Title: Untitled
Fandom: Criminal Minds, X-Men,
Year: Season 6
Tags: First Time, Crossover,
Ratings: R
Pairings: Spencer Reid/Remy LeBeau,
Spoilers: Up Through Season 6
Summary: The BAU gets a replacement for JJ in the form of Remy LeBeau and Spencer isn’t sure that he likes him, no matter what his libido thinks.
Notes: None
Warnings: None

Chapter One
Spencer followed behind Rossi as they moved through a local bar. The older man had picked him to go with him to meet someone who might be able to help. He’d been pretty tightlipped about who he was going to meet to the team but Hotch had seemed to know.

“Take a seat that the bar, keep an eye out for trouble,” Rossi said pointing to an empty seat. Spencer sat down and turned to look at the older man but was gone. He didn’t know what he was supposed to keep an eye out for, he had no clue what was normal for any bar much less this one. When the bartender noticed him, he ordered a glass of tea. The mirror behind the bar gave Spencer a good view of the place. He could see almost everything. Rossi took up a seat in a corner with a glass of what looked like scotch.

Rossi’s contact was late. Half an hour late by the time Spencer started to profile the other occupants of the bar. He’d made it through all sitting at the bar when a man sat down in he empty seat beside him. A glance at him through the mirror and Spencer noticed that he was looking right at him using the mirror as well.

“Hey dere pretty t’ing,” the man said as he smiled at Spencer.

“Hello.” Spencer hoped that barely engaging the man would have him moving on.

“Y’ look mighty lonely,” the man said his Cajun drawl more apparent. Spencer couldn’t help comparing his speech to Will and then that led to JJ which made his heart ache.

“I’m just fine.” Spencer swept the room with his eyes again, when he had done that, his eyes dropped to his hands that were gripping the glass of tea.

“Now don’t go lyin’ to Remy, cher. Y’ came in wit’ de older homme and he left you at the bar alone. Been watchin’ y’.”

“Do you always stare at people, sir?” Spencer spared a glance back up at the man in the mirror. He wasn’t looking at him using the mirror anymore. No he was facing him. Spencer hadn’t even heard him shifting around on the stool like that. As Spencer looked at him, he shifted even closer.

“I stare at dose worth staring at. And y’ are worth staring at. A few other t’ings as well mais we’ll start wit’ staring.” The leer on the man’s face was noticeable even from the side.

“Can I help you?” Spencer fought back the blush at the words. He wasn’t that used to people flirting with him. He felt safe looking at the man in the mirror now. He was slender like him but Spencer could tell he had muscle on him, even if his trench coat tried to hide it. His shoulder length auburn hair was pulled into a ponytail if Spencer had to guess his age in the dim light, he’d guess he was around Morgan’s age. The man was handsome and his attitude showed that he knew it.

“You wound Remy. I just wanted to keep y’ company since your ami left y’ to fend fo’ y’rself.” The man shifted closer again and if he had wanted to lean over his mouth would be right at Spencer’s hear. “Remy LeBeau at y’r service, cher.”

“Spencer Reid.” Spencer wondered how long he’d have to talk to him before he could excuse himself and not piss off the man. He looked again for Rossi and found him still sitting where he had been.

The bartender setting down a bottle of beer on the space in front of Remy and then a new glass of tea in front Spencer pulled the genius from his watching of Rossi. Spencer looked at the man, who only smiled at him.

“So what kind of cop are y’?”

“Not a cop,” Spencer answered with a smirk forming on his face. This he could do. Words games were fun.

“Oh!” Remy straightened up in his seat with a large smile on his face. His laughter was infectious and Spencer finally turned to face him. He could still see Rossi. The smiling man’s eyes widened at the sight of the full gun on his hip. “Gonna make Remy guess, eh?”

“It’s not worth it if you don’t work for it.” Spencer flirted back. He kept flicking his eyes over to Rossi but no one was paying any attention to him.

“Oh, I knew I’d like y'” Remy leaned forward again, resting his head on hand and that elbow on the bar. “So not a cop. Bodyguard? Dat y’r boss over dere?”

“Me a bodyguard?” Spencer laughed and when he saw the sparkle in Remy’s eyes he got that the man was joking with him. Spencer took a sip of his new glass of tea and started when he felt a hand on his knee. He looked down to see Remy’s hand there, tracing a finger in an unknown pattern on his pants. The genius took another sip to try and get moisture in his mouth. Remy smirked at him before the other man’s eyes flicked to the clock on the wall. Something strange passed across his face then.

“Den how about a Supervisory Special Agent with the BAU, eh Doctor Reid?” All evidence of the Remy was gone. He seemed to have completely changed. Spencer let his hand drop down to his gun when Remy started to reach into his coat pocket. The hand on his knee stopped tracing patterns and just settled there. “Don’t get jumpy, Doc. Just getting my own credentials.”

Remy pulled a wallet out of his pocket and flashed a familiar ID at him. Remy was an agent with the FBI as well. “How about we join Rossi at his table, cher?”

Spencer nodded and grabbed his tea before moving over to Rossi’s table as quick as he could. Rossi look at him in shock but he didn’t say a word. He didn’t care if the other agent followed him. Why had Remy flirted with him? This guy was Rossi’s contact? Questions swirled in his head.

“LeBeau, late as always,” Rossi said with a smile on his face.

“Couldn’t pass up the beau homme at de bar,” Remy said as he sat down on the other side of Rossi from what Spencer took. Rossi looked at the bar with a frown on his face.

“Did he run when you left?” Rossi asked.

Spencer could feel his cheeks start to heat up. He looked away from the two men and looked at the bar instead.

Non. He’s still here and he blushes so belle.

Spencer braved a glance and sure enough, Remy was looking at him. Rossi followed his gaze and let out a small laugh.

“I’ve only ever see him blush when the pros hit on him. Of course, you’d make a nun blush. So what do you hear?” Rossi straightened in his seat and changed from relaxed to business Rossi.

“Y’ are correct with y’r profile. Y’r UnSub is a t’ief. The goods he steals are ending up on de blackmarket.” Remy finally shifted his gaze from Spencer to Rossi and the genius was glad. He didn’t like being stared at, even if it meant nothing. “No one will tell me who, other than he’s been in game a w’ile.”

“That’s all you have?” Rossi asked, looking a little incredulous.

Non. I know he’s building up to take out his parents.”

“So a disowned son in New Orleans who is a thief. Who is setting up to go after those who left him.” Rossi’s eyebrow quirked up and Spencer was sure there was something there but he wasn’t even going to draw the Cajun’s attention to him. Remy though just started to laugh.

“Y’re funny, Rossi. I got into town a week ago. Y’ know dat. Quit tryin’ to blame dis Cajun.”

Spencer tried to merge the versions of this man that he had seen in his head. He was upset that the man had seeming flirted with him as a joke. Of course, he was used to it. The only ones that ever seemed to mean it were the prostitutes. Of course, he found they lied less than most other people. He’d be happy when he and Rossi could leave. He needed to think and he couldn’t do it with Remy looking at him. Other than quick scans of the room, Remy’s eyes never left him and Spencer didn’t know what to do with that.

Chapter Two
Spencer was the first to arrive in the conference room. He’d brought a few files to work on while he waited. He barely paid attention as other filed in, he was so engrossed in his files. The sound of Hotch entering right on time had Spencer closing his file. He looked up. His superior wasn’t happy. It was confirmed when the door was shut and the older man didn’t sit down.

“I’ve been overruled on JJ’s non-replacement on the team. It’s now become a use it or lose it position. So we have three options. We can replace her with another liaison, we can replace her with another profiler, and he we can convince the brass to give us another liaison if we can get JJ back, or we can do nothing.”

“What about getting in a trainee?” Spencer asked. Everyone’s eyes turned to him. “Then when we get JJ back it won’t be a big thing?”

“Strauss turned me down on that. She said JJ’s replacement will be a full fledged agent or no one.” Hotch looked tired.

Spencer sighed. He was sure that his face matched everyone else’s but he didn’t look around the room. He kept his eyes on Hotch.

“Who do you have in mind as a profiler?” Morgan asked.

“Dave and I have discussed what we are lacking and there is really only one person he and I would recommend to join the team. As for a new liaison, we have no candidates picked at this time.” Hotch took a deep breath and finally sat down but he was still ran rod straight in his chair.

“What are the chances if we add a profiler and then we can get JJ back that they will add her to the team?” Prentiss asked. Spencer nodded his head in agreement.

“Pretty good. We have the highest solve rate of the teams and every time we add a new member to the count that rate goes up. It would also allow for us to not have to have a full roster on every case. Not everyone would have to be pulled in on all cases if someone is on annual leave. We might be able to have a semblance of life. It also goes in our favor that the last two members to willingly leave did so on a burn out.”

“So where is this agent?” Garcia asked. It was the first time she had spoke up. She had taken the loss of JJ just as hard as Spencer had.

“He’s been in the Bureau since he graduated college, mainly bases in the deep south,” Rossi said and Spencer looked at him. He couldn’t be talking about Remy could he?

“He’s never applied to the BAU before now and hasn’t this time. We think though that he’ll do fine with us. His name is Remy LeBeau.”

Spencer held back the groan. Dropping his eyes to the paper file in front of him he left the worlds of the team wash over him. He catalogued what they said for later review and just shut the noise out. Not only was the man replacing JJ but Spencer was still pretty sore about the joke that was Remy flirting with him. Finally, Spencer tuned back in when he was sure he wouldn’t say something he regretted.

“LeBeau will be joining us in two days for a trial run. He’s closing down his house in New Orleans and from what I’ve been told he already has an apartment here. He’s wanting a change of scenery so even if the BAU isn’t a good fit, he’s taking a teaching position at the academy. Take the next two days to get paperwork done. We are on stand down for at least that long.”

The team took his words as the dismissal they were and scattered. Spencer grabbed his files and exited as well. he quickly got lost in his world and only surfaced for lunch. Hotch leaving for the night prompted Spencer to leave as well. It was early enough that the subway would still have plenty of people on it. He’d brought a thick book to read. He finished it just before his stop with a smile on his face, all thoughts of LeBeau out of his mind.

That smile disappeared as he took in the broke down boxes outside the other apartment on the floor. He’d forgot that it had been up for rent. that meant someone had finally taken it. It had been empty for six months, longer than any of the apartments had been empty before in the building.

Non, Papa. Remy’s all moved in.” The voice carried out the open door and Spencer froze. He knew it. He’s only ever really had one conversation with the owner of the voice but he knew it. He wasn’t shocked when Remy strode out of the apartment and dropped another box on top of the pile. When the other man noticed Spencer out of the corner of his eye. He looked up and a smile broke out on his face. “Papa, I’ll call y’ later. Remy’s neighbor just got home from work.”

Remy hung up the phone and slid it into his pocket before he started towards Spencer.

“Miss Stella said m’ neighbor was another Federal Agent, didn’t t’ink I’d get luck it’d be y’, Doc.” Remy smiled at him as he stopped just a foot in front of him.

“Oh, what a happy coincidence,” Spencer said a tint of hardness in his voice, hoping the other man would take the hint. He didn’t. Instead his eyes lit up.

“Ain’t y’ a snarky one, petit. It dat anyway to talk to y’r new neighbor?”

“I’m sorry, LeBeau, what did you want? A big hug?” Spencer glared at the Cajun as he spoke. The other man only smiled at him before laughing.

“So what’s de best Chinese place that delivers here?”

Spencer’s head swam a little at the sudden change in topic, he wasn’t used to being on the receiving end of it. But when Remy’s stomach growled, he knew why the Cajun had done it.

“Been too busy unpacking and forgot to eat.” Remy actually looked a little ashamed at that admisison but Spencer just shrugged it off.

“I”ll bring you out a menu.” Spencer finally turned to his door, unlocking it. He pulled it shut behind him, not sure how the other man viewed boundaries.

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