EAD-Feral Reid

Title: Untitled
Fandom: Criminal Minds
Year: Season 4 (2009)
Tags: Established Relationship,
Ratings: NC-17
Pairings: Aaron Hotchner/Spencer Reid, Aaron Hotchner/Spencer Reid/Remy LeBeau,
Spoilers: Up Through Season 4
Summary: Aaron knew that Spencer was special. It as more than his mutant abilities. It was more than his brain. He’d always kind of figured that someone was missing. There was a part of Spencer that he couldn’t get to. Then Remy LeBeau drops into their life.
Notes: None
Warnings: None

Spencer took a deep breath and exhaled. Two new scents were on the air. He hadn’t heard anyone else from the RCMP or the FBI arrive so he dropped to a crouch and waited. The two thought that they were silent but to Spencer they were not. No matter what he had an advantage on them. He could smell them but there was no way they could smell him. His gun was at his hip but when the two stepped into sight, he knew it wouldn’t work. The smell from the smaller man was strong and Spencer knew it. Another feral. Then he smelled the adamantium. Another Weapon. He wanted to growl but he waited. He didn’t know what this Weapon was doing there. He had no way of warning Hotch that there were mutants on hand.

The mutants were looking around and the Weapon was scenting the air. Spencer was happy that he had no scent and he could move so that they wouldn’t hear him. The two mutants had their backs to him and he waited. When the Weapon stepped away, Spencer dropped behind the other. Before either of them could act, Spencer had his hidden blade out and ready for action. His other hand wrapped around the mutants throat and he pulled his blade out enough for the other man to feel it. He stilled.

“Smart choice,” Spencer whispered in his ear. That got the Weapon’s attention. He turned and stared, shocked faced at him. “Take a step feral and the mutant loses his head.”

“Who are y’?” The mutant asked.

“You can call me Doctor.” Spencer shifted to look the Weapon up and down. “You are Weapon X are you not?”

The Weapon nodded. Spencer smiled and waved his hidden blade out. When he pulled it back in he held his hand out like he was holding a ball and let his needles form. He felt the mutant in his hold still. He stopped breathing.

“Do you like it? Idiots gave me nanite formed Adamantium. So Wolverine, you can heal. I can heal. What about your friend here?”

“Not ‘ere to fight, ami.”

“Yet you are here on a joint FBI/RCMP case. I can shoot him and no one would give a care. I already know that several of the victims were mutants. We have the man who orchestrated it in custody and the man who committed the crimes is slow. His brother was able to coerce him. We are hunting him now.”

“Why are you so willing to give information?” Wolverine asked.

Spencer smiled and pulled the blade against the mutant’s throat back. He leaned down and smelled his neck. The smell of spice and musk filled his nose. The musk was the same as what his Aaron carried. He never thought anyone else would smell like that. Then he smelled ozone. And it was building.

“I wouldn’t do that, Gambit,” Spencer whispered in Gambit’s ear. He could smell the charge the mutant was trying to draw in. “Don’t give me a reason to mark up your pretty skin.”

Gambit swallowed hard. “Sorry.”

“Welcome, Hotch.” Spencer let his eyes wander to where Aaron entered the barn. His boss started to pull his gun but he shook his head. “Agent Aaron Hotchner. Meet Wolverine and Gambit. Remy LeBeau, Logan, meet Hotch. They came to help with the search for Turner.”

“I see. So why are you holding, Mr. LeBeau hostage?” Aaron moved around the edge to stand beside Spencer. He moved just close enough that Wolverine’s eyebrow raised. There was no mistaking the scent of possession that Aaron was exuding from his pores. Spencer bared his fangs as Wolverine eyed Aaron up and down. The Feral took a step back.

“They tried to sneak in first and Gambit tried to blow something up.” Spencer laughed and leaned closer to Gambit again, inhaling. Aaron noticed and quirked an eyebrow. He smiled at his lover. “What did you need, Hotch?”

“The dogs are having an issue tracking him. I wanted you to head out. You can take Gambit with you as long as he promises to keep his head down. I can sit with Wolverine here.”

“Y’ would sit with Ol’ Wolvie?”

“He wouldn’t touch me. I’m another Feral’s and he doesn’t touch what isn’t his. And Doctor Reid won’t hurt you, Gambit.” Aaron stepped around behind Spencer and with a touch pulled him back. He let go of Gambit even though he didn’t want to. With Wolverine’s hearing, it wasn’t safe to talk. He knew that his eyes had to show his arousal. Aaron leaned in and kissed him. “Go.”

“Yes, Sir.”

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