Title: Untitled
Fandom: Criminal Minds
Year: Season 2
Category: Cheating, Unfaithful Haley, First Time
Ratings: PG-13
Pairings: Aaron Hotchner/Spencer Reid, Aaron Hotchner/Haley Hotchner,
Spoilers: Up Through Season 2
Summary: Spencer never wanted into his coworkers lives like he was when he caught Haley Hotchner cheating.

Spencer Reid had never in his life wanted to be elsewhere more than where he was now. Slipping back farther into his seat, Spencer tried to hide himself in shadows. He watched the woman and the man dancing. There was no two ways about it. The woman and the man were in an intimate relationship. The way their bodies brushed and seemed to heighten what they were feeling.

An hour later, the couple was in a booth across the room but Spencer could see them. They were practically having sex. Spencer opened his phone and dialed.

“Hey, Pretty Boy, what do you need?”

“What do you do if a friend’s wife is seen with another man? Nearly having sex in a bar?” Spencer had no clue of the social aspects needed to handle this the right way.

“Reid? Where are you?”

“At the bar you took me to last week. I really liked their local beer and I came back to enjoy it.”

“Stay there. I am two blocks away. Just stay there.”

Ten minutes later, Morgan entered the bar and slipped over to where Spencer was. He was wearing a hat and wasn’t dressed like he normally did. Spencer had shifted to where he could only watch the couple in the mirror.

“What’s going on, Reid?”

Spencer pointed at the couple across the way. Right now the woman was leaning over the male and her face was hidden. Morgan watched for several minutes before she finally shifted around. As soon as her face was visible, Morgan turned his head.

“Shit,” was the only thing that Morgan said. He reached over and drained Spencer’s beer before settling much in the same position that Spencer was sitting. He did snap a few pictures though.

“What do we do?” Spencer asked as he watched Haley Hotchner nearly have sex with a man who was not Aaron Hotchner in the bar.


Aaron Hotchner arrived for work early. He had been gone on a custodial over the weekend and had found Haley had taken Jack to her parents for the weekend. He was usually the first to arrive on Monday. Instead he found both Morgan and Reid sitting at Reid’s desk. Their posture told him that they were nervous. He stopped to watch them. Neither had noticed him. Reid was looking at a photo while Morgan talked in a low voice, Hotch couldn’t hear them at all.

Both agents were more nervous than Hotch had ever seen them. It wasn’t a case, there was only photos and no files. Whatever it was, it was personal but personal for which agent.

“Hotch,” Reid’s voice carried over the bullpen. Morgan shifted and stood up, the pictures in Reid’s hands were put down, face down. Hotch strode across the bullpen. As he neared he saw that neither man had gotten much sleep over the weekend.

“Reid, Morgan, what can I do for you?” Hotch looked down at the photos and Reid’s hand moved to cover the photos. “Reid…”

“Sir, I…” Reid stopped and bowed his head. He hadn’t called Hotch ‘Sir’ in years. It had taken a month to get the young man to call him Hotch after he had joined the team. He hadn’t slipped back in years. Reid looked up and looked to the office. “Can we talk in your office?”

“Sure.” Hotch turned and moved first, knowing that it would give Reid some confidence to not have to walk in front of him. Putting up his case, Hotch didn’t sit down instead he stood on the front side of his desk. Morgan entered first but Reid was carrying the photos. Reid shut the door as soon as he entered. Morgan sat down but Reid stayed standing.

Reid said nothing he moved over and handed over the pictures. The first image was that of a bar. He wasn’t sure what he was supposed to be looking at but then he saw it. There was a couple in a booth. It was an intimate position between the two. As Hotch pulled the top photo off, Reid turned to move to the book shelves on the far side of the room. Hotch zeroed in on the face of the woman. He flipped through the rest of the photos. There was no room for error. It was Haley in the photo, with another man.


“It was Friday at a bar I took Reid to the week before. He liked the beer. He called and asked what to do when one saw a friend’s wife out with someone who was not the friend. I snapped the pictures.”

“I know it wasn’t Reid’s phone. I don’t think his phone has a camera.”

Reid let out a small laugh but didn’t turn away.

“Haley and I had Jack to try and save the marriage. I never thought she…Thank you.”

“Not what I was expecting.”

Hotch knew what Morgan was expecting. Anger at them for seeing it. For snapping pictures. Anger at them for seeing his life not perfect. That anger was long gone. The birth of Jack had taken that anger away. He was the only thing that mattered anymore.

“Can I keep these?” Hotch held up the pictures and Morgan nodded.

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