Title: Untitled
Fandom: Criminal Minds
Year: Season 5 (2010)
Tags: Angst
Ratings: PG-13
Pairings: Aaron Hotchner/Spencer Reid,
Spoilers: Up Through Season 5
Summary: There was ways to mess up and then there is fucking up.
Notes: None
Warnings: None

Aaron sighed as he entered the emergency room. He was directed back to the room where Jack was and stopped dead when he opened the door found Jack and Jessica there. Where was Spencer? Dread started to fill his stomach and heart.

“He’s fine, Aaron. Simple fracture to his arm right near the wrist. Exactly like Spencer said.” There was nothing in her voice condemning him. Spencer hadn’t told. He didn’t expect him to. Spencer didn’t tell personal things.

“Where is Spencer?” Aaron asked, ashamed of how angry he had got. The words he’d spat were still ringing in his ears.

“He said he was going to go home.” That time told him that she knew something was wrong, given Spencer had stayed with Jack at the hospital after Haley’s death. And the boy had been fine then.

Aaron stepped up to his son who was lying back on the bed. Aaron could see how swollen his head was from the impact of his head on the stairs and he could see a missed patch of blood in his hair. His arm was wrapped in a splint to be casted later. Jack was asleep, probably emotionally exhausted from the day.

“I’ve seen Spencer in an array of moods since I met him at the funeral,” Jessica said as he hand caressed Jack’s unbroken arm. “Sad, happy, and everything in between. Today though was…I couldn’t tell what his emotion was. If I were honest with myself it was a complete lack of emotion. Like he’d shut down.”

“I was not the nicest on the phone,” Aaron admitted.

“What do you mean?”

“If he had told me in person what happened with Jack, he’d never want to be around me again. I don’t blame him if he doesn’t based just on what I said.” Aaron was already planning to talk to a therapist. He never wanted to hear that dead voice Spencer had spoke in when he was talking to outside of a case. He knew Spencer was mad. But Spencer didn’t talk to people when he mad. He analyzed his own Amber first then what caused it and only when he was calm did he confront it. Aaron it was a learned trait from dealing with his mother.

“Aaron.” Jessica looked upset but Aaron wasn’t going to tell her what he said.

“No. Jessica. Don’t. I know what I said and I am not repeating it to where Jack can hear, if he didn’t hear me yelling over the phone.” Aaron had never thought that would be him. That he would or even could say things like that to someone he loved. He could only chalk it up to fear. He’d just lost Haley and Jack had been gone from him. It was no excuse. He had had a lot of making up to do. He needed to beg Spencer’s forgiveness. He’d understand though if the younger man was packing his things to leave.

“He didn’t want Spencer to leave but he said that he would be back.” Jessica hadn’t balked at finding out the night of the funeral that Spencer was living with him. They had been dating since the day he had signed the divorce papers. He’d been truthful with the younger man, he hadn’t thought he was going to get what he wanted.

Aaron hadn’t been in love with Haley for a while but he had been willing to stay with her for Jack’s sake. He hadn’t minded that she was cheating on him. He took his vows serious but could understand that she needed someone. Spencer had come to him after the rest of the team refused to tell him what the kissing song meant. Aaron hadn’t been shocked he didn’t know it. Spencer had jumped six grades, right through when his peers would have been singing that song.

They had ended getting dinner after he signed the papers. That had turned into a night cap inside Spencer’s apartment. Which turned into making out on the couch. It was slow after that. Aaron had learned that the team’s view of the genius was very skewed and that academics had interesting takes on sex and stress relief. He was fairly certain that other than Dave, Spencer had the most interesting college experience.

Moving in together came after Spencer had been shot and Aaron stabbed. Between the two of them, had taken off each other in the aftermath of Foyet. Aaron had almost grounded him when he found out that he’d lied about being cleared to fly but Spencer that he would stay at the station and be better than Aaron had been in the aftermath of the New York bombing. There was the unspoken that of Foyet well. That didn’t want to be so from the team while injured. Foyet hadn’t realized Spencer was to Aaron or he hadn’t cared. When Spencer could handle the stairs to his apartment again, Aaron hadn’t wanted him to leave. Then Haley died and Spencer just never left. He sublet his place to a grad student and put his books in storage until bookshelves had been bought fit them in Aaron’s office. Jack had liked having Spencer there in the aftermath of his mother dying. The permanent change of address had only raised a single eye from Strauss but when she saw how attached Jack was to Spencer, she only told him he was a wonderful father.

Jack twitched on the bed and Aaron smiled as he opened his eyes. He looked away, his eyes looking for Spencer. “Is Spencer not back yet?”

Aaron reached for Jack but the boy moved away from him, protecting his broken arm. Jessica’s eyes went wide but she didn’t say anything. Aaron knew then that Jack had heard him. He’d already figured out what to do. Jack would be better at home.

“How about I have Aunt Jessica call Spencer? He can take you home.” Aaron smiled his softest at Jack and took a step back. To give the boy room.

“Where will you go?” Jack asked eyeing him like a scared animal would a predator. That look should never be on his face. He’d never wanted to think that he could put that look on a kid’s face.

“I’ll go stay with Uncle Dave until Spencer lets me come back home. Aunt Jessica can sign your papers while I home and get my things.”

“You weren’t nice to Spencer.”

“No. I wasn’t. I’ll apologize to him he’s ready. I’m sorry I scared you.”

“Spencer told me not to run on the steps. That they were wet and slick.”

“I know.” Aaron wasn’t sure how the team was going to take Spencer being gone for a day or so. They would want know why Aaron wasn’t taking time off as well. They had all known about them from the moment Aaron and Spencer had decided it was probably forever thing. The only eye that been batted was at Aaron’s sexuality and making sure he wasn’t having a midlife crisis and was going to hurt Spencer when he came back to himself.

“I don’t like you right now.”

“I don’t like myself.” Aaron nodded at Jessica and she pulled out her phone.

“Spencer?” Jessica asked. There was a frown on her face. “Where are you?” The look on her face darkened. “Aaron would like you to come back. He’s going to go home and pack to stay Dave’s and you and Jack are going to go home.” She smiled and nodded even though he couldn’t see. “Yes. Calm.” Her eyes moved to Jack. “Wary. I can sign the paperwork. He just wants to make sure you aren’t going run into one another at home. I’ll tell him. See you soon.”

Jessica hung up and looked Jack. “He’s at the gym. He’s going to shower and then be back, Jack. He said that he’s more than willing to go to a hotel.”

“Jack will rest better at home. Just let me know when he has appointments. You or I can take him.” Aaron turned to Jack. “Can I give you a goodnight kiss?”

Jack eyed him for a second before nodding.


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