Title: Untitled
Series: FUCK NO!
Fandom: Criminal Minds,
Year: Season 6 (Spring 2011)
Tags: Canon Temporary Character Death, Alpha/Beta/Omega Dynamics, Knotting, Canon Character Death, MPreg, Angst, Child Loss,
Ratings: NC-17
Pairings: Aaron Hotchner/Spencer Reid, Emily Prentiss/Penelope Garcia, JJ Jareau/Will LaMontagne Jr, past Aaron Hotchner/Haley Hotchner,
Characters: Spencer Reid, Aaron Hotchner
Spoilers: Up to Season 7
Summary: Aaron and Spencer have both been hiding what they are. Now it’s come to bite Aaron in the ass and Spencer’s there to help him out.
Notes: Goes AU after S6E20 Hanley Waters
Warnings: Child Death (Not Jack),

The day before Aaron turned thirteen he knew. His body had been changing for weeks. He’d known what he was going to be for years. He’d been preparing for it since he was seven and he figured it out. All of his allowance was spent stockpiling the drugs needed for him to pass as a Beta. He planned and made sure that he would have enough to do him through high school graduation. The Beta he’d bought the pills off of thought he was buying them for his mother. An unbonded Omega wasn’t allowed to buy suppressors. There was a thriving black market for the pills and Aaron had found the man by following one of the boys on the football team. He just had to survive until he escaped to college and never let his father know that he was an Omega. If his father ever found out, he was dead.


Spencer sighed as he felt the pill finally start to take affect. He could feel the testosterone in his body ramping down. He still had the pheromone suppressor in his body but the two wouldn’t interact. He’d already tested that ad nauseam. The suppressors were hard to get a hold of. Generally only certain professions were given them. Doctors, cops, lawyers, and other where the smell of an Alpha might not be good. The suppressors only worked on masking his smell. This would help with his urges as puberty fully set in him. Thankfully, an Alpha, puberty started at thirteen and lasted to seventeen. He’d have to play up it lasting add he wanted to hide as a Beta but he knew he could do it.

The pill had been tried on an Alpha jock who was dating a Omega named Stacy in Spencer’s Chem class. For the days, Stacy wanted nothing to do with the jock. Spencer had called it a success and given him the pill that would start a rapid detox. The pill a week but Spencer planned to play with it to make it last longer.

Spencer opened his eyes, looking forward to life again. No more fights to show he was an Alpha. No more being mocked for how skinny he was. He was free finally.


It was after the grief assessments that Spencer noticed that something was changing with Hotch. As much as the pills changed his scent, Spencer had known since Haley’s funeral that Hotch was an Omega. He’d come back from his time off rundown. Spencer had only seen that level of tiredness and run downness in Omegas after their first heat. Spencer had kept a close eye. On long cases, he figured out when Hotch was taking his suppressors and had made sure no one else noticed. It was always with dinner and he was good at hiding it but Spencer knew to look for. He knew what hiding what one was looked like.

Spencer’s status as an Alpha was known to a few. His mother, Lila Archer, John his sponsor, and two Omegas who were now bonded to other men. Lila knew because he’d been visiting her when a heat came on. It was the first time that he’d been around an Omega in heat that wasn’t his mother and even his own suppressors weren’t enough to hide what he was from her. He’d stayed through her heart but hadn’t helped her. She always went through her heats alone but she wanted to make sure he could stay hidden. Her house was equipped with a room that even he couldn’t break into. For three days he’d been tortured with the scent of an Omega in heat and hadn’t been able to do a thing except jerk off.

Things had changed since Spencer had been a child. Omegas who were unbonded were able to get suppressors now and it had changed so much. There was still the that saw them second class but Omegas shown to capable hold down any job an Alpha could hold. The field of Doctor been flooded with Omegas in that past decade. He didn’t know why Hotch was still hiding but he respected his choice. Still he took care him without losing Hotch know he was doing it. Any overt signs of dominance speed by him but Spencer had always cared for the team. By this point no one second guessed it. He even cared for the two known Alphas on the team. Spencer’s heart when he remembered there was only one now. Prentiss was dead and she’d left a hole in the team. Her Omega was only work because if she spent too much time alone, she’d go insane. Morgan had stepped up to care for Garcia. Rossi kept a respectful distance as being around a non familial Alpha in a mourning time looked upon. Being around her made Spencer ache in ways he’d never known he could.

Spencer waited until Hotch was mostly done with his cup of coffee he went to fill his own and grabbed a fresh one for older man. He stopped to grab two files he was finished with but wanted to discuss with him. He knocked, the was a hesitance before called for him come in. When he door, a single smell filled his and it was another Alpha. His entire body went rigid and had to force himself to move. He covered by almost dropping the files.

“Morning, Hotch.”

“Morning.” Hotch didn’t even look up from his file until Spencer set down the coffee. The scent of Hotch was cleaner now and Spencer was to figure out who the alpha was. Jack was emerging. Given that his mother a Beta it was rare to emerge that early except that his father was an unbonded Omega. After his own father had left, Spencer had emerged. Hell be and Jack were damn close in age.

“What’s wrong? You normally smile when I bring you coffee and discuss interesting cases.”

“Jack is acting up and I don’t know what to do about it.”

Spencer leaned forward, giving off worry. The game of playing Betas meant them not giving away they knew what was up with Jack. There was no way Hotch didn’t know and Spencer could smell it. Rossi was needed. Thankfully biology protected blood relatives from reacting to the pheromones of each other. Hotch’s next heat would only trigger protectiveness in Jack. “Is something going on at school?”

“No, he’s settled into classes just fine. Skipping two grades as helped him so much with not being bored. He gets along with his new classmates.”

A knock disrupted him but Hotch called for whoever it was to enter. Rossi opened the site and leaned in. “Who is the new Alpha?”

“New Alpha? There is no…” Hotch trailed off as inhaled quickly. His eyes narrowed.

“Jack is emerging!” Rossi stepped fully inside and shut the door. He moved right into Hotch’s personal space and took a deeper breath. “His pheromones are all you. How has the school not caught this?”

“Too many other kids emerging?” Spencer said with a frown. Jack was in seventh grade, the normal grade for emergence. He was in a sea of hormones. Hotch had come from a family of Alphas. His father and brother were both Alphas. Aaron’s mother had been an Omega who died in an Alpha challenge. The man had then married a Beta to sire Sean. That Hotch hid what he was while his father was alive wasn’t a shock. It was the after his father died that shocked Spencer. He still hid and he hid so much that it seemed he’d never had a heat before the one after Haley’s death. “My school watched me like a hawk given I was so much younger.”

“That would explain him acting up. I’ll take him in for testing when he gets out of school today. His doctor does walk in testing for it.” Hotch slumped down in his seat like he was relieved. He was the consummate liar. Rossi settled in and Spencer brought up the cases he’d brought with him. By lunch, Hotch was relaxed and and ready face the day.

Spencer kept an eye on him over the weeks that followed. He knew something besides Jack was bothering him. Then the news that he was being sent to Pakistan sent him into a tailspin.

When the Friday before he was due to ship or arrived with Rossi telling the team that Jack was sick and Hotch staying home, Spencer knew that he had to do something. He slipped away from the bullpen and sent a text. He got back a number for a training room at the academy and a time.

John was sitting with a cup of coffee in hand and another on side of the table.

“Spencer, it’s been awhile since you’ve needed a talk during business hours when not on a case.”

“I need help and is going to cross a line. I know of an Omega who is hiding. They don’t know that I know. I think outside of his pack member I am the only who knows. He had been struggling for a little while and needs help. He is being away from his pack, his family and I think it might kill him.”

“Why are you coming to me?”

“You are John. I am Spencer. He is Aaron and needs help.”

John’s eyes became comically wide as he near choked on his coffee. Spencer calmly took a sip of his own.

“How long…?”

“Since Haley’s death. He came back worn out. Everyone else saw grief, I saw an Omega recovering from his first heat. I know things in confidence that I am not going to share with you. But if he had presented Omega in childhood, he’d have been killed. Jack is his pack. He’s scared of even coming out to the team. If he goes to Pakistan, I don’t know if he is going to come home.”

“There were others before him. I can pressure the Alpha to go. I didn’t want to send him but given new information. Is Aaron on a consult?”

“Jack is sick.”

“Monday he’ll get a call telling him someone else reconsidered.”

“Tuesday. If what I think is happening, is happening, he’ll be back Tuesday. As well I.”

“Are you sure that’s wise?” John wasn’t stupid. He knew exactly what Spencer was talking about.

“I can hide as a Beta even through his heat. He needs someone, even if he doesn’t think so.” Spencer had grown a lot since his first exposure to Lila’s heat. Two Omegas who had been rescued by Andi Swann and her team had been helped through their first and subsequent heats by Spencer. John had facilitated that. There was a small group of unbonded Alphas within the FBI that were used like that. It was always voluntary and even from the Omegas standpoint it was as well. The two that Spencer had been helping had been raised to be bred. They had been unbonded when their first heat had set in after turning eighteen and John had felt that there was no better Alpha than Spencer to try and help them through it. He’d learned with them how to not knot them. One had found a suitable Alpha at their work. The two men were happy. The other, a female, had found an Alpha while on her daily run. She was expecting her first child in two months.

“Stress and grief can triggers heats even on suppressants. First was after Haley’s death. I know that the team is going through some things but you and I both know that Aaron’s heat was brought on by more than grief.”

“Aaron was dealing with the loss of Haley, as well as the stress of becoming a single father plus the stress of his job. I know that something else is going on to cause his heat. He’s been working towards it for weeks. It’s not a sudden onset like his first. There has been a build up. I just haven’t figured out what’s wrong.” Spencer watched John’s face. He knew what was wrong with Hotch and he felt guilty. Spencer didn’t say anything else, he just stared at the man.

“A choice was made to protect the life of an Omega. The Omega’s Alpha went into hiding, making everyone who loved her think she was dead. Aaron and Emily made the choice for Penelope’s life. Doyle found out about Penelope during the fight with Emily. JJ facilitated her hiding but it was Aaron’s idea. The stress of that is what is causing his suppressors to fail.”

Spencer wanted to see red. He wanted to be angry. But John’s words sunk in. Prentiss was protecting Garcia. If he ever found an Omega worth revealing who he truly was for, he’d do anything to protect them. Garcia wouldn’t be able to fake the grief needed to make the world think her Alpha was dead. “Doyle would have killed her. He’d have hunted her down and killed her. The best decision was made. I’ll keep the secret but I’m going to tell Aaron that I know.”

“Maybe a secret shared will help Aaron. I’ll make sure your team is aware you won’t be in Monday possibly Tuesday. I don’t want to lose Aaron. He’s the best damned agent we have to lead your team.”

“I know he is. Tuesday, John.”

Spencer collected his bag and slipped out before anyone noticed him. He was glad he’d taken his car that day. He popped a dose of his quick acting suppressors and hoped Jack let him in.

The drive to Hotch’s house was barely memorable for Spencer. When Hotch had bought the house after Haley’s death, everyone else on the team had been shocked. Spencer hadn’t. Living in an apartment complex as a hiding Omega had to have been horrible. The neighbor he had was mated pair heavy. A safe place for an Omega with a child. Anyone even touched Jack, they would be dead. The house was beautiful.

Sitting in the car, he saw Jack peeking out of the curtains. Wasn’t sure the boy had ever seen his car before. That Hotch wasn’t there in a moment told Spencer that he was farther into his heat than he thought. Hotch had been an idiot for going into work the day before. He wasn’t shocked that Jack wasn’t in school. The in the boy wouldn’t allow his parent to go through this alone.

Spencer grabbed a sheet of paper and started to write down a list of things that Jack could go get from the small grocer down the street. It was a match to the shopping used to do when his mom went into heat. It was just tailored a little for him and Hotch. He had plenty of cash to cover it. Grabbing his bag, Spencer stepped out of the car. He scented the area and smelled nothing. Hotch had got the best air filtration system that money could buy. No one would be able to tell from outside that there was an Omega in heat inside. Jack dropped the curtain and Spencer knew would have a fight to get inside.

The knock sounded loud even to Spencer’s ears but no other sound came from inside.

“Jack open up.” Spencer waited but nothing. “You know what he needs and you know you can’t provide it. I promise if after he and I talk and he wants me gone, I’ll go.” Still nothing. Spencer sighed. He knew what would have to do and it made him feel a little sick to his stomach. “Jack open this door right now!”

Jack was an Alpha but he was all a child and he would submit to an adult that he saw as pack. And after the death of his mother, he’d clung to members of the team. His father’s team was pack even if Hotch didn’t see them that way. The latch sounded and Spencer slumped in relief. Jack looked at him confused but he let him in. Spencer slipped inside and shut the door. He hung his bag up and handed over the list. Jack looked at it.

“I know there is a store a few blocks down. This is what your father needs to help him.”

“Spencer, I’m worried.”

“I know Jack.” Spencer pulled his wallet from his pocket. He pulled out a hundred and handed it to Jack. He set the wallet down on stand by the door when he was done. “Get a few things for yourself. If you spend it all it’s fine. Your father has spent too long denying what he was and he’s regretting it. I promise that I’ll only do what he wants.”

“You’ve spent a long time too.”

“Hiding and denying are two very didn’t things.” Spencer wasn’t shocked Jack had figured it out. “I accepted what I was a long time ago and I don’t suppress the Alpha inside. I just got sick of fighting those who thought I wasn’t strong enough to be an Alpha. I promise that nothing will happen before you get back.”

“No. You take care of Dad. You won’t hurt him, Spencer.” Jack surprised him by pulling him into a hard hug. He could feel the tension in the small frame. Spencer gripped him back as hard.

“That list has enough random things on it no one will realize you are buying for a heat. With your things it won’t seem any than kid helping out. I left my wallet out. You can order in food for dinner. Just make sure to meet them outside.”

“Thank you. I was scared to even call Uncle Dave. After mom it was so bad. We’d just moved in. I stayed with Jessica during his heat. She was suspicious but never said a thing.”

“Your mother didn’t know?” Spencer knew he’d been hiding but he’d figured that his wife known. Jack just shook his head. “Go, Jack.”

The boy went out the front door, grabbing Hotch’s keys as he left. Spencer turned to look up the stairs. He braced himself for what was to come. Hotch not going to be as easy to convince. He started up the stairs and found Hotch’s room locked. He wasn’t shocked.

“Hotch, let me in.” Spencer made sure that Hotch could hear him. There was only silence. Spencer sighed and spoke louder. “Open the door Hotch or I will find a way in. I’ll will pick the lock or take the door off your choice.”

“Go away!” Hotch sounded horrible. Spencer’s heart ached for him.

“You know I’ve helped Omegas heats before. I’ve known what you were since you came back to work after your first heat Haley’s death. I’ve kept my mouth shut. It’s better for you to have someone help you. Let me do that. No one but the three of us will know.”

The sound of Hotch groaning carried through the door and Spencer stepped back so Hotch wasn’t crowded. When the door opened, Spencer was shocked to see him naked. His heat in full swing.

“You were stupid to go into work yesterday.”


“No. Jack is worried. You need to make a decision while you go shower.” Spencer could smell the mix of coworkers’ scents on him. He didn’t like it. The quicker those scents were gone, the easier it would be to control his Alpha side. “You decide what you want.”

“I…” Hotch’s eyes were unfocused but Spencer could see he was trying to think. He waited. “I’ve had anal sex before.”

“But not during a heat.” Spencer knew what he wanted to do but didn’t. Hotch was almost worse than a young adult Omega. The decisions had to be his own.

“Where is Jack?”

“Going to the store to some things. I padded the list so that no one will guess.”

“How did you know what to get?”

“Mom had heats up until I was fifteen with no Alpha to help. I wasn’t bringing anyone in to help her. I learned what she needed and got it for her. I couldn’t always get her to take the suppressants her doctor prescribed. With illness, it was best she didn’t go into heat.” Spencer knew that Hotch needed something. He wouldn’t last through a shower alone without getting off. Spencer stepped close and brushed the tips of his fingers down the side of Hotch’s face. The man closed his eyes and leaned into it. His pheromones were getting stronger, even masquerading as a Beta meant that he was susceptible to them. Betas could fight the pheromones stronger than an Alpha. Even Alphas could fight them as Spencer was showing with not taking Hotch against the wall, by not sliding inside of him and knotting him. Alphas were not mindless beasts when an Omega was in heat. Only horrible Alphas used that argument and before twenty years ago it was believed. “I want to meet with Jack when he gets back so I’m going to stay dressed. Do you have condoms?”

Hotch shook his head no. Spencer tried to step back but Hotch followed him. He buried his nose into Spencer’s neck and keened. “Don’t go. I’m clean. Not been with anyone since Foyet attacked me and they tested me for everything under the sun.”

“I’m clean too. We can forgo condoms, even for penetration. I’m on the best birth control. Up until a few months ago I had two Omegas I helped when I was in town. It was best to have me on it. I just haven’t stopped it.”

Hotch whimpered as he nosed more at Spencer’s neck.

“Hand or mouth?” Spencer asked as he pulled them back into the door. He let his hands wander down Hotch’s sides before settling on his hips. Hotch arched into the touch. His fingers explored Hotch’s ass. He could feel the hard muscles from his running. He hoped that he was able to get the older man to fuck him before his need to be fucked got to strong. “Hotch?”


Spencer smiled as he leaned in to kiss Hotch. He kept his hands tight on hips to keep Hotch from rutting against him. He would need to send Jack after his go bag from the car. He should have brought it in but he hadn’t want to be too confrontational. Hotch’s mouth fell open and Spencer started to hardened as he dipped his tongue inside. There had always been a cursory attraction to Hotch. His intelligence, his care for the team, if he had ever showed a single ounce of interest in Spencer, even before he’d have found out he was an Omega, Spencer would have been all over him. There was no scientific reason that an Alpha couldn’t have a lasting, good relationship with a Beta. Propaganda had been tried before but it always fell through. There was also no proof that an Alpha and an Omega who bonded would stay in a loving relationship. Spencer’s parents were proof of that. Bond severance was on the rise again but it went through phases just like regular divorce.

When he knew that he had Hotch’s full attention, Spencer dropped down to his knees. Hotch was leaking. He licked at the head of his cock to get the drop of fluid there. Hotch whimpered at the touch. He brushed his nose against Hotch’s groin before licking a stripe up the hard cock. He took the flesh into his mouth next. The door rattled and he looked up. Hotch was leaning into it and his hands were in fists. Spencer let the cock slip from his mouth and reached up to pull the Omega’s arms down. He arched up into the one that he settled onto his hair. The fingers uncurled and buried in his locks, pulling tight when he moaned. Hotch was fighting himself still. He’d need to break down his walls.

Spencer ducked his head back down and took one of Hotch’s balls into his mouth. The Omega jerked and pushed him into the door a little. Internally, Spencer smiled as he laved the ball. The hand in his hair tightened and pulled him away.


“Okay,” Spencer whispered before he took the cock back into his mouth. He pulled the older man’s free hand to where his fingers would brush Spencer’s lips as the hard flesh disappeared in and out of his mouth. When Hotch started to fuck his mouth, Spencer released the hand and gripped his ass cheeks. He used his hands to guide the Omega in and out of his mouth. The head of his cock brushed the back of Spencer’s mouth and he tried to pull out all the way but Spencer pulled him all the way back in and forced him down his throat some. Learning to deep throat hadn’t been hard. It wasn’t something a lot of Alphas felt they needed to learn but Spencer enjoyed it.

Moaning around Hotch’s cock, Spencer let him know that he liked it. More tension bleed from the Omega’s body and Spencer knew what would get rid of the last of it. He could smell how wet Hotch was. He swallowed the head of his cock and then swiped the tips of his fingers from both hands down the crack of Hotch’s ass. The hand in his hair tightened and the other one pulled away from his mouth. Spencer watched as Hotch braced himself on the wall. Spencer pulled one hand back to direct Hotch using his ass cheek but dipped the other between his cheeks. He breached him with his thumb and barely had time to fight Hotch’s hold and pull back. The Omega came with a sharp cry and Spencer swallowed every drop of his release. Hotch slumped down, trying to crawl into his lap. Spencer shifted to where he could.

“Okay. That’ll hold you off for a while. Go and take a nice long shower. After I talk to Jack, I’ll be back in. If you are still in the shower do you want me to wait out here or join you?” Every Omega was different. Some wanted someone with them at all times, some didn’t want someone with them in the shower and some just wanted a person to fuck them when needed and out of the room the rest of the time.

The emotions played over Hotch’s face and Spencer waited. He needed to let him make his own decisions as much as possible before he was fully at the mercy of his needs. He also needed to make sure that the ones he did make were in Hotch’s best interest instead of his own. The older man’s mouth opened and shut. He nodded. “Join me.”


Hotch trapped his face with his hands and kissed him. Spencer allowed it for as long as he could. Hotch seemed to know that he needed to go because he broke the kiss first. He stood on shaky legs and moved to the ensuite.

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