Chapter Twenty One-Violet

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Spencer’s eyes were on the case in front of him. It had been over a thousand dollars, his new toy but he was sure that it was going to be worth it. He’d bought it and left it hidden in a closet in his living room. He’d played with it and liked it. He just hadn’t brought it out to show Hotch yet. He opened up the case and plugged in the device to the outlet then he flicked the device on.

A gasp from across the room drew Spencer’s gaze that way. His hand going to the gun on his hip that he hadn’t taken off yet. He stopped that movement when he saw Hotch standing right there. Instead he turned off the device and set it down on his pillow. He continued to pull his gun free but instead of just setting it down he moved to the safe and slipped it inside. He’d already opened the safe but had got distracted by the device’s case sitting on the chair beside the safe.

“You did wonderful on the case,” Hotch said. He didn’t move from the doorway and when Spencer looked at him, his eyes were on the case. “That looks like that case we found in that victim’s bedroom closet four cases ago.”

“It is. When JJ and I went to the store, I looked at them and was intrigued. After we wrapped the case when you sent everyone back to the hotel, I slipped out and bought one. I had it shipped back here.”

“I wanted to get one but I wasn’t able to slip out. I see you bought a whole kit.” Hotch stepped close and picked up the wand from where Spencer had set it down. He turned it on and Spencer shivered. He’d taken it out and played with it on his arms and legs a few times but nothing too adventurous. It had felt good on his skin and he was more than ready to have Hotch use it on him. When Hotch turned it off and set it back down on the pillow Spencer deflated until the man turned to look at him. His pants were doing nothing to hide the erection that he was now sporting and his eyes were dark with arousal. “Strip.”

Spencer’s hands went for his tie. He toed out of his shoes and removed his socks next before he slid the tie from his collar. Next he worked on his belt, setting his holster on top of his safe before he turned to keep his back to Hotch, wondering what the man would do.

“Jessica is watching Jack all night so we don’t have to rush. I told her that I need to help one of the team with a lingering issue from the case,” Hotch said. Spencer nodded to show that he had heard but he wasn’t sure why Hotch was telling him that. When he had his shirt buttons undone, he slipped the cloth from his pants before pulling it off. He heard Hotch moving around behind him but he didn’t pay any more attention to him than that. He worked on his pants and when he felt breath on his neck, he thought that maybe he should have paid the man more attention. “Are you okay being blindfolded?”

“Yes.” Spencer reached up and pulled his glasses off. He set them down on the safe.


Fabric blocked his sight before he could say a thing, then Hotch was tying it around his head, carefully not pulling hair at the same time. When he was done, Spencer expected him to step back and away from him, but instead the hands slid down his neck, gliding down his back and then wrapping around to his front, making his back and Hotch’s front flush. He had his own hands already on his pants fastenings but removed them when Hotch’s hands slipped to there. Hotch worked them open and then shoved until the pants hit the floor. One of his hands cupped Spencer through his underwear while the other clamped around his waist to keep him still as he tried to thrust into the hand more.

“Go to the bathroom and lean over the counter. Naked.” Hotch’s voice was thick with arousal and it had Spencer wanting to be fucked. He was ready to say fuck the device and to just have Hotch take him on the bed right then. A smack landing on his underwear covered cheek had him moving towards the bathroom, slipping off his underwear as went. He felt for the wall and as soon as his hand connected, he let the fabric go so it fluttered to the floor against the wall and out of the way. Out of courtesy he turned on the light even though he didn’t need it. He leaned over the area of his counter that was empty. The counter was at the right height and width that he could lay his chest fully down on it. He easily did that and spread his legs. He tried to listen for Hotch but the man either wasn’t moving or was being really silent. Then he felt something trail down his back. He couldn’t place what it was until he heard the jingle of metal. It was a belt. A hand cupped his bare ass cheek and squeezed. He wanted to open his mouth but nothing bubbled up in his throat.

The snap of a lube cap was loud as was the opening of the drawer beside him. That drawer only held three things. Extra tubes of lube, extra condoms, and plugs. He didn’t know what he wanted anymore. He felt a finger between his cheeks and tried to move back into it more but it pulled away. Another slap landed on the opposite cheek and he stilled.

“Hold yourself open,” Hotch said just low enough for him to hear. He shifted on the counter and reached back, spreading his ass cheeks open. Spencer’s face started to heat up. The blunt head of a plug pressed on his hole and he relaxed as it pressed slowly into him. Just before the largest part was to press through, Hotch pulled it back out. The finger was back at his hole spreading more lube around and then the plug as back, pressing in all the way. He moaned as it seated itself. He released his cheeks and relaxed again. “I didn’t tell you to let go.”

The slap to his ass cheek was harder than any of the others. His mouth fell open in shock. He’d been slowly swelling to hardness from the moment that he’d been ordered to strip, now he was completely hard. They always skirted this, impact play. Little slaps here and there but he never knew if his own hesitance stopped Hotch or if it was the other man’s. It wasn’t hard to read between the lines and realize that some kind of abuse happened to the other man, whether it was physical, emotional, or both, no one knew. Hotch hesitated like he was waiting for Spencer to say his safe word but he didn’t.

“Sorry, Sir,” Spencer said, holding back a smirk.

“Somehow, I think that was meant as a challenge.” Hotch stepped up behind him, his hand rubbing at what had to be faint red mark on his cheek.

“No, Sir,” Spencer lied.

“Lying now are we?” Another smack landed on Spencer’s opposite cheek. Just a bit harder than the last. Before he could even think of saying anything, a hand slid between him and the front of the counter, palming his cock. “You seem excited by this. Do you want more?”


“Please, what?”

Spencer’s mind blanked. He couldn’t think. His mouth tried to form the words. Hotch had to take it as another challenge because he smacked him again. “Please, Sir!” The words tumbled from his mouth.

“Go sit on the bed, I’ll be in there in a moment.”

Spencer shifted to a standing position and then used the counter to guide himself from the room. Once out of the bathroom, it was a straight shot to the bed. He sat down and listened. Hotch was puttering around in the bathroom but he couldn’t figure out what the man was doing. The sound of his closet door opening startled him. He turned his head that way and heard a bag being set down. The zip of it sounded and Spencer knew it was a go bag. Did that mean Hotch was staying the night? Before he could ask, Hotch was there in front of him. A thumb traced Spencer’s mouth pulling his bottom lip down a little.

“Slide off my lap or safeword out if it gets to be too much.” Hotch sat beside him. Helping him stand up. “Blindfold on or off for this?”

Spencer tilted his head while he thought about it. He wouldn’t be able to see anyway and having it on was helping to settle him down. “On.”

“Okay. Then come here.” Hotch helped him drape over his knees, his ass up in the perfect position. He was the right height to where his toes touched the ground and he was able to brace himself on the floor with his hands. “Try and keep quiet. I want to see if you can.”

The first crack of Hotch’s hand on his ass had his mouth dropping open and a gasp escaping. He clamped his mouth shut and mentally counted. Each strike had him riding closer to the edge and he wasn’t sure if he could keep quiet. He lost count at eight and wasn’t able to hold in his orgasm several strikes later. The hand stopped and Spencer groaned.

“I think that you like that.”

Spencer absently nodded and tried to wiggle to entice him back. But instead Hotch’s hand caressed his back and then down to his ass. He wanted more.


Spencer stood on shaky legs. And allowed Hotch to lay him on his back on the bed. He felt boneless. The bed dipped and he felt a wet rag clean him up.

“You came all over my pants. I wasn’t expecting that.” Hotch dried him with a dry towel. Spencer was about to apologize when he felt Hotch lean over him. “Glad you got a long corded device.”

“Fuck,” Spencer breathed. He heard Hotch switch the wand on and exhaled.

Hotch chuckled. “Have you tried it?”

“Arms and legs.”

“Where is no go?”

“Head. I’ll let you know if another pops up.”

“Yellow for I need to not go there.”

“Yes.” Spencer felt the bed shift again and he expected the wand to get close but it didn’t. Instead he heard Hotch gasp. He must have used it on himself. To know what it felt like before he used it on Spencer. The first contact between him and the violent wand startled him. Hotch had started on his inner thigh, gripping his knee to hold him still. He grabbed the bedsheets to stop himself from grabbing the hand on his knee. He didn’t know what to expect and Hotch kept him on his guard as the wand moved from spot to spot. The sensations were wonderful, better than when he used it on himself.

When the wand moved up to his chest, Spencer’s hand shot up. He aborted it at the last second but still Hotch clicked off the wand. He felt the man move above him and then straddle his waist.

“Naughty Spencer,” Hotch said.

Spencer opened his mouth to apologize but before he could, Hotch was kissing him. He reached up to touch but his wrists were grabbed and stretched above his head. He tried to thrust up to get any kind of pressure on his cock but Hotch leaned back and no connection was made. He heard the whisper of something dragging on the pillow and then the familiar feel of his padded cuffs wrapping around his wrists.

“Please,” Spencer begged but instead of fastening them, Hotch stopped. He could feel the worry. Spencer breathed in and then out. “I’m here, Hotch it’s not like that time. I promise. Please cuff me.”

The cuffs tightened and the older man leaned even farther over him. He could smell the faint wiff of the man’s cologne and stretched his neck up. He nosed until he found nipple and licked it. He could feel Hotch latching the buckles. He took the hardening nipple and sucked, Hotch groaned, pulling back.

“Stay like that and open wide.”

Spencer shivered at the other man moved farther up his body. Hotch grabbed his hair to hold him in place as he was fed his cock. He took it all the way in, gagging slightly from going too far too fast but he didn’t care. Hotch tried to pull him back but he fought it. He swallowed around the head and Hotch’s hand went lax in his hair. Spencer had total control of Hotch’s pleasure in that moment. The angle was all wrong but he made the best of it. Hotch allowed it for several minutes before he pulled out, forcing Spencer to let him go. Spencer slumped down on to the bed, relaxing his neck. The blindfold was holding tight on his face. Hotch moved off him.

The click of the wand told Spencer what was coming next. The other man picked back up where he’d left off, Spencer’s stomach. The arcs of electricity were maddening on his skin. It was like each one was connected to his cock. He could feel himself hardening again. The back of Hotch’s hand brushed his cock with every few passes with the wand. When the man turned the device to the undersides of his feet, he found that they were ticklish. He jerked his leg away from it, not able to hold in the laugh.

“Ticklish?” Hotch asked but he moved the wand away. Spencer gasped as it came back, the setting higher. He let himself feel the sensations. He was getting closer to the place he’d been in before, that day he’d given into Hotch totally. Before it had been ruined by the metal handcuffs.


“Please what?” Hotch’s voice was right there at his ear. He heard the wand getting set down then hands were on him. He turned over, the cuffs allowing him to. He tried to gets his legs under him but Hotch pressed on his lower back keeping him down. The man straddled him. “So how did you like that?”

“Good. I want to see how it feels at higher settings.”

“Slowly. We go at my pace.” Hotch leaned over him, pressing him into the bed. “Don’t use it anymore unless I am here. Understand?”

Spencer nodded his answer.



“Words,” Hotch repeated. Spencer opened his mouth to ask what he meant when he felt a hand on his ass and Hotch’s body no longer draped along his.

“Yes, Sir,” Spencer breathed.

“Good boy.” Hotch scooted down the bed to where he was on Spencer’s calves. As he moved he kissed down Spencer’s back, biting at Spencer’s side, just above his hip before he slipped totally off the bed. “Tuck your knees up.”

A jingle sounded around the room and Spencer inhaled as he took in the sound of Hotch picking up his belt. Using his hand had been one thing but a belt? He shifted as he thought about it. All he had to do was say his safeword and Hotch would stop. But, Hotch’s hand had felt so good and he hadn’t disliked anything they had done before. He could give the belt a try.

“Reid?” Hotch asked.

“Take out the plug first,” was all he said. It was only a second later that a hand was at the plug, gently pulling it out. He inhaled and then exhaled. The first crack of the belt took him by surprise, which he was thankful for. It felt different than Hotch’s hands, which was a given, he wasn’t sure if he wasn’t sure if he liked it or not. He turned his head burying into the pillow under it and waited for the next strike. It came and Spencer realized for the first time that Hotch was very good at it. With no words exchanged, Hotch coaxed him up to his knees, presenting his whole ass to him and his thighs. The next strike landed on his upper thighs and Spencer was very glad that he had his head buried. He whimpered at the pleasure that was now starting to sing in his blood. He’d never taken himself for a masochist. He tried his hardest to keep count but after the third hit, he just couldn’t. He floated in pleasure until the belt strikes stopped.

Whining in displeasure, Spencer pulled on the handcuffs and rubbed his face on the pillow. He felt a pull on his ankle and allowed his legs to be spread on the bed. When he laid down, he felt a pillow under him.

“You with me Reid?” Hotch asked as the man draped along his back. His cock slide inside Spencer with one solid thrust.

“Hotch, please.” Spencer tried to thrust back on Hotch’s cock more but between Hotch’s legs on either side of his own and the weight on his back, he couldn’t. When Hotch thrust into him again, his skin rubbed on the welts on his ass from the belt and he moaned. He went pliant, just lying there, taking everything that Hotch gave him with each hard thrust inside of him.

“You look so pretty like this,” Hotch whispered in his ear. He thrust hard against Spencer’s ass and Spencer came all over the pillow under him. He screamed his completion and slumped onto the bed. He didn’t react as Hotch pulled out. He felt lube being spread on his thighs then Hotch’s cock was sliding between them.

“You could have…” Spencer stopped as Hotch manipulated him back to an up position. He slid back between his thighs. Nails scraped across the skin of his ass and he dry orgasmed. Hotch’s breath stuttered and he groaned. Hotch leaned against him until they fell to the bed. Hotch stayed plastered to him but slid to the side so that Spencer could breath. He could barely keep his eyes open and when Hotch wrapped his arms around him, he gave in to the tiredness.


Spencer woke up the next morning warm in bed. He was on his front with Hotch draped almost totally on top of him. He needed to use the bathroom but it felt so good, being where he was.

“Good morning,” Hotch said, his voice rough with sleep. The man’s hand traveled down and gripped his hip while he thrust his hard cock into Spencer. He hissed at the pleasure/pain of it and gripped the bedsheets. Hotch lubing them both up had to be what woke him.

“Fuck.” Spencer groaned as his cock dragged on the bed with every single thrust. He could feel a wet spot under him and realized he’d been hard for a while. “What have you been doing?”

“Rimming you. You beg even when you are asleep. Begging me to fuck you. I dreamed of you last night. On display in the living room, ass red, cock leaking begging me to fuck you. I woke up hard and there you were, laying there humping the sheets. I wasn’t going to say no.” Hotch thrust into him hard, coming. Spencer could feel his cock swell as he did. He started to reach down to take care of himself but found his hand stopped. “That’s mine.”

Spencer rolled over at Hotch’s prodding and wasn’t shocked when the man spread his legs and slipped between them. His cock was bobbing as Hotch got him exactly like he wanted. His legs spread wide and Hotch’s soft cock nestled between his ass cheeks.

“Grab the bars,” Hotch said as his hand wrapped around Spencer’s cock. “You liked last night.”

“Yes.” Spencer had no reason to lie. He’d come by just Hotch’s hand on his ass. He’d learned something new about himself and Hotch wasn’t going to make him feel ashamed from it.

“We can play more with that but for now, let’s see how good out are at obeying orders.” Hotch’s hand that wasn’t wrapped around his cock, slid low behind his balls, pressing a knuckle into the flesh just behind. Spencer’s eyes rolled up in his head. “Come.”

Spencer did. His release coated Hotch’s hand and Spencer’s own chest as the man milked him for every single drop. A finger slipped inside him and Spencer cursed as it started to brush his prostate, milking him for even more. When he had nothing else left to give, he slumped onto the bed and just watched Hotch watching him. After a few seconds, Hotch wrapped Spencer’s legs around him, leaning up and kissing him. Spencer kissed him back with just as much fervor. It was a nice feeling, kissing him. Waking up with him draped over him.

“Let’s clean you up,” Hotch whispered as he pulled back. Spencer nodded and started to roll but hands pressed his shoulders down onto the bed and Hotch’s tongue swiped at his chest.

“If that’s meant to arouse, I think I’m done, for days. You woke me in the night and had me ride you, so you could see the marks on my ass, don’t think I don’t know why I was turned around on you. Then this. I don’t know how you can even think of going again.”

“I can get it up anytime thinking of you. Especially when I think of being inside of your ass or your mouth. I think I’d have to be dead to not get hard when I think of you and sex.”

Spencer didn’t know what he wanted to answer to that so he said nothing. He did tangle his fingers in Hotch’s hair and drew him up for a kiss when all of his release was gone from his chest. His cock twitched in interest but didn’t even try to harden.

“How does breakfast out sound? I need to eat and I know that you do. I don’t think you ate before I got here and pizza at two am is not a good habit. Even if it is good pizza.” Hotch mouthed down his jaw and onto his neck. He went down farther and mouthed at the scar on his shoulder. Spencer pressed his head harder into the spot and Hotch rewarded him with a bite. He pressed down harder on his head and the bite turned harder until he felt his sharper teeth pierced his skin. He felt Hotch thrust against him and groan. When the other man pulled back he licked at the slightly bleeding wound. “No one would ever believe any of this about you.”

“I’m shy and intelligent, there are those who know that we can get into some downright kinky things in the name of trying something for the first time.”

“I enjoy this side of you. We’d better get up and get showered. That’s going to need gauze to stop blood from getting on your shirts.” It didn’t stop him from mouthing at it again. When he was done, he groaned and shoved himself up off the bed. He pulled Spencer up after him and plastered himself along his back as they moved to the bathroom. He remembered the rag bath he’d got from Hotch just barely and knew that he needed to take a shower but he wasn’t exactly how clean he was going to get with the man ‘helping’ him. It was still going to be better than showering alone.

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2 thoughts on “Violet

  1. I liked this part which surprised me as I hadn’t really warmed up to the series before. (Don’t know why, I like BDSM and there wasn’t anything squicking me in the previous parts.) But for some reason, this part stroke a chord and I nicely hummed along. Thanks!

    1. I’m glad you liked. I can understand a series not having anything squicky in it and just not meshing with it. I am glad this part struck a chord with you.

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