EAD-The Origin of Love

Title: The Origin of Love
Series: Demon’s Angel #6 (Immortal Loves #1)
Fandom: Criminal Minds
Year: Pre-Show
Tags: Dark, Twisted,
Ratings: NC-17
Pairings: Denei/Nuriel, Aaron Hotchner/Spencer Reid,
Spoilers: None
Summary: The story of how Denei met Nuriel and how they fell in love.
Notes: None
Warnings: Graphic Depictions of Violence,

Nuriel loved being among humans. He truly did. Many of his Angelic brothers hated humans but he loved them. He was in the body of a young boy who had seventeen years on the Earth. He’d lived in the body for a year now. The boy has lived in it had been in an accident. He’d healed his body but the mind, the mind of the boy was gone. He hadn’t got the consent of the body he was using but he had got the consent of the parents. Jopeh had been their middle child but the favorite of the mother. She had been happy to know that his body would be alive for a long time. That family was a long way away. He’d told them they would probably never see him again so as not to spook the other villagers who would recognize him.

The village he was currently in was barely paying attention to him. It was a hub for the trade in the area so strangers were normal. Children darted up to him, getting as close as they dared before running away sometimes screaming in laughter. Nuriel was sitting on a small wall surrounding a water well.

Air shifting, Nuriel stiffened and looked at the children. They were still playing. The humans hadn’t noticed the shift in the air and the danger it represented. He looked around to find the Demon who had descended on the town. It was nearing dark and the children were playing their last before going home for the night.

Subtly pulling out his blade, Nuriel prepared for the attack.


Denei found the village in his trek. It was small but seemed to be a center of activity. He watched all day as carts and horses came in and out. He watched the young man sitting on the well as he watched the people all day. Hell had bored him so he left with the blessing of Lucifer. He wanted to see what there was to see on Earth.

The young human male intrigued him. His eyes watched everything. Denei wanted to go into the town but there were too many humans around. Lucifer would not like it if he drew attention to the town by having to slaughter them all if they saw what he was. He’d enjoy the bloodbath but his Lord was skilled in torturing him and he wasn’t looking forward to spending a thousand years on his rack.

When darkness started to fall, Denei prepared to enter the town. He was near the edge when the young human man stiffened. Denei stopped and watched him. The humans were not paying any attention to him and the young man’s eyes snapped to where he was. The human could feel him! Sensitive humans were rare but not unheard of. He kept his eyes on him as he started to close the distance and he paused again when a small blade was drawn from seemingly nowhere.

An Angel! Denei smiled to himself. This village was the perfect place for him. The etchings on the blade told him that the Angel was pretty high up and strong. Yet he chose the body of a young human man. Was that to lure in Demons or was it the only vessel on hand when he had landed on Earth? Denei made a mental note to ask him when he had him screaming in pain.

Blood surging, Denei pushed himself to where the Angel was. As he appeared sort of behind his target he was shocked to find him gone. He’d escaped! Denei looked around and found him at the edge of the city. The Angel was smiling at him. He was intrigued even more now. Holding his hands out at his side, he walked closer to the Angel. He was watched with a wary eye as he got closer but the Angel didn’t run.

“My name is Denei, Little Bird. I suggest a short truce.”

“Why should I trust you?” The Angel asked, his eyes raking up and down Denei’s form.

“You’ve not heard of me?”

“I’ve heard of you but how do I know that you are he? Demons lie and while Denei supposedly doesn’t, you may not even be Denei. Just a Demon who uses the name to garner favor just to strike in the back.”

Denei just stared at the Angel. He wasn’t one of the brainless followers it seemed. He took another step towards him and the Angel took a step back. “What can I do to prove to you who I am?”

The Angel smirked and then a blade appeared in his hand. Denei reached out to snag it from the Angel’s hand but it was jerked away. “What is the name of the Angel who took this from you?”

“Tomriel. What are you doing with it?” The blade had been taken from his nearly a hundred years before. He and a group of Demons had tried to kill an archangel who had been wounded with a small amount of Angel’s Trumpet. He’d been the only one to survive the attack and had lost his favorite blade to Tomriel. He remembered an Angel that had been sent away at the start of the battle. He had been nearly dead from a larger dose of Angel’s Trumpet. Belial had been pissed when neither target had died. Tomriel had nearly killed Belial before he’d fled before the battle was done. It was then that Denei had moved a rank up in Lucifer’s eyes. He’d fought until the last Angel had fled or was killed. He knew that this Angel wasn’t Tomriel. This was the same body he’d used then. Tomriel would know him. Besides that Angel preferred older men for his vessel.

“I was given it as a present when I came to Earth. No one but Tomriel knows that I have it and only Denei would recognize it.” In a moment of what the Demon thought of as pure stupidity, the Angel held out the blade for him to take. Denei reached out for it but stopped at the last second. He looked at the face of the Angel. He wasn’t that stupid but Lucifer did that Angel nearly get him to take a blade that was poisoned. He could smell the poison now. Instead of grabbing the blade, he grabbed the wrist, quick as a snake. The Angel didn’t fight him as Denei pulled him close, tipping the blade away from him. “Don’t trust me?”

“Very astute, Little Bird.”

The Angel’s nose crinkled at the name but as he’d not given a name, it would be what Denei called him. Denei was about to try and break the wrist in his hand when blinding pain shot through his body. He looked down to see the Angelic blade the Angel had been holding before buried in his gut. He felt the poison on it. Nothing that would kill him, just hurt like a bitch. He dropped his hold and then the Angel was gone.

Denei dropped to his knees as he pulled the blade free of his skin. The Angel had left him with something he could trace back to him. He was either very stupid or he wanted to play. Denei hoped he wanted to play. The wound on the skin knitted over but the internal bleeding wasn’t going to stop for days.

One Year Later
Denei was shocked when he felt the blade slide into his back. He turned to the Demon who had been guarding his back. Before it could go in all the way though, the Demon was jerked back away from him and Denei watched as his head rolled off his shoulders. He stared into the eyes of the Angel who had taken the Demon’s head and didn’t feel fear.

A horde of Demons had attacked a village and it had drawn a flock of Angels down. Thirteen Demons had rushed the village, only two now remained. Denei and Belial. Belial had been in the hands of the Angel who was staring at him now, the blade in his hand dripping Demon blood.

“Thinning the herd, Denei?” The Angel asked.

Denei pulled the blade from his back and slumped to his knees.

“Don’t you need to go before your flock leaves you?” Denei spat out. The little traitor had really been trying to kill him. Any higher and the blade would have killed him with the poison. As it was he was going to be weak for a long while. He needed to get away before Belial came back to finish the job. Lucifer wouldn’t step in.

“I saw you save that child from Belial. Lucifer needs to get that Demon under control before he starts a war between Heaven and Hell.” The Angel closed his eyes and the blade disappeared from his hand. He dropped to his knees and Denei closed his eyes as the Grace fled from the human. The Angel had been body hopping. He remembered the human as one of the first one’s that Belial had gutted. The Angel had saved the man.

“You need to pick better friends.” A voice said behind him. Denei didn’t turn. He knew that voice. He’d been playing a game of cat and mouse with the Angel for a year. Lucifer found it funny and even helped him on occasion but the Angel always got away.

“Says the Angel that stuck a dagger in my gut and fled?”

“As if you wouldn’t have done the same except yours would have went for my heart.” The Angel stepped around him and took a hold of the blade. Denei let go of it easy. He looked up into the face he recognized.

“What do you want?”

“Why did Belial attack this village?” The Angel squatted in front of him. “He’s a coward who cares only for his own life so why would he attack a human village and draw us in?”

“He wants me dead and he knows that I’ll stop him from incurring more wrath. Lucifer is already mad at him but as long as a larger attack isn’t made by Angels into Demonic territory, he won’t step in.”

“Why does he want you dead?”

“Because Lucifer favors me.” Denei wasn’t going to lie. He’d got his reputation as a truthful Demon long before. Turning a little, he coughed and blood shot out from his mouth. It coated the clothes on the Angel. The poison was stronger than he thought. Denei coughed again and then darkness overtook him.


Nuriel laid the body of the Demon down on his bed. The small house that he has constructed deep in the woods was someplace for him to go to be alone. He had no clue why he had brought Denei there but he couldn’t leave him to die in that village. His brothers would be coming back to make sure no Demons were left and they would kill him. The only reason he’d joined the battle was to save human lives. Tomriel had got a hold of him and let him know when the attack had started.

Denei was a Demon that was different than any that he’d ever met. None of his brothers understood the game of cat and mouse he was playing with the Demon. There was a reason he was on Earth. He was bored. Denei relieved that boredom. It was easy to forget about how lonely he was when he traveled from city to city with a Demon on his tail.

The poison coursing through Denei’s body was meant to kill him.

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