotch behind him. Exhaled, knowing he was safe. His entire body relaxed. The blindfold tightened more and he knew it was being tied. His hands were taken and drawn up behind his head. His fingers were traced over the knot. It was a simple slip knot.

“Stand still but touch as much as you want.” Hotch’s hands went right for the skin of his stomach, under his shirt. “And talk.” Hotch’s breathing came from in front so he had to have moved.

Hands started to push up the shirt, Spencer reached out and pulled Hotch into a kiss. The other man only pulled out of it long enough to pull his shirt off. Spencer expected to feel hands on his jeans but instead one splayed on his upper chest with tips brushing his collarbone. The tips then started all over his chest and stomach, Once slipping down to brush his cock through his jeans with barely there pressure.

“Please,” Spencer begged.

Hotch chuckled before pulling his hand up.

“No begging.” The voice in his ear was harsh but not mean. It startled him. He tried to figure out why he wasn’t allowed to beg. Hotch usually loved it. That he’d got him to where he couldn’t control his mouth. “Demand. Order me around. What do you want?”

“I don’t know.” Spencer couldn’t think. The feel of the cloth on his face and the change in routine, they were both throwing him for a loop. Lips brushed at his before moving to ear. He knew what Hotch was doing. Giving him power while in a vulnerable position, he just wasn’t sure that he wanted it. He wanted to let go. “Strip.”

“Yes, Sir,” Hotch said with what sounded like a smirk on his face. Spencer turned his head so that could listen to the subtle sounds of cloth being removed. The older man was quick about it.

“How are the handcuffs coming into play?”

“The chair. I’m not going to do it in front, that’s asking for an issue to pop up.” Hotch’s hand were back on him. He relaxed more and more as fingertips traced muscles and palms brushed sensitive spots. But having to try and think was cutting his arousal.

“Just make me feel good, Hotch.” Spencer threaded a hand into Hotch’s short hair and pulled his lips back in for a kiss. The session had him not wanting to stop kissing but knew at some point he would. He kept one hand in hair but walked the other across Hotch’s chest, then down. He was allowed to do exactly as he wanted, so he did. He trailed had fingers to where groin and thigh met, tracing the sensitive skin there. Hotch shuddered and turned his head away. He felt the graze of teeth before they bit at the skin of his collarbone.

Spencer’s grip on Hotch’s hair tightened and he pushed his mouth tighter into his skin. He was shocked when he felt his jeans practically ripped open. A quick loss of balance as Spencer was spun, had him gripping tight to Hotch. His jeans were pushed down and then he was led backwards a few steps, one of Hotch’s feet on jeans helped him out of them. As Hotch licked at the wound, Spencer gripped his hip to steady himself. His short nails dug into flesh and he was pretty sure that there would be little crescent moon wounds on Hotch’s skin.

One more step back had his legs brushing the chair. He wondered exactly what the plans were for whatever Hotch had planned for him bound and blind on the chair but he didn’t want to truly know. He always enjoyed not knowing what was coming.

Hotch didn’t push him into the chair. Instead his lips trailed down his chest, then stomach. Hotch was on his knees and swallowed him down before he even registered it. Spencer shouted his surprise, grabbing the older man’s head with both of his hands to keep himself upright. One of Hotch’s hands settled on his hip to him steady. This blow job wasn’t meant to be the means to an end. The man was playful and arousing but not maddening. He never felt the second hand but he didn’t want to move to figure out where it was either.

When Hotch pulled off, Spencer was panting and achingly hard. He followed hands down onto the chair and drew his arms behind himself. The chair’s back was thin and not very wide, perfect to have his hands behind.

At the feel of the padded cuff wrapping around his wrist, Spencer let himself go. His head tilted back and he released all his breath.

“You are doing better than I thought you would. Being blindfolded with free hands is one thing,” Hotch said as he wrapped the second cuff around his wrist. He was shocked when he felt a tug on his right wrist then a tug on his left. The wrists weren’t cuffed together but independently to the chair. He tugged on each one, realizing he could touch his own hips.

“You won’t hurt me and you’ll let me go if I say the word.” Spencer went with the tug on his hair. A kiss was placed on his forehead before his mouth was claimed. A hand ghosted his chest and the wrapped around his cock. He jerked in surprise and moaned into Hotch’s mouth. He spread his legs and tried to buck up into the fist.

“That’s it,” Hotch whispered into his ear. He felt the man shift then there was heat along his side and the hand in his hair moved down to base of his skull. Next the hand on his cock let go and he felt it trail up to his neck. He groaned at the loss of sensation on his cock. Sweat started to break out on his skin. “Let go.”

The snap of the lube cap echoed in the near silent room. The only noises were Hotch’s near whispered breaths and his own panting. He hadn’t realized the hand on his neck left until the lube cap snapped and now it was on his cock again.

“You don’t want me to beg, so something had better happen soon,” Spencer said through gritted teeth.

Hotch was moving again and straddled his legs. Spencer shifted his legs and he expected to feel the other man sit down but he felt fingers instead. “Breathe, Reid. I don’t want you passing out.”

“Why would I…” Spencer stopped speaking as he felt something strange at the head of his cock. By the time that he figured out it was Hotch’s ass, the head was inside the man. Spencer closed his sightless eyes, screwing them shut at the same time he gulped in a mouthful of air. He jerked on the cuffs, wanting to touch. He’d have been fine with never fucking Hotch. The man didn’t see him as less for taking his cock up his ass and Spencer enjoyed it. But to not see his face for this. Spencer keened as he bottomed out inside of Hotch. He’d imagined it but reality was so much better than his fantasies.

“Breathe.” Hotch started a rhythm of up and down that had Spencer barely able to breathe. He was so hot and tight around his cock. Hotch clenched even tighter and Spencer gasped. Before he could close his lips, Hotch’s tongue was there. There was nothing that Spencer could do. He wanted to touch. To grip. Hotch got to touch. He gripped Spencer’s hair tilting, his head back. He all but fucked his mouth as his cock moved in his ass.

Spencer shifted his arms and found he could just reach the tether on his left hand with his right. He worked the leather around to where the knot was in his fingertips. He didn’t realize the change in Hotch’s pace with his hips or his mouth until he felt a hand pull his left away.

“You can touch when you come. Now be a good boy and let me fuck myself on you.”

“Hotch,” Spencer croaked as his voice tried to give out. Hotch went back to trying to devour his mouth. He tried to jerk his head away from him but he was well and truly trapped. Unlike inside the shed though, that knowledge didn’t frighten him. He couldn’t get away. He was at Hotch’s mercy and didn’t want to be anywhere else. He’d rather be where he was than anywhere else.

Spencer’s entire body tensed as that thought made him come. His scream echoed around the room. As his body came down, Hotch was still riding him. He worked on the tether again. Just as he was getting too sensitive, Hotch pulled off him. He felt the breeze as the man moved behind. But he didn’t open the cuffs, just untied them. Spencer didn’t care.

Standing on shakey legs, Spencer reached around and found skin before grabbing him. Even with the blindfold on he knew where he was in the room. He shoved at Hotch and waited for the thump of body on bed, the squeal of bedsprings, and the whoosh of air out of Hotch’s lungs. He dropped to his knees and reached out, taking cock in hand. The weight of the cuffs on his hands felt good and he didn’t want to take them off. He didn’t want to stop to take off the blindfold either. He tongued at the head, his fingers felt how much Hotch had been leaking while fucking himself on Spencer’s cock.

No time was wasted as he first licked the head of Hotch’s cock and then took him all the way in. He hitched up one of Hotch’s legs over his shoulder. After his mouth adjusted to the feel of the cock inside of it, he started to work it back as far as he could. He may have come but he was still worked up.

Hotch was silent as Spencer sucked his cock and he wasn’t sure that it was a good thing. The blindfold stopped him from being able to look but he didn’t want to see now. He’d been blind since the start and he wanted to finish it that way. He could only guess that what he was about to do was something that wasn’t going to freak the other man out. He shifted and slid a hand down Hotch’s outer thigh until he hit ass cheek. He curved his hand inward and traced from top of crack to the bottom. Hotch jerked in his hold and he hummed around the flesh in his mouth. He could feel the lube that Hotch used to prepare himself and something else. He knew that the something else was his own release. He slid two fingers inside the other man, searching for his prostate.

A hand buried itself in his hair. “Reid, I’m close.” The hand moved back and there was a soft exclaimation of surprise as fingers touched the blindfold. Spencer gripped Hotch’s hip with one hand and when the cuff touched his skin, Hotch cried out and Spencer tasted the first bit of release on his tongue as he pulled back. He was shocked when Hotch sat up and pulled him off his cock. He floundered as he was shoved back onto the floor and the older man sat astride his hips. He felt wet hit his stomach as his arms were forced above his head and slammed onto the carpeted floor. His outcry was muffled with Hotch’s mouth and he tried to buck the man off of him but he just shifted his weight, holding on. Spencer reacted out of instinct. He was able to roll them. He ended up on top of Hotch.

“See, blindfolded and still you can fight me.” Hotch’s hands framed his face as he leaned up. “What do you say on blindfolds?”

“Don’t surprise me with this and we will be fine. No waking up blindfolded.”

“Close your eyes so I don’t blind you.”

Spencer did as asked and waited for the feel of the cloth to disappear. When it did, he blinked his eyes open and closed slowly until they were adjusted to the light. Hotch was seemingly content to stay under him. He thought about everything that Hotch had done. He’d planned this. His entire goal had been to get Spencer to feel fine about having a blindfold on. That he wasn’t powerless with one on. Even bound in a chair, he’d had the upper hand. One word and it would have stopped. Another and the blindfold would have come off. But being blindfolded in the safety of Hotch’s apartment and with Hotch was different than if he was blindfolded elsewhere.

“Are you staying tonight?” Hotch asked.

“You want me to.”

“That doesn’t answer my question, Reid.”

“Yes. I brought all of my things.”

“Good.” Hotch used his hands on his face to pull him back down into a kiss. His release was cooling on their skin but the man didn’t seem to care. They were back to kissing like teenagers on a couch but instead they were naked on Hotch’s floor. There was an easiness to this. Hotch shifted them to where he could get his legs under him, lifting Spencer up. Spencer expected to be dropped on the bed but he was carried into the bathroom where Hotch didn’t break the kiss once. Spencer was too worn out already or he was fairly certain that he’d be getting hard again. He was set on the counter and only then did the kiss break but just long enough for Hotch to speak. “Shower while I get the bed made up.”

“Okay.” Spencer didn’t pull out of the kiss much at all. Instead he broke it just long enough to speak. Hotch stayed longer than Spencer thought he would. He pulled back and then was gone. Spencer hopped into the shower. Now that the excitement of sex was over, his body wanted to crash. The case they had got back from had been a hard one. Hotch had formed a small attachment to the Escort that had been their UnSub and Spencer was sure that whatever happened to her as a child, Hotch felt a kin with.

Spencer barely remembered laying down in bed. He sort of remembered Hotch slipping into bed with him smelling fresh and clean. The older man wrapped his arms around him and settled down to sleep instantly. In the bright light of morning, Spencer knew why Hotch had started to stay the night, or for the few times he’d been at Hotch’s, he stayed the night there. Hotch had spent most of his adult life with Haley in his bed. It had to be an adjustment to not having someone in bed with him. Spencer was more than okay with helping him in that way. His adjustment to sleeping in a bed with someone had been quick. Quicker than what he ever thought that he would get used to it. He didn’t miss Hotch though when he was in bed alone. He tried to settle down and go back to sleep but the feel of Hotch’s heat along his back had his libido ramping up.

Hotch’s hand moved from his hip to his ass and then he was being pressed down on his front into the bed. The older man draped himself over him and he wondered if they were going to leave the bedroom for more than eating before he left on Sunday.

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