EAD-Wrong Side of Heaven

Title: Wrong Side of Heaven
Fandom: Criminal Minds, The Host,
Year: 2019
Tags: Alternate Universe, Crossover,
Ratings: NC-17
Pairings: Aaron Hotchner/Spencer Reid,
Spoilers: Entire Criminal Minds series & The Host
Summary: For Spencer Reid, the world ended when he opened his eyes and realized that his lover’s body had been taken over. Now five years later it was just picking up the pieces and trying to save the world.
Notes: None
Warnings: Graphic Depictions of Violence, Major Character Death,

60 Days Before End of World
Eternal Flame opened her eyes and looked into the eyes of her lover, Dances on the Edge. His eyes and face were different but the look on his face told her all that she needed to know. She reached out with a hand that was now her own. It had been so long. Dances had told her it would be years before they were to be together again.

“Eternal?” Dances asked as he smiled down at her.

Eternal knew that something was wrong as soon as her hand connected with Dances’. Images flashed through her mind and overwhelmed it. She had never seen anything like it.

It’s my body and my mind, Eternal Flame. Get out of my mind! A voice yelled out in her head. She had never heard anything like it.

The human inside was awake. Eternal gasped as she quickly tried to fight but a searing pain in her head had her laying back. She looked up into Dances worried eyes and then she knew nothing more.

Spencer Reid stared up into the eyes of the man that he loved. His eyes were lined in silver and Spencer wasn’t sure what was going on other than he knew that Aaron had put that thing in his head, the thing that was now dead. The thing that had called herself Eternal Flames.

“Eternal?” Aaron asked, his face looked worried. There was Aaron in the look but there were more of the differences that he’d noticed over the past few weeks. He finally saw the differences. He saw what he had been missing over the last few months. It disgusted him.

“I am fine. Just all the emotion,” Spencer answered as he pulled at his memory. There was so much there. He needed time to figure it all out. He needed to get away from Dances and protect Jack.

“Humans are astounding creatures.” Dances leaned forward and kissed Spencer. Spencer wanted to pull back but he couldn’t. He’d known that something was wrong with Aaron for two months but hadn’t been able to place it or even convince the rest of the team what was wrong. Now he knew what was wrong with Aaron. His heart ached. He didn’t know how he had won in regard to the Soul inside him. He didn’t know a way save Aaron. Not yet. He was sure that the knowledge was inside of his head, he just needed to find it.

Dances deepened the kiss and Spencer let his mind go. This was normal. He knew what to do. He could do it another time, one final time. He had two goals. He needed to get away and get Jack with him. Getting the man above him blissed out after sex was the easiest way to get his two goals completed. It would also give him one final goodbye to the man he loved.

An hour later, Dances was showering and Spencer slipped into Jack’s room, shaking the boy awake and placing a hand over his mouth. The nine year old boy just looked up at him as he nodded that he would keep quiet.

“Spencer?” Jack looked at him while he wiped the sleep from his eyes. Jack looked at Spencer. “What’s wrong?”

“We need to go Jack. I need you to pack a bag as quick as possible.”

Jack got up from his bed and moved to his closet. He opened the door and pulled out a bag. It was one of Aaron’s older go bag, Spencer had noticed it missing nearly a month before. His heart broke even more. Jack had noticed it as well. Spencer had tried to keep the boy safe and he’d noticed anyway. “Dad’s been acting weird. I…”

“My go bag’s in the car. I need you to go and get inside of it. I’ll be down as soon as possible. If I am not down in ten minutes, get on a bus and get out of here. Go to Uncle Dave’s house.”

Jack nodded, pulling the go bag behind him he hugged Spencer before he was shoved out the door. After moving silently up the down the hall, Spencer stood at the entrance to the bedroom, listening to Dances showering, making sure that Jack got out of the house. As soon as the door shut with a soft click, he pulled his gun from the back of his pants and grabbed his holster from the dresser. His messenger bag was leaning against the wall where he’d left it. Slipping it on he looked around for anything else. He pocketed his credentials and anything in the room that he wanted. He wouldn’t be back.

The small silver case was in the sock drawer right where Dances had told him it would be. It slid open and Spencer looked down at the creature inside before he closed it. He slid that into his bag. It was his proof for Morgan. If he had Morgan on his side, the rest of the team would follow.

“Eternal?” Dances voice called across the room. Spencer flipped his shirt over his gun before he turned back. Dances looked shocked to see him up and dressed.

“I was restless.”

“New bodies always take adjustment.” Dances eyes focused on him and then Spencer saw the change in his face. This wasn’t Aaron and it wasn’t Dances, not the Dances that he had seen over the past two months. “Who are you?”

“Spencer Reid,” Spencer answered as he pulled his gun and fired at Dances’ knee before he could react. Dances went down in a heap and Spencer moved over and pulled the gun safe up before the other man could get up and get to it. The cell phone was next, smashed against the wall.

“How?” Dances asked. He looked genuinely shocked. It was rare, his new memories supplied for a host to fight a Soul.

“I don’t know but Eternal Flames is dead and I will find a way to get you out of Aaron’s body. I will find out what is going on and it will stop.”

“Your world is gone, Doctor Reid. Give up now while you can still hold onto your family.”

“Aaron, I know that you are in there and I will save you. I love you and Jack loves you.”

“Jack!” Dances yelled. The afterthought of the jack showed whoever Dances was, he cared for Jack but didn’t love him.

“He’s already gone.” Spencer crashed the butt of his gun into Dances’ head and watched him crumble. He needed to get out of there. Grabbing all the cash that he had, he also grabbed Aaron’s wallet, stripping it. He would stop and drain as much as he could out of the banks. There was an ATM just down the road.

Getting into the car, Jack said nothing as Spencer pulled away. He had to get them to safety. He had to get the team to safety. Morgan was the first stop after getting all the money he could from the ATM. It was after eleven and Spencer hoped that the man was at home.

Morgan answered after only two knocks. The shocked look on his face at seeing Jack and Spencer was something that Spencer rarely ever saw on his face. His eyes scanned Spencer’s face and body. Spencer wanted to be indignant on Aaron’s behalf. Morgan was looking for evidence of Spencer being hurt.

“Reid? Jack?” Morgan’s voice sounded worried.

“Morgan, we need to come in. Please.” Spencer looked all around. It wasn’t safe out where they were. Safer was inside the house. Morgan stepped back and allowed them both in. Jack set down his things but didn’t leave Spencer’ side.

“Reid, I smell gunpowder.” Morgan looked at the gun in Spencer’s holster. “Who did you shoot?”

“I told you two months ago that Hotch was acting weird.” Spencer turned his back and showed Morgan the scar on the back of his neck. He’d found it while driving. “Hotch gave this to me tonight when he tried to implant something into me.”

Spencer pulled into his messenger bag and pulled out the silver case. He’d opened it once already and did again to show Morgan.

“This one was for Jack. Aaron was going to put it into him in the morning.”

“What happened to the one in you?” Morgan asked as he reached out and the glowy thing inside the canister reached out its feelers to touch him. Spencer reached out and grabbed it, killing it. Morgan gasped. The silver fluid leaked everywhere before Spencer shut the case.

“It died inside of me. I don’t think that it was something that they think can happen. The thing inside of Aaron talked. The entire FBI will be taken over in the week. Everyone above Aaron has been taken over. Morgan, we need to get out of here. This is the first wave, everyone in power. Everyone in law enforcement.”

“How can we tell…” Morgan believed him, Spencer could tell that.

“Contacts. Hotch has been wearing contacts. There are silver rings in the eyes of those taken over. We need to call the team and we need to get out of here. Run as far as we can as fast as we can. I drained as much as I could from mine and Aaron’s accounts. It’s not going to take long for Aaron to track me.”

An hour later, the team was gathered at a rest stop outside DC. Jack was sitting in Spencer’s lap on one of the picnic tables. JJ and Will along with Henry were the last to arrive. Spencer held Jack close while he told everyone what had happened. JJ had stepped up to touch the scar on his neck.

“We need to get out of DC. We need to get far away to where we can regroup and think. Obviously the bigger the city, the worse the presence of the Souls will be.”

“Souls?” Rossi asked.

“That’s what they call themselves. I get flashes, bits of information from the one that died in my head. I am sure that given enough time, I can unlock all that’s inside here.” Spencer tapped his head. “They’ve done this to a lot of planets. I can’t even begin to understand why.”

“So where do we go?” Will asked.

Spencer was relieved that all of them believed him but seeing the dead Soul in the case and how freaked out Spencer was. If it had been anyone else and if Jack wasn’t so focused on Spencer, he was sure the team would have tried to get a hold of Aaron.

“First we need to get away from DC. Get to a city and get burner phones. Anything that can be traced needs to be dropped.”

“Already done, Spence. After we talked to Morgan, all of us left our phones at home. We may have Penelope and Kevin with us but that doesn’t mean that we can’t be traced. So north or south?”

“South. We need to buy two or three cars.”

“I have the money for that.” Rossi leaned forward from leaning on the side of the table. “I keep a good bit of cash on hand. We can afford a few cars with what I have. Where do we want to meet up?”

“Huntsville, Alabama,” Will said. He moved in closer to the group. “I have a childhood friend that lives there. He’s just on the wrong side of the law. Pretty much a good thing that he won’t be taken over.”

“Sounds like a good plan,” Blake said as she stepped up. She sighed. “I called James and told him that he needed to get away and get to me. I told him I’d call him. He kept trying to get me to come to him. His speech patterns were off. He’s at Harvard, one of the top schools. As far as infection points, it’s a high one.”

“Oh, Alex,” Spencer said, his heart hurt at the thought. Another thought popped into his head. He looked at Morgan. “What about your mom and sisters?”

“We have a codeword that I texted to them. Later I’ll call mom and tell her where to meet me. I have a few spots picked out using codes. After Foyet, we set it up, just in case. There is a safety deposit box with a burner phone in it that I’ll call in seven hours.”

“Good. We can’t travel together. We get cars and then we dump our current ones. We take three routes to get to Huntsville.” Spencer looked around at his family. There was one missing and it hurt so bad but he wasn’t ever going to give up on Aaron. He would find a way to save him.

Chapter One
5 Years After End of World
Derek stepped out of the car and looked at the Washington Monument in person for the first time in over five years. He looked across the hood of the car to take in the woman he’d found six months ago. Emily Prentiss looked nothing like she had when she’d left the BAU after her faked death. No one looked the same. Subtle changes made it easier to hide. Derek had facial and even head hair. Emily’s hair was died a bright shade of red.

“So who are we meeting?” Emily asked. Derek trusted her but their ace in the hole was the best kept secret.

“Me,” a voice said and Derek turned his head to look, his hand going to the small of his back where his gun was hidden. A young man was standing there. He looked to be no older than twenty five. Derek hadn’t seen him in two years but the Soul hadn’t changed much. “My name is Walks Among the Stars, Miss Emily. You two are the last to arrive other than…” Star trailed off not saying the name out loud.

“He’s not here yet? He was supposed to arrive first.” Derek didn’t like it. He knew from his contact with the others over the past year that no one had seen Reid since the last time that he had in Florida in the spring of the year before. “When did you last see him?”

“Summer in Texas four months after you. He and Jack were fine then. I split up from them then.”

“Derek, what’s going on?” Emily was upset.

“We need to move. FBI presence has been up in the city.


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