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Spencer hadn’t been shocked when they finished going over how Foyet escaped and before he could even leave the office, he had a text from Hotch telling him that he would be over. He only had a little time to prepare. Before going to Boston, Spencer had visited a place that he’d found that waxed males as well as females. It had taken getting used to and then Boston had happened and Hotch didn’t know about it yet. He needed to do something for Hotch. It was something for him as well.

What he had planned was so different than anything he’d done in the past. Pushing the thoughts of what he was going to do out of him mind, Spencer showered quickly. He’d not taken any clothes into the bathroom with him nor his robe. Instead, when he stepped out he dried off and stared at himself in the mirror. He moved on to dry his hair as much as possible in a short time. At his left side on the counter was the new anal plug that he’d bought on the way home. He’d gone to three shops before he’d found what he wanted. Most of the tubes of lube in the apartment were at least half gone so he’d bought a few more. He was using one of the newer ones. He quickly stretched himself, making sure that he was nice and slick before he slid the plug inside.

He was hard as a rock, which worked for him because he was able to snap the cock ring on, moaning as he did so. He washed his hands before he grabbed the final new item. A pen of edible body paint. He write the five letters on himself making sure that he could read them in the mirror. Looking at his face one last time in the mirror, he smiled and left the bathroom. On the dresser, sat the three items that he had left to dress himself in.

First, he grabbed his phone and texted Hotch telling him to come in and lock up behind himself as he had plans for him all night long. He waited a moment to get an answer and when it didn’t come, he set his phone down at his bedside, plugging it into the charger. He moved around to the other side and grabbed his spare charger, plugging it in so that Hotch could plug his phone into charge.

The chirp from his phone told him that he got a message. He checked it and found that Hotch was fifteen minutes out. Setting the phone back down, Spencer grabbed the cuffs and worked on getting them attached to his wrists. The leather strips were already attached to each cuff. Hotch had taken the older cuffs back to his place, swapping in the blue cuffs at Spencer’s. The gag was next. He fixed it to where it wouldn’t tug on his hair. He grabbed the last item and walked towards the bed.

Sitting down on the edge of the bed, Spencer stared at the object in his hands. There was a mental difference in allowing Hotch to take his sight away and taking it away himself. Hotch wasn’t there to save him at the moment. If he freaked out, there would be no one to save him. He inhaled and then exhaled sharply. He wrapped the blindfold around his eyes and made sure he couldn’t see a thing before he tied it tight. He’d made up the bed first with a sheet on top of the regular fitted sheet. The comforter and regular sheet were at the foot of the bed to be pulled up when they finally went to sleep. Hotch staying over after sex was the new normal. There was a second set of everything in the bathroom and suits in the closet that were changed out on a basis that made sense only in the older man’s head.

Spencer shifted around to start tying his first hand to the bed, he’d practiced the knot work before to make sure that he was ready for something like this. After getting his second hand tied, Spencer laid back. He gripped the hanging tails of the leather and pulled. The knot allowed the slack to be removed as he pulled on it. He could reach up to undo the knot but now he couldn’t touch either one of his hands with the other.

Relaxing back, Spencer counted the seconds. Five hundred and seventy three seconds later, he heard the front door open. He could see in his mind Hotch taking off his shoes and his suit jacket being hung up on the back of a chair in the kitchen. Moving down the hall, his steps getting closer. Spencer pulled his legs up so that his stomach and cock were hidden. The door handle rattled and then the door opened. He heard the faint creak that always sounded when it was halfway open.

The sharp inhalation of breath sounded in the room. Spencer swallowed and then released the muscles keeping his legs where they were. His legs fell open and Hotch could see the cock ring as well as the two words on his stomach. He listened, tracking Hotch as he moved around the room. The bathroom door shut and he was left with silence. The sound of water kicked on and Spencer exhaled. The water didn’t give him much idea of what was going on. Hotch could be using it to mask sounds, to wash his hands, or even to try and get control of himself.

Spencer started to curse himself as the minutes ticked by. A sheen of sweat started to form on his skin and he moved his right hand to work on the knot. Just as he touched leather, fingers caught his own, pulling his hands down.

“Ah. I didn’t say you could untie yourself, Reid.” The fingers released his and trailed down his arm. When they touched his shoulder, they hesitated. Five seconds they moved up, brushing past the gag and going straight for the blindfold. One finger traced from ear to ear just at the edge. “Do you have your contacts in?”

Spencer shook his head. He’d taken them out before he’d even started to set up.

“Good. Safeword?”

One snap then a pause before two more snaps. He felt the bed dip just at his shoulder.

“Learning knotwork? I see you can tighten them but I have to loosen. Snap if you need me to give you slack.” The weight was gone. He heard the jingle of Hotch’s belt and the thump of pants hitting the floor. Movement towards his gunsafe and the code being entered. Footsteps back to the nightstand and the little tell tale chirp that meant a phone was charging. He could see it all in his head. The little rituals of getting ready for bed, even though they weren’t going to sleep. The clank of the hanger in the closet and Hotch hung up his pants and dress shirt. The hamper lid settling back into place as socks and underwear were put in. Then silence.

Hotch was making sure he couldn’t hear him. He knew he was being stared at and he made sure not to move. He held still when he wanted to squirm. His reward came when the bed dipped.

“‘Use me’?” Hotch’s fingers traced his words. “I plan on it.” A hand trailed down his stomach to ghost the inside of his thigh.”And you shaved…no waxed.” Hotch’s fingers ghosted over his hairless skin just to the side of his cock. “A new plug? How many places did you visit to find this?”

Spencer held up three fingers. He moaned as the hand shifted lower, pushing the plug inside him farther. The only warning he had before his cock was encased inside a hot, wet mouth was the hot breath over the head. He bucked up into Hotch’s mouth once before his hips were held down. A moment was all he had of that hot mouth wrapped around his cock.

Hotch pulled off and leaned up. He felt the tongue on his stomach and groaned. Every single bit of body paint licked off his body. He had tried it when he’d got home. Strawberry flavored, a weakness of Hotch’s.

“So you rushed through your paperwork and asked to leave an hour early to travel to sex shops and find a blue plug and body paint. Then you came back here, rushed through eating what looked like McDonald’s. Showered and then prepared yourself to look like a sexual feast for me?”

Spencer nodded. He was so hard that if Hotch snapped off the ring, he’d come right away. Hotch shifted up and the plug was pulled from him. He expected Hotch to play more. Instead, he felt the cock at his hole before it pushed all the way in. Hotch wasn’t gentle and he wasn’t slow. He fucked him, hard and fast. But instead of his legs being draped over Hotch’s shoulders, they were being held up and apart.

“Fuck, so hot.” Hotch pounded into him hard. “My cock sliding in and out of you. You can’t see it, that makes it hotter.”

Hotch draped one leg over his shoulder, but instead of siding into him, he pulled out. Spencer tried to shift his legs to pull him back in but he was stopped. “Look at your hole. Gaping wide where I was just in you. The muscle, pulling tight and relaxing. Wanting something inside it again.” A thumb was inside him before he could breath. He inhaled through his nose. Feeling the loss of the fullness of Hotch’s cock.

A hand wiggling behind his head started as the thumb pulled from inside him. The slipknot on the gag was pulled and it loosened. He heard it hit wherever Hotch threw it.

“Beg if you want my cock back inside you.”

Spencer swallowed and clenched down as the thumb slid back inside. He was at Hotch’s mercy he knew it. “Please.”

“Please what? Please stop?” The digit withdrew. Spencer keened.

“Please fuck me.”

“Better.” Two fingers slide into him. They rubbed everywhere but where he wanted them to. “You can do better. I’ve heard you. When you are gagged. Begging for me. Now I want to hear the words.”

“Please.” Spencer inhaled and then exhaled. “Fill me with your cock. Fuck me until you come.”

“God dammit.” The fingers withdrew from him and then he went from empty to full as fast as Hotch could fill him. His legs were pushed back with his knees to his chest. He had to grip the headboard to stop his head from cracking it. Every single thrust was hard and brushed his prostate. His cock ached with the need for release. He wanted to snap the cock ring off.

“Please. Let me come. Please, Hotch.” He couldn’t stop the words.

“After I do. I’ll let you come once I’ve had mine. You said use you and I am.” Hotch’s hips snapped into his ass time after time. The drag of cock inside him had him letting out a breathy little pant. “You are mine. Aren’t you?”

“Y-yes.” Spencer threw his head back as he tried to gain leverage on his own body. Hotch still had him splayed out and he wasn’t able.

“No one else can touch you like this can they?” The hand holding his left leg in place slid down and moved towards his hole. He wasn’t sure what Hotch was going to do but he was fairly certain that if his cock pulled out of him that he was going to kill the man. Instead of pulling out though, a slick finger slid inside with cock. He expected it to thrust in and out but instead it curled and brushed his prostate.

Spencer screamed. He felt his back come up off the bed. The only points of contact with the bed was his head and shoulders. His ass ground down onto Hotch’s cock more. Hotch leaned over him and all he could feel was the cock inside of him and the hand that was blazing on his cock, sliding fingers down to the base. The snap echoed in Spencer’s mind and then he was coming.

“Spencer!” Hotch called out as his hips snapped into him and then he was coming as well. The older man slumped down onto him, letting his legs go lax, cradling him close. He was floating.

Spencer knew that he passed out. He barely woke up as Hotch convinced him into the bathtub. Warm water cascaded over his body and he felt a soft cloth clean him up as Hotch seemed to just want to touch him. He felt the sheet and then the comforter being pulled up over his body. Hotch’s warm body pressed against him after a few minutes. He gave in and allowed his mind to shut down and slip into sleep.

Hotch didn’t leave the next morning after they woke up. The team had been barred from the office for a few days and Hotch hadn’t liked it but Spencer figured he’d take the time to spend with Jack. Instead though, he stayed. Breakfast was cold cereal standing at the counter. Spencer couldn’t settle though after. He moved around the apartment cleaning while Hotch watched him.

As he passed by Hotch at one point, the older man grabbed him, pulling him down into his lap.

“Come out to lunch with me today.”

“What?” Spencer looked at Hotch. His eyes were clear.

“I’m meeting Haley and Jack at one at a little diner. Sean used to work there and Haley came to like it.”


“You don’t have to but she asks about you and I figured that she’d love to see you there. And you know that Jack would love to see some magic.”

“It’s family time and you don’t get a lot of time…”

“Reid.” Hotch stared at him and Spencer knew that he would give in. He couldn’t deny the man a single thing that he wanted. “Haley and I want you there.”

Spencer swallowed the lump in his throat. Hotch just wanted to show Haley that he was fine. There wasn’t anything more there than that. There couldn’t be.

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