EAD-Big Brother

Title: Untitled
Series: A Universe of Meetings
Fandom: Criminal Minds,
Year: Season 6
Tags: Canon Character Death, Big Brother Program, Alternate Universe,
Ratings: PG-13
Pairings: Aaron Hotchner/Spencer Reid,
Characters: Aaron Hotchner/Spencer Reid,
Spoilers: Up Through Season
Summary: Aaron knew that Jack needed something more than he could provide. Maybe the Big Brother program was just what he needed.
Notes: None
Warnings: None

“Aaron, I wanted to talk to you about something.” Jessica set down the plate of his reheated dinner. It wasn’t often that Jessica cooked for him but after being gone over three weeks on a case, she wanted him to have a good meal then the Jet had been delayed because of a storm. He was just happy to be home.

“Go ahead.”

“Jack’s therapist suggested something to me and I think it would be wonderful for him. There is a group of local college professors of psychology who are starting up a Big Brother program that is aimed at children who had suffered traumatic events. It’ll be a one on one. Everyone is going to have extensive background checks done on them.”

Aaron thought about it. It would be wonderful for Jack. To have another adult that wasn’t blood who helped him. “It sounds good. Does Jack want to do it?”

“He does. Doctor Leonard talked with him first. He also said that he had the Big Brother for Jack all picked out. I didn’t get much of anything out of him besides that the man has three PhD’s and three BAs.”

“I thought that Big Brother’s were supposed to be of a slightly related age to the child?”

“Oh. He’s a genius from what Doctor Leonard said. He had all those degrees before twenty one. The doctor has talked to Jack about him and Jack’s excited to meet him. You just need to call Doctor Leonard and give him the approval. He wants to make sure you are okay with it.”

Aaron nodded and finished up his plate of food. He’d do anything that would mean that Jack never had issues in life after what had happened with Foyet. He’d want to meet this genius who was supposed to help Jack.


Aaron watched as Jack made the game winning goal. The little boy cheered and took off running towards the gathering of his team in mid field. It was a surprise that Aaron was able to make it to the game. The case that he had been on had taken a turn for the worst but he and the team had been able to make it work to their advantage. In the end, the UnSub had been found along with his latest would be victim, just in time to save him from a horrible death. The only downside was that Aaron had been injured. He’d broke his humerus and was off for at least two weeks.

The team celebrated and then lined up to shake hands. Aaron looked around at the other parents and found a new face. The young man was standing under the lone tree. He was dressed in jeans and a t-shirt and if it wasn’t for the two mothers were who talking to him, Aaron’s hackles would have raised. He watched him as he ducked away from the mother’s. Aaron knew the pair of them well. Divorced and looking for their next husband. Or piece of meat as Dave called their victims. The team didn’t have any new members so Aaron wondered exactly who this young man was attached to. As the kids ran to the coach to talk, the younger man sat down on what looked like a blanket, pulling out a book and started to read. Aaron openly checked him out. No one was paying attention to him.

“They keep on trying,” Greg Salt said as he stepped closer to Aaron.


“The single mothers. They keep trying to get him to at least go on a date with them. Never mind that he told them day one that he is gay. They think that he said it to push them away. The only person I have ever seen him check out is that ref who does those triathlons. He bent over to tie his shoes and the young man’s eyes didn’t leave his ass for the entire time.”

“Who is he with?”

“Oh…you…” Greg said nothing else just pointed. Aaron looked over to see that the team was scattering. He didn’t see Jack for a few seconds but when he caught sight of him, Jack was running full tilt at the man on the blanket. He dropped to the ground in front of him and the young man, Doctor Spencer Reid, his mind supplied, Jack’s Big Brother. “You never met him?”

“Every time that I am set to something with work comes up. Jessica meets with him regularly.”

“Good. I got a little worried there. If you are going to join them I would soon because next is froyo. Jack’s going to get him out of here as soon as possible.” Greg touched his unhurt shoulder in a gesture of goodbye and then picked up his daughter as she finally made it to him. Jack and Doctor Reid were gathering up al the things that were on the blanket. Everything went into what looked like a picnic basket as well as the blanket when it was folded up. Aaron was within talking distance when he stopped and waited. Doctor Reid was the first to look up, his eyes wary. Aaron wasn’t sure that he would recognize him but his face broke into a smile.


“Yes, Spence?” Jack stopped and looked up at the younger man. Doctor Reid motioned at Aaron with his head and Jack turned. His face split into a large grin and Aaron braced for catching a running back but a hand on his shoulder stopped him.

“Gentle. It looks like he got hurt.”

“How did you know?” Jack asked. The young boy stopped moving and Doctor Reid released him.

“He’s in his suit jacket but his right arm isn’t’ in the sleeve. He’s using it to try and hide it. I’d say he hurt his arm and it’s in a sling.”

“Doctor Reid is correct Jack, I broke my arm.” Aaron pulled his jacket off and draped it on his leg as he crouched down so he could hug Jack. His son moved to him and hugged him tight but gentle.

“Did the UnSub hurt you?”

“Yes he did but we caught him and he’s in jail.”

“Agent Hotchner, I”m glad that you caught the UnSub but since you’ve been gone a while I’ll go ahead and take my leave. Jack have fun with your dad okay?” Doctor Reid said. He leaned down to grab the basket but Jack let go of Aaron and took off for him.

“No, Spence. You can stay. You haven’t got to spend time and get to know dad yet. Please?”

“That’s up to your father.” “It’s fine Jack.” Aaron and Doctor Reid said at the same time. The younger man looked up at him with a look on his face that he couldn’t place. He wondered if he had a reason for not wanting to spend the day with the two of them.

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