EAD-Night Will Fall and Drown the Sun

Title: Night Will Fall and Drown the Sun
Fandom: Criminal Minds, X-Men
Year: 2015
Tags: Crossover, Human!Gambit,
Ratings: R
Pairings: Spencer Reid/Remy LeBeau
Spoilers: Up Through Season 10 & All X-Men Movies & Comics,
Summary: The past defines us. The past is who we are. If no one knows your past do they really know you?
Notes: None
Warnings: Graphic Depictions of Violence,

Spencer moved towards his front door, happy to be home. He’d been gone for two weeks. Two back to back cases without a night a home had run him ragged. His go bag was slung over his shoulder with his messenger bag over the other. He was tired and wanted to sleep for two days. He hadn’t heard from Remy and figured he was home but he couldn’t be sure. He stopped when he saw that the door was slightly ajar. He dropped his two bags to the floor silently and pulled his gun. He checked the safety and started forward. The ding of the elevator had him stopping and turning. Morgan was standing there with his phone in his hand. His eyes were wide at the sight of Spencer standing there with his gun drawn. Morgan pocketed the phone quickly and drew his own gun.

“What do we have?” Morgan asked in a whisper as he approached Spencer.

“Door ajar.”

It took no time at all to clear the flat. There was no one there and the only signs that someone had been there was the utter disaster that was the bedroom and food plates in the kitchen.

“What kind of UnSub breaks in trashes a bedroom and then eats food.”

“Oatmeal with blueberries, coffee, and bacon,” Spencer said as his heart twisted. There was only one reason that Remy hadn’t cleaned up after himself. He sighed. He wished that Morgan wasn’t there. It would have been easier to take care of this without the team but there was no way that Morgan was going to let this go. The meal had been made that morning. Remy had been gone just hours before Spencer had come home.


“Oatmeal, bacon, and coffee, it’s his normal breakfast when I am not home.”

“His?” Morgan looked at him in shock. “Reid, who is this he?”

“My husband.” Spencer stared at Morgan as he said the words. His friend was at a loss. A silent Morgan was never a good thing. “I’ll call Hotch. The locals aren’t going to be able to help on this.”

“Reid, you gotta explain this.”

“I will when the whole team gets here. I promise I just don’t want to tell this more than once.”

“We need to sweep…”

“Whoever took him won’t have left a single bit of evidence behind. No hairs, no fibers, no nothing. They only left the bedroom like it was as a warning. The door was their calling card.”

Morgan took a few steps closer to him. “Reid, you’re scaring me. Please just tell me what’s going on.”

“Someone broke into my apartment, Morgan and took my husband. That’s what going on!” Spencer didn’t mean to yell but it slipped out.

“I’ll call Hotch you just try and think okay?” Morgan asked. Spencer nodded. He turned towards the window in the kitchen and moved to it after taking his offered phone from Morgan. He leaned against the wall, thinking. It was his favorite spot in the whole flat. It’s what had sold the place to him when they’d looked at it when moving to DC for the academy. Remy liked it because of the defensibility. Over ten years they lived here with no issues. Now his world was shattered and he didn’t know what was going to be left of him when he managed to put it back together.

The team arrived by ones. JJ had tried to talk to him but Morgan brushed her back, leaving him to stare out the window down into the small park beside the building that he lived in. He was shocked that JJ brought Will but something told him that Morgan asked for her to bring him. Hotch was the last to arrive. When the door was shut and the team seated, Spencer pulled himself away from the window. He grabbed the carafe of coffee from the sink and filled up a cup. He popped it into the microwave and doctored it up when he pulled it out. The team was scattered all over but left him his over stuffed chair. He sat down, clasping the mug between his hands.

“What’s up?” Kate asked.

“When I was ten, just months after dad left, I made friends with a kid who lived on the same street. He went to private school and was living in Vegas with a family friend for a while. We stayed friends as I went to college and when I moved to DC, he moved with me.” Spencer looked up from his cup. “I’ve always kept my private life private for a few very good reasons. Five years ago, we got married.”

“Married?” JJ asked. She looked at him in pure shock. That shock was on every other team member’s face as well. “You got married? Spence why didn’t…”

“He’s been taken. He was here this morning ate breakfast and it looks like when he went back to change, he was jumped.”

“Reid, what is going on?” Hotch asked.

Spencer ignored him and looked at Will. “Travaillez-vous toujours pour le cardinal?”

Will’s eyes widened in shock and then narrowed to stare at him. “Yes.”


“Will?” JJ asked but Will just stared even longer at Spencer.

“You were sixteen when you met the Cardinal for the first time?” Spencer asked him.

“Yes. He came to the house with his lawyer. We had a young John Doe who wasn’t giving us a name. Papa brought him around to try and get him to crack. He never did. He was there for three days before the Cardinal came and took him. We never got a name out of him. It was rumored that the Cardinal’s younger son ended up running off with the kid years later.”

“Run off? That’s what they are saying? Your John Doe was thirteen at the time while the youngest son was eighteen. I seriously doubt that Jean Luc would have let him touch the kid before he was eighteen much less run off with him.”

That got a reaction out of Will. He stood up from his seat and moved closer to Spencer. He grabbed Spencer’s arm and pulled him up. Spencer let him. He knew what was coming. Will started to unbutton the top of his button down. JJ jumped to her feet but Spencer held up a hand. JJ stopped moving. When the top three buttons were undone he looked down at where Spencer’s heart was and there was the tattoo. The tattoo predated their wedding by several years. It was well known in the Guild that Remy had married and it was even known beyond that about the tattoo that the son of the Cardinal of the New Orleans Thieves Guild and the man he married. People picked up for crimes were routinely checked for the tattoo, just to be sure. The identity of the son in law of the Cardinal was well protected.

As soon as the tattoo registered in Will’s eyes, he dropped the edge of the shirt he was holding and he stepped back. His eyes were wide in shock and Spencer wasn’t sure that he wasn’t going to faint. Spencer helped him sit down in his chair. He moved to the kitchen and filled a tumbler with bourbon. Something that Remy had shipped to him from home.

“Will, are you talking about the Guilds?” JJ asked, her voice low. Spencer could hear it though. He wasn’t that shocked that Will had told her about the Guilds. It was so much of life in New Orleans.


“Spence, what do you know of the Guilds?” JJ asked.

Spencer didn’t answer until he handed over the glass to Will and tipped it up for the man to take a drink. Will drained the whole glass, coughing.

“Kid, none of this is making sense.”

“No. Some of it makes sense. Thieves and assassins.” Rossi leaned back on the arm of the couch he was sitting on. “Rumors have always moved around of assassins and thieves. The operation has never been found by the FBI, the CIA, NSA. They are too good. This cardinal, he is in control of the New Orleans area?”

“Yes,” Spencer answered.

“How do you know all of this Spencer?”

“What has Will told you of what he used to do for the Cardinal?” Spencer leaned against the back of the chair that Will now sat in. Will was silent. Spencer was sure that he was trying to figure out how he never connected that kid and Spencer.

“That he was never asked to kill, just pass information. He’s contacted on occasion when someone escapes New Orleans but he’s never asked…”

“It stopped the moment that I started dating you, JJ. That case was the last one. I never even…I know that the Cardinal switches up who he uses from time to time, I never thought.” Will looked back at Spencer in shock.

“Jean Luc loves his son in law as much as he does his sons.”

“Oh. Fuck,” Will said. He set the glass down and dropped his head into his hands. “Has the Cardinal been told?”


“If Morgan hadn’t been here, you wouldn’t have told a single one of us would you have?” Will asked.

Spencer shook his head. “No. I would have called Jean Luc and told him. He’d handle it and he’s still going to handle it. I’ll let him handle the Thieves and Assassins. We will take Remy’s current job.”

“Are you telling us that this Remy, your husband, is…” Hotch trailed off as Spencer interrupted him.

“The Cardinal’s son? That I married into the largest crime family in New Orleans? Yes.” Spencer locked his eyes with Hotch and waited. No one said anything. “Jean Luc LeBeau has two sons, his blood son Henry and his adopted son, Remy. I met Remy when I was ten in Vegas. I saved Remy’s life. Jean Luc repaid that by helping with bills and such after dad left. Remy was never interested in taking over the family business. Henry was. So Remy was allowed to stay in Vegas. I took trips with him home all the time during summer. I wasn’t aware at the time but Jean Luc had a security detail living on the street and they protected not just Remy but mom and I as well. When I started college, Remy went as well. I’d never had a friend like him before and I figured it was normal. Then when I was seventeen, I was staying in New Orleans for a week while Remy spent time with his father and brother. I was at a coffee shop working on a class I was taking over the summer when I heard someone talking. They were bouncing between French and English but as I was fluent in French it wasn’t hard to follow. They were talking about the paramour of the Cardinal’s son. I didn’t know that Henry was serious about anyone so I listened in. It would give Remy some good taunting material. I figured out then that it was Assassins talking. I wasn’t afraid, no one in New Orleans was going to mess with me. I listened as they described this paramour and well I was listening too hard as one of them noticed me. The utter fear in their eyes told me they knew who I was. They called me gendre which is very formal son in law.”

Spencer shifted to the window to look out. He could barely see the park.

“I was livid. I closed up my books, shoved them in my bag and then marched to the LeBeau house. The guards didn’t even stop me. I knew exactly where Remy was. I threw open the doors to Jean Luc’s office and Remy was sitting in a chair with his feet on the desk. Henry was sitting in the window and Jean Luc was sitting at his desk. Remy jumped to his feet, surprised to see me. Remy could tell that I was pissed. He tried to calm me down but I ignored him. I looked right at Jean Luc and said beau-fils. Henry started to laugh his ass off. Remy looked shocked as hell and Jean Luc, well he just smiled. It wasn’t what I thought. I’d been called that since I’d saved Remy’s life. Remy though stuck his foot in his mouth.”

“He started to explain and told the whole truth?” Will asked. Spencer nodded.

“The rest I am sure you can figure out.”

“You told me once you wanted into the FBI from age fifteen. How does being around these LeBeau’s help with that?”

“If Garcia were to go back to the BAU and search Remy LeBeau and the age and all the information tied to the man I am married to. All she is going to get is what Remy wants her to find. His degrees and his job as a private investigator. I’m telling you all the truth when I don’t have to. I could have easily had Jean Luc call Will to keep his silence.


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