EAD-A/S/R Collared

Title: Untitled
Series: Please Gods NO!
Fandom: Criminal Minds, X-Men
Year: Season 6 (2010)
Tags: BDSM, Bondage, Gags, Collars, Remy LeBeau Is a Little Shit, Threesome, D/s, Doms, Subs,/
Ratings: NC-17
Pairings: Aaron Hotchner/Remy LeBeau/Spencer Reid, Will LaMontagne/JJ Jareau, Derek Morgan/Penelope Garcia/Emily Prentiss, David Rossi/Erin Strauss, Past Aaron Hotchner/Remy LaBeau/Haley Brooks, Past Aaron Hotchner/Haley Brooks,
Spoilers: Up Through Season 6
Characters: Aaron Hotchner, Remy LeBeau, Spencer Reid, David Rossi, Derek Morgan, Emily Prentiss, Penelope Garcia, JJ Jareau, Erin Strauss,
Summary: For years Aaron and Remy have shared subs but never found one that would take both of their collars. Now they have but can they keep up with Doctor Spencer Reid?
Notes: None
Warnings: Graphic Depictions of Violence,

Aaron was sitting at a table, guarding his and Remy’s drinks while the mutant was dancing with a whole group of Subs and Switches. He’d stopped trying to keep track of who Remy was dancing with and instead just kept an eye on him. The rest of the team was scattered around. Dave was at the bar chatting up the uncollared Sub who was serving the drinks. JJ was dancing with her husband and Dom, Will. Prentiss and Garcia were dancing with Morgan. That was a relationship that he’d never be able to understand but the three of them were happy. And all three Agents were better settled into their jobs.

The team was at the club undercover. There was a Sub who was killing Doms at the club and tonight the UnSub was going to strike again. Aaron’s eye was on the Sub sitting at the far end of the bar. He was dressed in a purple silk shirt and a pair of black slacks. The Sub was beautiful. Aaron saw no mark for training but given that many Subs were hiding them nowadays, it wasn’t a shock. Aaron could see Remy and him having a great deal of fun with the Sub. He’d look even more beautiful all tied up and at Aaron’s mercy.

Aaron shifted in his seat; he needed to keep his mind on the job and not on the beautiful Sub at the bar. His eyes made another sweep of the club and when they came to look at Dave, the Sub was gone. Aaron tried to find him but he was lost in the crowds.

“Dave, the Sub at the bar, in the purple. Where did he go?” Aaron spoke into the mic at his cuff.

Dave’s head popped up and looked around. Aaron watched his eyes and noticed when Dave had spotted him. The Sub was dancing with Remy now. It didn’t take long to see that Remy had turned his entire attention to him. The other Subs and Switches were all put out but started to try and find others in the crowd. Making another scan of the room, Aaron spotted a Sub at the edge of the floor, someone who had been in the crowd with Remy. His training mark was displayed on his face. Morsus. His eyes were on Remy and the Sub and there was anger there. Morgan’s eyes were on him as well. Prentiss was nowhere in sight and Aaron didn’t like it. The Morsus Sub made his way across the dance floor and stepped up to Remy, pushing the other Sub out of the way. As soon as the two Sub’s skin touched, Aaron watched as the first Sub’s eyes flashed and he smiled. The Sub was a mutant.

The entire team was focused on what was brewing up to be a fight between two Subs over a Dom. It was rare for that to happen but not unheard of. Aaron was up from his seat as was Dave and they made their way to the middle of the dance floor where no one was dancing anymore.

“I’ve been dancing with him all night!” The Morsus Sub screamed. A knife was in his hand and before Remy could even react, the knife was in the Mutant Sub’s stomach. The Mutant grabbed the other Sub’s hand and held the blade there while Remy finally reacted and pulled out his cuffs. He grabbed the Morsus Sub and pulled him away as Prentiss caught the Mutant as he fell. She tried to hold the knife in but he ripped it out. There was blood everywhere.

Aaron ran and dropped to the side of the Sub, trying to keep as much blood in his body as possible. The Mutant laughed. Was he already going into shock?

“You’ll find the DNA of the other Doms on the blade I am sure. He doesn’t clean his blade well. I could see blood on the hilt. Before mine got all over it.”

“Why did you pull the blade out?” Prentiss exclaimed.

“Because I can’t heal with it inside of me.” The Sub’s hand was strong as it pulled Aaron’s hand away. He looked down and while there was blood all over, there was no gaping wound. “He’d had his eyes on the Mutant Dom all night long and I knew what his plan was.”

“You can read minds too?” Morgan asked.

“No. Body language and behavior. I didn’t think that you all would be watching me and missing him.” The Sub smiled as he tried to stand but Aaron and Prentiss were still a little close. He ended up scooting back some and then standing.

“Who are you?” Dave asked.

“You can call me Spencer.”

“Spencer…” Remy asked. The locals had escorted the UnSub away, leaving the BAU to deal with what happened.

“Are you asking as a Dom or as a Federal Agent?”

That got everyone but Aaron laughing. When Aaron cleared his throat the team stopped. Morgan pulled Prentiss up to her feet and started to back away. Pulling Garcia with him. Dave stayed but JJ and Will followed Morgan and the girls.

“My name is Doctor Spencer Reid. I’m sorry. I’m a little…I get mouthy when I get injured.” Spencer ducked his head down and his entire body language changed to submissive. “My friends say that it has to do with the endorphins and the rush of healing.”

“Ain’t y’ a little young ta be a doctor?”

Aaron knew exactly where Remy’s mind was going. Intelligence was a big attractor to the both of them. There were a lot of Subs who didn’t care to educate themselves outside of their dynamic and pleasure training. For this young Sub to have got himself so much education, his parents had to have been big supporters of him.

“PhDs. Four of them.”

Aaron let his eyes widen in shock. That was a great deal of degrees for someone so young and submissive. “In what?”

“Mathematics, Chemistry, and Engineering. I have BAs in Psychology and Sociology.” Spencer’s tone was easy and informational. There was no boasting in his words, even though given his age, he should be damned proud of what he had got done in his life so far.

“And de fourth?” Remy asked.


That shocked Aaron more than the others. A PhD in Dynamics takes at least five years of study after earning other degrees. It was inclusive and it took a great deal of devotion. The Sub or Dom that went on that path spent a year at each of the main houses and learned all that they could of Domination and Submission, no matter their own dynamic. This Sub could probably teach more about domination than most Doms. It spoke to his love of learning. That also meant that he had made the decision to get that degree before he’d done his pleasure training as one had to be a blank slate before starting it. He was shocked that he hadn’t been collared right after getting that PhD as every other Sub who completed the degree was. In fact, Aaron had looked it up once. There had never been a Sub who had earned that mark and hadn’t been collared before graduation.There was a single Dom and a single Sub who were accepted into it each year. How the hell had this Sub escaped getting collared?

“Is that how you figured out who our suspect was?” Aaron asked. There was no way that Spencer had missed that Aaron was interested in him.

“No. That was just understanding humans in general. I knew the BAU was on the case but I know that at current there is only a single Sub on the team. Ethan, the third victim, was a close friend of mine.”

“From New Orleans. Was he up here visiting you?”

“No. He was here for a concert. The all Sub choir that performs at Georgetown, trying to find a replacement singer for the bar he owns in New Orleans.”

“We knew that. What other ability do you have?”

“So you saw the flash of my eyes?” Spencer smiled and gave a small laugh. “I can borrow powers. It’s not dangerous to the person I borrow them from and I can choose if I do borrow them. The current power I am borrowing is one from a Dom who wouldn’t take no for an answer. His ability is illusions. The UnSub of yours, he has the ability to create live butterflies that die five minutes later. He was ridiculed as a teen for it and when the bullies found out he was a Sub as well…It’s what made him snap. As to his stressor…That I am unsure on.”

“Y’ know de lingo.”

“There is little in the world I don’t know a little bit about.”

The lust that he’d been feeling for the Sub earlier when watching him was coming back, strong. Aaron needed to get away from Spencer before he did something that wouldn’t be good.

“LeBeau, get his statement and contact information.”

“You have my contact information, Agent Hotchner. It’s on your desk along with my application to join your unit.”

“What was this? An audition?” Aaron looked at the Sub. There was a flash of something his eyes but then it was gone. Aaron respected Subs and when in the workplace, there was no need for submissive behavior. His dynamic was better fed in the bedroom and not in the office. If this Sub backed down right now, he wasn’t needed on the team. He was harder than any LEO or other agent that Spencer would ever encounter. If this man could stand up to him, he could stand up to them and get his point across.

“No. I was just having fun with friends when I noticed that the Sub had a lock on Mr. LeBeau here. I never thought he’d draw a knife. I came over to dance with him to try and force him into trying to get Mr. LeBeau separate from all of us. He had been dancing in the crowd on and off all night. He did not react the way I predicted. If I had approached any of you and told you that he was your UnSub what would you have done?”

Aaron knew what he would have done. He’d have watched Spencer more closely and probably missed the real UnSub until he’d already stuck a knife in Remy’s gut. That stopped Aaron cold. Remy and he had made their confessions of love years before but both of them were Doms and there was no chance of either of them ever submitting enough to the other to satisfy their dynamics. Instead, they shared Subs. They lived in the same house and on occasion slept in the same bed. They’d even fucked before but it was never enough. They needed a Sub they could share. Someone who would want to be collared by two Doms.

“I know that I have several files on my desk. With three Doms, three Switches, and a single Sub, I’ve been pressured to find a Sub for the team. Agent LeBeau will take your statement and then if your friends aren’t around one of the LEOs will escort you home.”

“Of course, Agent Hotchner.” The way the Sub caressed his name had him hardening in his pants. It sounded as sexual as when a Sub called him Sir or Master. He didn’t like Master but with some Subs it just came off their tongue when in the middle of a scene. Remy tightened his leather coat across his front and Aaron knew that he was having the same reaction. The look on Spencer’s face said that he knew the effect he was having and he was enjoying it. “We can go back to the table and settle in, Agent LeBeau.”

Spencer turned and moved towards the table.

“Better have Prentiss join Remy at de table. It might be safer, yea?” Remy’s eyes were in exactly the same spot that Aaron’s were. On Spencer’s ass. The slacks were just tight enough that the cloth showed off the swell of his ass but wasn’t skin tight. It just made him all the hotter in Aaron’s eyes.

“Not Dave?”

“I’m more scared o’ Prentiss dan of Rossi. De kid will eat Rossi alive. Not exactly sure he ain’t gonna eat me alive.” The Mutant didn’t look like it was a bad thing.


Remy sat down at the table where Spencer had taken a seat. The Sub was twirling the straw in what had been Aaron’s drink. It was what looked like a Jack and Coke just there wasn’t a drop of Jack in it.

“Who are we waiting on?” Spencer asked, his voice pitched low so that no one but Remy could hear.


Spencer chuckled and it wasn’t hard to see the laughter in his eyes. “I’ve always put Doms ill at ease since I started my Universus training. Especially since I turned down every collar offered.”

“How many collars is that, Doctor Reid?” Emily asked as she sat down beside Remy. Remy smiled at the Switch happy to have her there. He wasn’t scared of Spencer but he was scared of what he could say or do. He was in control of himself but he flirted as easy as he breathed and he hadn’t felt a strong natural attraction to anyone outside of Aaron in a long time. Right now in the limbo time of his application sitting on Aaron’s desk but not yet on the team, was about the only time that neither Aaron nor him could go after him. Once the decision was made for him to join the team or not, the pursuit could happen.

“My mother turned down seventeen before I turned eighteen.”

“That many?” Emily asked.

“I was in my sixth year of college then. I graduated high school at twelve and as soon as I did I applied for the Universus track. I knew that I wouldn’t be allowed to do it until I turned eighteen but I wanted to make sure that I had the spot. Three members of the board offered conditional collars to me before the interview was done. I started on the Cal-Tech campus just before I turned thirteen. I had my first doctorate by seventeen and two more plus two BAs before I turned twenty.”

“Dat had t’ be hard.”

“Doms wanted me as a prize. It’s why I remained uncollared.” Spencer turned to look Remy fully in the face. “It’s why the Dom or Doms that collar me are going to have to prove they want me for more than just my pretty face and my ability to be a trophy Sub.”

Remy gulped. That was a challenge if he’d ever seen on and he needed to tell Aaron soon. Emily started the interview. Taking Spencer back through the entire night while Remy his reactions and emotions under control. He asked his own questions as needed. There was something more to it though. He waited though to ask for when the cognitive interview was done.

“Y’r memory recall is astounding.”

“I have an IQ of 187, a reading speed of twenty thousand words per minute, and an eidetic memory. That would come in hand on cases, wouldn’t it? Agent Hotchner?” Spencer smiled at someone behind Remy and the Mutant turned slightly to see the other Dom standing there.

“It’s going to help in your interview. Section Chief Strauss will be getting a hold of all candidates in the morning. I’m sure that we will be seeing you soon. Did you two get everything you needed?”

“All that and more,” Emily said with a strange smile on her face.

“Then you are free to go Doctor Reid. Did your friends stay?”

“Yes. They outside waiting in the car.” Spencer slipped out of the booth and bowed his head slightly at Aaron and then Remy. He smiled at Emily. Derek watched him leave and Dave followed him to the door. After two minutes he turned and nodded at Aaron. The Sub had made it safely to his friends.

“What did you mean all that and more?”

“I know why Doctor Reid didn’t put down his Universus training on his application. He is proud of what he can do and he is proud of what he has done but he wants this job based on his ability to profile and that’s it. He was born submissive; he was born with his IQ, his reading speed, and his eidetic memory. If this was a few hundred years ago, he’d have been collared to a king or a statesman and used until his brain broke. We’ve been careful tonight. It was obvious that JJ and Will were a couple, the collar on her neck gave it away. Morgan, Garcia, and I danced with each other but we danced with others more. Rossi stayed at the bar, you and Remy swapped off sitting at the table, ‘guarding’ the drinks. Yet somehow he figured out that you and Remy are a couple Hotch. Even though it’s just this side of taboo. He saw that. He also knew that the three of us were a triad.”

“Wouldn’t his Doctorate show up on de background check?”

“No,” Aaron said. He’s looked up so much on that degree when he’d been younger. “There are only a few that have access to the records of who gets that degree. It’s been that way forever. It’s done that way in fear of someone forcing a collar on the Sub or forcing the Dom to collar someone they don’t want. His other degrees would have shown up as well as a note that for more information, they need to see whichever house the Sub applied to for the degree. There are a whole bunch of other reasons that their file would be flagged that way. I have one because while I was marked by Adligo, I completed enough sessions at Perdisco to gain their Mark as well. All I’d have to do is go to the school and get it done.”

“That’s rare right?” Emily asked and Remy nodded before Aaron could do or say anything.

“I was able to do all the sessions during summer and breaks as soon as I started college and I finished the last Perdisco one just before taking the bar exam.”

“So are we good? We can pack up, because we all need sleep. And my bed is ten minutes away.”

Remy laughed. Local cases were sometimes worse. When one knows their bed is so close but they can’t sleep in it due to the case. It was something that Remy was used to after his years with the X-Men. Of course, no one outside the team knew that. Remy had made sure when he’d finally started the process to join the FBI that he couldn’t be connected with the X-Men. The only person he kept in contact with was Logan. There were those he missed but he wouldn’t ever go back. This was his life now and he was happier here than he’d ever been.

“You guys go ahead. Dave and I’ll take care of trying to get a confession. Remy’ll stay with me.”

Remy could see the slight fear in the other Dom’s eyes. Spencer’s words had struck pretty close to his heart when he’d asked what they would have done. It was a forgone conclusion that if that had happened, no one would have focused on the UnSub until he’d already tried to hurt Remy and in the club, his charm wasn’t that great at picking out single emotions from strangers outside of a large blaring intent sign that could have come from anywhere. Aaron and Remy were connected more than Remy had ever felt with anyone else, even Rogue. He’d been willing to be different than what he had been for her. Rogue was a Switch and Remy had been in love, or so he thought. What he felt for Aaron ran so much deeper and stronger than any emotion he’d ever had for her. He wasn’t going to be allowed too far from Aaron for a while.

Of course, if they were going to start courting Spencer, there would be little time apart anyway. If Spencer was anything like he had been tonight all the time, he was going to be perfect for the both of them. Neither him or Aaron wanted a weak little Sub. That he’d applied to the BAU meant he’d passed the academy. He was smarter than Remy could even comprehend. And he was beautiful.

Their dreams until they finally got the Sub in bed were going to be rough. Remy knew that he had a good imagination and he knew that Aaron’s was exceptional as well. Need was written all over Aaron’s body so Remy made plans for the night before they finally allowed themselves to crash.


Aaron was happy to come home. There had been enough evidence to try the Sub for his crimes but a confession was always best when it was crimes between a Sub and a Dom. The lawyer that the Sub had asked for had looked at his crimes as well as the evidence and had talked him into confessing it all. Aaron and Dave had sat in on a four hour confession.

“Do y’ want me to call Lisette?” Remy asked as he stepped in and shut the door. It was close to midnight but Lisette would still be awake. If she hadn’t secured a Dom for the night, she’d come over for some play but that wasn’t what Aaron wanted.

Wiping a hand over his face, Aaron turned to face Remy.

“I know. Y’ want de boy. Mais I want de boy too but y’ know we can’t touch him until his application is processed. We are gonna have t’ settle for fucking each other or calling Lisette tonight cause Remy is too tired to go seduce a Sub.”

Aaron laughed and the smile on Remy’s face told him that it was the Cajun’s point. Just that laugh released most of his tension. The only tension left wasn’t going to go away unless he fucked something or did he want Remy to fuck him?

“What do y’ want, Aaron?”

“I’m too tired to even try seducing Lisette tonight.”

“So y’ t’ink y’ gonna fuck Remy ‘cause he’s easy?” Remy’s grin broadened on his face, to cut the sting of the words. Aaron stepped closer, catching the slightly taller man’s hair and pulling the band out of it.

“You’ll always spread your legs for a good fuck, LeBeau but tonight I think I’m going to have you fuck me.”

“Y’ say de sweetest t’ings.” Remy pulled Aaron in for a kiss. It was always so strange at first to kiss Remy. There was no give. It was a fight the entire time. But it got his blood boiling. Teeth clashed and hands roamed. Remy started to pull back but Aaron wasn’t ready to stop. He followed right after him. The husky chuckle from the Dom told Aaron that Remy was playing with him. “We ain’t fucking in the living room, Hotchner. I may be easy but I want a bed.”

Aaron chuckled back and leaned in again for a kiss but Remy shoved at his chest.

“Y’ get y’r ass up in de bed. Naked and stretched while I lock up.” A hand came down on Aaron’s ass and it stung but Aaron didn’t strike back. Instead he started to undo his tie. When it was loosened enough for him to tug it off, he slung it around Remy’s neck.

“Keep that on. I want to see you stride into the room naked except for my tie.” Aaron knew he’d do it too. Turning quickly up the stairs, Aaron bypassed the two bedrooms at the front and ignored the shut door to the master bedroom. When he’d bought this house and moved into a few years back, he’d have sworn he’d found a Sub to collar by then. Instead he fell for a snarky assed Cajun Dom. Of course, he hadn’t found a Sub he’d be happy with in that time either.

The door to Remy’s room was shut but Aaron always kept his open. He went straight for his room. Subs that were brought into the house were never taken to the master bedroom. Instead they were taken to the basement where their full play room was. It was divided into two rooms. There was the main room where Aaron’s favorite things were. Ropes and chains lined the walls. There were shelves with toys and implements but while Remy and Aaron liked a little pain in their play, they didn’t use it overly much. The smaller room was set up with a king sized bed and it was more Remy’s domain. It had a great deal more toys as well as the equipment to clean the toys. There were hooks and such for bindings but not as much as in the main room.

It had been a while since they’d had a Sub that would allow Remy to use his Mutant ability with them. Remy’s main ability was to kinetically charge items to cause them to explode. After another Mutant had got their hands on him and tried to experiment, the Dom had come away with a new twist on his powers. He could still cause things to explode but he could also tune his charge to turn more towards electricity. Anything he touched could become a stun weapon or in the case of their play, a toy that gives off electricity close to a violet wand. Aaron didn’t like it but he knew some Subs that adored it. He liked the result of what Remy did though and he loved watching it.

Stripping took no time at all. The lube was out on the nightstand already. As were condoms but those weren’t going to used. Neither of them played and took risks but when it was just the two of them, the feel of skin on skin helped calm them. The next weekend they had off, they were going to find a Sub to share for the weekend. They both needed a good long, hard fuck with a Sub.

Aaron started to stretch himself as he thought about Lisette. She was a widowed Sub who lived down the road with her three children. All the Doms on the street kept an eye on her and the unattached ones topped her when she wanted. The children moved around from house to house as wanted, playing with other children and getting watched when Lisette wanted time to herself or was entertaining. The Ardor Sub was only thirty three, young enough to still catch the eye of a good Dom but she’d never take another collar. Ardor Subs and Doms collared for life. Lisette still wore the collar of her Dom and the only time it came off was when she would need to clean it. Aaron was the only one who had that honor. He’d place her secondary collar on her neck and then remove the other so she could clean it. Hell he was her emergency contact for her and the kids. Her husband and Dom had been in Boston with him. He’d been one of the agents to loose their life in the bombing by Adrian Bale. As soon as his insurance money had been awarded to her as well as her husband’s money from the FBI, she’d moved down to Virginia. Aaron had known Albert from Seattle and it was then that Aaron had been made the emergency contact for the family if he was not reachable.

Hearing Remy’s feet on the stairs, Aaron was a little shocked. The former thief usually made no sound. Aaron dropped the lube on the pillow and bent over the bed a little, his fingers still buried in his ass, balanced on one arm. He wasn’t going to be naked and on the bed like Remy wanted. He wanted fucked not dominated. There was no sound behind him but he didn’t dare turn. He knew the head games that Remy played with him and he played right back. The noise on the stairs to let him know that the Dom was coming but it was now too silent.

Aaron pulled his fingers free from his ass, trying to listen to breathing but there was nothing. Spreading his legs and settling more, Aaron got ready to look between his legs to see if he could see Remy’s feet when he felt a hand on the small of his back and then his entrance was being pressed against. He relaxed and Remy slid inside of him in one go. He groaned it had been too long since he’d been fucked. “I thought we were fucking in bed. You said you wanted a bed.”

“Y’r on de bed, kind of.” Remy pulled out and thrust back in. “All Remy wanted was to be able to just fall over and sleep.”

The chuckle that brought forth was cut short when Remy thrust in again harder than before. While they were both tired, Aaron knew the thought of Spencer in their bed, in their playroom was something that had been racing through his mind all night and it had to have been going through Remy’s as well. Spencer naked, on his knees with a ball gag in his mouth, begging with his muffled cries for more, hands bound behind his back.

Remy and Aaron had perfected the art of tying up a Sub and using whatever rope Aaron had used to tie said Sub up and charging it. The charge would dance from one end of the rope to the other. A Master at Morsus had heard about it and had wanted to see it done to his Sub. The Sub had come just from it. He let that thought carry him closer to orgasm. That was part of why Aaron loved sex with Remy sometimes. He didn’t need to worry about being there mentally for the sex. He could make up a fantasy in his head and the other Dom didn’t care. Remy was usually doing the same.

“Y’ t’inking of our boy? Hoping it was him fuckin’ y’?” Remy’s hands settled on his shoulders and one pulled hard, pulling his body into the other man’s. The other hand though scratched down his back. Hard enough to raise a welt but not enough to bleed. Aaron closed his eyes and pictured Spencer fucking him. Remy knew his kinks better than most and a Sub scratching at his back was high on things that got him off fast. He figured it was part of why he liked to tie them up so much. So they couldn’t touch. “Come on, Aaron. Y’r so close.”

Aaron knew he was too. He shifted the focus of his fantasy. To Spencer underneath of him, hands above his head, holding onto the bar at the top of the bed, gag in his mouth as Aaron fucked him hard and fast. Spencer’s body curled in orgasm pushed Aaron over. He groaned his completion and felt Remy still. That was one thing that Remy was excellent at, holding off orgasm to satisfy lovers. It was Lascivio training at its finest. Pulling Remy down with him, Aaron collapsed onto the bed. The Dom grunted and then laughed, rolling carefully off him as soon as he was able to without hurting him.

“Strauss wants the interviews of the three Subs done as soon as possible. She’s setting them up for tomorrow. I know who she is going to want. Hell, as soon as I found out he was a Doctor of Dynamics, I wanted him even if he failed out of the academy. I had Garcia send me his file. He didn’t have the Doctor thing in it. Prentiss is right and I am not going to bring it up to Strauss. I’m also going to make sure he’s last interview.”

Remy chuckled as he stood up. Aaron knew that he needed to get up and shower. The morning was going to come too soon. A slap on his ass had him rolling over. The cold air of the room hit the sticky all over his chest where he’d dropped in his own wet spot and he shivered.

“Strauss ain’t gonna pick someone else. She is gonna pick who y’ want because she’s learned that y’ know what’s best for de team, despite what she t’inks. Now up! We can sleep in my room and worry about de mess later.” Remy held out his hand and Aaron let himself be pulled up. He looked at the messed up bed briefly but agreed he was too tired to change the bedding. He moved to his bathroom and Remy moved to his bedroom.

A quick shower later and Aaron dropped down into bed with Remy. The Mutant rolled and laid his head on Aaron’s chest and snuggled close. Aaron was asleep before he knew it.


The first two interviews went really well. Aaron would have picked either of them in a heartbeat. Erin liked the second one better.

“Why did you schedule Doctor Reid after lunch?” Aaron asked as he jabbed his chopsticks into his carton of Thai.

“I wanted a chance to talk to you. As you know, I’ve been having some issues at home. Linton and I are divorced as of this morning. I removed his collar then as well.”

“That’s why you are wearing a turtleneck. I’m sorry, Erin. Have you…” Aaron set down his food and looked at Erin. She didn’t look like he thought she would.

“The Assistant Director has already offered me a guardianship. My place here is not in question. I wanted to talk you about Dave.”

Aaron stopped at that. Dave had been in love with Erin for years. It had been part of why he’d left the Bureau the first time. He hadn’t been able to see them in love and happy. He’d bought a collar for her a long time ago. Aaron had seen it on several occasions in his safe at his house.

“I asked for the divorce six months ago and Dave is aware of this. Linton and I had to go through the mandatory marriage counseling but the crux of the issue came down to the fact that his new position at his job looks better if his Sub is sitting at home and I am not cut out for that.”

“If you hurt him.”

“I should have divorced Linton the first time that he cheated on me. Dave would have paid for it and I would have been a free woman in less time than it took now. The Judge laid the fault of the divorce on Linton as he married and collared me when I was younger but no less driven. As the Judge put it, if he thought that marrying him would make me want less out of life, he should have figured that out before he married me. Also it was stated in our contracts what I wanted and that has never changed.”

“And what do you want from me?”

“Given that I am so close from a divorce, it’s mandatory that all dates are supervised and since you know both Dave and I.”

“That’s fine. I can do that.”

Erin smiled at him and Aaron relaxed back into his seat some. He now knew why Dave hadn’t taken a Sub home in six months but seemed to be searching to not throw any suspicion on him. Dave’s bed was only ever empty by choice.

“I’m glad. Now this Doctor Reid. He was at the club last night. I’ve read over the report. His movement through the academy was a little spotty but once a teacher was found who was able to teach him hand to hand in a way he understand and was able to do, he seemed to do fine. Academic wise, he’s a wet dream for the unit. There wasn’t a test that we put in front of him that he wasn’t able to pass. Firearm qualification, once he switched to the revolver he did a great deal better. Of course, you have Morgan on your team as the brute muscle. Why did you want him to go last?” Erin had picked up on the change and Aaron knew that she would jump on it. There was a reason she was the section chief and that no one, Doms included, had ever questioned it.

“During the course of the investigation last night, Doctor Reid’s full measure as as profiler came out. We are allowed to omit things from applications that we wish to as long as we disclose all things that show us in a bad light. We omitted them from the case workup as it had no bearing on the case. I want you to be able to give him your full attention.”

“You’ve made the decision already that you want him on the team, haven’t you?” Erin’s eyebrow raised and he could only laugh.

A knock at the door stopped discussion. Erin called for whoever it was to enter. Remy opened the door but leaned on the door jamb instead of fully entering. “We fucked.”

“Agent LeBeau?” Erin asked as she looked between the two of them. It was well known about their relationship. Erin had been told when Aaron had fast tracked Remy through the academy and then into the BAU. Erin was also used to his manner of speaking when inside safe places, her office was one and the bullpen another. His language was much better when on cases.

“He’s in a suit. Tie all crooked wit’ a purple scarf. Remy caught Morgan eying his neck. De little shit is just going ta fuck wit’ us.”

“Aaron?” Erin asked.

“Doctor Reid. Spencer.”

Erin started laughing and looked between the two of them again. “I am assuming he issued a challenge last night?”

“No. He issued de challenge this morning. Striding in here showing off his unadorned neck. He’s also not said a word ta Remy. He’s chatting wit’ Morgan, Prentiss, and Garcia right now. JJ said hi and went back to her office. Rossi’s watching wit’ a smirk on his face.”

“So Doctor Reid is interested in you, Agent LeBeau?” Erin looked a little worried about that. She knew that they wanted a Sub to share and no one who was ever interested in only one of them ever got more than a single night.

Non, Ma’am. De Sub be interested in both Aaron and Remy.”

“You told him?” Erin asked as she looked at Aaron again, her eyes wide in shock.

“No. He knew that from watching us all night. I never touched Remy while we were on site. Whatever body language he saw, he figured it out from that. He also figured out Morgan, Garcia, and Prentiss. That’s why we want him on the time. Also, his healing factor.”

“Yes, his application has his mutant abilities as locked. That only happens when there is a chance of abuse.”

“De homme can borrow powers. Currently he can create illusions. And he healed quick. An old friend of mine healed like that. Never found something that could kill him.” Remy turned and looked behind him, a look of pure lust filled the features of his face and Aaron knew that Spencer was outside the office now. Aaron closed up his lunch and watched Erin do the same. She grabbed the food and looked at the time. He followed her gaze. Spencer was right on time.

“Doctor Reid,” Remy said as he bowed his head a little.

“Agent LeBeau. You look well…rested this morning.” Spencer stopped at the doorway with Remy and held out his hand for a shake. Remy took the hand but didn’t shake. He twisted the hand up and kissed Spencer’s knuckles. “Aren’t you just a charmer.”

“Doctor Reid, thank you for changing your interview time. With the case last night we had a few issues that needed taken care of this morning.”

“It was no problem, Chief Strauss. I’m always at your service.” Spencer wasn’t looking at her though. He was looking at Aaron. Remy was right, he was issuing a challenge. “Will Agent LeBeau be joining us for the interview?”

“No. I’ll be going back to de bullpen.” Remy pulled the door shut with him as he stepped out. Aaron stayed standing, waiting for Spencer and Erin to sit down before he did. It was old fashioned but he always did it around Erin to show her that he respected her.

“You have Perdisco listed as your training school, Doctor Reid.”

“My application isn’t not in fact full. When needed Perdisco is the school I put down and it’s what would be listed on my background check but Chief Strauss I did not get my mark from Perdisco. I have a Doctorate in Dynamics. Agent Hotchner was keeping it quiet I am sure since he would know it wasn’t on my application but it came up last night.”

Aaron watched as Erin’s eyes moved to Spencer’s neck.

“You are aware that as a field agent, you would have to wear a guardianship collar.”

“I was made aware of this, no matter the unit I was placed in. I know that normally the unit chief holds the guardianship collar but there have been cases where someone else held the collar.”


“I’ll accept a collar from Agent Rossi.”

“Why do you not want Agent Hotchner to hold your collar?” Erin was looking at Aaron. “Do you not trust him.”

“It’s not a matter of trust. I probably trust him and Agent LeBeau more than I should. I won’t accept a guardianship collar from someone that I would submit to. My teachers share your exacerbation. I was a dream to fill with knowledge but when it came to my dynamic, I only submitted to strong Doms. If Agent Rossi is unwilling, I will take one from Agents Morgan or Prentiss.”

“That will help you in the field. Agent Jareau has had issues with Doms and even Switches in the field. I think Doctor Reid that you will fit in just nicely with the BAU team.” Erin smiled and waved them out of her office. That told Aaron that she accepted his choice and his reasonings but the smirk on her face when Spencer turned after shaking her hand told him that she was going to enjoy the courting.

Spencer had a lot to do to get his full transition into the BAU. He went right towards HR and never spared a backward glance at him. Even without the mark that placed Spencer high on the ranks of Subs, Aaron and Remy would have wanted to court him. Remy had been raised that all Subs needed courting even if they didn’t feel that it was necessary. Aaron had seen first hand what incompatibility outside of the bedroom would do to a bonded pair. Every single Sub that he’d ever tried to win over had loved his old fashioned way of treating them when not in a scene.

“Trouble, Aaron?” Dave asked as Aaron entered the bullpen. For just after lunch it was surprisingly empty. Only his team in the room, even Morgan whose office was down the hall a little ways.

“Depends on who you ask.”

“What did Strauss say about Doctor Reid?” Morgan asked.

“He’s going to HR now to get everything set to join the team. There is one thing though.” Aaron debated taking Dave aside for the discussion of the guardianship collar but he decided that it was something that the whole team needed to know. When in the field, Dave was responsible for him. If he got hurt, it would have to be Dave that made medical decisions for him. The team needed to know that so that time wasn’t wasted going to him.. “Dave he’s requested that it be you that gives him the guardianship collar. I’ll give you both time to discuss his wishes with medical issues.”

“But…” JJ looked at Aaron, shocked.

“Doctor Reid stated to Chief Strauss that he won’t allow someone to hold his guardianship collar that he would ever submit to. Morgan and Prentiss are the backups.”

Dave’s eyebrow rose at that. The sound of the elevator dinging alerted them that people were coming back from lunch. Aaron nodded up to the round table room. The team all filed up to the room, pulling the doors shut.

“Even if the reasons are spread, it’s going to look bad on you, Hotch,” Garcia said.

“Not really,” Prentiss said with a large near leering smile on her face. “Right up until the first time they see how Reid reacts around Hotch and Remy.”

“What?” Garcia asked, looking around at all of the team.

“You missed that?” JJ asked.

“Missed what?”

Hotch couldn’t help the blush that tried to creep up his neck. The team never questioned his relationship with Remy, just happy to see him at least trying after Haley had left. They saw all walks of life in their line of work and two Doms in love wasn’t anything to bat an eyelash at.

“Doctor Reid isn’t going to stay uncollared for long, Baby Girl,” Morgan said as he looped an arm around her. He pulled her close and smiled at Prentiss. “He’s caught the eye of two very nice Doms and doesn’t seem to mind trying to get their attention.”

“Their?” Garcia looked at Aaron and then Remy and smiled. “That’s so lovely. What’s he like after he calmed down after getting stabbed?”

“Smart,” Prentiss said. Her eyes tracked to Remy and then Aaron, silently telling him that she was going to let them explain the rest.

“Doctor Reid is going to take getting used to,” Aaron said.

“That’s a very diplomatic answer,” Dave said.

“We haven’t exactly worked with him. How he was last night is not predictor of how he is going to be working. He’s not weak.”

“He lasted through a Doctorate in Dynamics, they don’t accept weak in that,” Morgan pointed out. He kissed Garcia’s forehead and smiled. “And you two would crush a weak Sub.”



Aaron watched as Remy and Spencer kissed. It was hot watchin it. The top of Spencer’s shirt was undone where Aaron had worked on opening it while he’d had his turn at kissing him. Spencer’s back was to him now and he had his hands trailing on Spencer’s stomach and chest. He’d not touched his nipples yet. He was responding wonderfully. Aaron knew his control was slipping and he knew he needed to get under control soon but he didn’t want to let the Sub out of his lap. Dave had escorted Spencer to the house and had removed the guardianship collar, giving it to Aaron to hold just in case a case came up. It generally wasn’t done when an FBI agent was being courted but there were certain situations where it was done and Spencer would have said something if he wanted it left on for safety of his own mind.

“What do you want Spencer?” Remy asked as he pulled back from kissing the Sub. Aaron pulled at his hips to press the younger man’s ass into his crotch harder. When Spencer had agreed to a date with the two of them, he’d been shocked when the Sub had agreed to a date at their house. There wasn’t a thing in the world that Aaron could ever do make Spencer do what he didn’t want to do but agreeing to go to a house of a pair of Doms on the first date was rare. It was only their work relationship that made the Sub trust them both. There wasn’t a single thing that either man would do to abuse that.

“Do you know that my Adligo teacher was astounded at how well I took having options taken from me. To not have to make decisions when in a scene. After I was marked by Morsus, which was my last House I trained at, I went back to Adligo. He trained me through everything that a true Adligo Sub would have. He said that whoever finally got me bound at his feet would never let me go. I want to truly let go and I trust you both to do that with you.”

Aaron gripped Spencer’s arms tighter, pulling them back and he felt Spencer relax into his body more. He felt Spencer’s legs spread apart farther and looked over his shoulder to see Remy spreading them. Aaron wanted to never let go.

“So you weren’t just being a tease when y’ gave us dat bullet point list of what y’ won’t do?” Remy asked. Aaron groaned at the memory. He remembered the list. Once they had made their full intentions known, Spencer had given Aaron the list on his way out the door of the bullpen. He’d smiled cheekily and kissed Aaron’s cheek as he passed him. Remy had been getting off the elevator and he got the same treatment. They had taken it home and discussed it. Hard limits had been listed first with a few soft after. The list of soft limits had surprised Aaron, there were not a lot. The one limit that bothered Aaron was listed as a soft limit with only a single proviso. A collar. Spencer required a collar to be gagged, blindfolded, and bound at the same time.

“I had a very thorough education. My list of what I will not do is shorter than what I will. It’s easier.” Spencer’s body was trembling in anticipation.

“As long as we adhere to your list, you don’t care what we do?” Aaron asked whispering in Spencer’s ear roughly.

“No,” came the breathy response.

Aaron felt the younger man jerk in his arms and saw that Remy had pinched the inside of his thigh. He quirked an eyebrow but Remy just nodded up at his face and Aaron looked. Spencer was drifting. “I think that it might be time to move this elsewhere.” He was thankful that they had the next day off. It was a Friday night and unless they were on a case, it was their scheduled day off to get what they needed for their dynamic. Since Spencer had come into their lives, Remy and he had stayed home. The only person in their bed in that time had been Lisette and she had only slept there when her youngest had got sick. She’d near drove herself into the ground. Aaron had to take charge of her and the care of the youngest.

“He’s already going again. I don’t think he’s let go since his Adligo teacher.” Aaron pushed Spencer up and he moved with ease, showing that while he was drifting, he knew where he was. Remy moved to the elevator that had been installed when they had remodeled the entire house to suit their needs. Stairs did not mix with going into or coming out of a scene. There was a set of stairs in case of malfunction or power outage. “Do you have him?”

“Y’ lock up and I’ll get our Sub into the bedroom portion. I t’ink I wanna start in there. Anything y’ don’t want me ta do before y’ get down dere.”

“No more clothes off for him. I want to finish helping undress him. I wanna see his mark.” Aaron leaned over and kissed Remy.

“That’s hot,” Spencer whispered when Aaron pulled back. “Thankfully, I have a very big watching kink. I want to try getting off that way some time.”

“What way?”Aaron asked.

“Watching you two together while I can’t touch. You or myself. Bound either on the floor on my knees or chained to a ceiling. See if I can come that way.”

Aaron groaned and pressed his palm into the base of his cock. Spencer was going to be the death of them. He was going to enjoy every single second of it. He grabbed the Sub and pulled him close, kissing him so hard that he was shocked that he didn’t split his lip. He pushed Spencer into Remy’s waiting arms and turned away, before he decided to just take. He only moved when he heard the elevator doors close. Spencer had agreed to stay until at least Saturday night with Sunday open as well. Spencer was fresh out of the academy and there was no playing at all for uncollared Subs. There was no playing for a Dom either unless they had a collared Sub for more than a year. Doms had tried in the past to collar a Sub for the duration of the academy and then remove the collar at the end. After that it was made mandatory that the Subs had to be collared a year before the Dom was allowed away to play. Finding play while in the academy with someone who didn’t hold your collar or has your collar will get one thrown out. There were different rules for Switches and those were something that Aaron hadn’t paid much attention to.

When the house was secure, Aaron made his way to the back of the house to use the steps. The stairs came out in the bedroom portion of the basement. He wasn’t sure exactly what he was going to walk into but Remy sitting in the large arm chair in the corner with Spencer on his knees in front of him with the only point of contact between them being where Remy had his hand on Spencer’s shoulder wasn’t it.

“Spencer just informed me dat his Adligo teacher did a little more dan mark him when he left de house the first time.” Remy pushed at Spencer until he turned around and then the Dom slipped down to the floor between him and the chair. He gripped the shirt and opened it a little. Aaron regretted not going after his nipples in the living room. Spencer had both of his nipples pierced and two black rings were laying down against his skin. “Y’ know what y’ want ta do, Aaron.”

Aaron dropped to his knees as Remy pulled back at Spencer to shift him from his knees to where he was sitting on his ass. As soon as he was situated, the Sub dropped his legs open. Aaron moved to where he was pressing his legs open as wide as he could and know that it didn’t hurt him. He reached out and traced skin around one of his nipples as Remy trapped the Sub’s arms so he couldn’t move. Aaron leaned over and kissed Remy as his little finger slipped into the ring, he tugged gently, hearing the moan from Spencer. He dropped his other hand down to find the hard cock trapped in pants.


“Like you’ve been doing to us for weeks?” Aaron asked. He pulled back and bit at Spencer’s ear.

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