EAD-Bar Fic

Title: Untitled
Series: Universe of Meetings
Fandom: Criminal Minds
Year: Season 3
Tags: Bar Fic, Piano Player Spencer, Agent Aaron, Casual Sex, Relationship Negotiation,
Ratings: NC-17
Pairings: Aaron Hotchner/Spencer Reid,
Characters: Aaron Hotchner, Spencer Reid,
Spoilers: Up Through Season 3
Summary: Aaron is captivated by a piano player he’s never talked to but fantasies about.
Notes: None
Warnings: None

Aaron found that he liked his new neighborhood. It was as calm as it could be close to DC but it had a nice bar. It wasn’t one of the ones he went to with the team. No this was a bar that someone went to be alone. There was no trivia nights. No ladies night. The tables were clean and the bartender only talked when the customer did. It wasn’t devoid of the hookers but none of them ever talked to Aaron. They stayed away. Then again the first time he came in, his badge had been on display.

The only thing that stood out for this bar was the piano in the corner. Sometimes drunk patrons would go to the piano but it never lasted before they stopped. Only one person ever lasted at the piano and Aaron didn’t know his name. He’d play for hours and hours, never stopping. The nights that he was there, he was there before Aaron and left after him.

For six months, Aaron listened to him play. Watched his fingers dance over the keys and every night he imagined them dancing over his own body. He’d woke up with his own release cooling on his stomach more in the past six months than he had during puberty.

Getting the copy of the divorce papers in the mail was a kick in the gut. He went to the bar and sat in the corner all night, drinking. The establishment closed at three a.m. and since it was a Friday, Aaron didn’t have to worry about work the next day.


Aaron looked at the man who had taken the seat across from him. It was the piano player. “Hello.”

“Never seen you drink this much.”

“Got my divorce papers in the mail today. Saying goodbye in my own way.”

“I see. Well, what can I do help?”

“Distract me.”


“Keeping playing.”

The man smiled at him and back up. He down again and played. Aaron lost himself in the music. There was rhyme or reason to was played. Some of the songs Aaron could name. Some he couldn’t. Other sounded familiar and then there were ones that he was sure were just in the piano player’s head. It wasn’t until the he stopped playing at Aaron realized that there was no one left in the bar. He looked at his watch and saw that it was four a.m. and the man was just sitting there looking at him. Not even the bartender was there.

“Better?” The man stood up from the piano and moved back towards Aaron’s table. Instead of sitting in a chair, he sat on the table and his knee brushed Aaron’s shoulder. “You’ve been watching me. For months. Now is your chance.”

“My chance?”

The piano man shifted to where his legs were on either side of him. He leaned back and slid his hand into the pocket of his jeans. It took Aaron a few seconds to understand exactly what he was seeing. A condom and a few packets of one time use lube. “Fuck me and get rid of those last memories of your wife.”

Aaron looked between hand and the man’s face. Then he looked at the piano. The other man grinned at him. Before Aaron could even react the younger man was up and gone from the table. He watched him hike himself up onto the piano, laying the condom and lube down beside him. He spread his legs and propped himself up on his elbows. He wasn’t going to say no. It didn’t take but seconds to get across the room. He pulled the man up and kissed him. The man pulled away and leaned back again.

“I said fuck, not kiss.” He laid fully back and worked his pants open. Aaron started on his own, leaving them at mid thigh. The other man had his pants off along with his shoes and underwear in no time at all. Aaron slid him down off the piano and turned him to lean over it. A tearing sound happened and then one of the lubes was being passed back. Aaron slicked up his fingers, pressing the first inside him. Aaron knew the mechanics behind male male sex but he’d never done it. Porn and real life were two different things but he’d watched enough porn that he knew enough to wing the rest of it. He found his prostate just seconds after slipping in a second finger. He worked him open gently before using his teeth to open the condom wrapper so that he didn’t have to pull his fingers out. After rolling the thin latex down his shift, he worked three fingers inside him.

“Are you ready?” Aaron asked. The man nodded. Aaron pulled his fingers out but used them to guide himself inside. He slid slowly inside of him. Inch by inch until they were flush together. The man’s hand moved to his hip, gripping him. Aaron braced himself on one arm, splaying his fingers on the top of the piano right at the other man’s shoulder. His other he braced on the man’s hip. Aaron pulled out slowly and pushed back in just as slow.

“Good. So good.” The man braced himself up on his free hand, scraping his other over Aaron’s hip. It felt so good sliding in and out of him. It was heady the feeling of muscle and flesh gripping him tight. The sounds that the man was making as Aaron fucked him. It had been too long for him and he knew he wasn’t going to last long so he shifted his hand from hip to cock, pumping the man’s cock in time with his thrusts. He felt the clench of muscles before the man’s entire body stiffened and he groaned out in orgasm.

A few more thrusts and Aaron was filling the condom. He wanted to collapse on top of the man but knew that their weight on a piano was going to feel good to either one of them. When the man let go of his hip and kind of pushed back at him, Aaron stepped back, slipping his cock from his ass carefully. After getting the condom off he tied it before throwing it away. It was then that it registered to him that he had sex with a man in a bar after it was closed and didn’t know his name. Hell, he hadn’t even told the man his name.

“I…” Aaron was speechless. He watched the man get dressed again.

“Agent Hotchner, do you not know who I am?” The man smiled at him. “Spencer Reid. I own this place.”

Aaron just stared at him. He thought it funny the bartender had left them alone but now it all made sense.

“I see that you didn’t. Well…that’s interesting. So, how do you want to do this? Act like it never happened? You come in and drink and we never say another word or do you want to come in and we only speak when needed, at least with words. I think that our bodies said enough and I think repeats conversations would be wonderful.” Spencer lifted the seat on the piano and pulled out a pack of cigarettes. Aaron was shocked when he lit up one. “Herbals.”

Aaron just watched him take a few puffs. He offered the cigarette to Aaron who waved it away. The smell of roses and a faint whiff of cinnamon came over the air. He smiled.


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