Interlude 7-Uncomfortable

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Spencer grabbed his cup of Jell-O that a nurse had brought him. He felt like sticking his tongue out at Morgan but didn’t. The nurse had brought him in several cups of it and had smacked Morgan’s hand when he went after one. She told him they were for patients only. Spencer didn’t like being in the gown but at the same time was just happy to be awake and able to speak. He wanted to see Hotch. To know that he was fine. Morgan said he was but he was being tight lipped about what had happened after he’d gone to the hospital. He understood why he was being that way just like he understood why Hotch wasn’t there. Hotch had the case wrap up to worry about and given the high stakes and security, it wasn’t going to be quick. Morgan was worried about sending him into a breathing fit. His voice was still raspy and he was breathing a little hard. Doctor Kimura wasn’t even discussing sending him home any time soon. He foresaw a day or two in the hospital. Morgan had already said that someone from the team was going to be stopping by the hospital to find some things for him to stay entertained. He was happy. He’d even settle for one of those tablets that Garcia was always on about if it meant he got to read, even if they couldn’t keep up with him.

“Where’s my phone?”

“Are you allowed to use it here?”

“We are in a lockdown ward. Given the nature of the illness and the threat, only approved people are allowed in and out. There are no machines in here that it is going to interfere with and I’ve seen Doctor Kimura on hers. So yes, I am sure that I am allowed to use it in here.”

Morgan raised his hands in surrender and mouthed nonsense at him. Spencer did stick his tongue out at him. The other agent laughed and handed over his phone. Spencer looked to see that he had two texts. He entered his code to access the phone and looked at the first one. It was from Garcia, yelling at him for scaring her but that she was happy that he was fine. The second was from Hotch.

Morgan said you are doing better. I am glad. Call me when he leaves you alone for a moment. I want to make sure you are doing better. He told me about the aphasia.

I will.

There was no message back but Spencer didn’t expect it. He leaned over to place the phone on his stand and when he leaned back up he grabbed his Jell-O cup again. Looking up at Morgan he stopped. Morgan was looking at him weird.

“Did I start bleeding?” Spencer asked as he set down the cup again. His hands flew to his nose and when there was no blood on his fingers went to his ears and eyes, coming away clean. “Morgan, what’s wrong?”

“You have a scar on your shoulder and it’s not exactly something you got in the line of duty.” Morgan was across the room before Spencer could stop him and had the gown pulled down. He wasn’t able to stop him. His limbs weren’t fully reacting and he only got his gown pulled up after Morgan had a good look at him. “When did you get bit by an UnSub?”

“I didn’t.” Spencer reached up and tied off his gown a little tighter so that it didn’t come undone again.

“Reid. That’s a scar.”

“And?” Spencer looked at Morgan, his gaze making the man step back. Morgan raised his hands in supplication. He could see the agent’s mind spinning. It wasn’t going to take long for him to figure out exactly what had caused it. He wasn’t going to offer anything though. He only wanted to push him off not give him more ammunition. Morgan didn’t have an eidetic memory but his visual recall was good and he got a good enough look to be able to figure out that while the main scar was a set of teeth, the lighter almost not there anymore scars were from the same set of teeth.

“There was more than one scar there. Lighter ones that were a lot older.”

“Yes. The main scar that you saw was given to me about a year ago.”

“Not a specific date?” Morgan cocked an eyebrow up.

Spencer’s mind supplied the date but it would land them smack in the middle of New York and Morgan would put two and two together if he looked it up, and he didn’t want the man doing that.

“You don’t have to know everything.”

“That’s a Spencer Reid dodge if I ever heard one. So who was the lucky lady that you got off enough that she tried to take a chunk off your shoulder?”

“No one that you know.” Spencer didn’t feel bad for the lie. Who Hotch was outside of work wasn’t someone that Morgan would recognize so technically it wasn’t a lie.

“Why don’t I know her?” Morgan asked.

“It’s sex Morgan.”


Spencer sighed that the other agent didn’t understand. He took a bite of his Jell-O to try and take the few seconds to help him explain it in a way that would make Morgan understand but also not as many questions. “It’s sex. Only sex. We have an agreement for mutual satisfaction when needed.”

“You…you have a fuck buddy?”

“Yes. What did you think I was incapable?” Spencer felt a little put out at the assumption . He didn’t think of himself as a romantic.

“No, it’s just…” Morgan sighed and ran a hand down his face. “Most women…” The agent stopped and looked at him. His eyes narrowed and focused on a spot just behind Spencer’s shoulder. “That wasn’t given to you by a woman. Unless she’s into fucking you with a strap on.”

“I never said it was a woman. You are the one that guessed that and went with it. I chose not to correct you. I’ve never talked about my sexuality.”

“Your gay?” Morgan didn’t looked freaked out, just put out.

“Bisexual. The arrangement I have is with a man but I’ve had sex with women.”

“Arrangement? That doesn’t sound like it’s a good match.”

“What do you mean?” Spencer cocked his head to the side and looked at the man.

“You are you and…”

“And you don’t think I can have sex without getting attached?” Spencer could feel his breathing acting up but he didn’t care. He was getting mad.

“That’s not what I said, Reid.”

“No then what do you mean? You know nothing about our arrangement and you want to judge that it’s not good for me? The last time I went on a date, it sucked. It totally sucked. So Morgan, what do you think is the best for me? Who’s the best man for me?”

“Look, Reid. I didn’t mean to make you mad but most people who have sex with friends aren’t exactly…the smartest. Not like you.”

“So because he’s willing to be in this arrangement with me he’s stupid?”

“NO! I’m not explaining it well. He just can’t be as smart as you.”

“And that’s what you think I need? A man who is as smart as me? That I can’t find any happiness with someone else who is in your eyes dumber than me?” Spencer shifted in the bed to sit all the way up. He glanced at his monitor and saw that his pulse ox was going down but he didn’t care. He was in a range that was fine for short periods of time. “Or do you think that I can only get someone who is smart like me because I’m not enough of a catch otherwise.”

“No. Reid. Just let me.”

“No. You are going to listen. He treats me wonderfully and he bites when he’s so worked up that he doesn’t even think. The big scar you see is something he gave me when he came to me in one of his lowest moments. He was lost and came to me to fix it. We use each other. He helps me clear my mind out after the worst cases. I can let go with him. Don’t you fucking sit there and tell me that I need to change because if I have to change so that I can fit the image that you have of me in your head, then you need to change that image first.”


“Did you think I was a virgin? That ship sailed long before I joined the team. Just because I don’t date and just because I don’t expand on the sexual prowess of the man who fucks me doesn’t mean that I don’t get any.” Spencer tried to breath but he couldn’t get enough oxygen in. He could hear the machines beeping but instead of a nurse or doctor rushing in, Hotch was there. He strode into the room with a bag in his hand and dropped it onto a chair. As soon as he neared the bed, he shoved Spencer back and grabbed the oxygen mask quickly slipping it over his face.

“Reid, quiet.” Hotch kept the mask in place and turned to Morgan. “Out.”

Morgan moved away from where he’d been at Spencer’s bedside. Spencer fought at Hotch’s hold on the mask and the man allowed it to be pulled away.

“I wasn’t.”

“I know. Now shut up and breath.” Hotch pressed the mask back in. Spencer reached up to take it from him but Hotch just glared and he laid his hand back down in his lap. The way that Hotch was turned, no one could see their sides that were closest so he reached out and touched. He touched the skin of the wrist that was hanging down. Hotch took a hold of his hand and squeezed it for a few seconds before he let go, just as JJ entered the room. Spencer was shocked to see that Henry was with her.

“Look who wanted to see his Godfather!” JJ said.

Hotch grabbed the band that would hold the mask to his face and looped it around the back of his head. “Keep that on until your oxygen levels are at normal range for ten minutes.”

Spencer didn’t say anything, just nodded. JJ slipped to the side of the bed where Morgan had been. She sat down on the edge after Spencer moved over. JJ started to hand Henry over but Spencer tried to stop her. Hotch took the baby but instead of keeping him, he pressed the button that raised the bed up to where he was leaning back against it and then gently placed Henry in his arms. Most of the baby’s weight was on his chest and not on his arms. It wasn’t affecting his breathing.

“Doctor Kimura said that maybe with Henry in here you won’t get into a rant again.”

“Did you hear it?” Spencer asked just loud enough for it to travel through the mask but not loud enough to startle Henry who was just smiling up at him, reaching his hands out.

“No, just Hotch. I’m sure that whatever Morgan said, he deserved your little telling off.”

Spencer just nodded. He was getting tired now. He leaned his head back, settling Henry a little different on his body. He remembered that Jack liked to be held against his body with his head on his shoulder and his legs dangling down. He moved his Godson to that position and Henry settled right down. He closed his little eyes and Spencer smiled down at him. He brushed one of his hands from the top of his head down to the tips of his toes. Henry seemed to melt into him at that. He smiled even brighter.

“Take a nap, Spence. I’ll sit here and guard you and Henry.” JJ’s voice was soft.

“Okay.” Spencer closed his eyes again and settled down with Henry in his arms and JJ and Hotch there, protecting them both.

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