Title: Untitled
Series: Fucking Probably
Fandom: Criminal Minds
Year: Season 10 (2015)
Tags: Kid Fic, Kid!Spencer,
Ratings: R
Pairings: Gen
Characters: Aaron Hotchner, Spencer Reid, Kate Callahan,
Spoilers: Up Through Season 10
Summary: Aaron knew those eyes. He’d seen them on himself so much as a child. When he’d look in the mirror to remind himself why he was doing it. To see them on ten year old Spencer Reid was heartbreaking.
Notes: None
Warnings: Graphic Depictions of Violence, Minor Character Death,

Aaron ran into the house with his heart in this throat. His phone call with Kate had been cut off by the sound of the door to the house breaking in. He’d been jostled and it fell, breaking into many pieces none of which could be put back together. He had two options take the time to get a hold of the team or get to Kate. He was closest and he needed to get to her. Visions of Foyet had been running through his brain. The front door had been open from where the UnSub had broke it down. Kate had been in labor when she’d called him medics were on their way but she was alone.

Kate going into labor had pushed up the UnSub’s timetable. She was three weeks early. Aaron rounded into the living room to see Kate lying on the ground, propped against the couch. She was covered with a blanket and beside her was Spencer. LIttle Spencer from next door. In his arms was the baby, wrapped in a towel. Kate had her cell phone up to her ear and she was looking up at Aaron.

“No, Morgan. I’m fine. Hotch just got here and EMTs are just behind. Don’t wreck!” Kate hung up the phone and looked at Spencer. The little boy was wholly focused on the baby. He could see that the cord had been cut and the baby was settled. Spencer was covered in blood. It wasn’t smears from helping with the birth, those were there but there was also spray. Spray like he’d been around someone who was shot. “Spencer, give me your little namesake and go and get the gun for Hotch, please.”

“Okay.” Spencer handed over the baby and moved over to where Aaron could see the UnSub. Dead from a gunshot wound to the neck. On the other end of the couch on the armrest was Kate’s gun. It had it’s safety on and Spencer picked it up carefully. He carried it over to Aaron, handing it over.

“I was in a contraction when Bryants entered. I had my gun on the end table and he never saw Spencer.”

“I picked up the gun, flicked the safety off and fired.”

Aaron looked at Kate and she nodded. She had her son, Spencer, tucked to her chest. Aaron was fairly certain that she was breastfeeding him. He looked away from her and back at Spencer as he heard the squeal of tires. That meant Morgan had arrived.

“Father used to take me to the gun range before he left, hoping that I would turn into a good boy. That it would turn me into a man.”

“Spencer, where is your mother?” Aaron asked, point blank. The three weeks that the BAU had been in Vegas and that he’d been living in this house, next door to ten year old Spencer, he’d ignored what he knew was a bad situation.

“At home.”

“And your father?”

“At home.”

Morgan and JJ came running into the living room, their guns weren’t drawn but they looked really worried.

“JJ, Morgan, take care of Kate. I need to talk to Mrs. Reid.” Aaron settled a hand on Spencer’s shoulder and when Morgan held out an evidence bag for the gun, he dropped it in it. As soon as they stepped outside, Spencer’s whole body went stiff and it was like pushing a board in front of him. When they stopped in front of the door, Spencer didn’t reach out to take the doorknob. Aaron had to reach around him to do it.

Aaron had seen Mrs. Reid once. One day when it looked like they had just gotten back from shopping but Mr. Reid was nowhere to be found. Aaron had asked about him as part of the case and had cleared him as a suspect when Morgan and Garcia had both confirmed him as not even in town for the first and last murders. Yet he never seemed to come home.

“Who are you?” a woman screamed and Aaron had to duck. He pulled Spencer into the shield of his body and presented his back to the lady who wielded a frying pan at his back. He waited for the pan to connect before he reached out and grabbed wrist, spinning so that she couldn’t hurt Spencer and then tucking her arm behind her back. He grabbed her other flailing hand and jerked it behind her back as well. He secured one of his hands around both her wrists while he grabbed his cuffs from his pocket and worked on getting them on her. It wasn’t until he saw Spencer shuffling on his knees towards her that he realized it was Mrs. Reid.

“Mom, you have to calm down. Agent Hotchner…”

“AGENT! You let a government man in here, Spencer? Do you want him to take you away? DO you want HIM TO TAKE ME AWAY!”

“Mom!” Spencer yelled back and Aaron just stared. Spencer’s face and body language were showcasing fear but his eyes. Aaron knew those eyes. He’d seen them on himself so much as a child. When he’d look in the mirror to remind himself why he was doing it.

“Spencer where is your father?” Aaron asked, finally getting Spencer to look up at him. Mrs. Reid was still screaming but Aaron just talked over her.

“At home,” Spencer yelled back.

“He’s not here.”

“I never said he was at my home. He left six months ago.”

“He left you with your mother?” Aaron didn’t need to say the word sick. There was obviously something wrong with her. Aaron was pretty sure she had some form of schizophrenia. The sound of footsteps on the floor told Aaron that someone was there. he looked up to see Dave there. “Dave, take Mrs. Reid please.”

Mrs. Reid was spitting insult and threats if anything happened to Spencer or to herself. Dave took her and handed over his phone with a sad smile. Aaron dialed Garcia and set her on tracking down William Reid because he needed answers.

“What are you doing Aaron?”

“Spencer is a witness to an attack on a Federal Agent as well as the fact that he shot and killed a man. I’m taking him into emergency custody.”


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