EAD-Grimm Hotch

Title: Untitled
Series: Maybe
Fandom: Criminal Minds, Grimm,
Year: Season 7 (Spring 2012)
Category: First Time, Wesen!Reid, Grimm!Hotch,
Ratings: NC-17
Pairings: Aaron Hotchner/Spencer Reid, Nick Burkhardt/Sean Renard
Spoilers: Up Through Season Seven of Criminal Minds & Season One of Grimm
Summary: Spencer was used to being called pet. He started out as Gideon’s and it took a while to come out of that shadow but now he’d being called Hotch’s and he finds he doesn’t mind it as much. (And then the whole things grew plot)
Notes: None
Warnings: Graphic Depictions of Violence,

Spencer opened the door a few seconds after the knock. He’d been right by it looking for a book to distract himself when it had sounded in the quiet apartment.

“That was quick,” Hotch said his hand still lowering after knocking.

“I was at the shelves behind the door. What can I do for you?” Spencer stayed in the doorway, making Hotch look into the apartment. Spencer knew that it meant that the older man wanted to come inside but Spencer didn’t care. The part had been nice and all but he wasn’t ready to forgive or forget.

“Can I come in?” Hotch asked. Spencer just stared. “I’m sorry. I’m sorry that I forgot about your birthday. I…” A present was held up and Spencer could only cock and eyebrow before he stepped back to allow him into his apartment. His inner self tried to assert itself but he stopped it. It was the first time that he’d allowed a human into his apartment. Only his Wesen friends had been allowed in before.

“What is that?”

“It’s the actual present I got for you. It’s been sitting on my desk in the apartment. I can’t give off any reason other than I was too busy with non work things that I missed picking it up on the day of your birthday.”

“Then what was the present you got me?”

“It’s what JJ went and picked up for you with my card an hour before your party. I had seen it and thought that you would like it.”

“I do.” Spencer’s eyes automatically tracked to the the end table where he’d placed the swirling globe. The various colors were all different liquids that never mixed and never settled. He’d stared at it for nearly half an hour before deciding to read a book. “What is this one?”

“A book.”

“Really?” Spencer sarcastically asked. The shape of the present was very indicative of what it was. “I never would have guessed.”

“Does this mean I am no longer on the outside?” Hotch stepped towards the kitchen.

“Coffee is in the pot, water and pop is in the fridge.” Spencer waved towards the back room. “I need to change my shirt. I’ll be right back.”

Spencer moved towards the bedroom and grabbed a t-shirt from the dresser. He liked to relax when he got home and relax meant out of his work clothes. He could stay in the slacks for a while but he needed the tie off. Ripping it off, he threw it towards the top of the dresser. He caught his reflection in the glass and he stared. He could see his true self flash in his eyes. He needed to get a weekend away and go and visit Doctor Kimura. She had a farm an hour away and she allowed him to come and go as he pleased. He’d been several times after his knee had healed just to let his true self out. He saw staring at his eyes for so long and so hard that it wasn’t until he felt a hand on his shoulder that he realized that Hotch was in the room.

It was just a little too close to the surface and Spencer felt himself woge. He’d done it before in front of some of the team but it was a scared response and none of them had ever seen it. What he wasn’t expecting was the blackness of Hotch’s eyes. The infinite darkness that reflected himself back. A Grimm. Hotch was a Grimm. There was shock written all over Hotch’s face and it was what was going to save Spencer’s life. He dropped his shirt to the floor and took off. He had his wallet in his pocket and his phone. He could escape and get out of DC. He had places to go. Friends who would hide him until he could get a new identity.

Spencer was so focused on escaping, he didn’t look back. He didn’t try and think about looking back. He was halfway down the hall when all air left his lungs and he was tackled to the ground. He let out a sob as he tried to scramble away from Hotch. He just needed to go a few feet and he could grab the wall but Hotch grabbed his arms and rolled him within the confines of the other man’s legs. Spencer was still woged so when his eyes roved over Hotch’s face, that darkness was there again. He closed his eyes because he could feel the fear creeping over him. He’d not lied when Morgan and JJ and him had talked about fears and he’d said darkness and because of the inherent absence of light. It was a Grimm’s eyes that scared him more than anything in the world because it meant death.

“REID!” Hotch screamed and Spencer’s eyes opened on their own. The blackness was still there and Spencer tried to escape again but Hotch grabbed his swinging hands and pinned them above his head. He gulped in a breath and went still. Hotch just stared at him and calmed down some. Hotch’s free hand wasn’t going for his gun or a hidden blade, he was just staring down at Spencer. “If I let you go will you stay in one place?”

Spencer couldn’t speak so he nodded. He was lying and he wondered exactly what kind of Grimm was going to let a Wesen go? But Hotch rocked back to his haunches and let his hands go. Spencer took in a breath and exhaled, preparing for running again. He sat up and Hotch just stayed here he was. Spencer scooted back and still the Grimm did nothing. Taking in a deep breath, Spencer launched away from Hotch towards the opening of the hallway. He had just grabbed a hold of the wall when he was jerked backwards. He slammed on his front on the floor again and this time Hotch sat down on his thighs as he grabbed his arms and pulled them both behind his back. He was trapped this time fully. He could only wiggle. He did and that’s when he stilled. With the way that Hotch was leaning over him there was no mistaking the hard on pressed into his butt. Hotch was getting excited, trapping him into the floor.

Hotch leaned over him even farther, pressing the erection more into him. Spencer tried to breath but he couldn’t get enough oxygen into his lungs. His vision was going grey at the edges. “Calm down, Reid. REID! Breathe!”

There wasn’t enough oxygen. He had heard so many stories about the depraved Grimms out there. The ones that no Wesen wanted to cross the paths of. Hotch was so normal. That he was a Grimm. That he was one of THOSE Grimms, Spencer couldn’t wrap his mind around it and it just sent him hyperventilate even more. The grey edges of his vision were no longer grey they were black and then everything was black.

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