EAD-Sharing a Bed

Title: Untitled
Fandom: Criminal Minds
Year: Season 7
Category: Trope Bingo, Sharing a Bed, First Time,
Ratings: NC-17
Pairings: Hotch/Reid,
Spoilers: Goes AU before The Bittersweet Science
Summary: It started off innocent on both sides. Now it’s pretty much not.
Notes: None
Warnings: None

The First Time
Aaron wasn’t sure what was going on when he woke up with a body under him. A quick look before moving and he knew it was Reid. He wasn’t sure why Reid was in his bed but he wasn’t going to freak out and scare him. He looked over at the other bed and saw that the covers were flipped like Reid had got out of bed to do something and just hadn’t gone back.

They had been case was one week and they were no closer to finding the UnSub last night than they had been when they arrived. A strategic decision on Aaron’s part meant sending the team to the hotels to get a full night sleep. Tomorrow they would work with fresh and rested eyes and try and find the UnSub.

Aaron remembered that Reid had dropped off to sleep before him, dead to the world while reading a book. The book was on the floor, like it had fallen. Aaron shifted back away from his team member but the younger man just shifted with him, burrowing in like he wanted the warmth. A glance at the clock on the wall said that they still had a few more hours of sleeping to get before they had to be awake so Aaron settled down again. He was shocked though when Reid grabbed his arm and draped it around his own body. A hum of pleasure slipped out of the sleeping man and Aaron smiled.

The Spencer Reid that had joined the team years before would never have allowed the touch. He obviously thought that Aaron was someone else.

When he woke up hours later as his alarm went off, he found his bed empty of Reid. In fact the young man wasn’t in the room at all. Aaron let it slide. He wasn’t going to press the issue with the young genius.

The Second Time
The smell of cinnamon and coconut filled Aaron’s nose and he burrowed closer to it. Something tickled his nose and he opened his eyes, seeing hair. He almost freaked out until he remembered that he had locked the door and there was no way that he and Reid had slept through someone breaking in. It had to be Reid in his bed again. What he was worried about was the fact that this was the second time that the genius had snuck into his bed without him knowing.

Reid had been asleep first again that night. It had been two months since the last time he had woke with him in his bed but they hadn’t had to share a room since then either. Last time Reid had shared with Morgan. Aaron was tempted to ask the other man about it but wouldn’t. He didn’t want to make Reid feel weird if he didn’t do it with Morgan. It had been a while he’d shared a bed with anyone so the fact that Reid slipped in and out without waking him was a little scary.

His arm was being used for a pillow this time and he wasn’t draped over the other man as much, this time it was closer to cuddling than anything else.

The lure of the warm body pulled him back to sleep. When he woke again hours later, the other evidence that Reid had been in his bed was the smell of cinnamon and coconut that lingered on his arm.

The Fifth Time
Waking up with Reid in his bed was becoming a habit. This time was different than the rest because the young man was actually facing him. His head was pillowed on Aaron’s outstretched arm like nearly every time before but he was curled into the older man’s chest. Aaron was on his side and had his other arm draped over the younger man.

There were tear tracks on Reid’s face. It’s what had woken Aaron up this time. The tear marks were fresh and the snuffling sounds the younger man was making had been enough to wake him up. Aaron pulled the blanket up higher on the both of them to where just the top half of Reid’s head was visible and he tucked Reid in closer to his body. Rubbing his hand up and down Reid’s back, the younger man settled down quickly.

An hour later, the younger man started to move around. Aaron thought for a few seconds that he was in a dream or a nightmare but when he stretched, he knew he was waking up. Aaron closed his eyes and tried to pretend to sleep.


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