Chapter Twenty Two-Changes
The knock on his door surprised Spencer. He looked at the clock, closing his book, it was eight at night. If it was Hotch, he’d just let himself in. Spencer looked out the peephole and just stood there. It was Hotch. Spencer looked at his door. It was locked but not deadbolted, nor chained. He hesitated before opening the door. Hotch smiled at him but he didn’t move to enter the apartment.


“Have you eaten dinner?”

“No. I was getting ready to order something in.”

“Do you think we could go somewhere to eat and talk?”

Spencer frowned but nodded. He grabbed his bag, slipped on shoes, then they were off. All the way down the stairs, Hotch’s hand sat heavy on his lower back. He expected to be lead to Hotch’s car but instead they turned to the left as they exited the building. There were several restaurants that direction. He was very shocked when Hotch opened the door to one of the finer establishments. It was a newer place and had reservations going forward a month at last Spencer had heard. It was dark inside, intimate but secluded.

Each booth had high walls on three sides. The inner seating area was blocked from the outer by a wall. Privacy was what the place was known for and that was the only reason that Hotch had to have chosen it. The maitre’d escorted them to a table in the farthest corner away from the door. The only light came from the lamp above their table, angled inward so that not much light escaped the edge of the booth. Hotch motioned for him to sit before he took his own seat. A menu was sat down in front of him and it wasn’t a shock that the menu was in French. His grasp of languages was expanding at a large rate. He’d learned Russian not long after the case that the team had helped Prentiss’s mother with. He might not be able to speak the languages with anything passing a good accent but he could read them. A scan of the menu told him what he was going to order and he set the menu down.

Hotch was looking at his own menu with a careful eye. Spencer could tell that he wasn’t upset. He wasn’t unsure. He was the same as he has been since Haley’s death. The sadness to him was lighter though, spending time with Jack was helping with that. Spencer was sure that he’d be spending a lot of time with his son from here on out. Spencer wondered why Hotch wanted to talk out of Spencer’s apartment.

The waiter came and took their drink order and Hotch ordered an appetizer. He was shocked that Hotch ordered in near flawless French. Spencer hid it though by unrolling his silverware and draping his napkin on his lap. When he looked up, Hotch was staring at him. He didn’t duck away this time, he just looked back. He’d not paid attention to what the man had ordered to drink so when two wine glasses were set down as well as a bucket with a bottle of wine, Spencer just raised an eyebrow. His glass of water was set down as well as one for Hotch.

“We walked and I took a cab as I planned on drinking. I have seen you order this wine at some of the places Morgan drags you out to and if I guessed right, it’ll go with what you are probably going to order.”

“You think you know what I am going to order?” Spencer was intrigued about that. He sat back, crossing his arms as Hotch poured him a glass of wine. Hotch just smirked at him.

“I do and I am ready to put my money where my mouth is, so to speak.”


“Yes. Loser does the fucking next time.”

Spencer was glad that he wasn’t drinking anything at the blunt words from Hotch’s mouth. Hotch only smiled at him. There wasn’t really a downside to being the loser but the thought of fucking Hotch without being restrained was intoxicating but he also didn’t want to lose just to be able to do that.

“You are on,” Spencer said.

“Good.” Hotch toasted with his glass and Spencer picked his up to clink them together.

“Jack doing okay?” Spencer asked and Hotch nodded. Spencer didn’t like to ask at work as it got the others going and Hotch didn’t need that.

“It’s a big adjustment for him. And for me. Even with Jessica’s help, it’s a process. We are taking every day as it comes.”

“That’s good.”

“He has a good psychiatrist. He’s bureau approved and has the full scope of the case so that he can talk to Jack about it as he gets older. They have built a good rapport so far. I am not that worried about him as far as that goes.”

“Then what are you worried about?”

“If or when I decide that I need someone else in my life. Another parental figure for Jack. How he is going to react. He doesn’t have many memories of his mother and I and while we never fought in front of him after the divorce, he never really commented about her and I getting back together either.”

“Some kids know that mom and dad are better apart. And some just want normalcy back.”

“Is that what you wanted?” Hotch asked as he took a sip of his wine.

Spencer looked at his own glass, twirling the stem of it between his thumb and pointer finger, watching the liquid inside slosh around. “My father couldn’t handle it so he left. I knew why he left but I also knew that he knew that he was leaving a child to deal with something that they should never have to deal with. I wanted to talk him into staying but that moment that he left, I didn’t want him back. He lived so close all that time and never once helped us. He put money in the bank to pay bills and get her medicine. He had to have talked to someone because the summer I turned eleven, I broke my arm. There was money in the account, more than normal and the neighbor took me to get my cast off because mom wasn’t lucid enough at the time. If he had the neighbors spying, why didn’t he care? If he had stayed, he would have hated me, hated mom. It was better he left but couldn’t he have at least stopped by to see me after school? While I was at Cal-Tech? Yeah, he followed my school career then when I started here but it’s nowhere near enough.”

Spencer set his wineglass down after draining it. He looked up into Hotch’s face.

“No matter how much he gets to see you, it’s better than nevering seeing you at all. Jack loves you and nothing will take that away as long as you show him you love him back. Don’t give that up.”

The waiter appeared and set down the appetizer. It was a platter of various appetizers. One of which was escargot. He reached out and grabbed the tongs and the fork before selecting one of the shells. Hotch watched him pull out the meat before eating it. The older man said nothing as Spencer set out a few of the other things from the large plate onto his smaller one before tucking into them. He was halfway through his appetizer when Hotch picked up the tongs and fork to eat his first snail.

Spencer didn’t watch him eat it, he paid more attention to his own food. It wasn’t long before the only thing left was his last snail. He reached out for where Hotch had set the tongs after his last one and found that the man had picked them up again.

“Last bite?” Hotch asked as he dug out the meat. Spencer just watched him. The man slid out of his seat with the meat on the fork and sat at the edge of Spencer’s seat. “Open.” He didn’t even think about not doing it. He opened his mouth just big enough for the bite of food and closed it when it was inside his mouth. The drag of the fork out of his mouth, catching his lip was sensual. Hotch’s free hand slipped down and around to his hip. He felt the press of fingers in his skin. Hotch followed the path of the fork in reverse, pressing a kiss to the side of his mouth. “So good to me and so tempting.”

“Is that why we are here and not at my apartment? Afraid that whatever you need to say would get,” Spencer reached out ran a hand up the inside of Hotch’s thigh. Stopping just shy of where hip and groin met. “Pushed aside for other languages?”

Hotch pressed his hand down into his thigh, trapping it there. “We do fall into sex if we are alone. It’s not a bad thing but I did want to discuss things with you.”

“What things?”

“After we eat.”

The waiter set down both of their dinner dishes. Spencer looked up at Hotch’s face. He hadn’t heard him order anything for their meal. Yes, the appetizer and the wine but not a dinner. He looked at the Bouillabaisse that was set in front of him and the Coq Au Vin that was at Hotch’s spot. He couldn’t hide the disappointment at the fact that he’d lost.

“That look tells me that I get fucked soon.” Hotch kissed him hard on the lips before going back to his seat opposite Spencer. He tucked into his food and while they were silent as they ate, it wasn’t a bad silence. It was comfortable. It was something that Spencer was happy that he had. That they didn’t need to talk. The wine was gone by the time that the waiter cleared their empty plates and Spencer was a little saddened by that. Then the waiter was back with a tumbler of something for Hotch and what smelled like a caramel latte for Spencer.

“I know you didn’t order this, Hotch.”

“I had the order placed for us before I got to your apartment. I know the chef here.”

“So you were never going to let me order what I wanted for dinner were you?”

“No.” Hotch didn’t look upset at all about it either. He looked smug. “I know what you order at places like this. JJ likes to force these kinds of places on us during hard cases to badger us to be civil to one another. It works but it also means that I focus on everything but the case. I could probably order for you at every single place we go to and get it right.”

“Are you going to put your money where your mouth is on that as well?” Spencer asked.

“Same bet?”

Spencer nodded.

“You are on.”

“The house always wins in the end,” Spencer said before taking a sip of his latte. It was heaven in his mouth. Hotch just smirked at him.

“Is there really a winner and loser in this?” Hotch sipped his drink then his entire body language changed. He set the tumbler down and reached into his pants pocket, pulling something out. He set whatever it was down but kept his hand over the item. “I have Jack full time now. I can’t just drop everything now.”

“Okay?” Spencer asked. If he was going to stop what they were doing, why was he making bets?

Hotch lifted his hand and there was a set of two keys. He touched the first one before speaking. “Main lock,” his hand moved to the second. “Deadbolt.”

Spencer stayed silent. He knew what he thought he meant but he was going to make Hotch say it. No one on the team had a key to his place anymore. When the locks had been changed post Foyet, he’d not given a set to anyone.

“Just because I have Jack doesn’t mean that I don’t need you as well. The code has changed.” Hotch scooted the keys closer before he lifted his hand away. His eyes swept around the room before he looked at Spencer. It wasn’t hard to realize when Hotch took his hand and laid a finger in the palm and tapped what he was doing. Paranoia was high still. It was a date that made no sense to Spencer but still he logged it away. “I text and you show up?”

“I can do that.”

“If you need, just text.”

“Of course.” Spencer took another drink of his latte before looking back at Hotch. “I understand, Hotch. Jack is important but so is your mental health. If we are going to do this with Jack in the same apartment, we will need another gag.”

“I’ve already got several other of our toys to use at home. I have them in my closet. The old leather cuffs, a new gag, I picked up another cock ring.”

“You and blue.”

“Blue looks good on you.” Hotch looked at his watch then drained his drink. He stood up, moving to Spencer’s side of the table. Before Spencer could do a thing, Hotch had a hold of his chin and was kissing him. It was a hard, passionate kiss that was meant to excite him and he was a little pissed that Hotch was going to leave when it was done. “Stay and finish your latte. The waiter will bring you another and a Religieuse. I think the flavor is mocha tonight. I need to get home to Jack. Text me when you get home?”

“Of course.” Spencer watched him leave and knew that if he even talked about paying the waiter would probably play dumb. That Hotch worried about him and wanted to know when he got home wasn’t a shock but it made him feel warm. The latte was gone within minutes. He relaxed into his seat and just let the ambiance soak into him. He would have to see about coming to the restaurant more. The food was fantastic and the seclusion was something that Spencer was coming to love.

“You are not anything like I thought you would be,” a man said as he sat down in Hotch’s vacant seat. He set down a new latte and something that looked like an very fancy eclair. He was wearing a chef’s coat. It wasn’t a stretch to figure that this person was how Aaron had got a reservation at the restaurant.

“And what did you think me to be?” Spencer looked the man up and down. It wasn’t hard for his mind to tell him a great deal about him. He took pride in his appearance, even in the middle of a work shift. He had short hair that was styled fashionably. His nails were obviously manicured. He was very fit. His face though wasn’t familiar at all. He tried to figure out who the man was but was coming up blank.

“I can see you profiling me. Aaron always wore the same look every time that we met someone new. I get the feeling that you, Doctor Reid are more of a threat to my mind than my body.”

Calling Hotch Aaron meant that he knew him personally. Spencer tried to go through names of people in Hotch’s past. It wasn’t Sean, Spencer would know him. The man had brought no food or drink with him and he seemed comfortable.

“When Aaron told me about you, I thought you would be something more like me but you are nothing like me. He doesn’t know that I had plans to come out and talk to you. That kiss you allowed him was very hot.”

Jake. Spencer knew exactly who that man was and wondered why, if he was back, Hotch hadn’t picked up anything with him.

“I can see you know exactly who I am. I’ve been back in town for two years. I offered to start things back up but Aaron declined. I worried that he was pushing down the urges again but then he brought up you. I was shocked when he wanted me to fix a meal up for him and another person but I gladly did it. My waiter said that you and he are very hot together.” Jake grabbed the empty latte cup and stood up. “Have a good evening, Doctor Reid.”

Before Spencer could say a single thing, Jake was gone. He’d slipped through a set of boothes and into what Spencer saw was the kitchen. He ate the dessert and finished off the second latte before he left. He tried to wrap his head around the fact that he’d met Jake and that the man had been turned down by Hotch. The older man had never brought it up. He’d never even hinted that he kept in contact with Jake.

After locking the door behind him as he entered his apartment, he remembered that he’d promised to message Hotch to tell him he was home. Looking at the clock on his phone, he was shocked to see the time. It was a lot later than what he thought.

Home. Spencer sat down on the couch with his phone in hand.

The reply came through seconds later and Spencer wondered if he had been waiting for him to message him or if he’d just messaged at just the right time when Hotch had his phone in hand. Good. How was dessert?

Delicious. I feel like I owe you three rounds of being fucked as I lost three times tonight.

Really? And just what would you do with me?

Spencer inhaled as he looked at the words on his screen. If this was going to where he thought it was he needed to not be in the living room. Whatever you allowed. Spencer moved his bedroom, tossing his phone on the bed and slipping out of his shoes. He didn’t undress any farther.

That kind of answer tells me that you need to work on thinking about what you are going to do. That means, for this round, you are mine.

Spencer shivered as he read the words, sitting down on the end of his bed. So what are you going to do with me?

Whatever I want but first I’d strip you naked. I’m already naked, are you?

I can get naked quick. Spencer didn’t even wait for a reply before he started to strip his clothes off. He put up his clothes to be cleaned but threw his underwear and socks into the hamper.

Look in your dresser, underwear drawer, top left corner.

Spencer frowned as he moved to his dresser. Hotch had obviously slipped something into the drawer and he hadn’t realized it. There in the back was a rolled up pair of boxer briefs. The exact style that he wore. In the same blue that all the rest of his toys were. When did you slip those into my drawer.

My last time over. Put them on and get on your bed with lube out.

Spencer pulled the underwear on and laid on the bed. He set his phone on the pillow at his head while he rolled to grab the lube. All sprawled out.

What color sheets do you have on the bed?

Spencer had to look because he’d changed them in a rush before the last case, waking up with his alarm going off after having a wet dream. Pink.

I think I remember seeing those in your closet. Lube up your hand and slip it inside your pants. DO NOT take your cock out of your underwear.

Spencer whined as he did what Hotch told him to do. His cock was hard long before he touched it for the first time. His phone went off again before he could even think of trying to type out anything back to the man.

We are working, it’s been a long case. I slip into your hotel room and cover your mouth with my hand as I surprise you in the bathroom. Before I can say anything to you, we hear Morgan come into the shared room.

Spencer nearly dropped the phone as he thought about it.

You are still dressed so I slip my hand inside. Gripping your cock. I keep my other hand over your mouth so that Morgan doesn’t hear us.

The image of Hotch behind him in the mirror coupled with the thrill of having to keep quiet so that they weren’t discovered had Spencer stopping the slide of hand on his cock. He didn’t want to come too soon.

You work your pants the rest of the way open and give me access to your hole. I abandon your cock.

Spencer hoped that Hotch never did it. Surprised him like that but the fantasy was hot.

You moan into my hand as I work a spit slick finger into your hole. Two follow and I can feel you begging. Your lips silent as you utter words into my flesh.

Please. was all Spencer could type.

I let go of your mouth and turn you around. Your hands fly to my pants and work them open.

Do you want me to get you wet?

Yes. You stare into my eyes as you drop to your knees and take me in your mouth. I feel you relax so I thrust all the way in.

I grab your hips to pull you in the rest of the way. I swallow around your head.

You work me until I have to stop you. Your mouth is too good. I pull you up with a hand in your hair. You don’t even try and fight as I pull down your pants and line up. One thrust and I am inside of you.

Spencer started to fuck his hand and the mental image of what Hotch was thinking of doing to him overwhelmed his brain. He heard messages chime on his phone but his orgasm took over. His phone fell from his hand as he jerked himself off until he was too sensitive.

I wrap one hand around your mouth again as I hear you start to moan. With the other I turn on the water in the sink, both nozzles. Full blast.

I know I am not going to last long so I fuck you as hard and as fast as I can.


Picking up his phone, Spencer looked at the three messages he missed. He wiped his covered hand on the outside of his underwear and gripped his phone with both hands. I came when you entered me. Spencer was pretty sure that the long silence after that meant that Hotch had probably orgasmed from that message alone.

We really need to work on you not making me go off so quickly.

You need to learn control.

Cheeky thing.


Get sleep, Reid. We have a busy day at work tomorrow.

You get some as well. You have a morning full of meetings before the database entry starts.

No more messages came. Spencer waited several minutes before he got up. He slipped his underwear off and laid them on the hamper like he had the time before, after using them to wipe himself off. He knew that it would be a while before Hotch would come over but until he did laundry, he could wait. He set his alarm for a little earlier than normal to give him a little extra time in the shower. He didn’t clean up anymore than that and laid down in bed. Going to sleep to dreams of Hotch fucking him with only a wall separating them and the team.

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