Title: Untitled
Fandom: Criminal Minds
Year: Season 10
Tags: First Time, False Rape Accusation,
Ratings: PG-13
Pairings: Aaron Hotchner/Spencer Reid, Spencer Reid/OFC
Spoilers: Up Through Season 10
Summary: There were the MPD officers with guns trained on him and two detectives. “You are under arrest.” One of the detectives stepped closer and Spencer raised his hands.
Notes: None
Warnings: None

Spencer took in a breathe of fresh air as the team exited the restaurant. Morgan and JJ were laughing at a story Rossi was telling. They had finished up a day of paperwork and fled the office as soon as they could. JJ had his bag in hand while he slipped on his light jacket.

“Spencer Reid?” A voice called out.

“Yes?” Spencer said as he looked up. There were the MPD officers with guns trained on him and two detectives.

“You are under arrest.”

One of the detectives stepped closer and Spencer raised his hands. “I am armed. Right front hip. Revolver.”

“Do you have a permit for it?”

“It’s my service gun. My badge is in my back pocket. What are the charges?” Spencer stayed still while the detective took his gun.


“RAPE?” Morgan, JJ, Kate, and Garcia screamed at at the same time. Hotch and Rossi held them back.

“Reid is under my command I need to secure his gun,” Hotch said.

“Who are you?”

“Unit Chief Aaron Hotchner of the FBI’s BAU.”

“He’s a fed?” One of the officer’s said.

“You didn’t know that?” Rossi asked.

“Reid, go with them. Don’t say anything. I’ll talk to Strauss and then be there as your lawyer. Don’t say a word.” Hotch stared at Spencer until nodded.

The detective handed over Spencer’s gun to Hotch who handed it to Morgan. JJ kept his bag back and Spencer was happy. He didn’t want the MPD going through his things. It was bad enough that he was being handcuffed. He swallowed hard at the feel of the cold metal wrapped around his wrists. He tried not to let the smell of burning fish guts and hearts fill his nose.

“Reid,” Hotch’s voice was soft and Spencer opened his eyes. He looked at his boss. “You’ll be fine.” Spencer nodded. Hotch turned to the detective. “Do not handcuff shift his handcuffs to the front. He will have a flashback and will fight you.”

“Thank you for telling us,” the second detective said as he stepped up to Spencer’s other side and started to direct him towards the car. After closing the door, the detectives moved to the front of the unmarked car and slid inside. His rights were read to him and he acknowledged them.

The first detective was driving. As he pulled onto the road, he turned to the other man. “Feds. I’m not that shocked. They think they can do anything.”

“BAU though. Do you really think he did it?”

Spencer turned them out, holding his mouth closed on the statistics of the various forms of law enforcement that turned into UnSubs. It wouldn’t help him.

An hour later Spencer was in an interrogation room, his hands still behind his back. The first detective was the one in the room with him. Waiting for Hotch.

“What’s taking him so long?” the detective asked.

“He’s probably having a chat with our Section Chief and discussing whether he can handle the case alone or if he’ll need a Bureau lawyer to join with him. Hotch has kept his credentials up for the DC area for this reason.”

“Your team get into trouble?”

“We had an UnSub try and pin a murder on at least two different teams members over the years.”

“Who were the other people with you?”

“The rest of our team.”

The second detective stepped into the room with a file. “Are you SSA Doctor Spencer Reid?”


“DOB October ninth nineteen eighty one?”


There was a look between the two men and Spencer couldn’t wholly place it. He didn’t know enough about them to figure it out.

“Do you think you are better than everyone? Kid wonder who gets into the FBI and the best unit there? Do you think that means that you can do whatever you want? Whoever you want?”

“I’ll wait for my lawyer.”

It continued like that for another half an hour. They asked him question after question without him answering a single one. None were about who he had supposedly raped or even the date. They were trying to wear him down and he didn’t care. A knock sounded on the door and Hotch stepped in. Spencer swallowed at the sight. Hotch had changed into one of his court suits. One of the ones that said that he was powerful and better. If he’d been anywhere else, Spencer would have been hard as a rock but the feel of the cuffs on his wrists and being on the other side of the table killed any mood that tried to happen.


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